A Lawyer's Ladies: Monica Tells Her Own Story

by ALawyer

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Father, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Normally I tell the tales, but Monica wanted to do this herself. She tells about our first time when she mixed me up for someone else.

My name is Monica. This is my account of my first time with John.

I first met John during my junior year in high school when I started working part-time at his firm. He was always polite and dignified around me. At times I thought I caught him checking me out, but the glimpses were short and I never was sure of their meaning.

As I continued to work at the firm I developed a major crush on him. He reminded me of my father without many of my father's flaws. My home life was never great. I had model parents as far as their looks went. Dad was of medium height and a solid build and very handsome. Mother was tall, 5' 10", just like I am. She was always fashionably attired. They were Ken and Barbie, without the boobs, brought to life. Most of our problems at home came from my father's ambition of having sex with every woman he met, and mother who didn't like sex at all.

How did I know this? When I was a junior in college I was able, at the last minute, to get a ride home for the weekend. My parents were out at the time so I just stowed my things and went to bed. My room is on the first floor of the house just off the living room. My clock said 2:13 when I heard the loud voices in the living room.

My mother's is loudly talking in the voice she gets when she's angry and drunk.

"In the pantry, the country fucking club kitchen pantry, how could you do it? Fucking Carla Martin in the country club kitchen fucking pantry."

Dad makes no sound. I just hear things being moved around.

"I go looking for you and I hear noises from the goddamn pantry. I open the fucking door and you have Carla bent over some boxes with your filthy cock in her wet fucking cunt."

Uh, Oh.

"Was she tight, Bill, did she have a tight pussy? Was she a good fuck?"

This is my mother talking?

"Did I stop you from cumming in the wet twat of hers?"

My father finally has had enough.

"Yes, you did you bitch. I was almost there."

"Oh, big man, your fucking balls must be full."

I got up from my bed and quietly walked to the door and cracked it open slightly. They were face to face in the living room and Mom had her hand on Dad's crotch. She must be checking the state of his balls it appears.

"Fuck you. I should have you empty my balls. Carla certainly wanted my cum in her cunt."

Mom was still squeezing Dad's crotch. His pants were beginning to bulge.

"Well, I don't. You just keep your nasty cum in your fucking balls or should I call Carla and have her come over here, and you can bend her over the breakfast bar and empty these balls of their never-ending supply of spunk."

"No, we don't need to call Carla; I know how to solve my problem right now." Dad spun Mom around pulling her hand from his crotch and pushed her down over the breakfast bar. He lifted her dress up and exposed her bottom.

Oh, my god, I'm thinking, he's going to fuck her in the living room.

Mom was wearing a pair of thong panties. I was amazed. I had never known she owned any. Dad yanked the strip of material away exposing my mother's pussy.

"Bill, stop this. Don't fuck me. I don't want that cock in me. It's covered with Carla's hot juices."

Dad reached for his pants and unbuttoned and unzipped them rapidly and let them drop to the floor, he lowered the front of his briefs and out came his cock.

My life changed the moment I saw my father's cock, hard, big, and long. At this point in my life I had had two lovers, both in college. I had seen penises in their aroused state, but neither of my lovers had anything like my father's cock. It must have been ten inches long and at least two thick. My hand stole to my pussy as I watched him lodge his cock in my mother's pussy.

"You, bitch. I'm going to cum in your cunt. So shut up and quit complaining. You're the only woman I've ever fucked who doesn't go nuts when I put this dick inside them."

"Bill, stop. You know I don't like sex. Don't do this."

My fingers were creating soft sloshing sounds in my pussy as Dad pushed his fat cock into Mom. I softly whispered, "Fuck her Dad. Stick it in her pussy. She will love it if you do it. I know I would."

Dad's cock slowly disappeared into her. He took his time completely penetrating her. He held his cock in her pussy until she stopped struggling.

My pussy was on fire. I've never seen anything so exciting. Dad pulled out of her. I saw how wet his cock was. It gleamed in the room lighting. He pushed it back into her. So much for Mom not liking sex.

She grunted when he hit bottom. I watched and I thought that I would never get a cock that big in my cunt.

He started to steadily fuck her and I watched and played with my pussy. Mom didn't say much she just grunted when his cock hit bottom. I tried to slow down, I wanted to cum with my father. I wanted to see him cum. I thought, I wanted to feel him cum too. My thoughts were drifting and soon in my mind I saw myself laid over the bar and it's my dress that was over my back. It was my pussy that Dad was fucking. He was fucking it hard, but I was not lying there grunting like my frigid mom. "Fuck me harder, Daddy. Drive that big dick of your up my hot cunt. I am so close, Daddy, fuck me and make me cum."

I watch as he takes a deep breath, and he says, "Here, you get what I wanted to give Carla."

"Yes, Daddy, give it to me. I feel it filling my pussy. Cum in me Daddy, I'm cumming to. Fill me up. Do you feel me cumming on your cock. Oh, fuck yes." In my frenzy I saw Dad pull out of Mom and a large stream of cum ran down her legs.

I leaned against the wall of my room recovering from the most intense orgasm of my life wishing I had his thick, white cum flowing from my pussy. I heard Mom and Dad make soft noises and they went upstairs to bed.

I stumbled back to bed and crawled under the covers. My mind whirled in confusion, but my pussy was not confused. It still burned. I moved my hand down to feel how wet I was. I almost believed he did cum in me. My hand started to circle my clit and I relived the scene in my head while I came again. I would cum again three more times before morning.

We now go forward in time until yesterday. I am twenty-five and have graduated from college. I still work for John's firm and had come in on a Friday evening to pickup some papers. I had seen John and Gail's cars in the otherwise empty parking lot. I wondered what was keeping them so late.

I let myself in and went down the dark hallway to get my papers. I passed John's office and noticed his office lights were on. I was going to go in to say hello when I saw one of the slats in his blinds was slightly bent. So I peeked into his office.

I saw John and Gail. Gail was on her knees before John sucking his cock. Her blouse and bra was lying on a table next to them. I could see her full tits sway as she took John's penis into her throat. John's cock was huge. Huge just like my father's cock I saw that day. I knew John resembled my father, I never knew until now that the resemblance extended to their enormous cocks.

Gail pulled his cock from her mouth and stood up. She reached for the waist of her skirt and it fell to the floor. John removed the pullover shirt he was wearing and removed his pants and underwear. Gail pulled off her panties and they moved together kissing passionately. This scene brought up my memories of the night I watched my father roughly fuck my mother. Gail had full breasts and a sexy ass, while my mother was rail thin like me. Gail looked like a women men would love to fuck. My pussy was getting just as excited watching John and Gail kiss and fondle each other. They obviously had a great deal of feeling for each other.

I unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shorts and slipped my fingers inside my panties. My pussy was so wet my fingers slid easily into my cunt. I fingered my pussy as I watch them. John looked so much like my father. Solid build and big cock, I watched as Gail stroked it. I could see myself stroking his cock, a cock so much like my father's. I thought how good it would be to stroke my father's cock while he kissed me.

Gail moved to the table and leaned over presenting John with her ass. I could see myself laid across the table, naked, and my father behind me as his hard cock entered me as John's did to Gail. My pussy was dripping juice into my panties around my fingers. I wished I could be in there lying next to Gail. John would be fucking her, and my father would be fucking me. Gail and I could watch each other being serviced by our men.

I could see through the gap in the blinds John had her hips in his hands and his was fucking her hard. I whispered to myself, "Fuck me, Daddy. Give me your cock." I pulled up my shirt and bra up so I could pull on one of my nipples as I watched them fuck.

Gail's expression was clearly one of a woman on the verge of orgasm. I could see she was talking to John. She was probably saying the same things I would say to my daddy as he fucked me. "Please Daddy, shoot your hot cum into my pussy. My pussy wants your cum. Not like my mean Mommy who won't take your cum unless you make her. I'll take your cum, Daddy, give it to me."

I watched John as he filled Gail with his cum and she cried out in pleasure. My daddy was making me cum and I had an orgasm just as intense as the time I watched my father fuck my mother.

John pulled his cock out of Gail and she turned and sucked her juices from it. I pulled my shirt down, buttoned my shorts, got my papers and left.

It's Saturday and I'm at the law office. No one else is here. I am thinking about what I am going to do today and it both scares me and excites me. I know that I have had this compulsion of having sex with my father, but my father died last year, before I could learn to control my feelings toward him or to actually take him as a lover. Last night I knew after watching John fuck Gail in his office that John could help me release these feelings I have for my father.

I know that on a Saturday John comes into work for a few hours then plays golf. I was waiting for him. Not wanting to take a chance on his turning me down, I am dressed in shorts that show off my long legs and they're cut low enough to almost show off my pubic hair, if I had any. I shaved it all off this morning. The hair was still sticky with my juices from last night. I am wearing a halter top that shows off my breasts. I don't have large breasts so the halter has very thin material that will ensure my aroused nipples are quite visible.

I hear him go into his office. It's time.

He says, "Come in," after I knock quietly.

"Hi, Monica, why are you here on a Saturday morning?" I notice his eyes move to my tits. My long nipples are hard and I know he cannot miss seeing them.

"John, don't get upset, but I would like to have sex with you. I need a man of experience to show me how to please a man." He is silent and looking shocked. So I go on. "I am engaged and I want to know that I can please my husband. I don't want to fall short and have him pursuing lovers to make up for my shortcomings. I know my father slept with other women because my mother refused to satisfy him."

John looked stricken in response to my request. "You're young enough to be my daughter. I am too old for you and this is not the thing a married man does."

"I know John, but I I need to know that I am good at sex so I won't lose him because I don't know how to perform in bed."

"Monica, I just can't do this."

"John, we have a couple of hours before you have to leave and I know you have sex in your office. I was here last night and saw you and Gail through your blinds."

He is silent for a long time. "Gail and I have a special relationship that goes back many years. My wife knows about Gail. We both have an open relationship."

"John, I will never tell anyone if you help me, but I want you to make love to me." I am scared he will say no, but he stands up and immediately I know he will help me. His slacks cannot conceal his erection. I breathe a sigh of relief.

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