A Lawyer's Ladies: Gail and I Get Caught

by ALawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Gail and I are using the big oak conference room table for some evening fun when we are interrupted by visitors.

It is late in the evening and Gail and I have put in a long day. We are getting ready to go home when she stops. "John, I need your cock before I get out of here. Let's go in the conference room and fuck on the big oak table."

She is unbuttoning her dress as she walks down the hall. She enters the room and throws her dress over one of the large leather chairs. She quickly slips off her panties and bra and lays them on her dress. She turns her back to the table and jumps up. She lies back, pulls her feet up on the table, and waits for me to get the message. I walk in and take off my shirt and tie while looking at her lying naked on the table where we meet with our clients during the day.

I strip and throw my clothes on the pile with Gail's. I step up to the table and begin eating. Her pussy is already wet. I'm just stirring her juices with my tongue as I listen to her moan her approval. Her pussy tastes as sweet as always. I put my hands under her ass pulling her tight into my mouth. My tongue fucks her pussy and she grabs my head to hold me onto her special spot. I slip two fingers into her cunt and move my tongue to work her clit.

"Eat me, John. Make me cum. Don't fuck around. Lick my clit." I work my fingers onto her G-spot and suck her clit as she arches her back on the table and cums.

"John, you are sure good at this. It doesn't matter how many times you eat my pussy you make it seem like the first."

"Gail, I still say you should try a woman. You two could lick each other and I could join in at the end."

"John, I've just never had the attraction. If I ever meet a lady that turns me on I might try licking a little pussy myself, but I haven't met her yet. Now John, you get up here, and let me suck that cock of yours."

She jumps down to the floor. The sight of her tits shaking from the drop pumps up my cock. I boost myself up on the table. She points my already hard cock to the ceiling and swallows about half of it. She sucks me deep and gently rubs my balls while blowing me.

"I'm just blowing you until you get hard, and then we're going to fuck. I need one more cum before I go home." She flicks her tongue over the head. I don't know how much harder she expects my dick to get. I'm ready to fuck.

She climbs up on the table and hovers over my body as I point my cock at her pussy. She lowers her cunt, and my cock spreads her lips and enters her easily. She sits all the way down and leans forward over me so I can suck her tits. I pull one of those long nipples into my mouth. She's slapping her pussy down hard on me and I'm shoving my ass off the table to give her a good fuck. Then we hear the alarm system cycle-someone's just come into the building. Gail jumps off my cock and grabs our clothes. I think and point to the phone closet. We run for the door and go inside.

The phone closet is a small room where all the phone circuits from the outside come in and are routed to all the offices. It's a machine room without decorations or a carpeted floor. We stand naked and wait to see who's here. The closed circuit television security system is based here and there is a display monitor tied into all the cameras in the building. I cycle through the cameras until I see a couple walking down the hall.

It's my partner Joe and his client Sandy. Sandy was the client that was so concerned about losing her house and cars she let me fuck her ass several times while I worked on the case. Last month I got busy with a trial and turned her case over to Joe. He mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago he was being compensated in a similar fashion. I asked him if he had got into her cunt, but she told him the same story about not wanting to get pregnant.

They turn into the conference room. Gail and I watch as they embrace and start to make out. We look at each other and start to laugh.

We can hear them through the door. Sandy says, "Joe, ever since I saw this huge oak table, I've wanted to fuck on it. I want to get naked in the middle of the table on all fours, and you can fuck my ass." She starts stripping just as Gail had done a few minutes before. Joe was tossing his clothes on the back of the chair.

Gail looks at me. "Well, John, I guess I wasn't the only one to have a thing for large oak tables. That's the client that you got so hot over last month isn't it. You had to call me into the office to fuck you after she left. It looks like we might get to see how she looks naked."

Gail is watching Sandy strip and stares at the screen as her fat tits come into view. The way they stand up under their weight is amazing. I can see Gail is quite taken by her large brown nipples. I come up behind Gail as she watches Sandy and Joe. I push her forward a bit and fit my cock into her pussy. She jerks back on my cock as Sandy climbs up on the table. Sandy gets down on all fours. You can almost see Gail's head follow the swaying of Sandy's tits.

Gail looks back at me. "Fuck me, John, while I watch them fuck." This statement is from my secretary, who doesn't care for porn.

Joe's cock is already hard as he climbs on the table behind her. His cock is about the same size as I am. He moves up behind Sandy and she hands him a small tube. Joe squeezes the tube into his hand and rubs is fingers in the oily substance. He places his finger at Sandy's asshole and slowly pushes. Since taking her case Joe's been down this road several times. He's told me that he has never fucked a woman who so loved it up the ass. He works two fingers inside her until he's satisfied as to her lubrication. His cock receives a string along the top and he rubs it in good.

Gail is riveted by the action. I am plowing her cunt as see watches Joe lube up his cock. "He's going to fuck her in the ass. Jesus, John, if you had some lube here you could have my ass right now." The tube is back in my office so I just keep fucking her cunt. Gail's braces her arms on the rack holding the security equipment. She's shoving back into me. I know from long experience she's just a couple of minutes from cumming. Watching them has truly wound up her clock.

Joe is easing his cock into Sandy's ass. She's not as tight as she used to be back there before she started to have legal problems, but Joe's cock is still pretty fat. "Joe, slowly, it's big. Oh, but does it feel good in my ass. Ok, now start fucking me." Joe pulls out his dick and slides it all the way in. "Oh, fuck, Joe do it. Fuck my ass."

Gail can see they're getting into it. She is watching Sandy's plump tits flop as Joe pounds her ass. "John, you know, she's pretty hot. So is Joe. You maybe should let me try him out sometime. He's got a nice cock."

"Maybe we'll try you together. Would you like that? Suck one of us while you fuck the other. Then we switch."

"Fuck, that's a hot thought. Bring his cock up to my mouth so I can drink all his hot cum while you fuck my ass."

Joe and Sandy are getting into it when the alarm cycles again. Some else is in the building. Joe pulls out of Sandy's ass and jumps to the floor.

"Sandy, get down someone just came into the building."

Joe grabs their clothes and looks around. He spots the phone closet. He grabs Sandy's hand and pulls her naked body after him.

Gail and John have missed the sound of the alarm cycling in the phone closet and are almost ready to cum together when the door opens quickly and Joe and Sandy appear. Both are frozen as they see John slamming his cock into Gail's cunt while she is telling him to fuck her harder. They look up and see Joe and Sandy.

Joe smiles at them. "Don't let me stop you."

John looks over and says, "Okay, but shut the fucking door." He was very close to cumming when the door opened, but now he's under control. He continues fucking Gail. Gail is turned on that Joe and Sandy are watching her. She's had a fantasy for months about be watched by another couple while she fucks John.

Sandy, who knows the effect of John's cock on her ass is turned on by the fucking couple. She reaches out for Joe's cock to see if it's still slick. It is. She moves up next to Gail and leans forward on to the racks beside her. "Joe, put it back in and fuck me."

Gail looks at her. "Don't make a lot of noise. I'm not sure we could fit another couple in here."

Sandy was close to cumming out on the table and few strokes by Joe's cock bring her back up to the edge. He is holding her mouth and trying to keep her quiet. Sandy cums hard but Joe doesn't. Joe pulls out of Sandy and his cock sticks out ten inches before him.

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