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Desc: Sex Story: Women Trapped in A hotel Room Takes matters into her own Hands.

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She finally gave up. Sleep was not to be her companion, despite the numbers on the alarm clock. They were reminding her that she was closer to a new day, than to the old one she had abandoned hours earlier.

It was hot as hell. The sorry excuse for an air conditioner, was sending a weak breeze, that seeped from the slots on top of the droning beast. It was not any cooler than the air hanging motionless in the room. One small consolation crossed her mind, at least the beast was rendering air that moved. The latch on the window had refused to yield to her efforts to unfasten it.

Prisoner. She was a prisoner in a hotel room, ten floors off the ground, sentenced to die a slow death by melting.

The exertion of yanking at the stubborn window unleashed a lone bead of sweat from the rear of her jaw. A bead that trickled down her neck, collecting with several more, that were forming in the hollow at her throat. Once more, she gave up.

"Fuck," she muttered under her breath, resting her forehead on the window.

The glass was cool by comparison, prompting her to roll her head slowly from side to side. In a few short seconds; even that smooth cool surface, succumbed to the damp body heat, radiating from her nakedness.

Casting a sideways glance toward the clock, she watched absently as minutes slipped away. The growing pool of moisture along her collarbone broke free. Her chest rose as she yielded to a satisfying yawn, that resulted more from boredom, than lack of sleep. The tiny stream of moisture worked its way down her chest. Skewing left, it followed the curve of her right breast. With her head still resting on the windowpane, she watched the droplet struggle downward. The ultra fine baby hairs on her sweltering skin, challenged the journey.

She could not remember being so hot. Immediately, she knew that that thought was a lie, a blatant lie. She had been hotter, much hotter; soaking in a hard earned sweat, only a few hours previously.

Gradually, images crowded past her boredom, casting aside her discomfort. They replaced it with the welcome distraction of the memory of the touching of her breasts. An uncontrolled shiver up her spine, as her nipples hardened at this welcomed recollection. A smile of remembered satisfaction curled at the edges of her mouth, as she drew a fingertip across the lingering bead of sweat that hung suspended on the inside of her right breast. The meaty part of her thumb grazed the taut nugget of an extended nipple, sending another shiver through her body, this one centered in the depths of her. She got out her dildo, hoping to feel the rhythm, as she had before. In and out pounding and stoking, her to the core of her being.

"Yes," she whispered to no one, completely lost in a rush of fresh thoughts, "you can take me like that. Take me. Make me beg for it to end... and then dare you to stop... all in the same breath."

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