Blind Love

by Totem

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Not much to say really. I want you to discover for yourselves. Hope ya all like it.


I never believed in the supernatural before, but now, I don't know. I'm called Charlie by my friends. I don't care what my enemies think of me. Maybe I should just tell you what happened. Well, maybe it will help me figure out what happened.

I was on my way to my brother's house when my back tire blew out. When I pulled over I attempted to make a call, but I was in a dead zone. As I looked around I saw that I was totally alone. I found it odd, but then I don't usually drive this road. I went to the trunk and found that my spare tire was flat. Well, I thought I just had to walk to town. I pulled out the map and figured where I was and found the closest town was a bout ten miles in front of me. I took my stuff and put it all in the trunk and locked the car up.

So, I was on my way to this small town. After about three miles it got dark out, I hadn't realized how late it was. It was about then I saw a light. I started to head for it. I found it went down this dirt road and to this old house. It looked nice really. The land needed care, but the house seemed to be in fine shape.

It looked safe enough so I knocked on the door. This little old lady answered it and seemed friendly enough. She invited me in and wanted to hear what happened. She gave me a glass of water and some crackers as I told her my story. As I told her I heard a creek come from behind me.

"Oh, this is my daughter, Melanie." granny introduced her as.

"Melanie, this is Charlie and his car got a flat on the road a few miles back." granny introduced me to her.

"Hello, Melanie."

"Hello, Charlie."

She was beautiful beyond any one else I had ever seen. Her voice melted your soul. She moved with a grace I had never even imagined could actually exist. She looked young and had lovely features. Her hair shined, her skin almost glowed. She was tan and smiled wonderfully. Her eyes were green, her hair was black, her legs long and sleek. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw her. When she spoke my name my mouth went dry.

"Melanie, can you help Charlie here, I'm tired and need my rest now. You be nice to him, young lady."

"Yes, granny. I will be ever so nice to him."

"She will help you out Charlie, I have things to do in the morning so I must get to bed now, goodnight all."

"Goodnight, Granny."


The old lady then went up stairs and left me alone with one of the world most sexy women. I now had a bad case of cotton mouth and quickly drank my glass of water. Melanie just smiled at me. Went I sat down she sat next to me. I then scooted across the couch and stopped next to the arm. Melanie then slowly moved closer to me. I didn't even see her move a muscle and she still came up next to me. It was almost like she floated over.

Then she took my arm and wrapped her arms around it. Then she rested her head on my shoulder. Her breath felt almost chilled. She then moved and kissed me on the cheek and then licked my cheek and to my ear. This sent a shiver up my spine.

"You taste wonderful, Charlie. Do you find me desirable?"

"Yes, I find you very desirable."

"Do you wish to have some fun?"

"Ya, I like to have fun, but what kind of fun?"

"How about a little adult kind of fun?"

"I'm all for that."

Melanie got up and turned on some old rock stuff on the radio. She then started to do a strip tease for me. Let me tell you, this was the perfect woman. Her tits were awesome. Her whole body had a tan. She was hairless from the neck down. Her skin was perfect. She was every boys wet dream and the embodiment of every man's lust.

I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was on my way to an event that I didn't really want to be at and now I was going to have the sexist woman ever. When she started to move to me. When she stepped up she reached down and started to undo my pants. She then helped to remove my shirt. Then she got down and removed my shoes and socks. I stood up and she removed my pants and shorts. She asked me to sit then.

When I did she started to suck my dick. She was fucking good. Somehow she was able to make her breath a bit chilled and that just made it all the better. I soon felt like I was going to cum, but I didn't want to yet, so I held back. I reached down to her and pulled her up. When we were eye to eye I grabbed her ass and lifted her. She held my to her breasts as I picked her up off the floor. While I turned around I sucked and nibbled on her nipples. She started to hold my head tighter.

I lowered myself to one knee and set her on the couch. She then seemed to want me to mount her then. I put a single finger to her lips to silence her and then dove for her pussy. She suddenly slapped her hand to her mouth and almost screamed as I started to eat her. As I continued to nibble on her nub she took a couch cushion and attempted to swallow it. Soon she was bucking me and thrashing around like a mad woman.

Now, I know all women have a different taste to them, but her flavor was really strange almost smoked and burnt. I was still good and I lapped up all she offered to me. When she returned to the world she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me forward. When we were face to face she told me that no one had ever done that for her. I told her that I wouldn't feel right if I didn't get her off first. Her eyes were suddenly filled with lust and love. She pulled me to her and French kissed me good and hard. I could taste the blood starting to dribble in my mouth as our tongues did a lover's dance.

Then I felt her tender fingers take my dick in hand and push it up her cunt. She was tighter then I thought she should have been, but oh so sweet. Then she did this flip so that I was on my back. She started to move around so my cock was sliding in and out. She gripped me tightly and even did this little slither thing that really had a good feel to it.

We fucked in different positions all threw the night. I took her from behind a few times. I lost track of how many times we shifted around. She would always cum just before we shifted. She was going wild on me. She started to scream and shout. I was sure her Gran heard us. She never did come back down. I even got to fuck her ass a few times. When I was about to cum she wanted me to fill her pussy. Who was I to refuse her a request like that.

So I pulled out of her ass and hammered home in her pussy. I was fucking her good with her legs up my chest. She reached forward and put her hands on my chest. I slowly pushed her legs back. She moved her arms back once I had her knees behind her shoulders. Then she did something that I have never experience before of since. She reached forward with her mouth and started to lick my cock and her pussy while I fucked her. She even took my balls and pushed them up her asshole. That was too much for me.

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