Mistress Sister

by Angel

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A brother takes his sister as a mistress and doors open for him. Mixing family love for a sister and sex is a potent combination for winning.

I had always had a major crush on my sister Stephanie as a teen. She was the sexy older sister in my fantasies. I always compared girls to Stephanie, either their breasts were not a large as hers or their face not as pretty, or maybe a butt did not meet the Stephanie Standard of excellence. Sis is 5'3" with red hair, Greek classical features and freckles, weighed 103 pounds in High School and has a heart-shaped face, 32 C tits and thighs and legs to die for. Stephanie has always been sex on two legs for me. I hide my incestuous desires well and jerked off alone. Stephanie now is 25 and weighs 107 pounds and has maintained her sexy body.

Stephanie married her High school sweetheart right after graduation and he is the world's biggest bum. Let me describe her husband, Claude; three years older than Stephanie, normal looking but tending to fat, smokes and drinks a lot, stinks of both tobacco and booze, lazy, stupid, gambles all their money, mainly unemployed and unable to hold a job, bisexual likes both boys and the women he cheats on Stephanie with. Claude's photograph is in the dictionary under the word fat-boy loser. Stephanie always worked as a waitress in restaurants after her marriage. Sis's High School marks were all A's but Claude was against College as it is a waste of money and he needed money to drink, screw both boys and women, and for gambling. So Stephanie never went to College nor left Claude. Our man Claude is also a world class abusive husband, both mentally and physically making Claude the perfect loser. Stephanie once called after Claude beat her up, my buddy Jason Valdez and I then drove over and my macho brother-in- law ran from a 17-year-old kid, so he is also a coward. Claude's police record for his assorted arrests makes him both a coward and candidate for world class loser of the year.

My High School years were marked with poor grades and great fun in sports and shop classes. I was the only jock in the Vocational Art's Program and made friends with all the Latinos. We are Black Irish and I look Latin while Stephanie has Irish red hair. During High School me and Jason Valdez started doing small home improvement projects around the area for cash. I would add walls, wiring or a garage by the time I was 17 and we were two happy cowboys all during high school. Jason and I went full time after graduation and rehabilitated property all over the LA basin and were paid a few times with seemingly worthless properties by landlords and contractors. I picked up a small apartment complex just before the area was gentrified and I fixed that place up fast.

Stephanie had a daughter three years into her marriage and when Claude punched that defenseless baby, he hit a new low even for Stephanie. She left Claude and called me for help. One thing about owning property I had a place ready for Stephanie to move into and she loved the two bedroom unit I had there in my complex. I moved Stephanie in and she got a lawyer and applied to social services as her baby was an infant. I encouraged Steph to take business classes at the local community college when she could. I was letting her stay there rent free and pocket her children's welfare payments to have better things and save for college. After Steph left old Claude and he was back in jail, this time for a felony and would be away a few years. I had got Steph an ATM card and she used that to hide money she saved and for shopping. Stephanie told me her new apartment was the nicest place she had lived since marrying Claude.

I often visited Sis and we'd talk, I would bring over steaks and food for dinner, Steph cooked dinner and made my cock hard. She wore some sexy things and her fab body and tight cloths were a sight. She felt guilty that she was living rent free in LA and I dismissed that notion. Stephanie's friend Susan told Steph about a job that paid big bucks, stripping at a high class joint. Susan is a looker like Stephanie and worked there earning $1,000 per night. Steph talked it over with me and I explained it was not all easy money. I asked "Steph what if I come in the club and your stripping how would it make you feel, or your doing a lap dance for some guy while stark naked and I'm there in the club?". Stephanie is still a looker, she is still slim, hot looking and all these nights eating dinner and talking with her had reignited my passions for my sister but I remained quite.

Stephanie thought awhile then expressed " I could do it, I could dance naked for money, it is better than being a waitress, hell a waitress leaves those buttons undone and shows that cleavage for better tips. Susan told me she meet a rich older man and she wants to become his mistress. Mark I am game for being a stripper for cash or even being an older man's mistress, this is life and I need to be a different person. If you're in the club I think I would like it you seeing me naked, I always knew you had a crush on me, I never cock teased you like some girls do with a younger brother but I knew how you liked me." I was dumbfounded. My sister knew I had a hard on for her and I could not speak.

Steph said "don't feel bad brother, it is kind of an honor. During my marriage Claude would say I was a carpenter's dream, flat as a board, tell me I was ugly, not pretty, that I was skinny, flat and plain, then I would see you and you'd be looking at my breasts and it made me feel wanted and needed. I saw how you looked at me and it helped me to know you thought I was a sexy woman. So yes I could do a striptease and have you in the audience watching me, it would make it better or I could even do a lap dance for you and be nude, nude for you" Steph blushed and I smiled. Steph continued "Ginger Paterson, that blonde in A7 just got a new car from her older brother, he also pays her rent. I asked her why would he buy you a new car, "Ginger told me that she is her brother's mistress. Ginger asked me if I was your mistress, she knows I do not pay rent, Ginger did not believe me when I said there was nothing between us except normal brother and sister things. Ginger said it is normal for a brother to screw his sister" and she laughed about it."

I had thought about Steph as a girlfriend and I never said a word. Now emboldened I offered "Steph I have thought about there things, thought a lot (she smiled), there is an option I never mentioned for you and I hesitate now, you could become my mistress, I'd take care of you and the baby forever." Stephanie looked really serious and said "I would want you to spend two or three nights a week here, all night with me, not just sex and you leave, you have breakfast in the mornings with me. I want to keep the car you gave me to drive and want $100 per week, keep my apartment here too. I'll collect social services and that meets most of my needs, and I want to go to community college. Ginger told me that when you were over for dinner one night that I should just offer to get you desert, take my blouse off, let you see me topless and screw you all night. She thinks that if I do not come to an arrangement with you I will lose what I have, when a woman comes into your life, I could be a stripper, I would rather be your mistress than strip or be an old man's toy." After a pause she continued "you have always treated me with respect, if you fuck me I need your respect, I had an AIDS test and I am clean. I work out to keep my body nice for you; I am open to sex anyway you desire. If you keep me, you also have to pay for college for baby jenny, I want you as her dad and not Claude! I know you're not put off by incest with me and after my life I see this as positive incest, you're a better man than Claude can ever be. As kids I did think about letting you have sex with me a many times, I saw that need in you and it made me feel so warm knowing you wanted to make love to me. I want to have one child with you after I complete college to lock you in."

" I would have left Claud a few times but he always cried saying he would kill himself if I left him, so I always stayed with him both before and after we married. As a teen and during my marriage I had lots of fantasies, where you took me away and made me your love slave, Mark I need this, I need you to decide, I need to move on, either I am your private stripper or I need to become a stripper for the money. I am 25 now and your 23, I think I am woman enough for your mistress. In addition your going to be fucking your sister and all guys like that, Ginger say's all men want to screw their sisters." Steph smiled and waited for her reply, and I nodded and said "yes, I agree to your offer, I have always wanted you" we shook hands on our deal.

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