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Desc: Sex Story: Tongue in cheek tale of the planning of a family reunion

It was Sunday morning and Don was very comprehensively reading the day's paper with it's weekly "Magazine" articles as well as the International, National, State and local news.

Also, a feature of Sunday's paper was a roundup of local, community and club news.

One particular local news item was that the local Walton families were planning a family reunion for about twelve months time, The same notice was put into the state's other two major newspapers and were asking that any descendants of Mary and Joseph Walton, who had arrived in Van Deimens Land, later renamed Tasmania, as free settlers in 1803 as members of the first group to settle there and had received a grant of one thousand acres of prime farmland as an incentive to stay and help provide the necessary food to feed the officers, soldiers, freemen and the multitude of convicts who were forcibly used as extremely cheap labour for the establishment of the new colony. For them, a good day comprised three meals, ten or twelve hours farm work, no whippings, and whatever nooky they could get from the female convicts. A good week was similar only with Sunday off to go to mandatory church services.

Don's surname was Gillespie but he knew that way back his family was connected somehow to the Walton clan.

Within a year, with the assistance of much assigned convict labour, the property had a huge vegetable garden, chickens, and the pairs of rabbits brought with them were fucking like rabbits and had become a staple part of their diet. They had brought along a few breeding sheep and also cattle. Oats, barley and wheat had been planted for future feed for more sheep and cattle which were coming from Old Dart soon, for stocking the property. The barley of course was intended for beer making.

The rabbits, along with the blackberries, gorse, crack willow and starlings they introduced became major pests many years later. Thank goodness that they did not think to bring stoats, foxes and any other such pests with them. Foxes, however were introduced to mainland Australia and became a huge pest.

Over the last one hundred and ninety years there had been about nine generations of Waltons, which taken into account exponentially, allowing on average three children per descendant would add up to the present generation numbering nearly 30,000.

Of course this is a figure which does not allow for each of the multi-tiered descendants having more or less than three children, nor does it allow for the odd descendant dying before procreating, nor does it allow for any members of the previous two or three generations having died and/or moved to the mainland, therefore being uncontactable.

Being realistic, the convenors anticipated that an excellent attendance would be about two hundred, judging by the Walton's in the state's phone directories, and doubling it for female descendants who would have adopted their husbands names.

The reunion was planned for mid-spring and did in fact attract just over three hundred and fifty participants.

The steering committee which was charged with the conduct of the event were eight descendants plus their spouses, and all lived within a fifty kilometre radius of the state's second largest city Launceston, which had an ideal venue for the event; an estate dating back to the establishment of the "colony', and had excellent facilities for the even, even coping with the worst case scenario, rain on the day, as well as ample beautiful buildings, lawns and gardens.

The Lord High Poobaa, (President) was John Walton, an energetic thirty year old lawyer aided by his lovely wife Laura.

Joan Sims was Secretary, her husband was Steve, Michael Walton was appointed Treasurer, helped by his ditsy wife Sue Ellen, Cesar Norello and his scrumptious wife Vikki took care of the replies and arranged accommodation for the out-of-towners, whilst Bev and Tony Walton, Clive and Betty Jones, Peter and Sue Cook and Laurie and Lyn Walton made up the sixteen of the organising committee. Each descendant was assigned a particular duty and was expected to be assisted by their spouse.

The committee at first decided to meet fortnightly until about six weeks before the reunion, then meet as necessary, probably twice weekly.

The first meeting was at the Lord High Poobaa's home and before the night was out, they had split into virtually two groups. Whilst there was no hidden agenda for the partitioning of the group, each group seemed to strike an affinity among their smaller group, without any hassle being evident among the whole group.

They decided to have future meetings at each other's homes, but with the next meeting at the actual function venue so as to get first hand knowledge of the complex.

There were ten very comfortable double bed self contained units tastefully set in the former stables, this being done without affecting the aesthetic charm of the building, and the large former carriage house was set up as a dining/dancing room cum bar lounge beautifully furnished. This area would cope with over 120 diners/dancers so it was also open to the public, with house guests having preference with table bookings.

The men's and women's toilets for this room were situated in the former grooms cottage which was adjacent to the carriage house but involved walking along a corridor to reach them, thereby requiring the absence from the room being necessarily a few minutes longer than at a more modern venue.

This meeting started at 7.00pm and was finished within half an hour, being used for confirmation of the venue, payment of deposits and suggested accommodation places for the reunion visitors discussed.

Nobody noticed that John and Sue Ellen just happened to visit the toot at the same time, and certainly did not know that Sue Ellen was fucked by him very quickly and quietly whilst she was sitting on the makeup bench in the Ladies toot.

Laura guessed that John had dipped his wick because when she dragged him up for a dance on his return, his cock was not stiff as it usually was when dancing. A slightly fishy smell on his hands also gave it away. She said nothing

Michael felt cum down Sue Ellen's inner thigh when he surreptitiously felt her up as she returned to the table, but said nothing.

Laura had had a thing for the swarthy Cesar, and when she got him up to dance, she nudged him over to the darkest corner of the dance floor, across the room from their table and concealed from their spouses by the dancing crowd of around a hundred. She was rubbing her vulva round and round his bulge which sent him an invitation too good to refuse. She got hers on the same bench Sue Ellen had got hers, when they slipped away when the song finished

Shagging always made Cesar's face go very red and flared his nostrils for minutes afterwards so Vikki knew what had taken place whilst he was out at the toilets at the same time as Laura, but she said nothing.

Vikki, to please Cesar, always wore exceptionally short skirts or dresses as he was enthralled with her long glorious legs, so when she sat on Steve's lap, as she did often as her and Cesar and Steve and Joan were great friends, she fumbled round appearing to scratch her butt, whilst actually helping him undoing his zip and fishing out his cock in the muted lighting, and sliding her bare cunt over, then slowly up and down his seven inches, with no-one being the wiser, even when they silently orgasmed.

She had not worn panties that evening in anticipation and hope that someone would fuck her; even her husband if needs be. Because Peter was dancing with Bev, Sue asked Tony to walk her to the stables as she wanted to get her migraine tablets from her room. They had probably the quickest fuck that never made the Guinness Book of records while she actually did get the tablets for her imaginary migraine. Just in case Peter queried her absence, mind you.

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