The Only Other Doctor in a Small Town

by Ben Herr

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: There are only two doctors in Christina's town. She can't possibly tell her usual doctor what happened to her, so she chooses to go to the second doctor, a complete stranger.

"You're a patient of Dr. Crawford, so why have you come to see me, and why did you ask that no nurse be present, Christina?" Dr. Aboud asked.

"That's a very unusual request," he continued,

"That's why I'm doing this on my day off!"

He was the only other doctor in this small town, and he didn't have a good reputation. He was a small, dark man, with a slight accent. His office looked like a grubby take-out restaurant.

"My husband is working overseas for several months," I replied, trying to stop myself from trembling, "fixing computer programs."

"And why aren't you with your husband?" he inquired coldly. "His employer wouldn't allow it," I explained. "Wouldn't allow it?" he asked. "He didn't want the added expense of paying for my two girls," I continued. "And I wouldn't leave go off and leave them here!"

"I repeat," he said impatiently, "why have you come to see me in private?"

Now I was shaking like a leaf. He was a frigid man with coal-black eyes, and I was afraid to tell him why. After all, he was from another culture, where men rule and can even be brutal... toward women. But I did tell him why.

"Several weeks ago, some girlfriends talked me into a 'girls' night out.' I got a sitter for my two children, and we went to a bar. A young guy... in his early twenties... came on to me."

"How old are you?" he interrupted.


"Why was he attracted to you?" But I could tell that Dr. Aboud was attracted to me, too. I guess I'm kind of good-looking, young looking, even sexy. Tall and slender, but shapely. Not big breasts, but nice breasts. I gulped. "I had been drinking. I started flirting with him."

"And he got to fuck an older woman?" he asked quickly. I couldn't look in his eyes.



"Uh... in the normal place..." I answered.

"I meant where did he fuck you? In the bar?"

"No," I said, shuddering from his cold gaze. "I was getting in my car, and he slid into the seat on the passenger side."

"You allowed him to enter your car?"


"You allowed him to fuck you in your car?"

"We started heavy necking, and then he got so hot, I couldn't stop him! And then... he got out of the car, and one of his friends moved right in. He... (And now I began to cry as the cold doctor stared at me)... did something that has never happened to me! He too raped me, in the rear."

"The rear of your car?" he asked.

"No, my rear. My anus." I managed to say. "Was it rape, or did you allow them to fuck you?" the doctor asked. I began crying softly. "And now you are seeing a doctor, incognito, several weeks later!" he snarled.

"I was too afraid, doctor," I whispered.

"And you want me to check you out for communicable diseases."

"Yes, doctor. And I've missed a period. But I've always been somewhat irregular. I don't want anyone else to know about it. It's a very small town, and my husband... his family... my church..."

Several days later, Dr. Aboud called me. "We will go over the results of the tests," he said. "And I will examine you again." He had already probed my vagina and anus, squeezed my breasts, and tweaked my nipples, and I knew that he had enjoyed it. He made no effort to hide the bulge in his pants. But I had no choice but to once again see Dr. Aboud.

"Stand there, Christina, beside the examination table," he ordered, and he watched impatiently as I tried to smooth out the wrinkles on the sheet. "You must remove all of your clothes," he said.

"All of them?" I asked. "Why?"

"Never mind!" he said brusquely. He took over, pushing away my trembling hands. He unbuttoned my blouse and undid the front catch on my lacy bra. My breasts aren't large, and didn't spill out," but I could see he was hugely aroused! Next, he yanked down my shorts and placed his hand under my bikini panties. I moaned softly, as his fingers twisted my tiny cleft of pubic hair, and then probed deeply inside my vagina.

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