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Desc: Sex Story: A mature woman tends to a handicapped man and enjoys his company.

When Ann first asked me to help her out by staying with her son overnight while she attended a family funeral in upstate New York, I was hesitant. I knew he was disabled and needed almost full-time attention but I really wasn't quite sure what "full-time" was. Anyway, although Ann was 2 years older than me, we had been good friends since college and I was available, having been at loose ends for almost a year, so I agreed.

I knew I wasn't much of a nursemaid and unfortunately Ann and I only had an hour or so together in the morning for orientation before she left to catch a ride with another family member. She had barely gotten into the basics when her cousin was honking for her. Her last words before she left were, "Don't worry, if he needs anything, Larry will tell you. Even though he cannot move very much he is not very demanding and can help you a lot. He will tell you what needs to be done. I should be back before noon tomorrow." With a peck on his cheek and a "Thank you" to me, she was gone.

Although Ann and I had been friends for a long time, I hadn't been around Larry since he had been taken with his illness. I remembered him as a bright, handsome young man. Now, the disease had taken its toll on him physically but at 25 years of age, the same bright, handsome young man was still very much in evident.

We spent the morning getting to know each other. I found him to be charming and articulate. He told me a lot about himself and even about the time he spent in school before his illness progressed to its present stage. Because of my keen interest in it, one item we skirted around but never really talked about was sex. I couldn't help but speculate if he was capable of sexual relations. It made me wonder because he said I was attractive. I was flattered because I know I had a little more meat on my bones than may have been considered fashionable but my breasts were still solid and firm.

After lunch, I consulted the menu of items necessary to keep Larry comfortable through his day. The first thing on the list after lunch was a sponge bath and nap. I'm not very big, only about, 5 ft 3 in, so it was with his help I finally got him from the wheel chair into the bed. I think I had my answer about his sexual interests when I removed his clothes and found he had the beginning of an erection. I could see that it embarrassed him so I tried to ignore it but it just wasn't possible as it continued to grow.

Finally, I decided to take the bull by the horns. "Look, Larry. It's nothing to be uncomfortable about. Sex is a natural human behavior and having an erection is part of the reaction to it. It is only normal that it would happen when I undressed you. After all I am a strange female to you and you said you thought I was attractive."

He turned his head away before he spoke. "You don't understand, I get this way all the time. The frustration is more than I can stand sometimes. I even get that way when my mom bathes me."

I tried to comfort him but the sexual tension was so noticeable that there was no ignoring it. I touched his arm in a gesture of solace and was rewarded with a deep sigh. I slid my hand down to his penis and said, "Would this help?"

He didn't need to answer me, a large spurt of cum shot out the end of his dick and hit me on the upper arm. He was very embarrassed so I tried to ease his discomfort by making a joke about it. "Hey, good going! I am honored you think so much of me." I couldn't help but think how nice an orgasm made me feel. "Did it feel good?"

"Oh, god yes. I haven't done that in years, not since I was in school and a girl did that to me."

"Want to tell me about that?"

"There isn't much to tell. I was sick in bed and a girl I knew came by to see me. She was sitting along side of the bed and we were talking. She knew I was attracted to her. We started talking about a sexy movie and she could see I got a hard on. She just reached under the sheet and put her hand on my penis. She only held me for a minute and I creamed all over her. She laughed and told me she liked to do it to me just like you did."

His erection, which had begun to wane, was now fully hard again. "Was that the only time she did that?"

"No, she came by again the next day and got into bed with me. She sat on my face and sucked on me and let me suck on her."

I put my hand on his dick again. "Did you like that?"

"Oh god yes! I was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"I haven't had anybody suck on me for a long time. Do you want me get into bed with you and sit on your face and suck on you like she did?"

"Oh, I would love that!"

My pussy was already wet when I took off my shorts and panties. His cock was still big and hard as I took my place with his head between my knees and his mouth only a hair's breath away from the lips of my cunt. I felt his tongue begin its tentative probe into my slit. As good as it felt, I remembered this was a mutual pact so I lowered my head and slid his erect penis into my mouth.

I missed having his hands touching my body but the feeling of his tongue as it slid in and out, back and forth; stopping to flip against my clit was heavenly. Slowly I lowered my mouth to encompass his cock. I hadn't wiped it since his first cum and the taste was sweet and musty at the same time. I closed my eyes and savored the delicate flavors that I hadn't experienced for such a long time. Soon I was whisked away to a land that existed only in my mind. A land where I was 20 years old again and I was having my pussy eaten for the first time, a land where Larry's cock was mine to do with as I pleased, where I could suck it, fuck it or just caress it. It had been months since I had sex for just the pure joy of the intimacy between a man and a woman so I was deeply engrossed in my own feelings as his tongue continued to softly caress my most sensitive area.

Then it hit me like a revelation. This wonderful young man that was doing this to me, for me, had only experienced the ecstasy of sex a very few times in his whole life. Right them I made up my mind that I would make this an event he would remember for a long time to come.

I was so close to orgasm that it was difficult to concentrate on what I was doing to his dick. I used every trick I had ever learned in my forty-seven years about sucking cock. I would take just the head, swirling my tongue around the tender flesh underneath, outlining the rim, even probing for the tiny little slit, seeking the sweet pre-cum. Then, I would slide my mouth down as far as I could, feeling the head of it touching the back of my throat. Next, I would plunge up and down on it, sucking just a little. Then, I would start all over again. In the meantime, my hands were busy stroking, fondling and gently caressing his testicles.

For a couple of minutes I tried to ignore what he was doing to me but he seemed to have increased his tempo to match mine. I couldn't hold black and with a final plunge of his cock into my mouth I ground my pussy into his tongue and had a massive orgasm. Almost at the same moment, he filled my mouth with a tremendous load of his semen. I continued to push my cunt against his face and suck the cum out of his cock until my pussy was so sensitive I couldn't take it anymore.

I rolled off to one side, lost in my own little world and would have been content to bask in the afterglow of orgasm until I heard Larry cough. I then remembered that because of his disability, he was unable to do even the simplest things for himself, like wipe my juice from his face.

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