Captured For Sex

by Powerone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her account of her capture and defilement by two men.

Copyright 2004

She struggled as the two man held her. One pinned her arms behind her back, the other was fighting off her kicking legs. She was taught to fight her attackers. She had attended a rape protection class and they had shown her various ways to fight off her attackers. It seemed much easier in class with one attacker coming straight at her. With two, two strong men in was not so simple.

She had been walking home from the store. It wasn't dark yet, the sun just starting to set, the streetlights not on yet. She had felt reasonable safe, having done this before. The neighbor was safe, or so she thought it was. For an eighteen year old girl, life was always a series of challenges and adventures. Except for the rape protection class, which her mother had forced her to attend, she always felt safe, having a tendency to underestimate danger, seeing it more as adventure. She regretted it now.

They came out of nowhere. One minute the street was empty, the next she felt someone behind her. Before she had a chance to react, her arms were pulled behind her back, a hand thrown tightly over her mouth. She was hefted up into the arms of the men, one holding her arms tightly, the other lifting her feet off the ground and hustled off to the car that was parked around the corner.

She was thrown into the back seat onto her stomach, her arms pulled behind her. Her face was pushed into the seat, unable to breath.

"Stop your struggling and I'll let you breathe," she heard one of them say.

She continued to fight, but began to get dizzy from the lack of air. She stopped struggling, feeling the pressure on her head relaxing.

"AAAGGHH," her head pulled sharply back by her hair. A piece of wadded cloth was stuffed into her mouth, smelly fingers pushing the dry material deep into the hot confines of her mouth. "GGGHHHGG," she gagged as it pushed into the back of her mouth. er He Her cheeks swelled from the large amount of cloth, her saliva soaked up into the dry material. She sucked in air through her nose, her chest rising and falling rapidly, trying to fill her lungs.

She felt her wrists pulled together and groaned in pain when she felt the harsh rope wrapped tightly round and round her wrists, biting painfully into her skin as her unseen attackers tied her tighter then needed. Rope was applied to her ankles, the same painful manner used, her toes and fingers already feeling the pins and needles as the circulation was cut off. She felt a hand on the back of her knees, her ankles brought up to her wrists, more rope securing them together.

A blindfold was placed around her eyes, darkness descending on her. She felt earplugs pushed into her ears, the sounds of the night suddenly silent. She felt the strangers leave her and she attempted to struggle to get free but only succeeded in bringing about more pain as the ropes seemed to constrict tighter as she moved. She had lost two of her senses, sight and sound, trapped in an unknown hell. Her breathing was ragged, still trying to figure out how to fill her lungs only through her nose.

She panicked, feeling someone pressing down on the seat near her. She began to struggle as fingers clamped tightly onto her nose, her only avenue for air now cut off. She shook and struggled, fighting the ropes that bound her tightly, ignoring the pain, her only purpose was to get some valuable air into her lungs. Her movements began to slow, getting lightheaded, her head dizzy. She was just about to pass out, almost grateful for the reprieve from the terrible asphyxiation when the fingers were released. She sucked in air through her nose, her body hyperventilating, hoping to fill her lungs rapidly. She continued the rapid filling of her lungs, grateful even for the stale air of the back seat.

She began to thrash about again, her nose clipped tightly again by strong fingers pushing harshly down. The pain was nothing compared to the apprehension she felt, as she bounced around the back seat, struggling for air. This went on for three more times. Each time her assailants seemed to know exactly when she would pass out and allow her to breathe again, not letting her escape into unconsciousness. He, or they, seemed to delight in her struggles and she never failed to do as expected, fighting for the air she was being denied.

He finally let her go, the assailant leaving the back seat. The vibrations of the car began, an indication that they were taking her elsewhere. Her hopes of a quick rescue by her family or neighbors were rapidly decreasing as they continued to drive longer and longer. They seemed to be on a highway now, the car no longer stopping and starting at lights or signs. It seemed like hours, the passage of time no longer relevant, the pain of the rope and the fear that they would return and cut off her air again keeping her on the edge of reality. She felt a rough, calloused hand run up and down her leg every once in a while, but the ear plugs had effectively cut off all sounds and voices. She could not even hear the car, the vibrations her only indication that they were still traveling.

It must have been at least an hour or two, the sense of time without hearing or sight being difficult. The vibration of the car seemed different now, and they seemed to be going slower now or the surface of the road was different. She felt the vibrations of the tires, they seemed to be going over a rough surface, not the smooth pavement of the highway. It began to get cooler in the back seat, her fears worsening. They could be in the mountains by now. Her rescue now seeming more distant. Her only chance of escape would be herself. She had to fight them off and get away. She didn't know where she was, but anything would be better then with them. She feared that she would be raped, a thought that she dreaded. At the first chance of escape, she planned to take it. No matter what!

She felt the car slowing, the air colder, her body getting goose bumps. The hand continued to occasionally move back into the seat, the assailant in the front much be leaning over and running his hands up and down her legs at will. The vibrations and the car bouncing up and down made her believe that they were on a gravel or dirt road. The car did not seem to be moving fast, her body bouncing up and down on the seat. Her apprehension increased, they seemed to be driving for a long time. It could only mean that they were driving deep into the forest. Even if she could escape, the hike out would be hard and she would have to evade recapture. She would not know where she was or even which direction to run. It must be dark by now, the blindfold making her reality that. In addition, any hope she had of screaming and someone hearing her and coming to her rescue was gone. They seemed to have planned her capture. It was not an act of randomness. It seemed to well planned. The car around the corner, the rope, and the drive to a desolate location all indications that her capture was planned. She feared that the most. They seemed to have worked out all the details. What were the details for her?

The car stopped and began to bounce, knowing that her assailants were getting out. She felt a rush of cold air come in the doors and felt hands returning to her body. She was forcefully pulled by her ankles to the edge of the seat and was frightened that she would be dumped painfully on the ground, unable to break the fall. She was relieved when she felt another pair of hands grab her by her shoulders, her body lifted and carried off into the night. They must be strong, her body tossed about like she was a feather. Escape would be more difficult.

She felt the hands leave her body and was released. She seemed to be flying through air, afraid of where she was going to land. She bounced on a bed, scant relief that it was soft, landing on her bound arms and legs, bending them painfully at unnatural angles. She lay curled on the bed, her heart racing, waiting for the unknown, the silence eerie. She could feel the room begin to get warmer, brightness behind her blindfold an indication of bright lights.

It felt like eyes were staring at her, her unseen assailants checking out their capture. She was wearing a blue sweater, jeans and sneakers. Her jeans were low cut, hugging her hips and fit her ass like they were poured on her. Even though she was not a virgin, she did not "sleep around. She did love to tease men with her clothes. Her sweater was short enough to leave a bare patch of flat stomach to entice any male and she regretted it now. She wished she was dressed in baggy sweat pants and sweatshirt. She was wearing a matching set of black bra and thong, another regrettable decision now.

She felt someone get on the bed next to her, trying to turn over to evade them, but a pair of hands grabbed the rope connecting her wrists and ankles and pulled her back. She could feel the ropes being pulled and suddenly her legs fell back down, released from her wrists. A hand rubbed her ass, her hips pushed into the mattress. She began to squirm, hoping to move away, not caring about the pain of the tight ropes, just wanting to stop the molesting hand that rubbed her ass like he owned it. Another slap on her ass, a painful sting. The hand returned to begin again rubbing her ass cheeks. She started squirming again, the slap again, this time harder. He was telling her to stop squirming. Her ass stung from his hand but she was not about to give in. Thank goodness for jeans, they bore the brunt of the slaps. When the molesting hand returned she started moving her hips from side to side, hoping to evade the molester.

She felt another pair of hands at her feet, the tight ropes suddenly loosened, but not before they were painfully pulled, burning her skin as they were pulled off. Hands held her ankles together, while she felt the other pair of hands move up to her face. The earplugs were pulled out, suddenly her head full of noises. She shut her eyes, the blindfold released, the glare of the harsh lights suddenly blinding her. She squinted, her vision finally coming back. She was in a rustic log cabin. It was a small one room cabin with a small kitchenette with a wooden table and chairs. The living room and bedroom, or more precisely the bed was in the same room as the couch and chair. It was sparsely furnished. A small fireplace seemed to be warming the cabin.

She looked up and finally saw her captors. Her thoughts of a quick escape diminished. They're two, muscled men, early forties, over six feet tall. While not ugly, they were not attractive either. Both men showed rugged features, their hard life etched into their features. She looked back at the one behind her, one large hand encircling both of her ankles and holding them tight, grinning as he did. She looked at the other, his face only inches from hers, a big, mean smile on his face. She shook her head, "MMMMM", the only sound coming from her gagged mouth.

He pinched her nose shut again, the panic in her eyes again. She felt the hands tighten on her ankles as she began to struggle for the precious air that she was being deprived. Her captor smiled as she bucked around on the bed, his finger tight on her nose. She began to slow, the oxygen deprivation sapping all of her strength.

"Are you going to behave and keep your mouth shut if I remove the gag?" his voice a loud, raspy voice.

She barely had time to nod her head, the dizziness coming on again. The fingers released her nose just in time again, the sound of her nose sucking in the precious air filling the room. The hand stayed on her face, running over her features. It moved like a lover would, outlining her eyes, nose and mouth as if trying to memorize them. Fingers moved around her tightly stretched lips, her nose inhaling the foul smell on his hands. They pushed inside her mouth, grabbing the soaked cloth and began to slowly pull it out. It dripped on her chin as it came out, her spit having soaked it completely. She spit, the fuzz from the cloth still filling her mouth.

"Please, let me go and I wouldn't tell anyone. You haven't done anything yet." Her voice was determined, hoping that her demands would scare them into releasing her unharmed. That was her biggest worry. They did not seem to care that she saw their face and could recognize them. Her biggest fear before was rape. Now she feared that they might kill her. "Otherwise you will end up in jail for a long time."

"Bring her over to the table," one of her captors seemed to be the leader, the other grabbing her by her bound wrists and pulling her to her feet. He pulled her over to the table, sitting her down onto a bench. He stood behind her, his body pressed up against her. She could feel a hard cock pushed into her shoulder blades. She had never felt anything that big before. They were going to rape her. She was sure of that now. She had to find a way to resist and hope she could get a chance to escape. The one behind her picked up a billy club and pushed it behind her bound arms. He yanked it up, forcing her body upright, her chest pushed out. She had beautiful, full breasts, with large, hard nipples. At her age, they would stand up by themselves, capped by her dark areolas and pink nipples.

The leader came over to her, her eyes widening in fear. He had a pistol in her hand. He moved in front of her, placing his legs on the outside of hers, straddling her bound body. He grabbed her under the chin, lifting her face up to him, the one behind her yanking up on her arms, forcing her into an upright position. "What do you want?"

He moved the gun around her face, letting the muzzle trace around her mouth, letting the tip of the gun sit on her lips. She watched him in fear, watching the finger on the trigger, afraid he would accidentally or on purpose pull the trigger. He tilted her head back more, her pleading eyes staring into his cold eyes.

He grabbed her face tightly, forcing her head up painfully, the gun place on her mouth, He"with a body like yours, you have to ask a question like that."

She jerked her head back and forth, hoping to escape the gun pushed into her lips. "Please, please let me go," she begged. She felt her arms pulled up in back, the leader's hand becoming more demanding, her head held tightly.

"Such a lovely thing you are," the gun playing along her chin before moving down the front of her sweater. "Are you going to let us fuck you?"

"No," she exclaimed, "never." She was defiant, hoping that she could convince them to let her go or she would find her chance to escape. She felt the pistol return to her breasts, the side of the barrel caressing her breasts, moving back and forth over them, sliding between them, the barrel pushing into her nipples. She squirmed, the one behind her yanking on her arms. He seemed to be humping his hard cock into her back in a rhythm, almost like he was fucking her, trying to drive the big cock into her shoulder blades.

"Don't ever say never, you might regret it," a dangerous tone in his voice. The muzzle of the gun moved down between her breasts and ran over the naked, flat plane of her stomach, moving up and down.

She felt it snag onto her sweater and begin to pull her sweater up as it moved back between her cleavage. He moved his hand under the sweater, the cold muzzle now playing over her half naked skin.

"Cut off her bra. She wouldn't be needing it," he ordered the one behind her.

"NNOO," she cried out, beginning to cry as her situation became more desperate.

"Hold real still, I wouldn't want to cut you."

She froze, feeling her arms slump down, the one behind her make short work of her bra. She felt a prick, then the tension in her bra was released. She heard the sound of the knife cutting the cloth, the straps falling down. The bra was pulled out from under her sweater and she saw him throw it into the corner of the room.

"Such nice tits like that don't need a bra," the leader said, the gun moving under her sweater again, this time the cold metal touching her naked skin.

She felt her arms lurched up again, her breasts straining out in the front, both of them pinning her body between them. "Let me go and I will be nice to you," trying a new tactic. "I will masturbate you. I know you don't want to get into trouble. I'll jerk you off." She dreaded having to do that, but it was better then the alternative.

She felt the leader yank her head painfully up again, the muzzle playing over her lips. Her breast were pushed out and in by the one in back of her, a gentle fucking motion of his hips driving her back and forth.

His giant hand grabbed her face, pushing in hard. "You'll do more then that. Much more." His hand tightened on her neck. "You'll do anything we say."

Her head was held tightly as the muzzle began to move under her sweater, feeling the cold steel play over her nipples, the tips becoming hard at the stimulation. He pushed her head down so she could watch as his hand slowly pulled her sweater up, revealing her naked breasts to both of her captors, the gun moving all over her breast flesh, her nipples swollen from the stimulation of the gun on them. "Please, no, no," her head moving back in forth in panic. They were slowly stripping her naked.

The gun moved lower, down the flat plane of her taut stomach towards the top of her jeans. She looked back at the one behind her, his cock still humping her back, the Billy club still forcing her body upright. She looked down, the gun now playing over her belly button

"Get up so we can get your jeans off you."

"No, no, no," sobbing loudly now.

The leader grabbed her jeans, yanking her upright by them. "I said off," he shouted. "Pull her jeans down," he ordered her other captor.

She looked back at him, his face showing a big smile. He pulled the Billy club from behind her arms, making a loud noise as it dropped onto the table near her. He pushed her back down onto the bench, her wrists still tied behind her.

He yanked her sweater up in the front until her naked breasts were exposed, his hands rubbing over the teenage flesh. He moved behind her, leaning over her body, his hands roughly fondling her naked tits as the leader watched. His hands reached down to her jeans, moving to open the snaps. Her legs began to pull up and she started squirming on the bench, anything to stop the stripping of her jeans from her body. He pulled the zipper down and pulled the jeans to the side.

She was yanked up, the captor behind her, pulling her jeans down her tight hips. He continually spun her around, pulling from the front, swinging her around and then from the back, almost knocking her down, keeping her off balance as he shoved her jeans down her legs. She could only stand there, bound, as her jeans were slowly stripped down her legs.

"Nice ass on her, swing her around again," her body forced around so the leader could get a better glimpse at her panty covered ass cheeks. "Let them fall around her ankles," he ordered the other. She felt them pulled down until they bunched at her ankles.

"Please, don't strip me naked," she begged.

She was pushed back down onto the bench, her captor moving behind her, his hands moving quickly to her breasts. She felt his big hands squeeze them painfully before moving down and pulling her sweater up. She brought her legs up and moved about on the bench, attempting to stop him from stripping her naked. She pleaded with the leader, "don't let him do this to me," twisting and turning.

She felt the one behind her pull up her sweater until it was under her chin, her breasts naked. His hand grabbed her chin, pulling her upright, his hand returning to fondle her naked breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples before moving lower to her panties. "NNNO," she cried, but he pulled on her panties, pulling them out from her body, looking down inside to see her naked bush. His hands returned to her breast, running back and forth over her teenage breasts.

She sat in the chair, her head hanging down in embarrassment, her breasts naked and her jeans gathered around her ankles, binding her legs, clad in only her panties. And she wasn't sure how long they would remain.

The leader came back over to her, straddling her half naked body now, his hands running over her face, pulling her face up to look at his. "How do you like being stripped for us?" Your tits are even better then I thought. His fingers began to twist in her hair, gathering the long tresses and pulling them into a circle, tightening them. She felt the one behind her, his hands still continuing to play over her naked breasts, rubbing and caressing them, fingers pulling her nipples up, making the red from the abuse. The leader continued to play with her hair, his other hand running over her face. "We're going to fuck you hard. Such a nice body like yours was made for fucking."

"Please let me go, please," she begged, the two men continuing to fondle her half naked body.

"Release her arms," the leader told the other one.

"Thank you, thank you," jubilant that she was going to be released, not understanding why, just happy that she was. Her jubilance was short-lived. The leader reached down and started stroking her naked legs as the other fumbled with the tight rope behind her. He ran his hands over her naked breasts.

"Great tits," one hand moving down to her legs and begin to rub them, moving from one leg to the next, his hands rubbing her hips, moving back to grab her naked ass flesh. Two hands followed, grabbing one of her thighs.

She struggled, bringing her legs up when he reached between her thighs, squirming when he rubbed her hips, her movement limited by her captor working on her bound wrists. "I thought you were letting me go," she cried out to the leader.

Her wrists were finally released from the rope, but her captor gripped them tightly in his big hands. "We're just going to strip you naked for us," he laughed.

She began to sob, her situation now terrible. The leader was pulling her jeans off her legs as she kicked with her legs. But the jeans around her ankles made her kicks ineffective. "NNNNNO, wwwwhhh," tears falling from her eyes. She struggled, the leader grabbing her naked leg and pulling the jeans off one of her legs. The captor behind her yanked her arms back, his other hand yanking her chin back, forcing her upright again. She kicked and kicked, one leg now free from the confining jeans but now naked. She tried to kick him with the free leg but he was stronger, brushing her kicks aside.

The leader moved up to her face, grabbing it tightly. "You don't want to get hurt do you? Relax now," he ordered her. She pulled her legs up as he moved back down to strip the jeans from her other leg. He took her jeans, balling them up and tossing them into the corner with her bra.

The captor behind her yanked her arms up high into the air, while the leader pulled the sweater up, covering her face before pulling it off her arms. She cried again, her breasts now naked. Her arms were released as she was now naked except for her tiny panties.

She began to cry again, moving around on the bench, four hands now roughly fondling her body. The leader grabbed her wrists and moved them behind her. "Hold her," he ordered the other. The captor grabbed both of her wrists in one giant hand, his other hand back to her breast to fondle it. The leader moved between her kicking legs, his hands running up and down her side, sliding over her naked breasts before sliding down her naked hips and ass cheeks as she bounced around the bench.

His hands moved up her stomach to grab her breasts before moving back down to run up and down the inside of her thighs. She tried to kick him, but he moved in between her legs, his body keeping her legs to the outside as she kicked uselessly, crying as she was fondled against her will by the two captors. She felt his leg move between her thighs, snuggling up to her sex, his hands moving towards her face again, pulling her head up.

"Time for you panties to come off." We can't wait to see that tight, teenage pussy."

She felt her body being leaned back, the captor behind her pulling her arms down towards the ground. Her ass moved up, her legs following, the leader now placing his hands on the waist of her panties. His hands ran over her panties, feeling her flesh beneath them, running up and down her naked hips, moving under her to grab her ass cheeks. "SSSOOBBB, ' her babbling as she jerked around on the bench, her captor behind her continuing to fondle her breasts.

She was lifted up from the chair, the leader taking the opportunity to pull her panties down her legs. She kicked, but he grabbed her legs, yanking it up and pulling her panties off. They released her arms but she fought them as the leader began to run his hands over her naked pussy. He pulled her wrists back again to her captor, but he was too busy running his hands over her flesh.

"Put your hands behind your back or I will have to hurt you," the leader ordered her. She saw the look on his face, afraid of what he might do. She put her hand behind her back and watched as the leaders hands moved back to run up and down her naked thighs, his legs keeping hers separated, her naked pussy now open for his hands.

She looked back, her captor behind her, his hands running up and down her side to grab at her hanging breasts. "Obey or we will hurt you," he said. The leader began again, her hands unable to abide, moving in front, grabbing at the air, afraid of pushing him away as his hands crawled all over her naked flesh.

They both stopped touching her, standing up, pinning her seated body between them. She brought her legs up, tucking her face between her hands, her knee preventing him from between her legs and cried. The one behind her continued to play with her breasts, the leader cupping her face. "We're going to fuck you, so you might as well cooperate."

She bent her head down, her face banging into his arm. She did not think, just reacting, biting his arm.

He jerked his arm back before she could do much damage. One grabbed her from behind and jerked her upright. The leader stepped between her legs and swung his hand and hit her face with his open hand, her head snapping to the side from the powerful blow.

She cried louder, her hands holding her stinging face, blood running from her nose.

The leader cupped her face tenderly, "are you going to do that again?"

"No, please don't hit me, please." She felt her arms pulled behind her again, readying her again to molest her naked flesh.

"Hands behind your back and keep them there this time."

She complied, her wrists together. She watched as the leader picked up the pistol again, afraid for her life this time. They had now hurt her, any expectation of it not happening having disappeared. The one behind her had two hands free, using one hand to grab her by the hair, yanking her head upright, the other hand grabbing her breast, hefting it up. The leader caressed her inner thighs with the cold muzzle of the pistol, letting it play up her pussy slit. She brought one leg up, bent at the knee, her pistol continuing to run up and down her slit.

"Leg down and spread your legs."

She obeyed, the pain still lingering in her face. Her hips jerked up as the muzzle slid between her pussy lips, the metal spreading them apart. "Please, not the pistol," she cried.

"Keep your legs spread open," the muzzle run across her abdomen, back and forth before running up her slit again.

She allowed her legs to part, her pussy open to the cruel fondling of the pistol. He continued to move the muzzle over her body, from her breasts, circling her nipples, back and forth over her abdomen, her thighs clenching together, afraid of the muzzle between them again.

"Open again, I know you like the feel of the metal on your pussy." Her legs parted, the muzzle pushing deeper between them, her juices beginning to coat the pistol.

Her hair was being tightened, her head pulled back. The leader moved in closer, his mouth moving down to one of her erect nipples.

"AAAGGGHH," she yelled as she felt the hot mouth suck one of her nipples into his mouth, his tongue lashing at the pink nipple. "NNNOOO, NNNNAAAH," she yelled, her hands yanking her hair from her captor hand, pushing away the leader from her breast and kicking out with her legs. She pounded anything she could find with her fists, kicking and yelling, unable to stand the molestation of her body any longer. "GGET awwway, nnnoo," she cried out.

The leader straddled her body again, her captor pinning her arms behind her again, trapping her young body between their muscled bodies.

"What did I tell you?" the pistol still playing up and down between her breasts as he spoke to her. "What are we to do with you?" Her captor released her arms, his hands not able to get enough of her teenage breasts. The leader placed the pistol muzzle against her mouth. "Would you like it in your mouth and pull the trigger?" he taunted her.

She felt her body being pulled farther back onto the bench and then pushed forward, bent at the waist, the leader's hand pushing down on her back, her breasts hanging down. Her captor pulled her wrists behind her back and picked up the rope again.

"Yes, tie her again. She doesn't seem to know how to behave."

She cried again, "no, please don't I'll be good." She did not want the feeling of helplessness she felt when she was bound. Unable to stop them from doing anything they wanted with her naked body. The leader held her by her neck until she was bound again, the ropes digging painfully into her flesh. A slap to her ass showed that they were finished.

She was pulled upright again, the leader now behind her. He twisted her body sideways onto the bench, now straddling the narrower width. The leader placed his hands on her naked tits and pulled her backwards. Her captor, now between her legs, slapped her inner thighs. "Spread 'em." He moved his legs between hers and parted her legs by pushing outward on her thighs.

She cried as her sex was now spread obscenely, her legs yanked wide and held open by his legs. The leader grabbed her face, bending her farther back until she was almost horizontal. Her captor ran his hands up to her breasts then back down the naked plane of her stomach until finally his hand running over her naked, spread pussy. She sobbed as her sex was openly fondled.

"No, no," she sobbed, humiliated as the two men molested her. One hand reached between her legs and lightly slapped her spread pussy. The Leaders hands moved back down to her breasts and squeezed them, his fingers digging into her hard nipples. Four hands were now running over her naked body as she cried and begged. Her legs were held open, her captor's hands moving over her pussy, grabbing it with his big palm, the leader moving down her stomach and back up to her breasts. She tried to kick the hands away, but the four hands were more powerful, slapping aside her useless effort.

Her bites to the leader was brushed off, his hands reaching down between her spread legs and goosing her open pussy. She bucked and kicked, but each time they pushed her back down horizontally, her legs spread to the side, her naked sex open to their fondling. Her head shook back and forth, unable to comprehend why someone would subject her to such ruthlessness.

She tried to kick them but she began to fall off the short bench, the leader her only support before she would hit the floor. Her captorerHer pinned her legs together and the both of them lifted her back up onto the narrow bench. She tried to kick him, bringing her leg up between his, both she did not have enough power to do any damage. He released her pinned legs. She drew them up towards her body and tried to lash out with kicks to her captor, the leader still holding her head tightly.

"Let me go, let me go," she yelled, kicking her legs back and forth, her captor trying to grab the fast moving legs. He finally succeeded, grabbing her tightly around each ankle and brought her legs up and back, her pussy lips now spreading open even wider, revealing her soft, pink insides. He stepped between her legs, keeping her in that position, ass rising up from the bench as he drew her legs up higher. She began to slip again from the bench, her legs getting free and kicking out.

"EEEEHHH," she screamed out in pain, her bound wrists painfully bent. Her body slumped in pain. A hand was pushed between her legs, hauling her body back onto the bench. They continued to run their hands between her legs, grabbing her pussy even when she slumped down, the pain overcoming her body. She caught them off guard and kicked her legs, almost hitting one before they overpowered her again and pulled her flat down on the bench again.

Her captor grabbed her legs behind the knees with one hand, raising her ass up from the chair, her ass cheeks and tiny asshole now exposed. His hand began to run over her cheeks, slapping her ass as he did as she cried out. "No, NO, not there," trying to squirm but they had managed to securely hold her.

They sat her back upright on the bench, four hands continuing to run over her naked body as she begged and cried for them to leave her alone.

"We're going to fuck you. Going to fuck that hot, wet, teenage pussy. Are you ready for some big cock?"

She felt her hands being released again. Her hair was being curled on top of her head again, a strong hand grabbing it tightly, forcing her head upright. She rubbed her hands, her captor still trying to run his hand over her naked flesh. She tried to brush his hands aside. "Please, leave me along for a few minutes. Please."

She did not see the leader throw a blanket on the floor behind her, otherwise she would not have been so vulnerable. Her captor quickly swept her off her feet, his hands grabbing her behind the knees and quickly scooping her up. He kicked the bench out of the way and placed her down on her side on the blanket. The leader was waiting, rolling her over onto her stomach, pinning her down with his hands. She kicked and screamed as she felt so vulnerable, naked and pinned on her belly. She cried as her captor grabbed her kicking legs and began to spread them out, the leader pushing down on her lower back, effectively pinning her to the floor.

The leader pinned her arms down, her captor kept her legs spread at least four feet wide, one leg pinned with his hand, the other with his leg. "What a great ass." The hands began to roam over her vulnerable body again, the leaders moving up and down her back before finally dipping down to stroke her naked ass cheeks.

She was afraid, her body so spread, the leader releasing her hands, too anxious to fondle her naked ass. She lay their, trembling in fear, her hands clenched tightly as they subject her to their fondling again. Her captor pinned her legs with his, two hands now free to roam over the naked ass cheeks before him. He could see her pussy peeking out from between her legs. His fingers sought out her ass cheeks, spreading them painfully, her tiny asshole exposed to their gaze.

"NO, NO, NO," she sobbed, fingers running over her exposed anus, her body shivering in fear.

"You ever been fucked in the ass?" she was asked. She panicked, the fingers becoming more insistent, one finger slowly entering her asshole, the finger painful as her tiny hole had to expand. Fingers stretched out her asshole, pulling it open.

The hands left her, urging her over onto her back. She fought the leader, her arms flailing uselessly, her legs kicking. Hands grabbed her ankles, twisting her over. "No, please, let me go," a hand slapping her painfully on her naked ass.

"On your back and spread your legs," one of them ordered her.

She fought them, pushed over onto her side, hands always running over her body, a palm slapping her ass as she cried. "Over now and spread your legs," hands grabbing her ankles and yanking her onto her back.

"No, no," the leader pinning her arms down again, her captor holding her legs. She had brought them up towards her chest, bent at the knees, trying to prevent their hands from her sex.

The leader released her hands, cradling her head. "Do you want some cock now?" Her captor lifted her up by her ankles, her naked ass exposed again, his hands rubbing over it as she fought the fondling. Her arms were pinned again by the leader, her legs spread wide and pinned by her captors legs, his hands running between her legs, up and down her body until they clenched on her teenage tits then back down to cradle her pussy.

"It's time to suck some cock," the leader said. Her captor grabbed her between the legs and pulled her around until she was on her knees.

She buried her head into the blanket, not even caring if her ass was exposed. She had never had a cock in her mouth and did not want to start now. Not when it would be a rape. Her captor pulled her upright, still kneeling on the blanket. She looked at the leader in front of her, his hands pulling down his zipper and unloosening his pants. "No, No, never."

Her captor grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back. The leader pulled her face upward by her hair. His hand reached out and slapped her face, her head shooting to the side by the blow. She cried out but before she could do anything, she was slapped again, this time her other cheeks.

The leader had already removed his shirt, his muscular chest before her, his pants already opened. She could see a giant cock inside his shorts. "No, don't make me do that. I'll use my hand. I'll jerk you off, please."

He grabbed he head again by the hair, her head shaking back and forth, "no, no". He stood up and pulled his pants down until his cock was free. She had turned her head, not wanting to see. He yanked her head forward. "This is for that hot little mouth."

"If you bite it, I will cut your throat," he threatened her. Her captor moved behind her, forcing her body up, his body pinning her. The leader moved in, his cock in his hand, pulling her face towards it.

She had never seen anything that big. The head was a bright red. She could already see some cum glistening on it. It must be over three inches in diameter and at least ten inches long. Two swollen balls hung down below it. Her hair was yanked by her captor, her mouth opening to scream in pain. The leader pushed his cock into her waiting mouth, pinning her head between the both of them.

"Now suck, suck my cock,"

Her head was pulled back and forth, her lips closing onto the huge cock, her mouth stretched tightly around it. She gagged when it was first placed inside her mouth, her tongue tasting the salty, thick cum. She pulled her mouth from his cock, trying to push it aside. "No, don't make me do this. I can't." She pulled her hands lose, trying to push his cock aside.

Her wrists were grabbed again and pulled behind her. The leader amused himself with rubbing his dick across her face and lips, a trail of wet cum marking where it had been.

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