Wanting Babies

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Frank and Beth are happily married but they suddenly realize that Frank cannot give them babies. Beth suggests another method of getting her knocked up, and their sexy hunk neighbor, Sid, plays into their plans.

Chapter 1

Frank and Beth had been married for three years and they'd enjoyed just spending time with each other without any children to have to divide their attentions with. But, now, both of them were ready for a family. They'd had several of their friends who had gone through pregnancies and then they'd seen them with a new baby or even twins on one or two occasions. Frank and Beth were excited to have their own baby so Beth had gone off the birth control pills she'd been taking several months in advance to ensure that when they got ready, hopefully she'd be able to conceive a child as soon as possible. They both knew that getting pregnant varied from one couple to another and they hoped they'd be one of those that when Frank even looked at his sexy wife Beth in the bed naked on "that night", she almost become pregnant from that alone. Well, they felt they could dream anyway.

Sadly for both of them, when Frank and Beth began seriously making love with the intent of getting her knocked up, it didn't happen. At first, for several months, they kept trying and trying without success, and then after they consulted with an OB/GYN, it became apparent through a sperm test that Frank's sperm simply did not have enough virility to perform the necessary task of making it to Beth's fertile egg and getting it ready for a baby. There was nothing wrong with Beth's ability to conceive at all from what the tests and other processes showed.

Frank and Beth were devastated when they discovered that the two of them couldn't apparently conceive a baby on their own. Their initial reaction was so depressing that they went for weeks without even discussing their wants and needs further. Then, after they finally began to recover from the bad news about their ability to conceive as a couple, Beth broached the subject with her husband over dinner one night. She realized that she really wanted a baby more than anything and even if Frank couldn't help her get pregnant, she still wanted a baby that had been conceived inside her by a man's sperm being spurted deep within her pussy and naturally meeting up with her fertile egg and getting her knocked up. Beth looked her husband Frank straight in the eye and asked him if he'd mind very much if she actually got knocked up by another man and if he could still accept the child as his own and love it as though it were his baby by natural birth.

"Beth, that's asking a lot of a man, you know," Frank said as he felt his cock growing hard in his pants from just imagining Beth in the throes of lusty sex with another guy who'd been given their blessing to cum inside her pussy and get her with child.

"You know I don't even want to think about another guy having his big horny dick inside you, Beth," Frank said as he was actually lying. Now that his sexy young wife had broached the question, he actually thought to himself that it was a very hot proposition and one that he was already about ready to say "yes" to.

"Who would you consider having to be the father of our child, Beth?" Frank asked as he felt his cock growing harder and harder as he contemplated his wife's proposal. Frank's mind reeled as he gave quick consideration to all of the men he knew both he and Beth were aware of who might even be remote prospects for someone to provide her with stud service. "Stud service" -- that's just what it was -- having another man fuck Beth to knock her up with a baby just like the thoroughbred stallions are used to naturally inseminate a brood mare and create a Triple Crown-winning colt. But Frank found the possibility of a horny guy sliding his cock into Beth's hot pussy and fucking her much more erotic than two horses getting it on.

"Frank, honey, what would you think about having Sid, our next door neighbor, give us a hand in trying to conceive a baby?" Beth asked as she silently held her breath as she waited for her husband's response to her suggestion.

"Sid, you mean our neighbor and one of our good friends?" Frank asked in mock surprise. He'd actually almost suspected for some time that Beth secretly found Sid very sexy as he did the wife, Mary, but he'd never expected that Beth would actually act on her secret sexual desires and fantasies. He knew she was making this suggestion in an effort to conceive but he pretty well knew that Beth was seeking to fulfill a long-held fantasy in the guise of having a baby.

"Well, honey, I was just thinking that Sid lives right next door and the logistics of getting him over here for an hour or so on several occasions wouldn't be that hard," Beth said innocently. Frank discussed Beth's suggestion with her for a few minutes and then they decided that they would approach Sid and ask if he was willing to supply stud service for Beth to get knocked up and become a new mother.

Things came together much more easily and quickly than either Frank or Beth would ever have imagined. Frank actually made the overtures to Sid and he could tell that Sid was very eager to do whatever Frank and Beth wanted him to in order to give her his sperm. He figured at first that they'd want him to go to an artificial insemination center and jack off, providing vials of his hot sperm to be placed inside Beth's pussy. When he realized that they didn't want that at all, but that both Frank and Beth were willing for Sid to actually fuck Beth, Sid's cock got so hard from the mere thought that he couldn't remember when he'd ever been so fucking turned on.

Frank agreed with Sid on a time for him to come over to their house and he told Sid that on the first time, he wouldn't be there but it would only be Sid and Beth in the house alone so they could have all the privacy they needed for their extra-marital sexual encounter. That was more than fine with Sid because while he had long been lusting after Frank's sexy wife, Beth, he wasn't sure he could have actually fucked her while Frank was there in the room with them, or even in the same house. He agreed with Frank on when he'd take off from work and come back to the neighborhood to fuck Beth while his wife, Mary, was away at work and the kids were all away at school.

Frank and Beth had talked about how she'd be dressed and how to planned to prepare herself for her sex sessions with Sid, and after the few times they'd discussed the topic, they'd always ended up in bed making hot sexy love. They were amazed at how much it turned both of them on to contemplate Beth having their neighbor Sid in her bed to fuck her and cum inside her pussy. Frank laughed when Beth told him that she wanted to make the setting for Sid's time with her arousing and very special but she didn't want to appear to be a slut. Frank's response was that he thought she ought to dress in whatever way she thought was necessary in order to turn Sid on and ensure that he was hard and erect enough to do the job they'd asked him to do.

Beth was pleased that Frank had said that because she had already decided that since she didn't make a practice of fucking other men than her own husband, she was going to make the most of this opportunity to experience an "approved infidelity" with Sid and enjoy herself in bed with him as much as possible. Beth already had the very negligee in mind that she intended to be wearing when Sid came over to service her the first time.

The day of Beth's first "insemination session" with Sid arrived and that morning before he left for work, Frank kissed his sexy wife sweetly and passionately and then looked her in the eyes and told her that he hoped she enjoyed herself that day. He meant it with all his heart but he also knew that whatever Beth and Sid did together, she'd be glad to tell him all about it that night and Frank could hardly wait to hear how their well-built and he was pretty sure, well-endowed, neighbor had delivered the goods to Beth in their marital bed. Then, Frank hugged Beth lovingly and headed out the door. They had arranged for Sid to come over at 12:30 during an extended lunch break and so Beth spent the entire morning getting everything just right for Sid to come over and make love to her.

Beth was a medium height brunette and she had a very shapely figure and worked out on occasion to keep her body that way. She had nicely rounded full breasts that stood high on her chest, and her current bra size was a C-cup but she had started looking forward to hopefully getting pregnant and seeing her bra size go up at least one or two cups bigger. As Beth took a long hot bubble bath and enjoyed herself alone there in the house, she felt herself growing horny and very hot in anticipation of Sid coming to her house to fuck her. Beth would never have imagined that knowing she was going to fuck some man other than Frank would have affected her in this way. She wasn't sure just how much she'd be able to share with Frank that night about the way all of this had made her feel. She knew he'd expect her to give him the technical basics, but Beth just wasn't sure if Frank would be ready for her to tell him that she was actually lying there in her bathtub impatient for her sexy hunk neighbor to arrive and slide his big horny cock into her waiting and very fertile pussy.

After she got out of her bath, Beth dried off and then she put on some light makeup to make her look more attractive and she laid out the sexy white see-through negligee that she intended to have on when Sid arrived. She was very modest but in thinking about what it was that she and Frank had asked of Sid, she figured it only made sense to be as sexy and as provocative with Sid as she could be within reason.

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