Resistance is Obedience

by Devotedfollower

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sam was only hired to find a missing person. One small error is judgement and things change drastically for Sam. After the procedure is performed on his cock, he finds that he now cums in a way he never dreamed possible. He even finds it can be just a little more than addictive.

He felt the tug of the leash on his collar and immediately assumed the position of attention as he had been so well trained. On his knees, eyes straight ahead, back straight, hands together as if performing a prayer only fingertips touching. Performing the exercise, touching one set of fingers and then the next. Index, middle, ring, pinky, and then back again. Up and then down, fingers touching in perfect rhythm over and over again. Each touch, each repetition sent him deeper down the one-way channel. It was his gravity, the law of nature, the law of his mind, one can only sink deeper. The harder he tried to keep his fingers from touching, the more perfectly they snapped together. Exposed resistance is more easily washed away, resistance is obedience.

She circled her captive, extending a bright red fingernail and stoking from his chin up to his cheek, admiring her work. He felt safe in this place, performing the exercise. It was the only way out, yet there was only further in, the paradox brought his mind comfort and deeper indoctrination. The little twinkles of light in his mind had been subdued and now only sparkled when she spoke.

"What is your name?"

The sound of her voice spun like silk on his body, endorphins pumped, nostrils flared, a conditioned sexual response. The words flowed in a around brain cells, attaching themselves to memory receptors and tucked away as were all the words she spoke. The answer too, tucked away in the same place. Of course the answer was nothingness, blank, empty. To provide any other answer would require thought. And in this state of conditioning, thought was impossible. A void his weakened mind was completely incapable of filling. It was exactly the answer she was looking for. This one's mind and body had been conquered and now lived a life of sublime servitude. Content and fulfilled in his new life's purpose, serving his Mistress.

"Are you ready for milking?"

For this question, there was an answer, for this question required no thought. Another in a line of conditioned responses, the answer to this question always the same. A single phase promptly emitted from his lips.


The question and the responding answer were also a stimulus. His cock even in its relaxed state had been cultivated to twice its former size, before she took him. In its erect condition, as it was now throbbing, was huge, strapped into the mechanical apparatus. She flipped a switch and the device came to life. Pulsating with strokes up and down his shaft, the cap on the hood of his member beginning to suck.

"Cum now!"

His body begins to tremble at the command, his balls swelling and contracting feeding his shaft. Convulsing in a constant stream of orgasm, his cum sucked down the tube connected to the end of the device. Flowing into a reservoir, the level slowly rising. He was out of the training trance now, here he felt everything. Every muscle in his body shook, felt every nuance of pleasure. Dominica was pleased.

"Very good, you may stop when you think you have had enough."

That instruction was more that he was able to conceive, choosing on his own to end a task she had given him was more than his brainwashed mind could bear. Overwhelmed, his eyes rolled back in their sockets. He would not stop, not until his body gave up in complete exhaustion.

Sam looked over the faces in the crowded bar. He wasn't quite sure who he was looking for, but he had an instinct about him that helped in situations like this. Sam He was the kind of guy who was called upon to find people, when the police refused to get involved. Sam was only twenty-six years old, but his intelligence and keen investigative skills made him highly successful at his craft.

Sam had been hired to find a young college student named Craig by Craig's roommate. The roommate had gone to the police when he turned up missing for a couple of days, but the police just took the report and told him they would let him know. Truthfully they were just going through the motions. Their limited resources preventing them from spending any more than a token amount of time searching for missing adult. Particularly in this case where there did not seem to be any evidence of foul play. In fact there was very little evidence at all. The only clue the roommate had been able to provide was a notepad left by Craig's computer.

On the notepad, in Craig's handwriting were the words Mz Dominica at the top. Underneath written over and over the word Dominica. Initially Sam was confused as to what it meant. After a bit of detective work, he learned that Mz Dominica was actually the name of a woman. That and the fact that she could sometimes be found at this particular bar were all that he had to go on. He was beginning to think that maybe his information was flawed. The bartender claimed to have never heard of a Mz Dominica, but something in his instincts told him there was a possibility the bartender was not as truthful as she could be.

So Sam just decided to find himself a table and scope out the place for a while. It had been a couple of hours and it was starting to get late. He just about to give up for the evening when something caught his eye. A woman sitting along at the bar, "wow was she a fox!" Blonde silky hair, wearing a red satin mini dress, smoke curled up towards the ceiling from the long slim cigarette in her fingers. Sam found himself staring, for a moment forgetting about the assignment he was one. He saw her start to glance his way, and he quickly tried to turn his eyes away, in order to not reveal himself. After a few seconds he tried to sneak a peek back at her. He watched as she took a long drag from her cigarette and tilted her head up and exhaled a long stream of smoke. Her eyes moved to catch Sam's spellbound for a moment, then glanced back and smiled coyly. Sam knew he had been had and felt that warm release in his cheeks.

He watched intently now, as she got up from the bar stool and started walking directly toward him. Her black high-rise stiletto heels accent uated her long legs. Her hips rocked sultry as she moved in his direct ion, smiling all the way. When she reached his table she placed her hands on her hips, thrusting out her round firm breasts. Sam's must have just about hit the table when she asked, "Do you like?"

"Um er, very nice", he stuttered.

"Yummy," she said, "my name is Satina, it will be $200 payable in advance."

Her eyes, those were the clinchers. The hunger in her eyes caused all rational thought to evaporate from Sam's brain. Without releasing his gaze he reached into his pocket and pulled out two one hundred dollar bills. She took the money, folded it in half and tucked it safely away next to her left breast. Then she grabbed Sam's hand and said "Come on, I'll drive."

It was all becoming a blur now. Sam found himself in the sports car flying down the highway, his knuckles white from gripping the seat as Satina zipped around the curves. Still he couldn't keep his eyes off her. The way she fondled the gearshift pumped his endorphins into over drive. Finally she broke the silence, "Can you get that little package up there behind the visor?"

Sam reached up and pulled down the visor above his head. He hardly had a chance to see the canister as it released its spray directly into his face. "Its never a good idea to play when I'm supposed to be working," was that last thought in his mind before he passed out and slumped over in the seat. Satina just giggled and she slammed it into fifth and sped off down the road.

Sam began to stir, he immediately felt the restraints on his immobilized wrists and ankles and a slight cool chill over his naked body. His mind began to quickly clear. Whatever it was that had knocked him out didn't leave him with a hangover. His eyes quickly focused as he glanced around the white room and then his eyes locked upon hers.

If Satina was hot, this woman was absolutely gorgeous. He instantly found himself swimming in her deep green eyes. "Hello Sam I'm Dominica, I understand you've be interested in meeting me and now you have", she smiled.

"What? How did you know my name?"

"It's right here on your drivers license," she smirked.

"Oh yeah, um," Sam was not having his best day. "What are you planning to do with me?"

"Actually anything that I want!" Dominica laughed

With that she reached down and began stroking the back of her long red fingernail over Sam's limp cock. She was pleased when she saw the little twitch knowing it was coming to life. She began stroking her nail up and down as his member began to swell and stand at attention. Sam moaned as his as his cock throbbed hard and stiff. He was a complete goner when she circled her nail around the hood of his swollen penis.

"Exactly the way I want you, just like an animal in heat."

Sam ached for release, but he wasn't getting any, she just kept stroking, deepening his craving to cum. She continued the delicate torture until he reached the heightened state of arousal she was looking for then she stopped. Sam was almost in tears as he begged her for release.

"No not yet, soon you'll learn to accept the fact that I make all the decision, its all for my pleasure."

Dominica then picked up a small vial and unscrewed the eyedropper cap. "Don't worry, this part won't hurt." She squeezed and released the rubber plunger and drew a green fluid into the dropper. "That should be just about the right amount, hold still."

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