Webb's Wonderful Web
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Mind control and intrigue combine in this story of conspiracy. Written for Lost Boy's 1st Competition and Dedicated to his work at his Other-Wordly site.

Chapter 1: Frustration

Damon Saunders drove home through the country lanes. He didn't notice the splendour of the spring fields dappled with the evening sunshine; he failed to register the myriad small signs for farm fresh produce. No, Damon Saunders was thinking, seething silently, about his recent meeting. He had been axed; redundant after all his work and input into the programme - it was an outrage! Damon's thoughts flew back in to the present with an unwelcome jolt. He threw the steering wheel to the left and brought the Ford to a shuddering halt, skimming the damp verge. Damon raced out of his car to shake a clenched fist towards the rear of the disappearing tractor.

"You stupid bumpkin, didn't you see me? You can't just pull out of gateways like that!" Damon shouted at the shadowy driver, whose only reply was two dirty extended fingers thrust upwards with vigour.

Damon checked for damage, sure enough the bumper was ripped from its shattered mounting by the impact with the sodden verge.

"Oh bloody great, can today get any better?" Damon raged at the azure blue sky.

Damon soon realised he had no details of the tractor or its wayward driver. He slumped his weight forwards onto the cars bonnet, and hammered his fist into the unforgiving metal. Swearing profusely, and cradling his sore knuckles with his undamaged left hand, Damon returned to the drivers seat. Where he just sat, as the final indignity descended upon him - he had to tell Alice. Alice, who had moved to the depths of the Norfolk countryside, and had given up her teaching post; just to save him commuting time, Damon's depression deepened.

Alice was, on the other hand, in a very good mood. She had finished painting the spare bedroom, tidied the lounge and prepared Damon's meal. Alice liked things neat and tidy, and now they were. This left her the luxury of a whole hour for herself. She slipped into the study to check her e-mails; she sat at Damon's desk and logged on.

Her face fell - he had forgotten to log out again, this was a real pain, and so typical of him. Damon had a lot of good points but his absent-mindedness coupled with his impatience annoyed her intensely. Not only was he likely to forget to logout, but also he had hacked the security to stop the account automatically terminating after 10 minutes. So now she had to figure it out! Alice's eyes scanned the page for the logout button, click, the screen started to close.

Then a message popped up 'Dr Saunders - run program viability check?' a yes or no dialogue awaited a response. Another of his little reminders, damn. She fumed a little and pressed 'yes', the box disappeared only to reappear an instant later; in frustration she jabbed several times at the yes button without further affect.

In annoyance, Alice hit the no button. The affect was immediate. The screen blanked and then 'Abnormal termination - run default full program - unprotected?' OK or cancel, the menu asked politely. Alice was sick of this she hit cancel. The screen blanked momentarily and then flashed up 'Illegal command - line 807 abort... running Webb's 1.7... boot routine.

As Alice stared, the screen filled with rich swirling colours. Subtle changes blended the colours continuously, and the effect was glorious. Alice couldn't take her eyes from the screen. Eventually the screens colours merged into a bright purple that shimmered in liquid currents. Gradually the purples deepened in shade, and Alice felt her self relax into its depths, a warm secure feeling washed over her.

The warmth increased slowly until it became a heat. Alice felt her panties dampen as her fluids wept into them. Then in an instant, the program ended. The computer returned to the desktop and the mundane image of a green hill. The screen flashed blue, and then blanked; this would normally have sent Alice into a blind panic, but not today. Alice forgot about her e-mails, forgot about Damon - she just stood and walked purposefully from the study.

Chapter 2: Invention

"Are you sure that was wise?"

Lorraine Skelly asked the seated chairman. Geraint Jones had over-reacted in her opinion.

"Not only wise, but essential, he was the only one who could have put all the parts together. If he was given long enough he would realise this is not pure research," Sir Geraint paused, "and, we are about to go live!"

"Live, we can't - I mean, we're not ready" Lorraine gaped at the suggestion.

"Orders, supersede opinion in this case - even yours" Geraint quipped with a twinkle in his eye.

"It's not possible, I'll talk to the Ministry" Lorraine threatened.

"The order came from the Ministry," Geraint grinned as he laid his trump card, "Webb goes live, this week".

Conversation stopped as a flushed scientist entered the room.

"Yes, and it had better be important," barked Geraint.

"There has been an unauthorised external run of the program," the scientist voice quavered in fear.

"What!" Geraint exploded.

"How?" Lorraine asked.

"Saunders was logged on from home," the scientist explained "but there's something odd"

"Which is?" Geraint grimaced.

"He ran the full program!"

"The full unprotected program?" asked Geraint.

"Um, yes - it doesn't make much sense, does it?" asked the scientist shifting his weight from foot to foot.

"Which version?" Geraint innocently enquired.

"Final, 1.7"

"Then he has more of a problem than we do" smiled Geraint.

Lorraine frowned "You mean 1.7 is fully activated?"

"Yes, we'll be seeing Dr. Saunders again - that much is certain" Geraint laughed in derision.

"I'd better prepare then," Lorraine replied, and she darted through the door in purposeful haste.

Lorraine set about her tasks with her normal efficiency, outwardly calm, but inwardly in turmoil. She knew enough about the program to fear meeting Dr. Saunders again. She really doubted his mind control algorithms were perfected - the results could be unpredictable and dangerous. The first job on her agenda was to prepare the immobilisation pod - the indoctrination had to be secure.

Her fears reduced, as the first pod came on-line faultlessly.

"Skelly to John, prepare Webb 2.0 for execution"

The intercom crackled.

"Are you serious Skelly, we have a subject?" Johns voice betrayed his surprise.

"Not yet, but one's expected soon!"

"Male or female?" asked John.

"Why does that matter?" Lorraine asked, her brow bunching.

"Erm, two versions of 2.0, one for males, the other females" replied John.

"Why?" Lorraine enquired.

"To be honest, I'm not cleared to know - level 25 classified data" John answered frankly.

"Level 25! We have a level 25? I'm a 15, I thought that was the top," gasped Lorraine.

"Me too - but there we are - there are another ten levels above us - at least!" John's voice sounded a little quieter.

"Male. John, look I want to know more about this, who do you report to at the ministry?" Lorraine asked in a hushed tone.

"Classified, but I don't report to the ministry - that is all I can tell you" John's speech dropped to a conspiratorial whisper.

"You don't report..." Lorraine's repetition was cut off by Johns sudden retort.

"Program 2.0 for male confirmed, Dr. Skelly" John's voice sounded formal.

Another speaker butted in, "Good, excellent, looks as if all is in hand. Am I correct?"

"Yes Geraint, all is in hand" Lorraine replied immediately.

Lorraine sank back into her swivel chair and pondered the recent conversation. In an instant, she made her decision. If anyone could tell her more about this it had to be Saunders, and he was about to turn up in a very suggestible state. Lorraine allowed herself a brief smile; maybe this would be enough finally to cook Geraint's goose with the ministry. Yes, she could really bring him down a peg or two.

Chapter 3: Direction

Alice strode through the village aware of only two things; the urgent need to get to her destination and the pleasant dampness between her legs. Alice didn't notice Damon's Mondeo parked outside the village store; she ignored its damaged condition and continued on her quest. She crossed the road, and turned the corner heading out of the small hamlet.

The pathway ended, and Alice continued her journey on the cracked edge of the road. Every step caused a suppressed shiver as her slick lips rubbed against the saturated gusset of her panties. The pleasure was intense, but Alice was always just short of release. Alice's passion spiraled higher, her lips opened slightly to let a brief sigh escape into the chill evening air.

Alice was too engrossed in her feelings to notice the car pulling up alongside her.

"Mrs. Saunders isn't it - can I give you a lift?" the driver enquired, as she lowered the passenger window.

Alice turned and replied smoothly "Yes, I'm going to Webb Industries, can you drop me there?"

"Sure, don't tell me - Damon's working late again - am I right?"

"Not quite, but I do need to get there urgently" Alice stated, as she slid into the seat of the Clio.

Alice turned her head and smiled at the girl.

"Do I know you?" Alice asked.

"No, stupid of me - I'm Damon's physiotherapist, June Waters. I've been working with Damon since he injured himself at football last season" June bubbled.

"So how did you know me?" Alice asked frowning.

"He's very proud of you, Damon showed me your picture on his second session - the one he carries in his wallet" June smiled.

"I'm surprised you recognised me from that, it's fairly old" Alice chuckled.

"You've not changed, well other than the bikini - a bit cold for that around here now" June grinned.

Conversation lulled as the small car swept around a series of bends. Alice found herself studying the driver she was certainly pretty. Alice idly wondered if the athletic brunette had ever tempted Damon, she was just his type. Alice ran her eyes over June's body with rapt attention; her breasts were pert and upturned, just like her own. Alice watched the slight bulge where June's nipples jostled in the cotton tee shirt. She felt a powerful urge to touch June's breasts; Alice swallowed hard and tried to calm herself.

"Are you OK?" June asked.

"Just a bit queasy, could you drop me here - I can walk now, it's not far" Alice answered.

"OK, if you're sure?" June replied

"It'll be better, I don't want to do anything I regret" Alice said.

"Oh, it's that bad is it?" June asked, pulling the car into a lay-by, "I hope you feel better soon"

"As soon as I'm out of the car I'll feel better, I'm sure," replied Alice.

Alice stood in the graveled lay-by and watched the rear lights on the Clio until they disappeared. She walked on in the dim light, more desperate than ever to get to Webb's. Once more her desire surged, she couldn't deny it or understand it - but she had to follow it.

As June drove on she opened a window to clear her head. It was just as well her passenger got carsick; otherwise it could have been too tempting. Her emotions were in tatters, she had come so close to touching Alice...

Back in the village Damon arrived home; in one hand he clutched a bunch of flowers, in the other was a box of chocolates.

"Alice, Alice I'm home," Damon shouted.

As her normal cheery response was absent, Damon went to look for Alice. If he knew her it would be the bathroom, she often bathed just before he returned. As Damon vaulted up the stairs he decided to join her, sex would be just the thing to de-stress him. Damon stood alone in the deserted bathroom; both puzzled and a little put out. He deposited the gifts on the shelf by the bath and set off to track down Alice.

Half an hour later he sat in the study fuming. The policewoman had all but accused him of wasting police time; her mockery was burnt into his memory.

"But sir, even women have free will - I'm sure she's just popped out somewhere - you said yourself you were home earlier than usual."

'Bloody cheek, he knew Alice better than that; his meal was uncooked, the fire was out - no, this was all wrong!'

Glancing around Damon noticed the PC screen was blank. He never turned it off, and Alice knew that; what was going on? On closer inspection Damon realised it was on, but the PC had crashed.

'Damn her and her e-mail, this was for work!'

Damon smiled at the irony of his thoughts, and his heart softened and worry set back in. Damon rebooted the PC and it started normally. He opened the keystroke log file, looking for the telltale messages from Alice to her distant Mum. There were none, but there was something else - Alice had logged out from Webb's, just before the PC's crash. He cursed his own forgetfulness; it seemed to be getting worse. He was too immersed in the programme to think clearly.

'Well, at least that will change now.'

The keystroke log was a failsafe, a failsafe that also monitored Alice's e-mails. This hadn't been its main purpose, but it was one Damon now approved of. Alice, of course may not have done, had she known. Damon chuckled; what she didn't know couldn't hurt her. That train of thought stuck in his mind; could she have run the program? What if she had, the controlling part was inactive - it couldn't affect her. Still, he'd better log on and see what damage she had done.

Damon's fingers flew over the keyboard, he waited for the connection; 'username unknown' appeared before him - Christ how had she managed that! He re-typed with more care, but was rewarded with the same result. Either Alice had altered his settings, or the company had deleted his username. He found either option hard to believe, Alice had no reason to make changes (and he doubted if she could) and the company would need to be really on the ball with security - this would be unusually efficient.

In frustration he delved deeper into the log files, he would find out what had happened! When he did Damon sat ashen faced, staring at the information for a long second. Then he rushed headlong to his Mondeo, and with a sputtering of gravel he raced from the drive. He had to beat her to Webb's; something here was very wrong - just what sort of games were they playing?

Damon sat brooding on the situation as he hurtled back to work.

'A program developed to gain mind control over terrorist cells was apparently up and running, and had been used on his wife. It made no sense. The only thing that did was getting to Webb's and find out which algorithms were in use; only then could he find, and help Alice.'

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