At the Party

by Dinghy5(Jo)

Copyright© 2004 by Dinghy5(Jo)

Sex Story: Jo goes to the party to meet someone. He turns out to be a loser but she has a good time anyway.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   .

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Lisa and I had been looking forward to the party for a couple of days. Office parties aren't usually my cup of tea but Lisa is always horny and there was Gary, an attractive guy in public relations that I wanted to know a little better. Although he was a little younger than I like, he was a big handsome jock and a party would be an ideal way to get him to notice me. He had played professional football until an injury put a stop to his career. Now, because he was well known as an athlete, he represented our company to our customers, the boating public.

Away from the office I could wear something that would have a little more sex appeal than my standard business suit. A nice hair-do with a mini skirt and a low cut blouse can do wonders, not only for one's morale but also for one's over-all appearance. I have good legs and a nice ass and I know it. Besides, a little leg, a little ass and a little tit can go a long way in attracting the right person. I knew Lisa often used them and was pretty good at getting what she wanted.

The party itself was kind of weird, thrown on a Friday night to introduce a new line of marine products that we had developed. In addition to all of the office staff, there would be people from production, some suppliers and a few potential customers. Since I was one of the design engineers, it was mandatory that I be there to answer questions and meet the potential buyers. Lisa was from the secretarial pool but, because she was young, good looking with big boobs and long hair, was always welcome as window dressing.

A six-room penthouse suite at one of the better hotels had been reserved for the bash. We hitched a ride with one of the other girls so that we would have an excuse for asking someone (Gary) to bring me home. I knew Lisa wouldn't have any problems getting a ride if she went home at all. Although we were only a few minutes late, the party was in full swing by the time we got there so I was a little concerned that Gary might already have already hooked up with someone. Lisa connected almost immediately so I looked around and finally found Gary, slouching at the bar. He was hard to miss, at 6 foot 4 inches, with his massive shoulders and narrow hips he was by far the largest man in the room. I sneaked up behind him and slid my arms around his waist. He didn't even look around; he simply downed the shot of liquor in his right hand.

He took a big slug of beer from the bottle in his left hand and finally slurred, "A little lower honey, my cock needs some attention." He turned around and I could see by the way his eyes were trying to focus that he was pretty drunk. He was having trouble standing up. "Oh, it's you. I thought it was Wilma from payroll. She's always trying to feel my dick." He squinted his eyes at me. "You're Lisa from the secretarial pool aren't you, the one with the big tits? Oh, I remember you're Lisa's friend, Jo, from engineering. Hey, maybe I will get to fuck an engineer tonight!"

His glasses flew off and he dropped the beer when I hit him on the side of his face with the closed roundhouse fist. The last thing before I walked away, I moved up close to him, kneed him in the balls as hard as I could. I left him rolling on the floor, eyes bugged out, tongue clenched between his teeth and gasping in pain. I think he peed his pants.

Lisa was nowhere to be seen but a lot of other people heard and saw what happened. One of the women smiled and gave me a little silent applause as I walked by.

I was on my way out the door when an older man that I didn't recognize, very tall, very handsome and distinguished, with salt and pepper gray hair said to me, "I saw that. I hope you don't get that mad at me."

I had no idea who he was but I was just pissed enough so that I didn't care. "That stupid prick said the wrong thing to the wrong gal. All jocks are the same, they think just because they are big and good looking, girls fall all over them. It may be a while before he screws anybody. Besides, he's probably a premature ejaculator with a pencil sized dick!"

He smiled, and in a very pronounced southern twang said, "I'm Col. Jack Branson, from military procurement. Why don't we slip out of here and get a couple of drinks and give you a chance to cool down and, by the way, I don't have any of the problems you just mentioned."

His total demeanor took the edge off of my anger. "Hi, Col. Jack Branson, from military procurement, I'm Jo Sheer from Atlantic Marine Engineering. I can't leave just yet; my boss wants me to meet some of the buyers and my roommate is here. I was just going to step outside until I quit seeing red. I'll tell you what, you can buy me a drink at the free company bar."

"Fine but lets go to the other bar, your friend just threw up on the floor in front of that one." He offered his arm and I took it. We walked though the room like a proper couple on a proper date, arm in arm. It was not lost on some of my friends. I caught more than one or two admiring glances thrown my way. I saw Lisa out of the corner of my eye, making the "OK" sign with her fingers.

When we go to the bar, I knew he thought I would order wine or a 'pink lady' or something like that but when I said, "Bourbon and branch water," he broke into a grin and said, "Make that two."

We stood in front of the bar for a few moments, eying each other and sipping our drinks. He finally broke the silence and said, "I think you are a lady I would like to get to know better, a lot better."

I made up my mind right then, I was going to sleep with him whether he liked it or not!

As if by mutual consent we made our way out of the smoke filled room onto a balcony that overlooked the city. From twelve stories up, the sight of the lights at night were breathtaking. I didn't wince at all when he slipped his right arm around my waist from behind; in fact it felt good, like it belonged there. I could sense he was inhaling the scent of the perfume in my hair so I leaned back a little to give him a better whiff. His other arm went around my waist from the other side and I captured both of them with my own, nestling them just below my breasts. There was something about the way he held me that made me feel comfortable and safe in his arms.

"Col. Jack Branson, from military procurement, I needed you to come along just when you did. What are you doing at this party?"

"Well, I was told by my boss to come with him to keep him out of trouble. We are looking at that new Marine radar your company has developed. It might be adapted for our near shore military patrol boats." He held me little tighter and inhaled deeply. "I sure am glad I came."

I could tell he was glad from the lump in his trousers that was prodding me from behind and I could tell he was getting gladder by the minute. I turned around in his arms and let the lump poke my tummy. His protruding manhood helped to bolster my confidence and restore the feeling of being a desirable woman. It also made me horny and I couldn't help but wonder how this tall, handsome man would be as a bedmate. I had already made up my mind to would find out. I draped my arms loosely on his shoulders, ground my self against the lump and said, "I can tell you are glad."

His back was to the door and no one could see what was going on so I let one of my hands move down to his trousers and massage the lump. I looked up into his face and he was grinning from ear to ear. With a quick motion, I slid the zipper of his fly down and reached inside his trousers. He did nothing at all to stop me. My roving hand soon encountered the lump, a smooth long piece of hard flesh with a big knob on the end.

With a little effort, and some help on his part, I was able to free it from its prison in his trousers.

I looked down at it in the dim light from the room behind him and was mesmerized by this wonderful instrument. It was standing out, stiff and proud. Although not overly large, it was long and sleek, creamy white with the largest head I had ever seen.

Another few seconds and I might have fallen to my knees and swallowed this treasure right there. I was working it back and forth with both hands when another couple, perhaps looking for some privacy, as we had, came out onto the balcony and brought me back to reality. I looked directly into their faces and continued to caress his erect tool. The other couple, watched for a moment or two but were embarrassed and soon left. I am sure there was another lump growing in the other mans trousers.

I looked up into Jack's eyes and smiled. "I think we should go somewhere else before we get into trouble right here."

"I'm all for it. I came here from Washington just for this demonstration so I have a hotel room on the floor below. How about that?"

Without another word I started cramming his now fairly soft cock back into his trousers. As I worked with it, it began to stiffen again. By the time I finished, it was hard again and there was a trace of his pre-cum on my fingers. Very naughtily, I watched the expression on his face as I licked part of this delicacy from my hand. When he smiled, I offered the rest to him. At first he was hesitant but then he licked my fingers. Unexpectedly, he pulled my hand towards his face and began licking a little 'V' between my index and middle finger. I felt my face flush when I realized that it could be my pussy he was licking. The flush ended in my pussy and I could feel the beginning of moisture.

I quickly pulled away, turned him around and marched him towards the door. I looked around for Lisa but the only ones who seemed to notice when we left were the couple from the balcony.

In the elevator, we kissed for the first time. The lump had returned, bigger than ever and the pressure of it against my tummy was stimulating my imagination and making my pussy wetter. His room was only a few steps away from the elevator but he had a little trouble opening the door because I had my hands around him from behind, feeling the lump. When he finally got the door open, he fell into the room, pulling me in on top of him in a tangle of arms, legs and one big, hard lump. We found ourselves in the little foyer between the bath and the closet. Our bodies blocked the door and our legs, still in the hotel corridor kept it from closing. Some how, I found myself on top of him, straddling his waist with the omnipresent lump pushing against my pussy through his trousers and my panties.

I was sliding up and down against it, looking down into his eyes. I think he was about to lose it when a voice behind me made both of us jump. "You two gonna do it right there?" It was Lisa. "Why don't you go inside, close the door and don't make too much noise. General Anderson and I are going into his room right next door."

Reluctantly, I 'unsaddled' and let Col. Jack Branson, from military procurement, get to his feet. He said, "I guess my boss made a friend also. That girl was with him and he has the room adjoining mine."

I was surprised when he got to his feet, swept me up in his arms, and took me into the room and deposited me on the bed. He began removing his shirt while I got busy with my blouse and skirt. Within moments, we were both nude and his wonderful pecker, with the big head, was standing straight out in front of him.

It is important for you to know that I am a strong personality and when I make love I like to be on top, looking down at my lover. I like to rock back and forth on a big penis and take the part of being the fucker rather than the fuckee. Even when Lisa and I have sex, I really like fucking her with the double-ended dildo although I seldom cum that way. It usually takes her talented mouth and tongue to get me off.

Now, it looked like I was going to be on the receiving end of this tryst whether I liked it or not. I spread my legs and he mounted me in the missionary position. It felt like it went "plop" when the big helmet on his dick pushed against the lips of my cunt and suddenly went inside of me. Whatever I was ready for, this was heavenly! He would pull it all the way out, rub it against my clit and then drive it home again. The sensation was indescribable. Time after time he pulled it out, rubbed it against my clit and then plopped it back in. I don't know how long he did this to me, or, how many times he pulled it our and repeated the reentrance. I was lost in the most marvelous sensation I had ever experienced.

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