Terri and the Trucker

by Rod Ramsey

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Terri is a sweet girl, bored with the summer between High School and College. Bill is a truck driver looking for a little fun.

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Chapter One

Terri rolled over onto her stomach and picked the romance novel she was reading back up. Summer this year was boring, she couldn't wait to head off to college. She had been accepted to the University of Washington. College boys and no parents to demand she be home by 10, what a combination. It made her horny just thinking about it.

The five o'clock number three bus was passing the park when Terri decided she'd had enough sun for the day. Slipping her shorts on over her bikini bottom, Terri picked up her blanket and headed home.

The semi was idling next to the entrance of the park, so big, so powerful. It's chrome trim shining brightly in the afternoon sun. She had always been fascinated with trucks. Even as a small girl, Terri would play with her brother's toy trucks rather than her dolls. The large man almost ran into her as he came around the front.

"Oh, excuse me sir," Terri said, stepping away and reluctantly removing her hand from the shiny chrome smokestack.

"You like my truck, missy?" the trucker's voice was soft and rich.

"Um, yeah. I love trucks, always have."

The trucker admired how the girl filled out her bikini top and the cute little white shorts with little yellow daisies.

"How old are you?" the trucker asked.

He could just make out the outline of the girl's sex through the two layers of cloth. If she was old enough he had to give her a ride.

"Eighteen as of May 23rd," Terri replied with a smile. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-five as of next October," the trucker gave Terri his best 'I'm harmless smile'. "So, little girl you wanna go for a ride?"

"Your not trying to kidnap me are you?" Terri asked.

"Hardly, I live across the street. Come on, just a quick run to the terminal to drop the trailer. I'll have you back in an hour."

"Ok," Terri said grabbing the doorhandle. "Can I drive?"

"It's not as easy as it looks," the trucker resisted patting her ass.

"Maybe I'll let you take it for a spin around the terminal."

"So, what's your name? I'm Terri, with an I." Terri was looking around the spacious cab.

"Bill and it's nice to meet you Terri with an I," reaching out a hand to shake.

Terri shook his hand and continued to look around. She asked about the two way radio, a 40 channel CB; how to honk the horn, this cord right here and other instruments as Bill made his way through mid-day traffic.

"So what's behind the curtain?" Terri asked.

"I sleep back there when on a long run. It's pretty comfortable for two and a half feet wide," Bill responded as Terri pulled the curtain aside to look.

"You are a dirty old man. I don't believe you read this. Barely Boffable Magazine, these girls are my age," Terri teased as she pulled out the magazine. "Do you really read this?"

"Well, you know it can get awfully lonely out on the road," Bill replied somewhat embarrassed.

"I could never pose for one of these mags my body isn't good enough," Terri mused looking at the pictures.

"Sure you could. You look better than some of the girls in that edition," Bill said truthfully.

"Ya think?"

"Sure, the photographer and studio touch them up to cover any blemish. I bet you don't have a pimple on your sexy little body," Bill replied, patting her knee.

Bill turned into the terminal and had to get out to unlock the gate. Off hours for the trucking company, who's terminal staff goes home at four. As he climbed up the step, Terri was in the driver seat.

"What do I do?"

Hanging on to the door Bill tried to get her to pull the truck forward into the yard. Killing the engine for the fourth time Terri finally gave up.

"I told you it wasn't easy," Bill said, pulling the truck forward and into a waiting stall. "Let's go inside so I can log out. Then we can unhook the trailer and head home."

Inside Terri found more girly magazines, some regular sexy-posy stuff and a few hard-core sex action. Bill finished his paperwork and was going to ask Terri if she wanted a soda, when he saw that she was looking at a h/c mag and slipping a finger inside her shorts.

"So you wanna take that one home with you?" Bill asked.

"No, I wanna do what their doing," Terri replied, turning the magazine to show a woman sucking a man's cock. "Wanna try it?"

Without a word Bill walked over and joined Terri on the couch. Leaning in he kissed her on the lips. Terri hungrily kissed back, letting Bill slide his tongue into her waiting mouth. Bill reached up and started to fondle Terri's tits, sliding the bikini top up. Terri slid her hand over Bill's pants and undoing the button, zipped his pants down. Without breaking the kiss Bill helped Terri get his cock out. She started stroking it, getting it bigger.

"Can I really suck it," Terri asked.

"Unless you'd rather I fuck you instead," Bill replied, bending to kiss a nipple.

Terri needed no further encouragement. She lowered her head to the man's cock and started sucking. Her last boyfriend had dumped her because he said she couldn't suck cock worth a damn. Bill had been given better blow-jobs, but never from an eighteen year old. He moaned when Terri did things right and whispered directions to her. Her boyfriend had just laid there letting her do all the work. Bill slowly maneuvered the girl so he could finger her clit through the material. Terri's mouth was starting to get tired, her boyfriend had never lasted this long.

"Am I doing something wrong? My mouth is getting sore," Terri said breaking off.

"You should use your tongue and throat more. Also take small breaks by kissing and licking the balls," Bill instructed the girl. "Now, help me get your shorts off, I need to taste your pussy."

Terri wiggled out of her shorts and bikini bottoms, stopping to kiss Bill. The bikini top joined the shorts as Terri straddled Bill's face and laid down to get back to work on his cock. Bill licked along Terri's labia, tasting the sweet girl for the first time. As Bill teased Terri's clit with his tongue she started kissing and licking her way down his cock to his balls. She licked both balls clean enjoying the salty sweaty taste. Sucking one of Bill's balls into her mouth she used just suction to hold it in as she pulled her head back. Bill groaned with pleasure and continued to tease the girl's pussy. Sliding his tongue into the girl he could feel her responding, sweet lubrication was flowing from her slit. Terri lowered her mouth over the cock and tried to take it all the way, pulling up just as she started to gag. Swirling her tongue around the head of Bill's cock, before going down again.

"Damn this girl learns fast," Bill thought to himself as he could feel his cock getting ready to let loose. He had no choice but to let the girl find out for herself about the twitching a man's cock will do just before he cums. Terri was just coming up for air when Bill let loose. In surprise at getting a mouth full of cum, she pulled completely off. The result was two more shots right on her pretty face. Bill could feel the girl was ready to go over the edge. As he came he shoved his tongue as deep in the teen's snatch as it would go. Terri shook and quivered, releasing more sweet tasting fluid for Bill to lick from the girl's pussy. Terri licked as much cum from her mouth, she knew her face was drenched in it but her orgasm robbed her of the strength to wipe it off.

"God your good," Bill whispered.

"Uhmm huh," was all the reaction he got.

Bill laid there, what could he do with a girl on top of him. Shortly Terri started to move. Struggling to sit up and clean her face. Bill slid out from under her and pulled up his pants. Handing Terri a box of tissue, he said that her could get a washcloth from the bathroom if she wanted.

"Oh, would you?" She replied. "God that was incredible. You're the first guy that ever got me off like that."

"Really?" Bill said from the bathroom, wetting a clean shop rag. "I would have thought you had men just begging to eat your sweet pussy."

"No. I only had one boyfriend that ever went down on me and he wasn't nearly this good," Terri said as Bill wiped his cum from her face.

"Does that mean I can see you again?" Bill asked.

"Maybe," she teased, "If you teach me how to drive the truck. I'll also let you teach me how a real man makes love."


"Can we start my lessons now?" Terri asked, starting to pull on her clothes.

"Sure. Without a fully loaded trailer the truck is easier to handle."

After un-hooking the trailer, Bill had Terri driving around the terminal in no time. Taking over the wheel he drove her home. Terri pointed to a corner and suggested he let her off there. Her mom would have a cow if she saw her sweet innocent daughter climbing out of a big rig. Kissing her before she got out Bill handed her his cell number and said that he only had local runs the rest of the week.

Chapter Two

Bill stubbed out his cigarette as he reached to answer the cellphone. An unrecognized number was displayed.

"Hello," Bill answered gruffly.

"You don't sound pleased to hear from me," Terri replied.

"Well hello, Terri with an I," Bill was much more pleasant now. "I thought it was work wanting me to take another run up to Sun City."

"Well if they do call, can I go with you on your next run?" Terri hadn't seen Bill since that first time and wanted to see him again.

"If I'm lucky they wont call till Monday. Wanna come over for a burger? I was just about to fire up the grill," Bill smiled at the prospect.

"Sure, say about thirty minutes? I gotta shower and make myself presentable." Terri wanted to make a good second impression.

"Hell, come over all sweaty. I'll be more than happy to wash your sweet body clean," Bill replied. "Besides with what I have in mind, you'll get sweaty again anyway."

"Ok, see you in about ten then. Oh hey, what apartment number? I can't go around knocking on doors asking for Bill."

"Seventy-four, all the way around back. Come up the driveway and turn left. I'll watch for you," Bill could hardly wait.

Bill was just lighting the bar-b-que when Terri arrived. Rather than go around to the front door, she just climbed over the patio railing. Bill gave her a big kiss before leading her inside. She immediately removed her sandals and let her feet sink into the luxurious carpeting.

"Can I get you something to drink? Beer, soda or milk?" Bill asked.

"What kind of soda?" Terri asked back.

"Coke, Sprite and diet root beer."

"If you want me to keep coming over you better get some R.C." Terri said with a look and a smile. "I'll take the Sprite. This time."

Bill handed Terri a Sprite, "I beg your pardon Madam. Your humble servant was unaware of your preferences," in his best french accent.

"Well, if you want to make it up to me you can give me anther kiss," Terri said, setting the soda down as she reached around Bill's neck.

Kissing, Bill walked Terri backwards till his legs hit the couch. Collapsing onto the couch he brought the girl down with him. Bill quickly started to massage Terri's tits through her top. The girl squirmed and broke the kiss.

"Later after you feed me," She said.

"The coals will take twenty minutes or so. That gives us time to play a little," Bill said, lifting up Terri's top and kissing her braless tits.

Terri moved into a more comfortable position as Bill continued to kiss and suck on her tits. His hands moved to grip her ass pulling her into his crotch. She could feel his hard-on and wiggled her hips to stimulate him. Bill knew that if he didn't break off this petting session the coals would go out and they would be stuck eating p.b. and j. for dinner. Rolling Terri over onto his side he broke the kiss and told her he needed to check the bbq.

Bill made a show of serving dinner. Really how fancy can burgers and chips be? All through dinner they touched and kissed. Finally with the dishes done they moved back to the couch, Bill making a detour to lock the patio door and close the curtains. Bill spread the girl's legs as he kneeled before her. Kissing her lips he pulled the top up and off, breaking the kiss just long enough to get the top over her head. Discarding the top he reached for her small breasts and started to squeeze them and tease the nipples. Terri moaned as Bill started kissing his way down the teen's neck to her titties. Swirling his tongue around one nipple getting it hard as he pinched the other one elicited another moan from Terri.

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