The Watchman

by Ben Herr

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, BDSM, Rough, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Beautiful Valerie Antonelli is spending a short time with her parents on their new farm in Southern New Jersey, trying to get her mind off her tumultuous relationship with her husband. At the edge of the woods, an ex-biker watches her every move.

"It's such a beautiful place!" Valerie Antonelli exclaimed. "How little people know about southern New Jersey! When you mention New Jersey, people think Camden, Newark, and the Jersey Turnpike! I'm glad you bought it, Mom and Dad!"

"I guess I needed to get back into a bit of farming again, now that I'm retired! Jerrold Antonelli said. "I was born to farmers, and now I'll die one! Thank goodness I didn't fall face down onto my desk! I managed to survive 35 years on Wall Street!"

"And we're glad you're going to stay with us, a couple of weeks, hon!" Martha Antonelli added. "You know you're welcome here as long as you like! I'm just so sorry things aren't going all that well with you and James."

"I need to think about where this marriage is going, Mom," Valerie said, "We're sooo different!"

"But who is living in that old trailer near the edge of the woods?" Valerie asked. "He's been living there for years," Jerrold answered. He used to serve as a sort of "watchman" for the original owners. Kept an eye on the place. Helped them out a bit. He's a seventies-era Hells Angel with a burned out brain! Drugs! Living on disability. I couldn't kick him out. Maybe he'll help me now and then."

"Whatever you do, stay away from him! I fear he could be dangerous!" said the mother. "Oh, he's never bothered anyone," Jerrold said. "But your Mom is right. Stay away from him. A beautiful young woman like you..."

And Valerie was beautiful, with her dark Latin look and long black hair. "God! I almost forgot!" Valerie said. "I have an appointment with my new doctor tomorrow!"

"The gynecologist?" Martha said.

"Thanks Mom!" Valerie said.

She wondered how she stayed with James for five years! His life was in the office, and she couldn't remember the last time they had made love. She began to think he had a mistress somewhere. And he had gotten so fat! Valerie was thinking there was no other way but divorce.

"Mrs. Bernard!" the doctor said as Valerie rose from her seat. "I tried to call you this morning, but your number had been disconnected!"

"I know, doctor," said Valerie. "I've disconnected it, and am staying with my parents. My husband and I are on a trial separation."

Then she wondered: Did I have to tell him that? The doctor was much younger than she expected. "The reason I tried to reach you..." he said nervously, "was to tell you my nurse is sick. I'm... alone! I most certainly will understand your wanting to reschedule the exam!"

Valerie thought for a moment. "It's a 35-mile trip from my parent's home. Let's just get on with it!" The young doctor was taken aback by Valerie's beauty as she settled herself on the table.

"Do you want to undress behind that curtain?" he suggested. "And come out with no clothes on?" Valerie laughed. As he watched, she stripped off all of her clothes except her sweater. Now, she lay exposed, before a handsome young doctor, with her sweater pulled way up. As his fingers touched her chest, she noticed that the young doctor was becoming aroused! I still have it! she thought! "I'm uncomfortable with this sweater" she said. "Can you help me remove it?" And now Valerie was naked before the young and visibly excited young doctor. Oh Lord! she thought, together, we'll create a porn story!

He told he wanted to check her body for melanoma and growths, and she sat up on the table. As he squeezed her buttocks, she leaned into him and began to make little mewing sounds. He tried to ignore it, but she felt the ever-growing cock swelling against her navel. She pushed against it.

"Mrs. Bernard... I'm... sorry... I'm... just... so embarrassed." He muttered.

"It's ok," she reassured him. I can't remember the last time this has happened to my husband!"

Man inspecting a woman's behind while she's on all four

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