Wedding Night

by Zebulon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, BDSM, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: On her wedding night a young woman finds her new husband gives her much more than what she expected.

It was love at first sight.

Well, almost.

It would be more accurate to say, she fell in love with him one piece at a time. The first time she saw him, she fell immediately and deeply in love with his ass.

He was huddled with the director over some documents. And his butt was framed so nicely against his slacks she couldn't help but notice. It was firm and athletic; not too fat; not too thin. She could actually see his muscles ripple as he shifted weight. Nice.

When he stood, she loved his dark wavy hair and then his broad shoulders. He reached for a pen; she loved his strong aristocratic hands. And so it went. She couldn't seem to look away. Everything she saw she liked. By the time he'd finished with the director she thought he had the most incredible body she had ever seen. 'So he'll probably have the face of a dog, ' she thought with regret.

But when he turned he was more handsome than she could have imagined. His face combined boyish good looks with tremendous strength of will. And he looked so cute as he scanned the room obviously searching for something. He smiled. She melted. Until she realized he was smiling at her.


Turning beet-red she quickly looked down, busying herself in the work she was supposed to have been doing.

A few moments later she heard a voice clearing itself in front of her desk. It was him.

"It seems we're going to be working together on the new project." He had the most beautiful masculine voice she'd ever heard. And he didn't seem to notice her flushed appearance and lack of composure. Or he pretended not to.

It was the start of a wonderful friendship.

For several weeks they simply worked together. She loved his competence and friendly manner. It was all strictly professional. Then one night after working late he took her out for dinner. They ate. She talked. He listened. He was a wonderful listener. They had meals together quite often after that.

Somewhere along the line she decided that he was the one. This was the man she was going to marry. She flushed at her own thoughts. This was so... so... bold of her. It was almost out of character. But damn it. He was so perfect. She just couldn't let him get away. And the project wasn't going to last forever. And maybe it wasn't so out of character after all. She had never been pushy, but whenever she'd really wanted something -- and put her mind to it -- she'd gotten what she was after. And he definitely was the one.

So she plotted. She schemed. She invited him to her apartment for dinner.

The evening went well. But again, she did all the talking and he did all the listening. And he wasn't making any moves. She wondered if he might be gay. So she asked.

He laughed and assured her he wasn't gay.

"You're not wearing a ring," she observed.

"No," he said with a mischievous grin. "No wife, no fiancee." Then his face took on a curious expression which she couldn't read. "But I'm not quite what you might expect, either."

"What do you mean?" she asked with interest. This would be a breakthrough. He had never talked about himself before.

He looked like he was about to tell her and then seemed to change his mind. He just laughed again. There was music in his laughter.

Now he was not only the most beautiful man she had ever met. He had also become a mystery. And she just loved a mystery. It somehow made him that much more desirable and herself that much more determined. For now she knew she was truly in love.

Weeks past. Time was running out. She'd had him over to dinner several times but he still hadn't made a pass at her and still he wouldn't tell his secret. She began to wonder if he might be a spy. But what kind of secret agent spent weeks doing dull paperwork? The mystery only deepened.

And despite the fact that he'd never made any moves, despite the fact he'd gently turned aside the few moves she'd made toward him, despite his perfect gentlemanliness, she was convinced he was attracted to her as well. He must have found her desirable. Why else would he spend all his free time with her? But when the final few days of the project were clearly in sight, she had the panicky feeling that it would soon be over and he would walk out of her life forever.

Just when it seemed there was no hope left, he invited her over to his place for dinner. She'd never seen his apartment before. There had been an unspoken understanding between them that his private life was not a subject for discussion. She didn't even have his home phone number. And now he was inviting her in. She just knew something important was going to happen.

She was surprised how ordinary everything seemed to be. Just a nice, normal-looking bachelor's apartment. No spy stuff, nothing unusual at all. But it was clean and comfortable. She liked that but it didn't provide any answers.

They ate. He had prepared everything himself and it was all wonderful. Afterward they sat together in the living room but this time she wasn't about to let him off the hook by doing all of the talking. They sat together in silence. He looked like he was working up the nerve to say something. Or perhaps he was trying to find the right words.

"I know how you feel about me," he said at last. "And I feel the same way about you." Her heart skipped a beat.

There followed a long silence.

"But?" she prompted.

"But I'm not at all what you might expect." He looked up at her with a lopsided grin.

"So tell me," she said.

"That's just it," he said. "I can't."

'Can't or won't?' she wondered.

But studying her face intently he asked, "Would you take me... sight unseen, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, for the rest of our lives?"

Her heart caught in her throat. This was so sudden and so completely unexpected.

He continued, "Would you take me to love, to honor, to cherish and to obey? Please don't answer without thinking about it. Would you leave with me right now if I asked? No questions asked. To go where I tell you, to do what I tell you, so long as we both shall live? Would you take me as your husband and become what I want you to be, knowing that you'll receive no explanations or promises from me until after we were married?"

This was so weird. Alarm bells were ringing all across her consciousness. But her hormones and desires were racing far ahead of common sense. And some deep internal voice was assuring her that everything would work out wonderfully. She stood, walked to the big window, and looked out over the city. 'Would she leave with him right now?' he had asked her. She wondered where he would take her.

"Another country," he said in answer to her unspoken question. "When the time comes we will leave and may not come back for years... If ever."

She closed her eyes and searched her feelings. Was this really what she wanted? Was he? 'When the time comes, ' he had said. She supposed he would want to leave pretty soon. Probably as soon as the project was completed. And that would mean no fancy wedding. She'd always dreamed of a big wedding. But she realized that what she really wanted was him.

"Yes," she said finally, almost to herself. Turning she looked at him and repeated herself more firmly. "Yes. I'll go were you say, and do what you say, and be whatever you want." She rushed back over to him and hopped into his lap. "For now and forever, until death do us part." And for the first time, they kissed. He was a wonderful kisser. It lasted a long time.

When he finally pulled away he looked at her with a mixture of delight and something else she couldn't identify. Something darker and more mysterious.

"With no questions asked?"

"With no questions asked."

He smiled at her. "Well then, I guess you'd better make wedding plans. We can leave afterwards."

She threw her arms around him and gave him a huge hug. This was perfect. Everything she had ever wanted just seemed to be coming to her.

She was sitting in the hotel bar. She'd been sitting there, nursing her drink, for almost half an hour.

He had asked her to wait while he went up to the honeymoon suite to 'make some arrangements.'

She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Whatever it was, it was going to be great.

She heard a muffled ring behind the murmured conversation of the other guests. The waitress brought her a house phone. "OK," he said. "Come on up." She found herself trembling with anticipation.

He was waiting at the elevator as the doors opened. So was another man. They were talking.

"... and you're sure?" the man was asking.

He seemed to ignore the question and instead looked at her with approval as she stepped out of the elevator. "Oh yeah," he replied absently.

The man looked at her with curiosity. "But this is so permanent," he said to no one in particular.

"You worry about the travel arrangements;" he said without heat, "I'll worry about my life." It sounded like the man was an old friend. She wondered why he was there.

"No problem," the man said. "Just call down when you're ready." And with that, he stepped into the elevator and was still studying her with interest as the doors closed.

Nothing was said. They simply walked hand-in-hand to the honeymoon suite.

When he opened the door she was impressed with the size and opulence of the room. The lighting was dim, lit only by the glow of incensed candles. Even by the dim light it was clear that the furnishings were magnificent. But that business of waiting in the bar. Something special had to be going on. She took a few steps and scanned the room trying to spot what it was.


She'd just about decided whatever it was must be in the bedroom as he came up and wrapped his arms around her. He gave her a big hug and nuzzled her ear.

"Mmmmmmm," she said, "that's nice."

He slowly and sensually removed her clothing as he continued to squeeze, kiss and fondle her. By the time he was finished she was stark naked and completely aroused. Her nipples were firmly erect and she could feel the heat between her thighs.

"What about you?" she asked with mock chagrin since he was still dressed.

He stepped back and held his arms out at his sides. His beatific smile was all the invitation she needed. She returned the favor, taking her time and using all her wiles to make him as hot as he had made her.

Soon he was as naked as she was, his pole standing at rigid attention. She sank down to her knees and began sensually sucking him off. This was one of the first tricks he had taught her and one of her best. Their relationship had been non-sexual for such a long time. Then it went through a long period of training. He'd introduced her so many new things -- including bondage. In fact, she'd learned some of her best fellatio techniques in much this same position. On her knees but with her hands bound behind her back.

He made delicious sounds of enjoyment and approval as she worked on his rod. But he pulled her off and up to her feet before he came.

He led her to the bedroom and opened the door. "A special little something just for you," he said.

By now her vision had adjusted to the dimness. And what she saw made her eyes almost pop. There, tied down in the center of the large master bed. There was a naked girl. Even by the light of the flickering candles it was clear she was beautiful. She looked to be in her early 20's. She had long blond hair which was pooled around her head. Her arms had been cuffed together and tied straight up toward the center of the headboard. Her legs were widely splayed and tied to the bottom legs of the bed. Her crotch was pulled wide open and fully exposed. Her breasts were heaving with her labored breathing.

The girl was also wearing a padded gag which she knew from experience would very effectively muffle any sounds she might try to make. But she wasn't trying to make sounds. The girl was studying the two of them with great intensity as she shifted uncomfortably in her bondage.

As she stood in the doorway examining the girl, the man had come up and hugged her gently from behind. He tweaked one of her nipples.

"You like?" he asked almost slyly.

She took stock of her thoughts. In the time they had known each other she had changed so much. She'd learned all about his kinks and he had helped her to release her own. She had been so inhibited when they met. And now.

She turned in his arms and kissed him deeply. And as she did her thoughts were still working furiously. Together they had plumbed the depths of her own kinky fantasies. They'd discovered her deeply buried interest in lesbianism and dominance. But this was so much. She'd never actually been with another woman, although they'd talked about it often enough. This was totally unexpected. For a brief moment she was undecided. But that quickly passed. She knew she would hate herself in the morning if she let this opportunity go by. She broke off the kiss and looked back at the bound girl again.

The girl seemed to hold her breath for a moment and was listening intently.

She knew what she wanted. "I like," she said.

"You might want to be gentle with her," he said. "I think she's a virgin."

That surprised her. She turned and took a step closer to the girl who flinched at her approach.

She turned back. "A virgin?" she said. "Then wouldn't you... ?" The thought was left unfinished.

The man smiled at her. "Nonsense," he said. "I've had virgins before. This is your special night. You go first."

They kissed again. She let herself be enfolded by his strong arms. She felt so incredibly loved at that moment. Then she thought again about the girl. Who was she? A virgin? She couldn't be a hooker. Someone he knew? Was it possible she was just some girl he had yanked off of the street? At one time that thought would have repulsed her. But she'd changed so much.

When she turned back to the girl her mind was set and she was wearing a delightfully evil expression. The girl who had been watching intently started to tremble.

She moved in to have a closer look while the man took a seat in the corner.

The girl really was quite beautiful. As pretty as she had looked from across the room, she was absolutely stunning when seen up close. Her face, as near as she could tell around the gag, was that of a fashion model. Her body wasn't exactly athletic, but she was clearly in excellent shape and her curves were luscious. Her arms and legs were long and well formed. And her torso. Ahh that was truly splendid. Fairly large, very round, and very firm breasts. With large firm nipples set off by small very pink areolas. Lovely. A beautiful, well-formed navel. And her pussy. Well, it was hard to tell in that light, but from what she could see, her slit was full and pale and surrounded by a patch of very smooth bare skin. Someone had carefully shaved off all the pubic hair. From the appearance it had been done quite recently. And from the look on the face behind the gag, it had been done by someone other than the girl herself.

She almost reached down and stroked the tender flesh. But that would come in its proper time. Right now she just wanted to savor the moment.

She walked around the right side of the bed. The girl didn't try to turn her head, but simply followed with her eyes.

She reached down and felt the tension in the rope that bound her arms to the top of the bed. Tight. Nice. She wasn't going anywhere. The girl had beautiful hands.

She moved back to the foot of the bed and looked at the girl's feet. They were just as beautiful. She moved to the left corner of the bed and felt the girl's toes. The girl started at the touch.

She slid her hand up over the girl's foot and felt her ankle. Then as she moved up toward the middle of the bed, letting her fingers lightly trace a path along the inside of the girl's leg, past her knee, and along the inside of her thigh. The girl twitched at the unwonted touch.

The bound girl's gaze flicked briefly at the man sitting in the corner and quickly back to the woman who was hovering overhead.

She let her fingers trace a detour around the bound girl's public area. Sitting on the bed, she continued moving her fingers up across the girl's belly and along the side of her closest breast.

"So tell me, Luv," she asked, "are you a Virgin?"

No answer. The girl just continued to stare.

The fingers moved across the breast and gently grasped the nipple.


Still no answer.

She mashed the nipple with considerable force which elicited a muffled yelp of pain from behind the gag. The girl's eyes started watering. Without raising her voice, the woman said, "When I ask a question, you answer."

The girl nodded frantically.

"Yes?" the woman asked without relaxing her grip.

The girl kept nodding and tried her best to wriggle free of the woman's grasp.

"Yes, you understand? Or yes, you're a virgin?"

The girl whined into her gag, jerked around as best she could, and looked frantic.

The woman released the pressure. "Do you understand?"

Another quick nod.

"Are you a virgin?"

The girl shut her eyes tightly and nodded again.

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