My Sweet Neighbor Marilyn

by Brighton

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Desc: Sex Story: If you read my story, She's Moving Away, then you've met my sweet neighbor Marilyn. Now read what an affect my encounter with this older lady had on me. And on her. As always, your e-mails are welcomed. Even the negative ones from the ninnies who write anonymously. FYI: I don't vote for my own stories as I've learned a few other authors do, here at SOL, upon their work being posted. My scores are what you all, honestly give me. And damn... How I wish you could meet sweet Marilyn face to face.

A short while back I wrote a story I called, She's Moving Away, that you may have read on this website, about the incredible, serendipitous, sexual adventure I had with a sweet, neighbor lady named Marilyn. Sweet Marilyn is an older woman on whom I've always had a crush.

For years I would secretly gaze at her, from my house, as she worked in her yard and often fantasized various erotic scenarios that included the two of us being wonderfully naughty.

I'm happy, for me anyway, that as I write this, she and her husband haven't sold their house, so sweet, fifty-ish Marilyn is still here for me to gaze upon.

Of course, my masturbatory inspirations regarding her are no longer fantasies that I create. Instead, I masturbate to the memory of what I did with this pretty lady while her husband was away on a church retreat.

I must tell you that I'm ashamed to admit that my attraction to her has nothing to do with her brain power or her ability as a brilliant conversationalist. She's of average intelligence and our conversations over the years have been borderline mundane. Typical neighbor stuff.

Shallow me, I'm infatuated with this older lady's body, pure and simple. Marilyn is one of those rare birds that gets lovelier as she matures. The wrinkles on her face are smile lines. She's the type, that one man, who shares my attraction to older women, refers to as, 'A babe with a little smilage on her'.

My main attraction to her? Well, as long as I'm revealing my shallowness to you I'll tell you: it's her breasts. Her breasts are enormous and though she tries, this sweet lady can never dress to camouflage that fact which makes her even more desirable to me and I'm sure, to a lot of other men.

Plus she has a cute butt. I mean a really cute butt. Okay, she has a great ass and just like her hips, it's a little too big, a little too wide with a little too much meat. In a word: scrumptious.

We've seen each other a few times since our hot night, and when we have, we've silently nodded our hellos as we worked in our yards or got the morning paper but we haven't spoken to each other about that night or anything else.

I've been reticent about approaching her because I wasn't proud of the way I took advantage of her while her husband was away and how I teased her into using words I'm sure she had never used. It gave me a rush I'll never forget, to know that I could elicit such gutter talk from this lovely, church goin' woman.

On top of all that was the ultimate debasement. While she was performing oral sex on me, a first for her, I lost control and came in her mouth. I don't think I meant for it to happen or maybe I did. I don't know.

The other afternoon we bumped into each other at the deli counter in the local super market. It was quite busy that day so the 'Take A Number' system was in effect. We certainly couldn't just stand there waiting for our number to be called without speaking so I strolled over to her and said a quiet hello.

She had just put in her request for a quarter pound of boiled ham when she heard me.

We chatted, albeit uncomfortably, about nothing in particular, and after a few minutes, her order was ready and she excused herself to get it from the deli man, after which she turned to me, gave me a nervous smile and walked away.

Later, as I emptied my cart at the check-out counter, I picked up an item from the deli, a quarter pound of boiled ham, that I knew I hadn't ordered. I was about to announce the fact to the checker when I realized it was an item that I recalled Marilyn ordering. 'Oh my, ' I thought, 'she was so flustered at seeing me that she put it in my cart by mistake. Or perhaps a sign that she wants to see me? Would she do something like that?'

When I arrived home, I put away my groceries, all the while, starring at a quarter pound of boiled ham on the kitchen counter, wondering if it meant anything or if it was just an oversight on Marilyn's part. I had to find out, so I picked it up and walked next door and rang her doorbell.

Her husband opened the door. "Hello Brian, how are you."

'I'm fine Mike. Listen, I think I walked out of the store with something your wife bought, is she here?'

"She sure is. Come on in. I'll get her. I was just leaving."

Mike hollered to his wife that she had company and then bid farewell to me, walked to his car, and drove away. A few minutes later, Marilyn came down the hall stairs, paused half way down and with a nervous, little smile on her face said, "Hello Brian."

I couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing a beautiful, knit dress, belted tightly at the waist, that absolutely accentuated her massive breasts and her wide, chunky hips.

'Hello again Marilyn. Uh... this package somehow wound up in my cart at the supermarket and I think it's yours.'

Walking the rest of the way down the stairs, her breasts wobbling and bouncing underneath the soft, knit material, she crossed the hall and stopped about two feet from me and said, "Yes Brian, it is mine and it didn't, 'somehow' wind up in your cart, I put it there."

'I wondered if you might have.'

"I wanted to see you but I was afraid to ask you over for fear that you'd say no. So I thought, well, I thought I'd trick you into coming to my house. I know it was a childish thing to do."

While I continued to drink in the sight of this voluptuous woman, I asked her why.

She nervously replied, "Well, I just bought this dress and I wanted to know, from a man's point of view, if it looks nice on me. Does it? Do you like it?"

'Yes Marilyn, very much. It's gorgeous.'

Slowly turning around to show me her new attire from behind she said, "Really? Why do you think it's gorgeous?"

The way that clingy, knit material hugged her big round ass made me quietly gulp but I managed to say, 'Uh, it's a perfect color on you.'

"Is that all?"

'Well no, I suppose it's the way it shows you off, I mean, the way it accentuates your figure.'

"Like my fanny? Does it make my fanny look too big?"

I hadn't heard anyone use the word, "fanny" for years and I almost chuckled but replied, 'Oh no Marilyn, It makes your fanny look just right.'

Facing me again she asked, "Do you like the way it accentuates my breasts?"

'Uh... well... yes, now that you mention it Marilyn, your breasts look beautiful in that dress. Remarkably so. I love the way your breasts look in that dress.'

"Did you notice that this dress buttons down the front?"

'Yes, yes, I can see that.'

Does that make you want to unbutton my new dress and look at my breasts? Does it make you want to touch them?"

'My God, Marilyn, what are you doing?'

"I'm not wearing a brassiere so if you were to unbutton my dress..."


"... you would be able to see my naked breasts and..."

'Marilyn! Stop it! What are you doing?'

As I hollered, she began to sob and said, "Oh Brian, I loved it when you talked about my body the way you did that night. My husband... I put this dress on for my husband last night and asked how he liked it. I thought it would excite him to see me dressed so provocatively. He didn't even look up from his paper. He just grunted and said I looked fine. I know he thinks I'm just a frumpy old housewife who's not worth even one look!"

'You're not Marilyn. You're beautiful. I'm so sorry that happened.'

"That night when you and I were together, and I really shouldn't say this but I really liked it. I liked what we did and I can still taste what you spurted in my mouth when we were together in the garage. I can still taste it Brian."

'Yes, about that, well, I mean, I kinda lost control of myself.'

"You 'kinda' lost control? My goodness Brian, you had sexual intercourse with my mouth! No one ever did that to me."

'I know. I know. I went too far. I'm so sorry.'

No, Brian, don't be sorry. You didn't go too far and if you remember, I 'kinda' lost control of myself too but It was the most exciting night of my life and I want more nights just like that one. I want to be, for my husband, that thing, that name you called me."

'Yes but I called you that in the heat of passion.'

"You called me, a Fuck Toy didn't you?"

'I know but calling you that wasn't a very nice thing for me to call you.'

"Yes Brian, calling a woman a Fuck Toy isn't very nice but I really liked it. I liked it when you called me that and I enjoyed being a Fuck Toy and I want my husband to think of me as a Fuck Toy. I want him to to play with my titties the way you did and I want him to put his penis in my mouth and spurt, like you did to me. I had never done anything like that, ever. Ohhh Brian, It was so good. I liked having your penis in my mouth. Oh dear, sweet Brian, I've missed you."

She walked, hesitantly toward me and when she was close enough, I put my arms around her and held her close and inhaled her sweet aroma. Our lips met and we kissed the hottest, wettest kiss I have ever shared. After a few moments, she stopped the kiss, turned with her back to my chest and whispered, "Brian, put your arms around my front... put your... put your hands on my titties like you did the other night."

As her sobbing subsided, I reached around to her chest and gently took her massive tits in my hands and as I gently lifted and lowered them, she moaned, "Ohhh, Brian I've missed you so much. My breasts missed you too."

I whispered, 'Ohhh, honey, you're not frumpy your beautiful.'

"Tell me again what you called my breasts honey. Tell me what you called them that night. Talk to me like you did in the garage that night. Please?"

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