Love Potion: Goth Slave Sister

by Angel

Copyright© 2004 by Angel

Incest Sex Story: A girl is out of control when a brother takes her as a slave

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

It all started like it did every day and it never seemed to end. Angela had been a perfect sister and daughter according to mom. Angela turned 13 and just went crazy. It all went downhill as Angela found new friends and started using drugs and our lives went from one crisis to another. Tonight it was the worst ever and Angela hit mom, I stepped in and separated them, then put Angela in her room. Mom said "Robert you're responsible for your older sister now and I want you to control her." Mom packed her things and drove up to our grandparent's house 240 miles away. Angela is a Goth, she thinks her and her friends are vampires. Angela dresses all in black, sleeps in the daytime and is out all night. For a 18-year-old girl my sister is totaly irresponsible but she is a hot looking Goth. Angela is a slim 5'10" with blonde hair dyed partly black. She has a 32 B set of tits and a slender build with pouting lips and a babydoll face. Angela is a Goth babe to be honest and a slut.

Mom left and I went to Angela's room and told her to stay home tonight. Angela looked at me with hate and told me "who died and made little Robbie a god, so piss off" I then explained that "mom left me in charge Angela because you're just a fucken loser and a little bitch." Angela glared at me and said "fuck you!" I am not sure why this night I snapped but tonight I did not want to play Angela's game and I just looked her in the eye and told her "strip." Angela glared at me and growled "you cannot make me strip for you jock boy, you and no army." I told Angela "put your pajama's on and sleep, this shit is all over and finished, this is a new game."

Angela spit at me and I caught the spit and rubbed it in her face, she struggled and tried to bite me but I am a fast and strong for a 16 year old man. "Fuck you" she screamed at me and I pulled Angela to her bed and held her down. "Tough guy beating up a girl" she spit into my face. I was holding her wrists and she was laid on her back and her legs akimbo, with my weight partly on her hip to pin her. I held both her wrists with one hand and pulled up her black T-shirt up with the other hand. Angela glared at me "no way you fuck, let me go." I stared at my sister's bra and her tits inside the black bra. Now Angela looked frightened and she made some stupid threats "the Court (vampire coven) will kill your ass if you hurt me and Brian will kick your ass" as I looked down at her belly and her boobs.

"Angela I am the one that beat Brian and his buddy up together, your two friends are just wimps that talk shit" she glared at me. "Now do either what I say or I will make you a slave, a real slave and fuck you long and hard."

"No" she screamed and tried to bite me again. I held Angela down and kissed her cleavage as she struggled. I ripped off all her cloths, starting with her T-shirt and tore it off, ripped off her bra and skirt, her panties just came away when I pulled them. Angela is a Goth but a slut, the school slut till she was kicked out. I always hated all those guys fucking my sister and all those stories about her. I had always wanted a piece of her ass and tonight was it.

Angela yelled "just fuck me and get it over with."

I removed the leather belt from my jeans as I held her down. Angela tried to escape but I held her down. I raised that belt and showed it to her. "Angela, you will now be a good girl and obey me in all things" was all I said.

"Fuck no" she screamed and when the belt hit her butt with a crack, she withered with pain. "Lay on your belly or I will bitch beat you, now" and Angela turned over and lay face down on her bed in a defeated manner with tears streaming down her face.

"You're a new slave, so your going to learn, when I give a command Angela you obey me, now say yes Master" and she was silent. The belt hissed through the air striking her tender ass cheek and Angela screamed "no please, please; yes Master." I lifted her from the bed and lead her to the shower. Seeing Angela naked was better than I thought it would be. I had wanted to make her a slave for a long time, a sex slave. Angela showered after I told her "clean up" and I watched her shower while she cried, she stood there shaking as she toweled dry. Angela tried to cover her nakedness with the towel and I reached out and pulled it off her. Angela covered her nakedness with her arms and whispered "please." I pulled her arms down and looked at her naked body. My sister is slim, Irish looking with green eyes and freckles, blond hair and a slender body with smallish breasts. Breasts I had always wanted to touch and kiss.

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