Spiked Night

by Jazzy655

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two college girls get their drinks tampered with on a night out, they have their first bi-sexual experience and much more.

I finally answered my best friend, who had constantly been asking if I had had sex with Gary, my new boyfriend. I had met Gary at a garage while my Dad was having his car valeted. I had been seeing him for about a month now and I think Sam must have been feeling a bit left out as she kept asking me so many questions. I suppose I'd kept her in suspense long enough so I said "O.K. I'll tell you everything tonight now shushes!" Sam, short for Samantha, looked at me with that stupid grin of hers, knowing it would make me laugh.

Thank fuck we were going home now, Sam was running up the corridor with my jacket "come on let's get a move on" she was hurrying me up and pushing everyone out of the way." move you stupid cow" she said to those that weren't quick enough. Once she opened her mouth she usually got her own way. It didn't take long, we were soon out of that shit hole of a college...

"Come on then! Was he a good fuck or what?" I knew she wouldn't stop until I'd told her everything.

"First things first" I said "his mate wants to know if you'll go with him tonight, only there's this party on and I know how you love to show off, so I mentioned you, I hope you don't mind"

"Tell him yes I'd love to, he hasn't got anything wrong with him though has he?"

"not that I know of, he seems quite nice, his name is Pete by the way, I'll tell my Kev to tell Pete that you'll meet him there about 9pm if that's ok with you?"

"Yeah, gives me plenty of time to get ready. Anyway are you going to let me in on what's been going on with you two?"

"We haven't done anything much yet only played around a little, has that satisfied you?"

"Not really! What's the matter with you?"

"We're not all like you! Well I'm going to get a bath and do my hair for tonight, I'll see you at 8pm, and oh Sam please try to dress proper hey?"

"I will, don't worry so much Bev, I'll see you later, Bye!"

I could hear her laughing to herself as she walked away.

As I was bathing, thoughts of Sam kept popping into my mind; I was hoping she wasn't going to wear anything too outrageous. The time went by really quickly, the next thing I knew Sam was knocking at the door; I opened it and let her in. It was a shock she looked really nice, when I told her so she actually got embarrassed." Look at you going all cherry faced" I laughed. "Oh here's Kev to pick us up"

As we were getting in the car he wolf whistled at us and said

"You two look great" after that remark I felt really good.

It was quite a drive to the party as it was right out in the country, along way from anywhere. As we approached the driveway I could hear music. Kev parked the car and held my hand and whispered in my ear "you look good enough to eat".

The atmosphere was great, the music loud and funky and there were lots of people dancing. The girls were mostly dressed in leather, Sam had to pick up on it "I wish I had come in my normal clothes now" she said.

Then Pete came over with a drink for us both." Hi Sam, I'm glad you've decided to come"

I tasted my drink; it made me choke as it was so strong "what's in this?" I asked. He winked at me and said "just one of my special concoctions. Drink up girls there's plenty more where that came from" Then he went to fetch us another one each.

"Let's dance shall we Sam?" Pete said

"Yeah let's go for it"

He was a good mover so Sam started to get right into it. Kev had got a few drinks in while Sam was dancing. I started to feel the beat of the music and without thinking about how I looked I removed my cardigan and got so into the music I felt like a professional dancer.

I was feeling so wild and sexy and dancing so erotically I couldn't believe what I was doing but I just didn't seem to care. It was then that I noticed a lot of people were watching me which excited me and I found myself trying to remove my stockings and was getting in a bit of a fix, when I felt Kev come to my rescue and take them off for me.

People started to circle me, clapping and shouting "Off! Off with the lot!" I suddenly froze as I felt Kev slide his hand between my legs his fingers managing to make their way inside of me. I found this was turning me on knowing all these people were watching Kev's fingers exploring inside my panties which he soon removed.

Sam came and danced with me, we were acting like two different people, Pete gave us another drink, mine was gone straight away I was so thirsty.

I felt a very drunk all of a sudden, I couldn't stop looking at Sam she was turning me on, she looked so sexy, Kev noticed me staring at her, he whispered to me, " Go on take her panties off !" This sounded really good, so I went and put my hand between her legs, she must of liked it because she rubbed her clitoris on me, she felt very wet and was loving me touching her, so I placed my finger into her, she was opening her legs wider for me. The crowd were shouting, for me to take her knickers off so they could see more closely what I was doing, I took them off and went down on Sam, she was stood with her cunt lips nearly on my face, so I licked hard at her clit which was getting larger, I had never experienced any thing like this before.

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