Haircut: I Spy

by JAX

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: I'm sure I mentioned about seeing her cut her brother's hair topless while I spied through the door jam, giving me the biggest boner I've ever had. I sometime lie awake at nights seeing them again in my mind and it would always have the same effect on me. Perhaps you think I'm a bit of a perv getting excited when I see my girlfriend get touched up by some one else, well you're probably right.

After I posted 'Hair Cut' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother or with others men. Well to be honest I don't know but that doesn't stop me speculating.

Things were going great, I got a small promotion at work, which entitled me to a few day extra holiday and of course some more money too. My girlfriend J, I'm sure I told you about her and her great tits, well she had past her driving test first time. The down side of that was that she would want to use the car to go shopping or somewhere with out me.

I'm sure I mentioned about seeing her cut her brother's hair topless while I spied through the door jam, giving me the biggest boner I've ever had. I sometime lie awake at nights seeing them again in my mind and it would always have the same effect on me. Perhaps you think I'm a bit of a perv getting excited when I see my girlfriend get touched up by some one else, well you're probably right.

Soon after her driving success we became engaged and we arranged for a small gathering at the local hall. It wasn't very big but much better than her mum's front room. It was mostly family with a few near friends too and of course her brother and his girlfriend Jenny. The party was nearing the end for it was well past midnight and most of the family had left just leaving the dozen or so close friends to finish off their drinks. I had a few myself and had greatly enjoyed myself dancing with J's work friends, a nice bunch of attractive girls. I had lost track of J but I wasn't worried too much but I decided to go and look for her and tell her things were wrapping up.

She wasn't in the hall or in the loos so I went outside to the car park, still she was nowhere to be seen. I was just about to return inside when I thought I heard her giggle coming from somewhere behind the hall. It was middle of the summer and still nice and warm but by this time of night all the streetlights were turned off and it was very dark. The only light available was coming from the window of the hall itself.

I wasn't trying to be particularly quiet but I turned the back corner and froze in my tracks. By the feeble light coming from the frosted windows of the loos there was my fiancée together with a group of others.

"Stop it," she said but her tone was anything but negative.

"Grab her," said a male voice that I didn't know.

"Let me go," she said but again there was something in her voice, a laugh even to show that she was enjoying their attentions.

To night she was wearing for the first time a halter dress, cut quite low to show off her superb tits and it finishing about mid thigh too. A single stud fastened held the two ends together around her neck, I knew this for I had done it up for her earlier in the evening.

"Don't," she said and this time I could hear a touch of panic in her voice.

The light now showed the dark top of her dress falling away to reveal her lighter skin beneath.

"Fuck me will you look at them," said a different male voice.

"Don't you dare," she said, but again her voice betrayed her changing feelings.

"Go on grab 'em," said a voice.

"Oh fucking 'ell," one said, "they're fucking lovely."

"No you mustn't," she pleaded, but her voice had subtlerly changed again, less of a panic now.

"Here let me have a feel," said a new voice.

My eyes had now accustomed to the darkness and I could make out that there were three guys surrounding J. one was holding her arms behind her back and two were in front with their hands on her tits. I was also aware of the hardness of my own cock in my trousers and I had to rearrange myself to make it more comfortable

"'er fucking brother was right," said one, "best fucking tits I've felt in a long time, pity she getting married to that guy, what's his name inside."

"Engaged, married or whatever doesn't stop her having fucking great tits," one said.

"Yeah, you're right there," said one, "so how about a quick fuck then?"

"No please you mustn't," she said, but that was not what her tone of voice said. "Please you'll rip it or make it dirty."

From where I was looking I could see more flesh being exposed as her skirt was lifted.

"Let's lose these," said one and a flash of material was thrown in the air.

Her only sound now was her grunting as one of the guys moved between her legs and thrust into her. Her arms were released and she wrapped them around her lover's neck, more for support than anything else and she lifted one knee to help him penetrate her more.

"Fucking hurry up," said one, "we all want a go and she may be missed soon."

His thrusting became harder and then he stopped as he came with a grunt.

"Out the fucking way," said another and the second moved between her legs and thrust into her.

He didn't last as long as his friend and soon number three took over between her legs. At this point I quietly made my exit and returned to the hall. About 10 minutes later she turned up looking tired but other wise unruffled.

"Where have you been?" I asked just to see how she would react.

"Just getting some air outside," she lied perfectly.

What I wanted now was to get the lying slut alone and to fuck her brains out. Later back at her mum's house, I did just that. Her mum had gone to bed and on the lounge floor I stripped off her dress, I noticed that her knickers were still missing but didn't comment, her legs opened to receive me and I slipped in to her very easily not surprising really when there was three loads of spunk already in her to lubricate my way. I was so turned on, reliving the sights behind the hall that when I came I stayed hard to carry on thrusting until I came for a second time.

Most Saturdays I work overtime, for we are saving up to get married but just when I signed in at the office the boss sent me home as there was no work to do. Well one good thing I could spend the day with J. I couldn't park right outside as her brother's car was parked there so I had to park around the corner. Her brother a recently past his test too and bought an old Ford. From where I had parked I could cut across the rear garden and use the back door, which was never locked when somebody was at home. I wandered about the ground floor but it was empty then I heard her voice upstairs.

I thought about calling out but I thought I would surprise her. I crept upstairs and reached the landing where I could hear her brother's voice coming from her bedroom, which was the last one along.

"Let me go," she said but there was a giggle in her voice.

"Go on fight me," he brother taunted.

They were making so much noise that they didn't hear my stealthy approach. Her door was open enough to give me a good view through the jam. J was dressed in the short denim skirt that I had bought her because it was so short and denim shirt that was completely undone to exposing her naked tits. It was becoming a habit for her these days not to wear a bra. He was behind her holding her arms behind her back.

"Get off me," she said with a giggled again.

Just then he released one arm and reached around and grabbed her tits.

"Stop it," she said and struggled to get away from his groping hands.

As she got away she tripped and fell onto the floor and immediately he fell on top or her, his face buried in her bosom. She was still trying to push him off but only in a half-hearted way then he grabbed both her wrists and pulled them above her head.

"Let me go," she said and wriggled her body under his.

He held both wrists now in one of his hands and with his free hand he cupped one breast then the other.

"So my big titted sister," he said, "I've got you now and you can't escape me until I let you go."

"So my big strong brother what are you going to do with me?" she asked and again there was a giggle in her voice.

"Anything I like," he said his hands moving from one breast to the other.

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