Not Naked in School

by Bradley Stoke

Tags: Exhibitionism,

Desc: : Wendy has volunteered for the Wagner Program, in which she has to spend an entire week not naked in school. Did she make the right choice? And is the embarrassment she suffers in front of he fellow pupils really worth it?

Wendy felt so embarrassed as she stood waiting for the school bus, with her fellow school students at the bus stop. Her hair was tied in plaits, her skirt came to just below her knees, a blazer and blouse covered her from the pit of her throat to her waist, and long white socks from her ankles to her knees. And worse, if that wasn't bad enough, beneath these clothes, she wore a bra and knickers. In fact only her knees and hands were exposed to the summer sun.

The other students regarded her with a mixture of pity and humour, unable to snatch their gaze away from her. Why had Wendy agreed, indeed, even volunteered, for this Program? It seemed such a laugh at the time. Now it felt like a punishment. If only she could tear off all these clothes and stand naked, as did all her fellow pupils, with a pair of shoes as the only necessary encumbrance on her body?

The hem of the skirt brushed against her knee as a breeze blew by, but the only flesh that could enjoy this welcome cooling was that on her cheeks. Her nipples were pressed into a bra whose strap dug so deeply into her back and shoulders, unable to relish the brush of summer wind. And should the skirt be blown up by a more vigorous gust, the knickers that squeezed so cruelly into the flesh of her buttocks would shelter even her crotch from the same breeze. At least, she reasoned, she only had one week of this ordeal and these clothes, with which she had dressed herself so awkwardly, could return to the museum from which they had surely been taken.

No one spoke to Wendy on the bus, although all eyes were on her, as she sat alone and self-consciously by the window, aware of the bemused stares she attracted from pedestrians, naked unlike her, who gawped at her as the bus sped by. And when she at last arrived at St. Karen's High School and she could join the crowd of pupils streaming out of the bus, she averted her gaze as best she could from the voyeuristic stares of her fellows.

"So, you're going through with it, Wendy?" asked Alexandra, her best friend, who was the only one with the courage to approach her.

Wendy nodded. "I said I would, Alex. So here I am: knickers, bra, blouse and everything!"

"How does it feel?" Alexandra asked. "Doesn't it feel terribly restrictive?"

"Very," Wendy admitted. "I guess I might not notice it so much when I get used to it, but it all feels very tight. When I swing my arms, I've got all this weird cloth stuff between me and my body. It's not natural!"

"Oh, you poor thing!" Alexandra sighed, leaning her lips and face close to Wendy's for the kiss, often passionate and usually with tongue, with which the two best friends normally greeted each other.

Wendy shrunk back. "No, I can't!"

"Can't?" wondered a noticeably put-out Alexandra.

"It's this program, the Dr Wagner Program, I volunteered for," Wendy explained. "It's not just clothes. It's touching as well. I'm not allowed to touch anyone, however much I want to. In fact, the more I want to touch someone the more I mustn't. And I mustn't let anyone touch me."

Alexandra was visibly unhappy at this. She frowned with disappointment. "No kisses? No cuddles? Not even holding hands?"

"It's the Program."

"What can I do? I need a kiss to start the day," Alexandra moaned.

"Kiss Kate," Wendy suggested. "She's always liked you."

"And you don't mind?"

"We'll make up for it next week."

Alexandra sighed again, but she nodded. She sought out Kate, a plump girl with glasses, and gave her the affection that Wendy normally enjoyed. She strode off towards the school entrance, evading her eyes from the sight of Kate enjoying Alexandra's tongue inside her mouth, and pretending not to notice the eyes that followed her stride.

Her ordeal was worsened during assembly where she was discreetly separated from the other fifth form girls and sat on a chair, slightly apart from the teachers, just behind the headmaster. And, of course, it was she who was the main subject of the headmaster's address as he explained to the other students, ogling at the unnatural clothing that hid her body, what a splendid student Wendy was in choosing to participate in the Wagner Program. An example to everyone, as the headmaster was sure everyone agreed.

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