A Lawyer's Ladies: I Give the Business to April

by ALawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: April was best at selling her accounting firm. She certainly got the business from me.

I first noticed April at professional functions. I sat next to her once at a benefit. She was a fascinating dinner partner, her knowledge of our community and her long-time efforts on the behalf of major charities made her scintillating dinner companion. I would have pursued her then, but she had to leave early to attend one of her children's school concert. She left a good impression on me; her attire was always conservative and elegant-I found her very sexy.

One day she wanted to set up an appointment with Gail to sell her accounting services to our law firm. I was not shopping for a new accounting firm, but I will always listen to the pitch of a woman of April's class.

After Gail asked me if I would take the meeting I asked her, "Do you know anything about her, personally?"

"A friend of mine works for her."

"What do you know?"

"She's going through a divorce and has three kids. She's a very hard worker and is always well dressed-a fair boss and pays her employees well."

"Okay, I'll see her."

Gail smiled and said, "I'm sure you will."

April came into my office and owned the room. Her blonde hair framed a face of regal perfection. Her black framed glass gave her an Ashleigh Banfield look-intelligent and competent. She looked about 5' 9" and 125 lbs. She walked up to my desk and firmly shook my hand. I sat down quickly as women like this arouse me intensely.

She sat in the chair facing my desk placing her briefcase at her side. Her knee-length blue skirt had ridden up and exposed several inches of her black-nylon clad thighs-I love black.

"John, I'm glad you would see me. I know you are probably happy with your current accounting firm. A law firm with the reputation of yours would not tolerate an incompetent firm."

"So my firm must show you something more." She leaned down to pick up her brief case. As she turned her dress rode up a few inches on her leg revealing the top of thigh-high hose and about an inch of pale white thigh.

She turned back and set the briefcase on her lap. She opened it and removed a file folder. "I have brought a full presentation for you." She closed the briefcase and returned it to the floor. At this moment she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. A move a normal woman could do without creating a stir, but April managed during the cross to give me a clear view of her blue panties and her thigh-highs stockings. Sharon Stone could take lessons from April.

She stood up and laid the folder in front of me and leaned down to indicate a point on the paper. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pale white breast barely encased by a black bra of the most transparent material.

"Now, John, you can see by these figures we could save you $50,000 during the course of the first fiscal year." Fiscal what? What the fuck is she talking about? My eye muscles are going to need an ace wrap after attempting to take in her magnificent bosom with my head turned toward the folder on my desk.

I think, she had to have unbuttoned at least two buttons on her blouse to give the view I'm getting. I know they were buttoned when she came into the office. I stare at her breast with the black film over it, her nipple a shadow, and think the only time she could have done this was when she had her briefcase open in her lap. She had popped the two buttons then, just as smooth as the silk of her bra. This woman was skilled and smart-great tits too.

I pretended to follow her logic. She moved one sheet aside and knocked a pen to the floor. She turned to pick it up and her ass was directly in front of my face. While she took her time picking up the pen I looked for panty lines. Not a one. Her dress covered her ass in an unbroken field of silk-a perfect ass. She finally recovered the pen and placed it back on my desk. I'm sitting slightly back from the desk in my chair with my pants distended, visibly displaying an enormous hard on. If she noticed she gave no sign.

She turned another page and placed her hand on my shoulder. Then I noticed her perfume. The aroma had been there before, but my senses had been overpowered by the view. The scent was a delicate blend of jasmine and something else I couldn't identify, but it inflamed my urge to mate. My mind was clouded by the scent, and the still exposed breast; I responded to her questions automatically.

I had to touch her. Just where was my only dilemma. If I touched her ass that might shock her, and I might just get a slap. I glanced down at her stocking-clad legs and decided to go for the calf. I delicately and slowly moved my hand down and lightly grazed the nylon. "John, we believe your current firm is not aggressive enough. You need to be brave enough to use us to represent you on your taxes. Money should not be meekly handled. It should he seized and kept."

So I seized her leg, well maybe not seized, but I placed my entire palm on her calf. A touch she couldn't ignore. She ignored it. "John is this time of rising markets you can't be afraid of reaching for the sky." I was starting to figure out we were playing a game here. She was giving me instructions so; I moved my hand up to the back of her knee. She turned another page and explained their payroll services. My hand traveled up the back of her thigh. It was so warm in my office. I was starting to sweat. My left hand came up and loosened my tie a bit. She looked at me and smiled and resumed her payroll analysis.

My hand kept rising. I had now idea what to do if she never stopped me, but my hand kept rising. My thumb came into contact with the bare flesh of her thigh. She never twitched.

"John, your current company is using old software. With our enhanced capabilities you can move up to a higher level of productivity in this area." She just raised the stakes and my hand curved around to the inside of her thigh. My whole hand was touching bare skin now, but I knew I couldn't get much higher unless she spread her legs. She closed the payroll folder and leaned over to place it in her briefcase she had set on the desk. She pulled out a folder marked INTERNET ACCESS and stood back up. In returning to her position by me she had moved her right foot from the left by about three inches. The barrier to my hand opened. I moved my hand up until I met the wet crotch of her panties.

"John, we have secured web servers that allow selected members of your staff access to your data round the clock. We work hard to remove barriers to your success." My hand shifted softly over her panty-clad pussy. The material was soaked. So was my shirt. It was starting to sweat through. April continued her pitch as I masturbated her. Wait she said, "remove barriers." I moved my hand up on her bare ass and squeezed her cheek. I lifted my hand to the string of her panties that encircled her waist, and pulled downward slowly.

"John, you have to see from these numbers that providing data in this fashion will lower your costs." Fuck, like I was lowering her panties. I had them just below her ass, and her wet pussy was reluctantly releasing the damp material. The panties fell to the floor.

She continued, "John, I know our presentation is complex and occurs on more than one level, but if you plow deeply into the material I think you will see the advantages of using our firm." She kept up the cool, professional sales pitch with her panties around her ankles.

My fingers were now plowing through her wet cunt. I slipped a finger into her and found her juices were flowing freely. Yet, she was still cool and professional, with two fingers playing in her cunt. I moved my hand down and began to lift the hem of her dress.

She turned to me and looked me directly in the eye. "What would it take to leave here with a letter confirming your use of us as your new accounting firm?"

I stared back. She was offering herself. Her exterior was cold and efficient. She was going to close this deal.

I picked up the phone and buzzed Gail. I hoped she was back from lunch.

"Yes, John."

"Gail, would you prepare a letter committing us to use April's accounting firm from now on."

"Certainly, John." Gail was always so efficient.

I had continued to lift April's dress as I talked to Gail. It was now high enough to expose her ass. Her pale pink cheeks came into view. She looked back at me and smiled. "John, I think that you should sample your first perk for using my firm."

"April, what perk is that?"

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