And Sonny Makes Three

by Frank Jackson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Best friends Brenda and Lizzy return from another night out empty handed. Content to get wasted the relax at Brenda's apartment before Liz heads home. Brenda's per Boxer, Sonny, brings the girls together and fills their needs.

Frank Jackson

Brenda and Liz became best friends shortly after high school. They graduated in the same class but did not know each other very well at the time. Once they both ended up in the working world, employed at the same firm and with no other friends to socialize with, they began going to clubs together. The plan was to share cab fare, show up together and sit at the same table until they met eligible men. From there they would go their own ways. More often than not that meant they ended up sharing cab fare home as well.

Usually they ended up at one or the other's home after a night of drinking and dancing. Neither Brenda nor Liz understood why they didn't end up with guys, and neither cared to analyze the state of affairs. Drunk and horny, the girls were content to sit watching TV or music videos and discuss the night's prospects or lack thereof. So it was the night that changed both their lives.

"He actually had the nerve to ask me to lift up my hem right there on the dance floor," Brenda said as they mixed drinks. The girls and Brenda's boxer Sonny settled into the living room.

"And you didn't?" Liz said with mock surprise on her face. She sat on the couch and sipped her drink.

"I didn't have panties on," she said.

"Oh?" Liz raised her eyebrows. "Then you don't have undies on now, right?"

Brenda shook her head as she drank from her glass. Still standing, she watched her companion lift her arms as if to say Well, prove it then, and smirked back at her. The brunette set her glass down on the coffee table. Hands now free, Brenda pinched the hem of her short, sleeveless dress and lifted it to display her nakedness.

Liz lifted her glass in a toast.

"You should have done it," she said.

"I would have been kicked out!"

"No way." The blonde made a show of looking her friend over more closely. "Nothing indecent about that. Flat tummy, shaved legs, nicely trimmed bush. You'd have been the bell of the ball." It was all true. Brenda kept her pussy neatly trimmed so none of her dark hair showed beyond the edges of her bikini crotch. Liz's own puss was fine and lightly colored enough as to be scarcely noticeable, and just for fun sometimes helped a strand or two escape the confines of her bathing suit.

"What do you think," Brenda asked, turning as if to model her outfit. "Too much?"

"Yes. Too much, I'd say. Take some more off!" Liz was playing, drunk enough not to care and horny enough to get a kick out of being raunchy.

"Well," the brunette said, her fingers toying with the buttons at the front of the front of the dress' bodice. "I'm not wearing a bra either." Privately she had been nurturing the idea of being intimate with Liz. It might be a fun way to spend what seemed to be a dry spell for both of them. Not wanting to loose a friend in the process, she was afraid to mention the subject. She didn't know Liz well enough to know how she might react. The present moment, however, seemed promising.

The blonde did not object when Brenda began undoing the front of her dress. She sipped her drink and paid casual attention to her companion. When Brenda dropped the dress from her shoulders the other woman leaned back in the cushions.

"Mmm, I think we should both get naked. I don't know about you, honey, but I'm so fucking hot I could masturbate right here."

The brunette blushed, stepped out of her dress and lifted her glass. "I'll drink to that," she said.

She sat down next to Liz, and the blonde moved to make more room then Brenda wanted between them. The other woman did sigh contentedly, however, and that was a good sign. Brenda sipped at her drink, trying not to show too much interest in her friend unbuttoning her blouse.

Liz had small, firm tits, so her bra was small, pink and flimsy. Under her white Capris she wore a matching thong. These came off before she sat back down, and once naked Liz immediately began to pet her pussy.

"Mmmm, yes, that's what I need," she said aloud.

Brenda turned a bit to face her friend. "Yeah, that's it baby."

"If you want something done right, I guess you just have to do it yourself."

"You got that right," Brenda said, sliding a hand into her own crotch.

Sonny had been laying in the middle of the carpet, but the familiar loving sound of his mistress's voice perked him up. Raising his head he saw both humans were with out clothes. While this did not mean anything to him, the newness of the situation made him curious. Standing, the canine walked closer to the couch and the naked humans on it.

Brenda ignored him. He had never been an object of sexual desire to her. The thought simply never occurred to her. Sonny sniffed her feet and knees, then turned his attention to the other female. There were intriguing odors rising from both humans, but the way the blonde's hind legs were splayed not only let them rise more freely into the air, but the posture seemed an inviting one. He stepped forward and sought the source of the fragrance with his snout.

None of this escaped Liz's notice. She felt a surge of arousal at the animal's interest. Without acknowledging the thought, the blonde wondered if a beast's attention was just what she needed. She lifted one hand from her cunny lips and patted him on the head.

"Hi, there, boy," she greeted him. "Brenda didn't tell me you had an interest in women. I bet you know how to please a hot bitch, don't ya."

A bit taken aback by the turn of events, Brenda took Liz's empty glass and stood.

"You two go ahead and get better acquainted. I'll make fresh drinks." She thought she might need it if the night was going to progress like this.

"Good idea," Liz said off handedly, her attention on Sonny. Experimenting, she pried her labia open with fingers of both hands and waited to see if the dog was interested. Sonny's head raised as his mistress left the room, but the aroma of the nude human before him held his most basic interests. With her friend out of the room Liz was even less inhibited. Her fingers went to work earnestly trying to produce vaginal lubricant.

Even now a spot of moisture seeped into her vulva from within. Poking and twirling her finger heightened her arousal and always coaxed a liberal flow of cunny cream, and it did not disappoint her now. The deeper she wiggled her finger the more goop she could scoop out. Soon the sensitive flesh of her gash glistened with the stuff. Excess drooled over her anus. Patting her inner thigh with her free hand, the blonde called the dog to her.

"Some on, Sonny. Come to Lizzy. That's a boy. How does that smell, Huh?" The thrill or arousal grew rapidly when the woman saw the animal stepping closer, reaching toward her with his nose. Her fingers spread her leakage all over her pussy, soaking the fine tendrils of hair that scarcely hid her slit. "That's it boy. I bet it tastes even better than it smells." As if the canine understood her words, Sonny whipped out his tongue, flicking it across the human's genitals.

The nude woman looked around to see whether the brunette had returned yet, egging the dog on. She spread her legs wider, took a final swipe of her cooze with both hands then pulled them away to allow Brenda's pet free access. Sonny took another lap, and the blonde sighed helplessly.

"Oh, shit. I'm in trouble now. Oh yes, that's it baby. Lick Lizzy's hot cunny. If you only knew how badly she needs it." She watched the animal lick her pussy hungrily. It did occur to her that it was a lurid vision, the boxer's wrinkled, stubby face bobbing between her naked thighs, his tongue flashing up along her labial crease. Lizzy made herself keep looking, not caring a bit that she debased herself, perhaps even thrilled by the perversity of the act.

It's a good thing she was not alone with the animal. There was little doubt in her mind -- or body -- that she would dare explore how far a canine might go with a human. This part sure was feeling good.

The young blonde closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. Sonny's tongue was finding its way between her slick labia, seeking the source of the delicious secretion oozing from somewhere deep inside. Yes, Liz cried silently, There's more, boy, deeper. Go get it. Even hearing the clink of ice in glasses, Lizzy could not bring herself to push Sonny away.

The dog noted his mistress' entrance, though, and backed away from the naked human, afraid he had taken improper liberty. Liz opened her eyes and looked up at Brenda with a sheepish grin and weak shrug of bare shoulders. The brunette handed her a glass and sank into the cushions beside her friend.

"It hurts to see your best friend in such need," she said, her gaze steadily taking her companion's nude form in. It could well be the only time she had the chance to see Liz completely naked, and wanted to remember it well. The blonde hadn't adjusted her posture a bit, still slouched low with her legs splayed. You're such a slut when you're drunk, Liz, she thought to herself. I could get to love you like this.

"Well," the blonde said thickly, "You take what you can get." She smiled coyly, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Brenda guessed this might be her only chance. Liz mighty take deep offence if Brenda suggested intimacy, but so far the conversation came off as playful banter. An inappropriate remark could be laughed off between friends. It was now or never, so she had better take it. "But friends should help each other, don't you think?"

"Sonny was pretty good," the other girl teased.

"A woman knows what a woman wants," the brunette said, sliding her free hand over Liz's bare arm. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest.

"Well," Lizzy said with false reluctance, "If you think you know what I need, let's see what you can do for me."

Brenda's hand caressed the blonde's shoulder, then moved downward, cupping a breast. A bird in the hand, was all she could think of. Would Lizzy let her make love to her, or was she just seeing how far Brenda was willing to go? It didn't matter now, the brunette thought. Now she intended to go all the way. Caressing her friend's slight handful of mammary flesh, Brenda took a last swig of her drink for courage, then set the glass aside.

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