Sir Randy and the Dragon

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Humor, InLaws, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The adventurous tale of a young man as he supports his king and country. We follow his tales of adventure and conquest as he finds his way through the early part of his life.

Chapter 1

In the days of yore, in a place far away, lived a very handsome young man named Randolph, the son of a woodcutter. Although Randolph was a young lad, he was not naive in matters of the heart or flesh. His physical size and appearance made him a favorite among the girls of his village and he had done more than his part to enhance this image by ensuring that many of the young women were no longer maidens by the time they reached the age of maturity.

One day, while riding through the countryside with his attendants, Prince Ralph, son of the aging ruler of the country, came upon Randolph, cutting wood in the forest as his father had done before him. Now Randolph, because of working with his father from the time he was a lad, had become a strapping young man. This shirtless Adonis at once took the Prince's fancy. He was certainly a picture of masculine virility with his sun streaked sandy hair and his bare-chested, tanned, muscular body coated with the sheen of perspiration.

And so it came to pass that The Prince convinced young Randolph to join his retinue as a page in his court. There were eleven other virile young male attendants and no women at all in the Prince's entourage.

Although the Prince was well over thirty years old, he had never married. He disliked and distrusted women and restricted his earthly pleasures to those provided by his male attendants. Randolph was soon introduced to the games men play with each other when denied the pleasure of female companionship. He found that The Prince enjoyed having things inserted into his body, much as a woman might, but got the greatest pleasure from drinking the juice from the loins of his young men. The young squire soon found that he enjoyed putting things into The Prince's body and giving himself to the enjoyment of his mentor. Because of his physical size and his ability to produce enough sap to satisfy the greedy Prince he soon became a favorite.

Prince Ralph never ate meat but was still a little heavier than was stylish, so it was not uncommon for him to skip the intake of food for a few days at a time, and survive only on the drink, honey mead, and the nourishment he could suck from his attendants. (It was noted throughout the land that The Prince had the fairest skin, the shiniest hair and the clearest complexion of anyone in the entire realm.)

Eventually, under pressure from his father to produce an heir to the Kingdom, The Prince finally selected a bride, an attractive young lady, fifteen years his junior, from a distant monarchy. Marianne, on her mother's side, was from an isolated branch of an obscure royal family that had fallen on hard times. Her father left home and her mother and aunt had squandered what little money her family had, so the prospect of regaining some semblance of their former regal status as the wife and in-laws of Prince Ralph was welcomed.

A contract was arranged and Prince Ralph and Marianne were married in an elaborate ceremony that befitted the heir to the throne of a rich Kingdom. To the new Princess Marianne's consternation (or perhaps relief), Prince Ralph spent his wedding night in his own chambers with his male attendants and made no demands on her.

Barely two months after the wedding, the King was smitten with a severe illness. Many in the realm, including the King himself, feared he would die. On his deathbed, the King begged his son to produce an heir so that the kingdom would not fall into the hands of his unscrupulous relations and their families.

The Prince was dismayed. He did not want to cause his father further anguish, but he could not bring himself to do what was necessary to produce a child. At this time, he had still not consummated his marriage to Marianne. Then, he hit on a plan. The new Princess had taken a liking to young Randolph and often arranged for him to accompany her and her staff on outings, so why not use him, covertly, to give his father and the monarchy the heir they so desperately wanted.

The Prince called the young man into his quarters for a private meeting. He began, "Randolph, you are aware of my aversion to and distrust of females. You are also aware that I am under pressure from my father to produce an offspring and heir to the throne. I want you to do me a huge favor and take my place in my wife's bedchamber and in producing my inheritor. I have discussed this with the Princess and she has agreed that you would be a suitable subject to father her child. We, she and I, want you to do this for us. Remember, the kingdom needs you."

Squire Randolph was taken aback. He had pleasured many young women in his short life, but, as far as he knew, he had never fathered a child. It had been many months since he had enjoyed the company of a woman, but the Princess? "Sire, I would do anything you ask but are you sure that this is what you want?" There was already a pounding in his heart and a swelling in his groin at the thought of his assignment with the beautiful Marianne.

"Yes, Randolph, I have given this much thought. You are intelligent, handsome and virile. The Princess likes you and the offspring of your union would be attractive and well equipped to succeed me as ruler of our country. The main thing is that no one is to know of this except the three of us. Do me this favor and I will be forever in your debt."

Randolph agreed and the plan was put in motion. The very next evening, with the approval of Princess Marianne, Prince Ralph arranged a private dinner for Randolph, The Princess and himself. A single servant, an old eunuch that had been with the prince since he was a child, served the dinner. Although the food was delicious and the surroundings pleasant enough, there was a tenseness that was lost on The Prince. Each time Randolph and Marianne's eyes met, she looked away and blushed.

Finally the meal was over and Ralph excused himself saying, "I will leave you two to your own pleasures. Remember Marianne, I am counting on you and Randolph to help save the kingdom and enhance me in the eyes of my father. I know that this may not be what you want, but it for the good of all and I implore you to enter into this with all your heart. Randolph is a good man and I know he can do this for both of us, but you must also do your part."

He then turned to Randolph and said, "Marianne is a delicate flower and you must go easy with her. I wouldn't want her to suffer because of my aversion to women and our arrangement to make an heir. Do your best and I will reward you handsomely. Remember, the monarchy needs you!"

Without another word, he departed, leaving Randolph looking at the door with his back to Marianne. When he turned around he was alarmed to see Marianne removing her clothes. She ran to him, clad only in her bloomers and bodice and threw her arms around his neck. "I thought he would never leave. Come into the bedchamber and make love to me. I need you so much. I haven't had a man for months."

Needless to say, Randolph was taken aback by the actions of this fragile blossom, but then, he was also horny. He picked her up in his arms and took her into the bedroom. By the time they got there, she had pulled his tunic back, baring his chest and her mouth was tightly attached to the nipple of his left breast while her hand had snaked down inside his trousers and had a firm hold on his already erect manhood. The young page deposited the Princess on the bed, anxious to do his masters bidding. He started to remove his clothes only to find another pair of hand helping him.

Within moments, he was down to his knickers and the beautiful Marianne was completely nude. With a flourish, she pulled his remaining garment down to his knees, allowing his erect penis to leap out at her. Her first reaction was to recoil from this huge trouser snake, but then, she smiled.

"Oh, Randolph, I knew I made the right choice. You will make a wonderful father for my child. Let me kiss that part of you that will make this possible."

Now, the young man had been kissed many times by many young women, but never there. This was something that he had not experienced until he came to the castle. It was the method Ralph used to drain the seed from the young men in his entourage and Randolph had come to know and enjoy this exercise very much. He was therefore pleased that his soon to be partner was also versed in this technique. He found Marianne's mouth to be much softer and yet more demanding than his mentor, Prince Ralph.

It would have only moments before a massive release of his semen when Marianne terminated her vacuum hold on him, raised her head and said, "Don't you think you should do the same for me?"

"Well -- ah - of course." Randolph was lying, he had never done such a thing and didn't even know it was done, or how it was done, but at this stage he was willing to try anything once. "Can you keep kissing me while I kiss you?"

Marianne was not quite as inexperienced as one would think and with one quick, fluid motion, pushed Randolph down on the bed and quickly mounted him in a sixty-nine position, never letting her mouth lose contact with the implement that was destined make her a mother. Randolph, on the other hand was experiencing a new and wondrous sensation. The delicate Marianne was grinding herself into his face and a copious amount of liquid was flooding out of her, leaving delicious nectar in his mouth and on his lips. To Marianne's delight, he greedily lapped at the treasure he had encountered for the first time.

Although Randolph was experienced in matters of love and sex, this was something not done in his corner of the empire but he was more than willing to trade cultures with the fair Marianne. Each was so lost in the exchange of customs and traditions that the opportunity to plant the beginning of a new heir was lost and Randy soon wasted his sperm on the face and lips of the insatiable Queen-to-be.

The crafty Marianne was not to be denied and within a very few minutes she arranged for Randolph to again "rise" to meet her challenge. As a rider would mount a horse, she rode him, bobbing up and down and eventually causing his second load of seed to be deposited deep within her where there was a good possibility it would germinate. This happened time and time again and by morning, it was all the spent squire could do to crawl back to his quarters and collapse on his own cot.

Later that afternoon, one of the Princess's ladies in waiting brought Randolph a message saying that Marianne expected him for dinner in her apartment that evening. By the time set for the second encounter, he had recuperated and, with the exuberance of youth, was looking forward to another night of debauchery. He was not disappointed but by morning he once again felt the exhaustion of the evening's activity and was happy to make his way back to his meager pallet in the prince's quarters.

Each day the note came and each day he responded although his ardor waned a little more with each mission. Fifty-two days later, Marianne announced he had been successful in his quest, and that she was with child. The trim Princess had blossomed to almost twelve stone (165lbs) and poor Randolph, gaunt and pale, had wasted away to a shadow of his former self.

Needless to say, the Prince was ecstatic and, in private, heaped accolades on Randolph. The King, believing that his son was responsible for Marianne's condition, was very pleased and made plans to abdicate the throne in favor of Ralph as soon as the child was born. The Prince, in order to ensure Randolph's continuous silence and his attention to Marianne granted the young squire many conveniences not normally associated with the status of a page. Among them was a private bedchamber as opposed to the common sleeping hall shared by the other young men in the retune.

Chapter 2

Randolph continued to visit Marianne, but with less and less frequency as her condition became more evident, until finally in her seventh month, she asked him not to call again. The Prince, in the meantime, had replaced Randolph and no longer used him as part of his personal staff. At first, Randolph was pleased that the demands for his individual services had diminished but when it ceased altogether, he became frustrated. In order to relieve the tension, he became interested in the jousting and the vigorous training that the Knights of the realm undertook. Each evening, after dinner, he returned to his sleeping quarters completely spent, the fires of his sexual manhood temporarily banked by the days energetic athletics.

In those days, it was common for the young men to have a few pints of ale to wash away the grime and perspiration after a hard day on the gaming fields. A heavy meal, a few more pints of ale or mead and then withdraw for an evening of repose. Randolph subscribed to this regimen except that he found a bath refreshing and usually retired to his quarters shortly after nightfall where he slept a fitful sleep, plagued by dreams of fair maidens and grungy old men.

One evening, he was having unusually vivid dreams of a dallying with a pretty lass. The delicate aroma of lilacs told him that this was indeed a prize to be treasured. He could feel her velvety flesh under his hand as he caressed and massaged her skin. The soft orbs of her breasts melted under the firm grip of his hands and he experienced her nipples harden as he pinched them with his fingers and nipped at them with his lips. His hands slid over the satin-like skin and even dipped into her damp valley of delight. Suddenly, his dream was disturbed by images of a dirty old man, perhaps Ralph, pawing and gripping at his manhood. He awoke to find there was indeed someone in bed with him, soft hands clutched around his shaft. In the dark he knew not who it was but he knew that it was not the bulbous Marianne or the malodorous Ralph. This creature was small, trim and had the pleasant aroma of flowers. Best of all, her hands were gentle and nurturing, caressing him delicately, causing visions of ecstasy to dance in his head.

He started to say, "Who..." When she hushed him.

Her voice was barely a whisper when she said, "Be quiet, we don't want to wake anyone else. Marianne sent me to tend to you." With that, her head disappeared under the covers and he was rewarded with the feeling of a soft, demanding mouth engulfing his lance of pleasure.

Just as quickly as she had gone under the blanket, she threw it off, straddled his midsection and slowly lowered herself onto his proud, welcoming wand. By the flickering moonlight, he still couldn't tell who she was but he didn't care. The weeks without a woman had begun to take its toll on him and he would have welcomed her had she been the worst looking hag in the kingdom. The soft, wet sleeve of her warm body, completely swallowing his blood-engorged tool was like heaven. She was cautiously sliding up and down on him, taking care to contain his shaft within the sweet vessel between her legs. Randolph, on the other hand was bouncing her up and down, attempting to ram this same implement as deep into her as possible. Despite her admonitions, he had begun to moan as he came closer and closer to the magical feeling that would eventually overtake his entire being.

The caution to be silent was soon thrown to the wind as she began to mimic his moaning and wailing. The erotic sensation of his penis deep within her, slipping in and out and her soft breasts in his hands was more than he could stand and within moments he succumbed to the sensation that began in his loins and soon radiated out to engulf his entire body. With a massive whoop, he unloaded weeks of pent up passion and semen into her receptacle.

It was not lost on her and she could feel what was happening as each thrust brought a new spurt of his juice into her container. It only went to heighten her pleasure and very soon she was able to join him in the land of euphoria.

The weeks of abstaining took their toll and Randolph did what any virile young man would do after such a successful sexual encounter. He fell asleep. When he awoke in the morning, his seducer was gone, leaving only the aroma of lilacs to remind him of the evening of carnal delight. He still didn't know who she was or what she looked like. He didn't even know what she tasted like.

Over the next few days, Randolph searched everywhere in the castle for his nocturnal visitor. He tried to see the corpulent Marianne but she was heavy with child and "indisposed." He even met with Marianne's mother and aunt but did not want to disclose his secrets to them and eventually gave up his quest to find his latest bed partner. Finally, in despair, he returned to Ralph's accommodations and reverted back to his regimen of jousting, imbibing and retiring in a drunken stupor.

Chapter 3

Two weeks later, Marianne gave birth to a handsome, nine pound, boy. Although Ralph and Marianne were both dark and swarthy, the blond and blue-eyed baby did cause a few raised eyebrows.

The ailing King was delighted and announced plans to abdicate the throne in favor of his son Ralph. There was rejoicing throughout the land and a date only three months away was set for the coronation of the new father and monarch. Each evening, the halls of the palace were filled with revelers, drinking themselves into various states of oblivion.

Randolph was no exception and soon found that each evening, he meandered back to his quarters so under the influence of strong drink that he often collapsed, fully clothed, and alone, on his bed without the benefit of a bath.

One evening, to his surprise, he entered his bedchamber comparatively sober, to find Marianne's mother, Miriam, and her aunt Agnes, waiting for him. At first, he was alarmed by their presence but since they were smiling, he soon was at ease as he chatted with them. Miriam had married very young and bore her first child, Marianne, when she was only 16 years old so she was only 38 now, a little younger than Prince Ralph, her daughter's husband. She was more than a little heavy and Randolph could easily see what Marianne would look like in a few years. On the other hand, Agnes, her younger sister was a slim, attractive spinster at 34 years of age.

Agnes finally broke the ice and said, "We are here because Marianne has told us about the Prince, his problem, and your role in her pregnancy. She also said you were a very virile young man and an outstanding lover. We, Miriam and I, have found ourselves with a problem. We are both still young enough to miss the thrill of having a handsome young man do things to us and with us. We need someone to fill that role and would like for you be that young man."

When Randolph started to protest, Miriam piped in, "I don't think I need to remind you what would happen to you and Ralph if word of your deeds got back to the King. Ralph would be disowned and you would be locked away in the King's dungeons forever." Even in his befogged state, Randolph knew what she said was the truth. The King could easily have his manhood surgically removed and he could rot in the King's dungeons for the rest of his life.

Reluctantly, the young man agreed. Then the thoughts of these attractive women and his lack of companionship over the past few weeks became a bit more appealing. "Of course I am at your service. What can I do for you?"

Agnes smiled, put her hand on his arm and said, "That's exactly what we want, service. We expect you to be in my quarters in 30 minutes. Use the side entrance, the same one you use to see Marianne. Please, don't drink anything else and bathe first."

Twenty-seven minutes later, Randolph, freshly bathed, dressed in his best kilt and beginning to sober up, rapped lightly on the door to Agnes's studio. "Come in young squire, I have been waiting for you!" Agnes was dressed in a flowing gown and Randolph was a little disappointed to see that she was alone. "Come, take off your boots, have a cup of cider and let me tend to you."

Perhaps this would not be as unpleasant as he had first imagined. Agnes, although twelve years his senior, was trim and attractive. He took a seat on her lounge and she handed him a small flagon of a sweet beverage. She sat beside him and put her hand on his bare leg. "I was afraid you would not yield to the needs of two old matrons like us." Her hand was tracing a pattern of light strokes from his knee to the hem of his skirt like garment. The garment itself, as if by magic, had begun to rise. Her hand slowly slid under the hem and she was pleasantly surprised to find it was unencumbered by underclothes.

She moved even closer to him until her breasts were pushing against his shoulder and she had a firm grip on the large piece of flesh she had encountered under his kilt. It had been weeks since Randolph had "the visit" so he did what any horny young man would do. He responded by opening her chemise and burying his face in the wonderful globes he found there. He found the gown got in his way so he quickly pulled her to her feet and pushed it backwards off her shoulders. She was completely nude underneath. With her help, he unbuttoned his tunic and dropped his kilt and sporran to the floor, leaving him in the same state of undress.

He pushed her backwards into a sitting position on the divan. Kneeling in front of her, he again buried his face in her beautiful breasts, his eager mouth nipping and suckling on her nipples. Her head was back, her eyes were closed and her hands were clasped around the back of his head, pulling him strongly into her. When his mouth moved from her breasts down to her stomach, her hand pushing on the top of his head indicated that she wanted to be kissed much further down. He obligated and partook of the delicacy that Marianne had introduced him to. She had scooted to the very edge of the sofa and was sitting with her legs spread wide and her feet on the floor. Randolph was on his knees with his face buried into the V formed by her legs and lapping at the nectar she produced like a dog would lap milk. Each movement of his tongue against her proud little button was paradise.

Each was so intent on the pleasure they were receiving or giving, they failed to notice Miriam when she entered the chamber. The first indication Randolph had was when he felt a cool hand on his bare buttocks and another cupped his testicles. With a start, he raised his head and looked around.

"Don't stop, young man. My sister needs what you're doing to her. Since we moved to this dreadful place we have had no one except each other to give us pleasure". She pondered a moment and then said, "On second thought, let's move into the bedchamber so we can both take advantage of your service."

Miriam took over, arranging Agnes a certain way across the bed with her legs hanging off. She took the same position that Randolph had enjoyed on the divan with her head between Agnes's legs, partaking of her sister's sweet nectar. This left Miriam's rear high in the air. "Young man, please plug your self into me and don't stop moving until I tell you to."

Although Randolph had done this many times to Ralph, he had never done it to a woman and wasn't quite sure how aggressive he should be. Slowly, he entered her, pushing, until, accompanied by her grunts, his groin was hard against her ample buttocks. He was surprised at the ease of entry and the snug fit of her sleeve around his erection. Each thrust brought a grunt from Miriam and a gasp from Agnes as his motion was transmitted through Miriam's tongue and into eventually into the sweet receptacle between Agnes' legs. He needn't have worried, no matter how hard or how fast he thrust; both women welcomed it. Faster and harder he pounded until he was very close to finalizing, at least for him, this deed. Miriam had abandoned her responsibility to Agnes and was just kneeling there, bent over with Randy deep inside of her. Her head was back, her eyes were closed and she oblivious to everything in the world except the exquisite feeling of his smooth, hard penis slipping in and out of her rectum.

Despite the chill of the room, Randolph was bathed in sweat as he thrust, time after time into the willing vessel provided to him. Finally, he could contain himself no longer. With a firm grip on her hips and a final shove he emptied the fruit of his loins deep inside the mother of the mother of his child.

He collapsed on the bed while Miriam finished her duty to her younger sister, Agnes. With a shriek, Agnes let everyone in their immediate area of the castle know that her sister had done her job and she had also attained a climax. Now all three were on the bed in a tangle of arms, legs, breasts, buttocks and one very soft, very appreciative penis.

The matronly Miriam was the first to stir. She arose and went to the commode where she poured some water from an ewer into a basin. She returned to the bed and with a washcloth cautiously cleaned the object that had so recently occupied a place of honor in her anus. When she finished, she carefully and gently took the soft piece of flesh in her mouth, swallowing it until her nose was hard against his groin. She started making a suckling, almost chewing motion with her mouth and she soon found that Randolph was growing to the extent that she could no longer contain his entire love tool. As soon as it had attained full size, she quickly mounted him, engulfing him with her corpulent body.

Surprisingly, Randolph did not find this objectionable, but rather pleasing. When she leaned forward, her ample breasts were soft and pleasant on his chest as he fondled them with his hands and he longed to bury his face in them. Her subtle movements with her body soon drew his attention and he became aware that she was as close to orgasm as he was.

Gradually, her actions became more pronounced until she was bouncing up and down on him, breasts flopping in every direction. He could feel his own release coiling, ready to strike. And strike it did, almost at the same moment that Miriam, head back and eyes closed reached her climax. He could feel it, pulse after pulse as it injected itself deeply into her supple body. Miriam slowly collapsed until her flesh was completely surrounding him; her head on his shoulder, her breasts spilling onto and around his chest and his penis still lodged deeply in her vagina. Her physical size was suffocating. Using all of his strength, he pushed the sleeping woman off of him, to lie beside her sister on the bed.

Randolph almost crawled back to his bedchamber, spent but pleased with his evening's performance. He smiled thinking about the pleasure he had brought the two older women and himself. The next morning, even before breakfast, there was a message for him that he was expected to have tea with Agnes and Miriam later that afternoon. That evening, and every evening for the next few weeks, was a replay of their first meeting with minor variations. Sometimes, Agnes would pleasure her sister with Randolph standing behind her, his loins tight against her buttocks, his hands on her hips, controlling the speed and depth at which he thrust himself into her. Unlike her sister, Agnes did not like anal penetration and always insisted that Randy insert his tool into the proper receptacle. Sometimes, he lay flat on the bed with the two women sitting on him, one on his face and the other on his penis. He quite enjoyed it with Agnes on his mouth, but when Miriam sat there he had difficulty breathing and had to physically push her abundant flesh aside so he could gasp enough air it sustain life.

Chapter 4

The arrangement continued for some few weeks, but with more and more frequently, Miriam began missing the sessions. By the time for the Kings coronation, Miriam had not attended for almost a month.

The coronation itself was a daylong gala affair attended by every notable in the kingdom. Ralph's father, attired in his royal robes but still ill, sat high upon his throne. Ralph and the plump Marianne sat one on each side of him and one tier below. Marianne had now grown to almost 18 stones, (250 pounds) well outdistancing her mother. The baby and future king occupied a cradle in front of the king. Ralph was crowned as "BENEVOLENT RALPH, KING OF THE REALM." At some future time, historians would dub him "GAY RALPH, THE QUEEN OF KINGS."

Late in the afternoon, as the event was winding down, Miriam approached Randolph. She took his hand and led him behind one of the bleachers that had been set up as seating for the populace. She clasped both of his hands and, holding them tight to her breasts whispered, "I have decided to return to my home. I am pregnant with your child. To prevent embarrassment all around it would be better if I gave birth to the new prince's brother or sister away from the castle. Do not be alarmed; Agnes will stay here to comfort you. I will leave tomorrow with Sir Charles Hackford, The Earl of Leeks, a notable from my part of the kingdom who has offered me passage. He is a very rich, very horny old bastard and with any luck, I will let him seduce me and convince him the child is his. If I am successful, I will be assured of a life of luxury for the rest of my days." Her hand snaked down inside his trousers. She caressed his growing member quite a few times before she said, "You have been a tonic for this old body and I will remember you forever. You better be very good to Agnes. Opps, sorry, I didn't mean to make you cum."

Randolph continued his jousting exercises and 'war games' studies and continued to visit Agnes from time to time in her studio. A couple of months after being crowned king, Ralph sent a message for Randolph to present himself at his court. When he got there, he was surprised to find quite a few of Ralph's closest advisors and councils in attendance. He was more surprised to see Agnes seated beside her niece, Marianne who was spread across a large divan one level below the throne.

The newly crowned King bade Randolph to kneel in front of him. Without any further ado, Ralph rested his ceremonial sword on the young man's shoulder and said, "For service to God, King and Country, I dub you Sir Randolph, Knight of the Realm." Ralph, always the wag and knowing of Randolph's way with the ladies added in a whisper, "Henceforth, you will be known as Sir Randy, Knight of the Royal Bedchamber."

The party that followed was a small but gala affair. At some point during the evening, Ralph drew Randy aside and told him that he had already identified a quest for the new Knight protector. He said, "Later tonight, I will issue you your first challenge. How are your muscles?" He put one hand on the young man's bicep and then, as an afterthought, the other on his crotch. "You feel just fine to me. Yes, you have developed nicely. Perhaps tonight I will issue more than one challenge to you."

Agnes was disappointed when Randolph told her not to expect him that evening because he had been summoned to Ralph's chambers. Strangely enough, Randolph was looking forward to an evening with Ralph. Although most of the young squires made jokes among themselves about Ralph and his sexual appetite, each one, in his own way, had come to enjoy the decadent pleasures of the flesh that Ralph provided. Randolph was no different and by the time he was once again invited to Ralph's bedchamber he was more than ready for an evening of debauchery.

He was not disappointed and by dawns early light he staggered away from the royal quarters wan, pale and weak but satisfied and with an assignment. The last thing Ralph had told him was, "Go forth young protector. In the far northern part of our land is a wicked, old man that the local people call "The Dragon." All are frightened of him and the evil spells he can cast. He abducts young maidens and holds them for his own depraved pleasures, only releasing them when they are used up and are of no further use to him or anyone else. I want you to rid my kingdom of his evil presence."

Randolph left the King's quarters not only physically weak but also mentally unstable. He had been diligent in the jousting and dueling practice but he was sure he wasn't ready to go up against a real villain. The good life in the palace had been kind to him and in the days when the average height for men was well less than 6ft he was a striking picture. At 6ft, 2in and 14 stone there was no body fat at all and he was far stronger than the other men in the Kings service. If he had a problem at all it was his inability to properly sit and ride a horse. He tried and tried and had some minor success but the heavy armor of a Knight was his downfall.

Nonetheless, a fortnight later, he assembled his own entourage and set out on his quest. It was a ragtag procession, consisting his Knightly steed, a horse cart pulled by a handsome dray, and a second mount for his page. Beside himself, there was Agnes, who wanted to go as far as her sister's castle, and the young page named Michael that Marianne insisted he take along. He estimated the young page to be a lad of fifteen or sixteen, very slim, somewhat effeminate and obviously inexperienced. Ralph had seen them to the Castle gate, handed Randy a purse containing ten golden guineas (a small fortune) and bade them farewell and good luck.

At first Sir Randolph didn't want to bring Agnes but she pointed out that she could drive the horse cart to carry his armor, the sleeping tents and provisions and do a little of the cooking. He was aware that the young page would not be much of a cook. Also having ridden around the castle for a couple of hours wearing the heavy, clumsy armor, Randy jumped at the chance to have it carried in the horse cart rather on his back. Five hours into the quest, Randy's horse was tied to the back of the cart and Randy eased his blistered backsides on to the padded seat beside Agnes. He rode first on one cheek and then the other until early afternoon when Agnes finally recommended they stop for the evening beside a small watercourse.

Randolph eased his tender after parts into the icy cold stream while Agnes prepared their evening meal and Michael saw to the horses and set up the camp. The young page organized his own sleeping arrangement on a pallet under the horse cart and set up a sheltered lean-to for Randy and Agnes to share. The Knight ate his meal standing up. After the meal Agnes suggested that she could apply some salve to his wounds while Michael cleaned up.

It was just waning daylight outside when Randolph, his breeches off and laying face down in the sleeping tent submitted to Agnes's gentle hands. Cautiously she applied the soothing balm made from goose fat and aloe to his blistered buttocks. Her soft hands traced a simple pattern over and around his tender bottom.

"This lotion is made with herbs that will heal the blisters and numb the pain somewhat." The caresses became even more tender and caring. "Your bottom is very strong and firm to my touch. You seem to like it when I do your legs and the area between them." Her soft hand, gently massaging his testicles brought a sigh from Randolph who had to readjust his position to make room for the swelling that had occurred in his groin.

Despite the tenderness of his rump, he had to roll over to give Agnes access to his manhood. The feel of her soft, lubricated hands soon caused him to forget about the minor pain of the blisters. Tenderly, she administered the soothing lotion to that portion of him that seemed to need it most. She tried to hush his contented moans as he came closer and closet to the pinnacle of pleasure but it was no use. With a mighty whoop, he let the outside world know that there was no longer a pain in his ass and that Agnes had once again led him down the pathway to contentment.

The following morning, Randolph was able to repay Agnes's kindness by awakening her in a manner he knew she enjoyed. With her legs wrapped around his head, he carried her off into a never-never land of gossamer orgasms.

When they finally emerged from the tent, they found the young page had already tended to his toilet, started a fire and was preparing a meager morning meal. The previous evening doings and the activities of this morning had given Randolph a voracious appetite. He found he was able to sit if he was careful and didn't move too much. After eating, the hearty Knight went to river to bathe. He removed his clothes and minced across the sharp rocks. The water was so cold; he couldn't go in beyond his knees where he used a cloth to wipe himself. At one point, he looked up to see Michael, the young page staring him, mouth agape. He thought no more about it at the time.

Chapter 5

By the time they reached Agnes's sister's castle, four days later, because of twice daily administrations of balm, Randolph was week in the knees but his bottom had recovered enough so that he could once again sit a horse. Although Agnes had suggested she could teach young Michael to apply the salve, Randolph declined. He was not sure he was ready for another person like Ralph touching his bare buttocks.

Under the patronage of Miriam's new husband, Sir Charles, The Earl of Leeks, the Homestead had acquired a prosperity not known in many years. The travelers spent a pleasant two days in the castle, renewing old friendships and reacquainting themselves with each other. Sir Charles was away and although Miriam was already showing the signs of her impending childbirth, it did not stop her from enjoying both Randy's and Agnes's company. Later, Randolph would wonder how Agnes would fit into this picture with Sir Charles and the baby.

On the morning of the third day, the small caravan, minus Agnes, left Miriam and The Earl's castle. Once again, his cart and his belly full of food, his ego full of the nonsense Miriam and Agnes had fed him and his senses dulled by many days of endless copulating, Sir Randy set out with his page to fulfill his destiny. It didn't bother Randolph that without Agnes he had to drive the wagon with his horse tethered to the back. Michael, although an excellent horseman, was not adept at driving the wagon and still rode the spare mount. Fortunately, he was becoming a little better at preparing their meager meals.

Through local knowledge they learned the ogre they were seeking, "The Dragon," was about two days away, with his captives held in a Castle guarded by his minions.

Their journey passed without incident until late in the afternoon of the second day when they came upon the village surrounded by the land of the evil Laird, The Dragon. His castle bode an ominous presence on a hill overlooking the town. Upon arrival, Randolph immediately knew that something was wrong. Instead of being oppressed and downtrodden as he had been told, the villagers appeared to be happy, well fed and well clothed. The notable exception was the lack of young adults. There were a few females; almost all accompanied by young children, but almost no adult males under 25 or 30 years of age.

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