by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Judy introduced Bill to her disgusting parents before their first date so that he might understand her better. It took him more than three years to fully understand.

I met Judy while a student at the University of Rochester. Judy was not a student she was a waitress at Angelo's Italian restaurant, which was a short distance from the campus. It was the end of mid term exams and a group of us decided to go to Angelo's to celebrate and it just happened that Judy was our waitress that night. She is tall, brunette and has beautiful dark eyes. I was taken with her beauty the first time I saw her.

I didn't speak to her that night other than to give her my dinner order. The guys with me were all flirting with her when she came over to our table and then they made jokes about how much they would like to get into her pants when she left. Normally I would have joined right with the others making the jokes but somehow I didn't feel right talking about her that way.

I guess the other guys just saw her as a lowly waitress, certainly below them on the social ladder. To them her only good qualities was that she had a hot body and looked like she would be fun in bed. I saw something different. I didn't see a lowly waitress. I saw a lovely woman that I wanted to get to know. I would be lying if I said that the thought of having sex with her didn't excite me, but I had dreams of having something more with her than sex.

After that night I began to stop at Angelo's a few times a week even thought it was a bit expensive for my budget. Sometimes for dinner, sometimes for just a beer and a slice of pizza. Each time I went to Angelo's I managed to engage Judy in conversation. In time I was able to find out that she was single and that she didn't have a steady boyfriend. It took me two months before I was comfortable enough to ask her out on a date. Judy seemed very surprised when I asked but she said yes right away.

The night we were to go out Judy asked me to pick her up at her parents house and she gave me the directions. I had a little trouble finding the place at first. They lived in a part of the city I had never been in before and I wasn't to comfortable being there at all. Judy's parents lived in a rented house in a run down part of town.

Judy's fourteen year old brother answered the door when I knocked, or rather he pushed the door opened into my face as he charged out of the house while his mother yelled after him, "You little bastard, you bring that money back her right now."

When she saw me standing in the door, Judy's mother said, "Oh, you must be here for Jude. Come on in." Then she yelled as loud as she could, "Jude, your boy friend is here."

I heard Judy answer, "I'll be right down."

Judy's mother was a short fat woman with tri- color hair and two teeth missing in the front of her mouth. She didn't invite me sit, she just looked me up and down and said, "So, how'd Jude find you?"

I told her I met her at Angelo's and she didn't ask me any more questions. I looked around the filthy kitchen as I tried to think of something to say to this woman just to make conversation. I was just about to say something about the weather, the only thing that I could think of that would be a safe subject, when the door behind me opened. Before I could turn to see who was coming in I heard a man speak in a very slurred voice, obviously caused by intoxication; "Who the fuck is this?"

Judy's mother said, "This is Jude's new boy friend."

I turned to introduce myself to him but he just turned and headed for the refrigerator and got himself a beer and then walked past me and left the kitchen but I got a good look at him as he passed. He was about four inches shorted them me and maybe ten inches wider. He was bald on top of his head with long salt and pepper hair around the side and back of his head that looked as if it hadn't been washed in more than a month. The only thing worse than the way he looked was the way he smelled. He was a thoroughly disgusting individual.

As he left the room Judy's mother said, "That drunk fuck is Jude's father. Real winner ain't he?"

For the next five minutes I stood in silence waiting for Judy to come and rescue me. When she finally came downstairs she said, "Sorry I took so long. Glad to see you met the family. I'm ready when ever you are."

As we left the house no one said anything to us. No, 'have a good time, ' or 'it was nice to meet you.' We walked to the car in silence and I wondered if asking Judy to go out with me might have been a big mistake.

Neither of us spoke for a few minutes and then I tried to make conversation. "I noticed that your mother calls you Jude. Would you rather I call you Jude or Judy?"

She said, "They call me Jude, I would rather you call me Judy."

I said, "Okay, Judy it is." I wasn't sure if it was because I hadn't earned the right to call her Jude or if there was another reason, but if that was the way she wanted it I would call her Judy. I was already beginning to dread the evening ahead of me.

My plan for the evening was to take her to a nice restaurant for dinner and then go to a movie but I was beginning to want to just go for fast food, maybe a couple of drinks in a local bar and then drop her off at home and never see her again. I really couldn't see a future with anyone from that family. In the end I decided to be a gentleman and follow through on my original plans.

Once we were seated in the restaurant I was having trouble thinking of anything to talk about when Judy broke the silence.

"I guess it's a good sign that you didn't run screaming from the house when you met my family."

Still trying to be a gentleman I said, "Why would you say that?"

"You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice how disgusting they were. I'm just glad that they didn't scare you off."

I said, "My date was with you, not them."

"I am glad that you feel that way. I had you pick me up at their house so you would meet them. I wanted you to see where I came from and to meet my parents. I wanted to get through the trauma of meeting my parents now rather than have to deal that later. If you can't deal with them being my parents I would rather find that out right now. I want you to know that I am not like them."

I was relieved to hear her say that she was not like her parents but saying it doesn't make it so. The fact that she didn't want me to find out what her parents were like later indicated that see saw me as someone she might like to have a longer term relationship with than just one night. I liked that idea.

I said, "If you feel that way about your parents why don't you move out and get a place of your own?"

"I did, two years ago when I started working at Angelo's. Angelo helped me find an apartment near the restaurant and since then I go home about once a month just to check on my brother and make sure he is all right. I grew up in that house and now all I want to do is get as far away from it as possible Usually my visits there last less that an hour. My father is never around for very long, he is usually hanging out in his favorite bar, and my mother doesn't seem to care if I visit them or not. The only reason she likes to see me is so she can ask me for money, as if I owe it to her. I hope that meeting my parents will help you understand why I am the way I am..."

I said, "What way are you?"

"If you hang around long enough you'll find out."

I didn't know what to say about her parents. Even though Judy said they were disgusting I couldn't say that to her. I said, "I can see that you are different. I promise I won't judge you based on your parents but are they really that bad? "

Judy put her hand on mine and said, "I guess it's hard for you to understand, you probably had a normal childhood. You saw the house, I grew up in a dump. We had nothing and my parents made no attempt to do better. I never had anything new. Everything my mother gave me was from a thrift store, a garage sale or hand me downs from other family members. Clothes, toys, everything. The first new things I ever had were things I bought for myself with money I earned. So now when I get something I like I fight to keep it and when I see something I want I do what I have to get it. I don't ever want to settling for the things other people don't want anymore."

I looked closely at Judy to see if these memories would make her cry but she didn't shed a tear. I guess she was pretty tough.

Judy said, "Okay, your turn. Tell me about your childhood."

"Well, you were right, my childhood was pretty normal until my senior year of high school. That year my parents were killed in a car accident."

"Oh jeeze, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up any painful memories."

"It's okay. I've been through the pain and now I am doing the only thing I can to and that is going on with my life. My parents didn't have a lot of money but they left me enough to pay for college, so the rest is up to me."

After that we didn't talk about our parents anymore. We had a good meal and then she suggested that we rent a movie and go back to her apartment. She said, "I know students can't afford to spend their money on fancy dinners and movies."

Judy had a beautiful apartment. It was the second floor of an old house that had been converted into two apartments. Everything in the apartment looked new. The furniture, the carpets and the appliances and unlike her parents house, Judy's apartment was very clean. I was feeling better about my decision to follow through on my original plans. Judy was indeed very different from her parents.

I said, "This is a great apartment, how can you afford this on a waitress' income?"

"I work hard and Angelo gives me lots of extra work. I live close to the restaurant so he calls me anytime someone calls in sick or if they get unexpectedly busy."

I said, "Everything here looks so new."

Judy said, "Everything was new when I moved in two years ago. I just take good care of things to keep them looking that way."

We watched a movie and then I decided that I should leave. I didn't want to push things too fast. Judy walked me to the door and we kissed several times and I asked her out again and she accepted.

As I walked down to my car I knew that I was beginning to fall in love with her.

It was on our third date that I decided to see how far Judy was willing to go. We had gone out for pizza and beer and then back to her apartment. It became obvious to me from the first kiss that night that Judy wanted it as much as me.

As we sat on her sofa, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues I unbuttoned her blouse and began to massage her breasts. When I opened her bra Judy responded by guiding my mouth to her nipples. Judy had wonderful firm breasts and I loved kissing and sucking on them. What I liked even more was Judy's reaction to the attention I was giving her. As I sucked on her nipples, Judy made little noises of pleasure.

Judy made the next aggressive move by placing her hand in my crotch and squeezing my cock through my pants. I took this to mean that she wanted my pants opened so I opened them. Judy slid her hand inside my briefs and pulled my cock out and as we kissed she gently stroked my cock with her hand.

In a voice obviously affected by her sexual arousal, Judy asked me if she could kiss my cock? I certainly couldn't say no to her. Judy lowered her head into my lap and began kissing the head of my cock and eventually took more than half of my cock into her mouth. It wasn't long before I had to fight to keep from climaxing in her mouth. I finally had to tell her to stop and then I asked if I could taste her.

She said, "No. It's my time of month so I can't let you do that."

I was disappointed. I was extremely aroused and was looking forward to tasting her pussy. But then Judy surprised me by saying, "That doesn't mean we can't have sex."

I wanted to and said that I did so Judy took me into the bedroom and said she had to go to the bathroom and would be back in a minute. So I got undressed and waited on her bed. As I waited I wondered what it was going to be like to have sex with Judy during her period. I had never done anything like that before. I wondered if it would feel disgusting or if I enjoyed it would Judy?

When Judy returned she was wearing only her panties. She got into bed with me and immediately took her panties off. She pulled me on top of her and said, "Put it in me quick." I did as she told me and began to give her long slow strokes. When I entered her it felt warm and wet and it was not disgusting. As a matter of fact I found the whole thing very erotic. I felt like this was giving us a special bond. I was also happy to see that Judy was enjoying the sensations of menstrual sex and it wasn't long before she had a rather large orgasm followed shortly by my own climax.

Afterward we lay holding each other for a while. When my cock was completely flaccid I rolled off Judy and lay on my back next to her. Judy got up and holding one hand between her legs, I guessed to prevent dripping anything on the floor, she scurried into the bathroom.

While Judy was out of the room I looked at my cock. I could see the evidence of our love making. My cock was coated with a mixture of my semen, Judy's sexual juices and a smear of her blood. The blood bothered me a little. Even though I knew where it came from I still wondered if I might have hurt Judy.

Judy returned from the bathroom carrying a wash clothe which she used to clean the mess from my cock. As she did this I asked her if she had liked doing it during her period and she said, "Surprisingly yes. I never would have thought that I would allow a man inside me during my period, but I wanted you so much tonight I just didn't care and it felt wonderful. No regrets."

I told her that I was glad that she enjoyed it and that I had also had a wonderful time.

We laid in bed and talked for another hour and then I went back to my dorm. As I lay in my bed that night I thought about the sex I had just had with Judy. The sex was terrific, almost to good. I was bothered a little by how aggressive Judy had been. It showed that she was sexually experienced, probably much more than me. I was driving myself crazy thinking about it until I decided that what she did before we met was not important. The only thing that mattered was that she was with me now.

Although I didn't spend the night with her the first time we had sex, the next time I did and began spending many nights at her apartment. Sex with Judy was always exciting and she was always ready for me.

Once we started to have sex regularly I began to dislike her working at Angelo's. I often saw male customers flirting with her. She never flirted back or encouraged them but it bothered me. I don't know whether it was me feeling like I had to protect her from these men or if I was just being possessive. I also didn't like that Angelo was always calling and asking her if she was available to work because someone didn't show up. I didn't say anything to Judy about it but knew someday I would have to get her out of that job.

A year and a half later when I graduated I asked Judy to marry me. We had a small wedding and her parents only managed to embarrass us just a little.

We lived in Judy's apartment for the first several months. I had found a job at an entry level position working for a large company in the Rochester area. I had told Judy that when I got a job I wanted her to quit working at Angelo's. As a matter of fact I didn't want her to work at all. She went along with me saying; "I have been earning my own money since I was sixteen and it hasn't always been easy. I'll be glad to take a break from that."

Right after Judy quit her job she asked if we could start looking for a nicer apartment. A place we could stay for a couple of years until we could afford to buy a house. I told her we could and we decided that she would look for apartments during the day and if she found any she liked I would go back with her to look at them.

The search lasted less than two weeks. I got home from work one night to find that Judy had dinner waiting on the table. She said we have to eat quick because we had an appoint to see an apartment. As we ate Judy told me I was going to love this place but that is all she would tell me. When I asked her to describe the apartment she said, "You will just have to wait to see it.

It turned out that the apartment was a little farther from town that I would have expected and wasn't actually an apartment. It was a small house on the shore of Lake Ontario. The house had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a family room. The place was in excellent condition but the best feature was that the back of the house had large windows that looked out over the lake. Judy was right, I loved it.

The only problem was the rent. It wasn't as much as I would have expected for a house on the lake but at $850 a month it was more than I had wanted to pay for an apartment.

John Allen, the owner, lived in the house next door and had left us alone to look around. I could tell by the look on Judy's face that it would be very difficult to tell her we couldn't afford to rent the house. I knew her answer would be that she could get a job to help pay the rent but I didn't want her to work.

I was still trying to think of a way to let Judy down gently when John Allen came in. John said, "So, have you made a decision?"

I said, "It's a bit more than I had planned spending in rent. I'm just getting started in my career and can't handle $850 a month."

John said, "I understand. I have an idea that might help. Would you be willing to sign a two year lease agreeing to pay $800 a month for the first year and $900 a month the second year.

I had been planning on spending $750 a month so now we were within $50 and I expected that I would get enough of a raise the following year to be able to pay the higher rent in the second year and to get a place this nice with a lake view for less than $1000 a month was a real find, so I said we'll take it."

John took us next door to his house. He introduced us to his wife Suzy and then while John was telling Suzy that we were going to rent the apartment I was watching them. John was about thirty years old and I guessed that Suzy was about the same although she could pass for twenty five. They were fit and seemed to be a loving couple. I decided it would be nice to have them for neighbors.

We moved in two weeks later. Things were great. My job was going well, Judy and I were very happy together and we loved our new home. John and Suzy were good landlords and good neighbors.

I liked the life we had... I was the bread winner and Judy managed the finances. I would turn my paychecks over to Judy and she would do the banking and pay the bills. She also took care of the house. When I came home at night the house was always immaculate, dinner was cooking and Judy had a drink ready for me. We would sit and watch the sail boats on the lake as we enjoyed our cocktail and then later in the evening would watch the beautiful sun sets.

Everything was going fine until that October. It started with the engine in my car freezing up. It cost $1300 to get it fixed and a week later an uninsured driver totaled the car in a supermarket parking lot. I had just charged the repairs to my car on my visa card and a week later turn around and buy another car. Suddenly our monthly budget was shot to hell.

When the weather started to turn cold and our heating bills shot up it caught us by surprise. I had never consider the cost of heating in our budget. With the heating bill topping $200 and it was only October, we were in trouble.

One Saturday Suzy asked Judy to go to the mall with her to do some Christmas shopping and as they were leaving John asked me to come over and watch a football game with him.

John and I had knocked off several beers when for some reason I started telling him about our financial problems. He didn't say anything for a while and then ask, "What are you going to do? Are you going to have Judy get a job?"

I said, "I really don't want her to work. I like having her at home."

John said, "Well then what are you going to do?"

I laughed and said, "I was thinking of asking you to lower our rent for a while."

John had a very serious look on his face and said, "Oh I can't do that."

I said, "I know. I was just kidding."

John was quiet for a minute and then said, "I can't lower the rent but I might be persuaded to give you a way to earn a discount of say $100."

I said, "Really? What would I have to do?"

John had a smile on his face as he said, "Actually you wouldn't have to do anything, Judy would."

I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck bristling. I said, "What are you saying?"

"I think you know what I am saying. If Judy is willing do a little favor for me I will knock 100 bucks off your rent this month."

I was about ready to jump up and hit him when he said, "Listen, I know this is a hard proposal to listen to but think about it."

I didn't dare hit him because I was afraid that if I started I would not be able to stop, so I got up and left.

I stewed over what John had said for the next three hours until Judy came home. She noticed my mood as soon as she walked in the door.

"What's wrong."


"Don't say nothing. I know when something is bothering and you look particularly agitated tonight. So what's going on?"

I said, "I think we are going to have to move."

"Move? Why?"

"With all the bills we have we just can't afford to live here now."

Judy's face took on a sad expression.

"I don't want to move. I love it here. Let me get a job. I can make enough to so that we can stay. Maybe we can ask John to give us a break on the rent until we get caught up a little."

I guess I couldn't hide my anger when I said, "I already asked him."

"And he said no? Is that why you are so upset?"

"No. I am upset by what he suggested."

I don't know why I said that because it just made Judy want to know what John had suggested... Judy kept after me until I finally said, "John suggested that we could get $100 off this months rent if you would do him a favor."

"Do him a favor? Like What?"

I said, "What do you think?"

"You're joking. He didn't suggest that."

I said, "He didn't suggest anything specific and I didn't ask. I got up and left. So you see, we have to move."

"But we still have a year and a half left on our lease. How do we get out of that?"

"I don't think there would be a problem. Do you really think John would let me tell Suzy about his proposition?"

Judy said, "Let's not do anything rash. The two of you were drinking right?"


Judy said, "It is not as if John proposition me and I don't want to ruin their marriage over something that John said to you when you were both a little drunk. Don't you think it's possible that he was only kidding?"

"I don't know. Maybe, but I don't think so. You had to see the look on his face when he made the suggestion. The idea of doing something with you wasn't new to him. The only thing new was saying out loud to me."

Judy said, "Promise me you won't say anything to him or Suzy at least for a few days. Maybe everything will blow over and we can forget about all this."

I didn't like it but I promised. Two weeks went by and I didn't see or speak to John or Suzy.

It was on a Wednesday night near the end of October when I came home from work and found Judy sitting at her desk with the monthly bills spread out in front of her. She wasn't writing the checks or even looking at the bills. She was just staring out the window at the lake. When she heard me come into the room she turned and gave me a half hearted smile.

I said, "What's wrong?"

She started to cry and said, "We don't have enough money to cover our bills this month?"

I didn't challenge her on that point. I knew her book keeping would be correct. If she said we didn't have the money, we didn't have it.

"How far off are we?"

"Fifty dollars right now."

I said, "Can we underpay some of the bills just to get by?"

"Then it will just be worse next month. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know."

Judy came over to me and took my hands in hers and said, "How much John offer to knock off our rent?"

I said, "You can't be serious." Judy said, "We're in trouble now. Even if you would let me get a job now it wouldn't help us this month. I just think we need to keep all of our options opened and I don't see any other solutions, do you?"

I began to feel very sick. I tried to think of ways to get the money. I said, "Can't we take a cash advance on the credit card?"

"What good would that do? It would pay this months bills but we would owe more next month Remember our heating bill is already going to be higher next month."

I said, "What about your parents? Would they help?"

Judy said, "Absolutely not. They'd be more likely to ask for money than to give me any. Anyway I would much rather have to deal with John then to ask my parents for anything. How much did John offer?"

I didn't look at Judy as I said, "He offered $100."

"What do you think he wanted me to do?"

"I don't know, I guess have sex with him."

Judy said, "I hate to say this but I think you had better ask him?"

I said, "I don't think this is a good idea..."

"Jesus Bill. can't you see that we don't have a choice. This is the only way we can get through this months bills without adding to our debt."

I said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Talk to John. Find out if the offer he made you is still open then find out what I would have to do."

I said, "I don't think I can do that."

"You have to. Now just call him or go talk to him. The sooner we get this over with the better."

Judy let go of my hands and went into the bedroom and closed the door.

I began pacing around the house trying to swallow the bitter taste in my mouth and prepare myself to make the call to John.

I went into the kitchen and got out my bottle of Jack Daniel's and knocked down two quick shots, then waited as the warmth spread through my body and then I drank another shot. After the third drink I waited five minutes until I started to feel the effects of the alcohol and then I went to the phone.

John answered the phone on the second ring. I said, "John, it's Bill. Is the offer you made still good?"

"You mean the hundred dollars? Yes, the offer still stands."

"What would Judy have to do?"

"Is she going to do it?"

I said, "I don't know. She would have to know what you want first."

John said, "All I want is a blow job. She sucks me till I cum in her mouth I knock a hundred bucks of this months rent."

I really resented the way he talked to me but I didn't respond to that. I said, "I'll talk to Judy and let you know. If she agrees, when would you want to do it?"

"Suzy is going to be out tonight, we could do it tonight." "Let me talk to Judy."

I didn't say bye, I just hung up the phone and poured myself another shot of Jack.

I sat for another ten minutes before I went to the bedroom to talk to Judy, When I walked into the room Judy immediately asked, "Did you talk to John?"

I said, Yes, I just called him." "What did he say?"

"He said the offer still stands."

"What does he want me to do?"

I said, "He wants you to give him a blow job. He said you would have to let him cum in your mouth."

Judy was quiet for a long minute then said, "I suppose it could have been much worse. I guess I can handle that if your with me."

I said, "With you. You mean with you while you do that? I don't know if I could handle watching you do that with him..."

"You have to. I can't do this alone. I have to have you there so that I know that I have your support on this otherwise I don't think I could go through with it. Did he say when he wants me to do it?"

"He said he wants to do it tonight when Suzy is out of the house."

"Tonight is good. The sooner we get it over with the better. Tell John to come over here when Suzy leaves. Go call him now and then leave me alone until he comes. Just remember you have to stay with me when I do it."

I left the room and closed the door behind me. I went out to the kitchen and called John and when he answered the phone I just said, "When Suzy goes out come over here."

John said, "Okay," and hung up the phone.

About an hour passed before John knocked on the door. I let him in and we walked into the living room. John sat on the sofa and I said I would go get Judy.

John said, "Before you go I just wanted to say something. I value your friendship and hope that somehow after this is over we will be able to be friends again. I know this is difficult for you but I couldn't help myself. Judy is a beautiful sexy woman and I could not resist taking advantage of this opportunity."

I just gave him a look that I hoped would that would let him know how much he disgusted me.

I knocked on the bedroom door and asked Judy if she was ready. Judy came to the door dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra but I didn't see that it made a difference under the circumstances.

I followed Judy to the living room and John asked her to sit next to him on the sofa and I sat in a chair facing them. John looked at me and said, "Are you going to stay?"

I said, "Yes I am. It's the way Judy wants it."

John turned from me to Judy and said, "This is a little awkward. How do you want to do this?"

Judy said, "Why don't you just pull your pants down."

John stood up and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He was now standing in front of Judy in is briefs. There was a large bulge in the front indicating that John not only had an erection, but that he also was well endowed. When he pulled his briefs down his cock stood out straight. He was at least an inch longer then me and bigger around. Not one of those horse cocks you read about in sex stories but it was big.

Judy sat staring at John's cock and didn't say a word. When John had his pants and briefs all the way off he sat down next to Judy again.

Nobody spoke. Judy looked over at me and then turned her attention to John's cock. She took his cock into her hand and stroked it a couple of times and then lowered her head into his lap and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

At some point I had lost my anger and now was only feeling guilt for letting this happen, and concern for Judy, as she was the one who got the worst of it. I was also beginning to find that the sight of Judy sucking on a cock was erotic. I was getting an erection as I watched her take more and more of John's cock into her mouth. Judy managed to get all but two inches into her mouth and then she began to bob her head up and down causing his cock to slid in and out of her mouth. The expression on John's face showed that he was enjoying the sensations that my wife's mouth was giving him. I think he had lost any awareness of my presence in the room as he laid back against the sofa and watched Judy sucking on his cock.

John was able to hold back for about fifteen minutes before he finally climaxed in Judy's mouth. As soon as she had completely drained his load she pulled her mouth from his cock and grabbed a towel she had brought with her and spit all of John's cum into it and wiped her mouth and chin making sure none of John's load was left on her face.

John got up and began dressing. When he had his pants back on and was zipping them he said, "Thanks Judy, that was wonderful."

My mind was in kind of a dream state when he said that and I couldn't bring myself to react like I wanted to. I felt like I should have hit him but I didn't.

As John was walking toward the door to leave he turned and said, "You know, I have a wild sexual appetite. I can think of a lot of ways you can save on your rent during these long cold winter months."

I couldn't manage to find the words to respond but Judy did. She said, "We'll let you know."

When the door closed behind John I went and sat next to Judy on the sofa. She asked me to hold her and I did. After a while Judy put her hand in my crotch and said, "You have a hard on? Did you get hard watching me with John?"

I was caught. I couldn't deny it so I told the truth. I said, "I didn't like the idea of you doing that for John but once you started I have to admit the sight of you with a cock in your mouth got me hot."

Judy just said, "Really?" and began to rub my cock through my pants. Then she said, Why don't you take your pants off. You should get at least as good a blow job as John. After all you are my husband."

I wasn't sure how to take that but I opened my pants and Judy took my cock into her mouth and gave me a fantastic blow job followed by her swallowing my load.

It wasn't until late that night, when Judy was in a deep sleep and I was still awake that I thought about what John had said as he was leaving. "You know, I have a wild sexual appetite. I can think of a lot of ways you can save on your rent during these long cold winter months."

I thought the statement to be quite bold and in poor taste but it wasn't what he had said that was keeping me awake. It was Judy's response, We'll let you know," that was puzzling me. Why had she said that? I decided I would have to ask her about it.

The next evening after dinner I brought it up. I said, "Last night when John was leaving he suggested that we could get further discounts on our rent and you told him we would let him know. Why did you say that?"

Judy said, "I didn't want to say anything too negative because I wanted to make sure he gave us the discount he promised, and besides, I think we need to keep our options open in case we have no other choice again sometime."

I said, "You would really consider doing that again after last night."

Judy said, "Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Once I made up my mind that I would do it I just concentrated on the fact that you were there with me and I pretended that I was performing for your entertainment. Now I know if I had to do it again I could."

"What if what he wanted the next time was more than a simple blow job?"

Judy said, "Well, I guess it would depend on what he wanted. You have to understand that I love living in this house. I don't want to move. Getting and keeping the things I want can motivate me to do things I wouldn't normally do. I would be doing it for both of us. I know you love it here too so if a small sexual favor during these lean times can help us keep this house then got me it's worth it."

"Do you hear what you are saying? You are willing to prostitute yourself so we can stay in this house?"

"Compared to my childhood anything I have to do to get and keeps the things I love is easy for me and. I will not give up the things I love."

Judy had made herself clear on this and I would just have to figure out how to deal with it. Maybe I would have to let her get a job after all.

We didn't talk about it again until the end of November when we found ourselves short again. This time was different though. When I got home from work that night Judy just calmly said we are short on money again. I think you had better call John. Ask him if he can give us two hundred this month.

Judy was so cool and calm about it that she made it easier for me to accept what had to be done. After dinner that night I called John and said, "What would it take to get two hundred off the rent this month?"

John was quiet for a moment and then he said, "I would have to fuck her this time. I want her in bed, naked and I want to fuck her."

I tired to maintain my composure. He was dictating terms to me so I had to find some small victory for myself.

"You will have to wear a condom."

He said, "I don't like condoms." I said, "That's the deal. If you want to fuck my wife you will have to wear a rubber.'

He said, "Okay, I'll wear a condom. Can we do it tomorrow night? I'll come over around eight."

I said, "Tomorrow at eight."

John said, "Are you going to watch?"

"If Judy wants me to I will."

"Okay then, I'll see you both tomorrow night at eight..."

After I hung up the phone I thought about what I had just done. I negotiated a deal with my landlord that would allow him to fuck my wife. The only thing I could feel good about was that I got him to agree to wear a condom. What had happened to me. How could I allow this to happen? Judy was going to have to fuck John so we could get a break on our rent. What kind of husband arranges for his wife to have sex for money? I wasn't very proud of myself at that moment.

When I told Judy what John wanted and that it was scheduled for the following evening she only said, "Good. That will get us through this month."

After that I became very depressed. I wasn't able to eat my dinner that night and I didn't sleep very well. The next morning I swore to myself that this would not happen again. I would find another way to pay the bills but I knew that it was too late to stop the appointment I had set up for that night.

John was at our door promptly at eight o'clock that evening. Judy had decided she would wait in the bedroom and I was to bring John to her. When we entered the room Judy was sitting on the bed wearing a terry bathrobe.

John said hello to Judy and she nodded her head at him but did not speak. Then John said, "What should I do?"

Judy said, "Why don't you get undressed and join me on the bed?"

Judy opened the robe and let is slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She was still wearing a bra and panties. As John removed his shirt and pants Judy watched him. When he was striped down to his briefs, Judy removed her bra and panties. John removed his briefs and joined her on the bed.

For a minute the two of them just looked at each other. My stomach was churning as I sat in a corner of the room observing them. John moved forward as if to kiss Judy but she turned her head and then she took his cock in her hand and started stroking it. Judy looked over at me like she did the last time and then bent down and took John's cock into her mouth.

I almost yelled stop. She was supposed to just let him fuck her, why the hell was she sucking his cock? I kept myself under control and made a mental note to ask Judy why she did that later.

As Judy sucked his cock John moved his hand between Judy's legs and pushed his finger into her pussy. As I became more focused on what they were doing on the bed, the fact that is was my wife John was fingering became almost unimportant to me. My cock was hardening and my heart was pounding.

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