Nick and Mommy

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Son, FemaleDom, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A Concept story. It's obvious that an Internet hypno domme would raise her daughters to be dommes, but what would she do with a boy?

Thanks to "Rick" for the conversation that inspired this fable and to "CW" for editing it.

This is a "concept" story. It's obvious that a successful internet hypno-domme would want to rear her daughters to be dommes themselves. But what would she do with a son?

Nick was a big boy, a dark haired, good-looking boy, if a little thin. He was tall with nice muscles that girls and a not a few women liked to glance at. But Nick was not a high school "stud." Nick lacked the self confidence, the aggressiveness, that hint of a sexual predator that could make a nubile cheerleader drop her pants or a married teacher flash him her bare pussy in an effort to get his hard teen cock into her. Nick was just too nice to awaken that kind of female lust.

No, Nick at almost 18 and a senior, was still a virgin. While his classmates had been screwing girls and some of their more adventurous teachers since Junior high, Nick did not even know that such things were done. Everyone else in school, for example, knew that the English teacher, Miss Prentice had to resign, not because of her father's heart attack, but rather because of the REASON for the heart attack: finding out that his 25 year old daughter with an MA in Modern Literature let herself get knocked up with the bastard of the seventeen-year old black linebacker for the Millwood High football team.

Nick was not so much dumb as just naÔve. His teachers often said that Nick was distracted or dreamy. He had reason to be. In many ways Nick was a normal teenage boy with the normal conflicts between wanting to remain a protected child and the desire to be more independent. He could even be gloomy and sullen with his Dad, but never with his Mom. Mom, "Mommy" as she still liked him to call her, was his light. Her frown could make him cry; her smile could fill him with joy. And Nick loved doing things to make Mommy smile.

And Nick knew that, although Mommy let his little sisters boss him around, he was still special to her. Mommy showed him -- often. Every time Mommy was pregnant with his next little sister - six so far -- Mommy let Nick crawl up into bed with her, snuggle up against her round pregnant belly and suckle from her large, soft, milk-filled titties.

Little Nick had loved nursing from Mommy's breasts and was always rewarded with little spurts of sweet, rich milk. Mommy seemed to like it, too, because when he got going, she would moan for him to suck her, to "Suck me good, Baby; suck Mommy's titties." As he did, she put her hand between her legs before screaming in pleasure and clasping Nick's head hard to her breast. Then when Mommy's excitement had passed, she would draw him to her breast again and let him nurse again while she talked to him softly. Nursing at Mommy's wonderful breasts, drinking her milk and listening to her soft words always put Nick to sleep as if drugged. He never remember what she said, but when he woke up, he knew that he loved his Mommy more than ever and that he must always be a good boy and obey her and try to make her happy. Since Mommy was pregnant or nursing or both during most of his childhood, Nick had plenty of opportunities for Mommy to "help him be a good boy" by bringing him to her bed and letting him fall asleep nursing from her.

That had been until he was about 12. Since then, Mommy had not had another baby, but she had found another way, an even more wonderful way, to show Nick how much she loved him. He still remembered the first time. She had led him to her bed and let him start sucking her tits as usual. As he became drowsier and drowsier, she had told him that soon she would not be making any more milk for him, as it was almost time to wean little Jennifer. Nick was sad but continued to listen. Mommy said she still loved him and that she would keep "helping you be a good boy." As he sucked, he felt Mommy's hand go between his legs and take hold of his "thingy." Mommy told him to relax and let her make him feel good as she gently squeezed and stroked his "thingy." Soon he felt warm and then an intense pleasure flowed over him and he realized his "thingy" had spurted out lots of white stuff that made a mess in Mommy's hand. Nick was afraid Mommy would be mad, but she smiled at him and told him she was glad that he was now a big good boy. Then she began to stroke him again and told him that he was very sleepy. Although he tried to stay awake to enjoy what Mommy was doing to his "thingy," Mommy kept speaking softly and stroking him until the pleasure cam again and he knew nothing more.

Nick didn't say so, but he liked this way for Mommy to "help him be a good boy" even better than suckling her milk. And sometimes, when she said Nick had been a really good boy, Mommy, instead of taking his "thingy" in her hand, would take it in her mouth. That was even better; it felt wonderful and didn't make a mess, as Mommy swallowed all the white stuff than came out.

Recently, though things had changed. Mommy still came every night to make him sleep with her hand or her mouth, but she had started to bring him a large glass of warm, sweet milk for him to drink first. He wondered if it was supposed to remind him of the milk he used to drink from Mommy's big titties, but it tasted a little funny, too. And other things were getting weird. Nick's body began to change -- again. His shoulders became broader and stronger. His abs flattened and hardened. His butt grew firm and tight and his voice dropped from tenor to baritone. Girls at school, even his oldest little sister Samantha, looked at him strangely and giggled behind his back.

All that was embarrassing enough, but even worse was a new tension, an antsy-ness. Nick used to feel that way only at night before Mommy came to put him to sleep. Now that was not enough. Notwithstanding her warnings not to "play with himself," he just HAD to. He was amazed at how much his "thingy" had grown, how hard it got when he stroked it, and how much white stuff shot all over the shower that first time he experimented. Once he had discovered that his hand with some soap or lotion felt almost a good as Mommy's hand (thought never as good as Mommy mouth), Nick could not stop. Now he realized why his pretty Mommy looked so satisfied and Daddy looked so dazed in the morning and the sight sent him racing to the shower for relief. Seeing his teachers in their short tight skirts got him so worked up he had to go the restroom several times a day to fill wads of toilet paper.

Overcome with shame at what he was doing, one night when Mommy came to his bed, Nick confessed everything. Rather than being mad, Mommy just kissed him and said she knew what he was doing. "That means its working," she smiled. Nick asked and Mommy explained that she was giving him some "special vitamins and things" to help him grow up faster because soon it would be time for him to leave home. Nick was sad and said he knew; he'd be going away to college next year.

Mommy looked at him gently and said, no, she did not think he should go to college. At college there were too many bad women who could take advantage of a nice boy like Nick who had no Mommy or sweetheart to protect him. Nick wanted to protest, but Mommy was fondling his "thingy" so nicely that all he could do was close his eyes and listen. As she talked and rubbed his "thingy," it began to make more sense. Mommy said he did not really need to go to college to learn how to make some lucky girl a good husband one day. He could keep her happy by cooking, washing, cleaning her house and, Mommy grinned, "making and taking care of lots of grandbabies."

Nick was confused and pointed out that Daddy had gone to college and even used to have a business. Mommy said, yes, but that was before she had found Daddy and helped him see his place was in the home taking care of Nick and all his little sisters, while she took over Daddy's firm. "Being a good daddy is all he wants to do," she said adding with a grim, "that and make me happy."

Then Mommy said something even more surprising: that before Nick left home, there was one more thing he needed to learn about how to make a woman happy. "You know how much Mommy likes it when you suck her titties?" Nick nodded, happily. "Well, Mommy's going to show you how to suck something women enjoy even more."

Nick was still confused, but Mommy just opened her nightgown and drew Nick to her breasts. Nick complied by starting to lick and suck Mommy's titties the way he knew she liked. As always, Mommy started to whimper with pleasure, as his tongue played with her hardening nipples, but after a few minutes, instead of running her own hand between her legs, she began to push Nick's head downward. "That's it Baby. Kiss me there! Keep kissing Mommy's tummy," she gasped as Nick's soft, flicking tongue found her navel. Mommy's soft tummy did not get hard like Mommy's titties did when Nick kissed them, but Mommy kept moaning and pushing his head down, so she must like what he was doing. Nick was happy.

But something must be wrong. Although Mommy was letting out little chirps of happiness, Nick was getting close to the black furry place between Mommy's legs. Its aroma was... like Mommy's fingers when she pulled them out from down there when he sucked her titties. Surely Mommy did not want him to kiss her THERE! "Oh, yes, Baby. You kiss Mommy so good! Mommy wants your tongue there, in her pussy!" Nick didn't have much time to think how funny it was that Mommy called the furry patch between her legs her "pussy." She wanted his mouth there and Nick was a good, obedient boy.

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