I Love the Way You Love Me

by Arty

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: It's Friday's birthday on the 5th February and I've been listening to Boyzone singing this song. Ever since the Song Story Fest in FKWLounge I've been considering every song I heard as inspiration for a story. It's almost cheating to use this one. Anyhow it's dedicated to the birthday girl.

"Isobel, Isobel, Isobel" I sighed exasperatedly. I'd come home to find the house apparently empty, but trace of her perfume lingering in the air told me otherwise. I'd made my way to the bathroom to be greeted by the site of her luxuriating in her ritual two-hour bath. There were adjuncts to the ritual that I had just been invited to explore and this was the cause of my apparent exasperation.

"Yes dear?" She grinned at me disarmingly.

"You won't persuade me this time, Isobel." I thought that if I used her name it would show how serious I was, this time. Of course it was just an excuse; I loved saying her name; she knew this and wasn't fooled. The three syllables seemed to caress my lips like the softest kiss. "Isobel."

"Yes dear." She looked up at me from the newly freshened bath; she'd been in there for at least an hour to my certain knowledge. She was flushed whether from the heat of the water or from the thought of her favourite fantasy being re-enacted I couldn't tell.

"Please darling?" She fluttered her eyelashes at me. I made the mistake of looking at her when she did this and I was lost. She giggled as she realised that I had been hooked by the oldest trick in the book. I sighed.


"Yes dear!"

I stood over her and leant forward to kiss her. She grabbed my tie and pulled me forward into the bath. Another suit for the dry-cleaners, I thought to myself and wondered vaguely what the woman there thought, each time I brought a waterlogged suit to be cleaned. This speculation was driven from my mind as our lips met and we began our slow climb to the ecstasy that would have us sloshing water all over the bathroom floor; again.

Later as we snuggled in our bathrobes in front of a roaring fire, I wondered again at the way she could persuade me to do mad things. I cuddled her contentedly and kissed her hair, still damp from our exertions of an hour ago.

"That's nice, any particular reason?"

"I was just thinking how much I love you and how you can make me do the most ridiculous things."

"The solution to the mystery is in the first part of the statement." She turned and kissed me. "Were you thinking of anything in particular? Or was this just a general admission?"

"I was wondering how you once got me to dance with you outside in the middle of a downpour."

"It wasn't that bad."

"I didn't say it was bad, I was just wondering how you got me to agree to it. I quite distinctly remember say 'No' and the next thing I remember we were waltzing around in the middle of a monsoon!" She giggled. I like making her laugh and each time I did, I loved her that little bit more. She pulled her robe off and went to work on mine.

"Time to put the rug to better use."

We stretched out in front of the fire and it was her turn to inflame me. Her kisses were everywhere; I moaned as she nibbled at my nipples, she'd discovered early on how sensitive they were, something that I'd not known before. Her kisses descended and soon she had my erection throbbing as she gently licked and sucked at it. When she was certain that I could get no harder she straddled me at chest level; her pussy left a trail of wetness as she slid down my chest and then she reached down and aimed my cock at her entrance. She sat up and I slipped inside her. The firelight danced on her body and reflected from her eyes turning her into some faerie-like creature and then all thought dissolved as she slid herself up and down.

Soon she could no longer support herself and she collapsed forward; I took up the task of thrusting into her and she began a litany that she knew would arouse me.

"Oh god, oh god, fuck me, fuckme, fuckmeRoy!..." The words became jumbled and we both cried out as our arousal peaked. She showered my face with kisses and entwined her fingers in my hair.

"We really have to do this more often."

"I really can't afford to clean my suits more often than once a week Isobel!" I laughed at the expression of gentle exasperation that flitted across her face at the thought that mundane considerations like money should mar our love life. "Apart from that I only have one more suit that I can wear for next week." She giggled at that. I loved to make her laugh; her eyes sparkled and danced with amusement and each time I fell in love with her anew.

I loved her; I loved the way that she loved me; I loved the strength and the wildness of it. I loved the peacefulness and the ease of it. I loved how she loved me with all of her heart and soul without reservation; how I could I but love her any less?

It was my turn to do breakfast and she came into the kitchen as I was singing along to my favourite radio station. I saw her come in and continued to sing, exaggerating the tunelessness. Eventually she could stand it no longer and, rolling her eyes and wincing in mock pain as I continued to sing off-key, she stopped me with a kiss. Eventually we stopped kissing and, slightly breathless, I continued with the toast and coffee.

"Good morning to you too."

"I had to stop you singing somehow; the world isn't quite ready for such torture!"

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