Sir Randy and the Dragon

by E J Sheeran

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Desc: Sex Story: The adventurous tale of a young man as he supports his king and country. We follow his tales of adventure and conquest as he finds his way through the early part of his life.

Chapter 1

In the days of yore, in a place far away, lived a very handsome young man named Randolph, the son of a woodcutter. Although Randolph was a young lad, he was not naive in matters of the heart or flesh. His physical size and appearance made him a favorite among the girls of his village and he had done more than his part to enhance this image by ensuring that many of the young women were no longer maidens by the time they reached the age of maturity.

One day, while riding through the countryside with his attendants, Prince Ralph, son of the aging ruler of the country, came upon Randolph, cutting wood in the forest as his father had done before him. Now Randolph, because of working with his father from the time he was a lad, had become a strapping young man. This shirtless Adonis at once took the Prince's fancy. He was certainly a picture of masculine virility with his sun streaked sandy hair and his bare-chested, tanned, muscular body coated with the sheen of perspiration.

And so it came to pass that The Prince convinced young Randolph to join his retinue as a page in his court. There were eleven other virile young male attendants and no women at all in the Prince's entourage.

Although the Prince was well over thirty years old, he had never married. He disliked and distrusted women and restricted his earthly pleasures to those provided by his male attendants. Randolph was soon introduced to the games men play with each other when denied the pleasure of female companionship. He found that The Prince enjoyed having things inserted into his body, much as a woman might, but got the greatest pleasure from drinking the juice from the loins of his young men. The young squire soon found that he enjoyed putting things into The Prince's body and giving himself to the enjoyment of his mentor. Because of his physical size and his ability to produce enough sap to satisfy the greedy Prince he soon became a favorite.

Prince Ralph never ate meat but was still a little heavier than was stylish, so it was not uncommon for him to skip the intake of food for a few days at a time, and survive only on the drink, honey mead, and the nourishment he could suck from his attendants. (It was noted throughout the land that The Prince had the fairest skin, the shiniest hair and the clearest complexion of anyone in the entire realm.)

Eventually, under pressure from his father to produce an heir to the Kingdom, The Prince finally selected a bride, an attractive young lady, fifteen years his junior, from a distant monarchy. Marianne, on her mother's side, was from an isolated branch of an obscure royal family that had fallen on hard times. Her father left home and her mother and aunt had squandered what little money her family had, so the prospect of regaining some semblance of their former regal status as the wife and in-laws of Prince Ralph was welcomed.

A contract was arranged and Prince Ralph and Marianne were married in an elaborate ceremony that befitted the heir to the throne of a rich Kingdom. To the new Princess Marianne's consternation (or perhaps relief), Prince Ralph spent his wedding night in his own chambers with his male attendants and made no demands on her.

Barely two months after the wedding, the King was smitten with a severe illness. Many in the realm, including the King himself, feared he would die. On his deathbed, the King begged his son to produce an heir so that the kingdom would not fall into the hands of his unscrupulous relations and their families.

The Prince was dismayed. He did not want to cause his father further anguish, but he could not bring himself to do what was necessary to produce a child. At this time, he had still not consummated his marriage to Marianne. Then, he hit on a plan. The new Princess had taken a liking to young Randolph and often arranged for him to accompany her and her staff on outings, so why not use him, covertly, to give his father and the monarchy the heir they so desperately wanted.

The Prince called the young man into his quarters for a private meeting. He began, "Randolph, you are aware of my aversion to and distrust of females. You are also aware that I am under pressure from my father to produce an offspring and heir to the throne. I want you to do me a huge favor and take my place in my wife's bedchamber and in producing my inheritor. I have discussed this with the Princess and she has agreed that you would be a suitable subject to father her child. We, she and I, want you to do this for us. Remember, the kingdom needs you."

Squire Randolph was taken aback. He had pleasured many young women in his short life, but, as far as he knew, he had never fathered a child. It had been many months since he had enjoyed the company of a woman, but the Princess? "Sire, I would do anything you ask but are you sure that this is what you want?" There was already a pounding in his heart and a swelling in his groin at the thought of his assignment with the beautiful Marianne.

"Yes, Randolph, I have given this much thought. You are intelligent, handsome and virile. The Princess likes you and the offspring of your union would be attractive and well equipped to succeed me as ruler of our country. The main thing is that no one is to know of this except the three of us. Do me this favor and I will be forever in your debt."

Randolph agreed and the plan was put in motion. The very next evening, with the approval of Princess Marianne, Prince Ralph arranged a private dinner for Randolph, The Princess and himself. A single servant, an old eunuch that had been with the prince since he was a child, served the dinner. Although the food was delicious and the surroundings pleasant enough, there was a tenseness that was lost on The Prince. Each time Randolph and Marianne's eyes met, she looked away and blushed.

Finally the meal was over and Ralph excused himself saying, "I will leave you two to your own pleasures. Remember Marianne, I am counting on you and Randolph to help save the kingdom and enhance me in the eyes of my father. I know that this may not be what you want, but it for the good of all and I implore you to enter into this with all your heart. Randolph is a good man and I know he can do this for both of us, but you must also do your part."

He then turned to Randolph and said, "Marianne is a delicate flower and you must go easy with her. I wouldn't want her to suffer because of my aversion to women and our arrangement to make an heir. Do your best and I will reward you handsomely. Remember, the monarchy needs you!"

Without another word, he departed, leaving Randolph looking at the door with his back to Marianne. When he turned around he was alarmed to see Marianne removing her clothes. She ran to him, clad only in her bloomers and bodice and threw her arms around his neck. "I thought he would never leave. Come into the bedchamber and make love to me. I need you so much. I haven't had a man for months."

Needless to say, Randolph was taken aback by the actions of this fragile blossom, but then, he was also horny. He picked her up in his arms and took her into the bedroom. By the time they got there, she had pulled his tunic back, baring his chest and her mouth was tightly attached to the nipple of his left breast while her hand had snaked down inside his trousers and had a firm hold on his already erect manhood. The young page deposited the Princess on the bed, anxious to do his masters bidding. He started to remove his clothes only to find another pair of hand helping him.

Within moments, he was down to his knickers and the beautiful Marianne was completely nude. With a flourish, she pulled his remaining garment down to his knees, allowing his erect penis to leap out at her. Her first reaction was to recoil from this huge trouser snake, but then, she smiled.

"Oh, Randolph, I knew I made the right choice. You will make a wonderful father for my child. Let me kiss that part of you that will make this possible."

Now, the young man had been kissed many times by many young women, but never there. This was something that he had not experienced until he came to the castle. It was the method Ralph used to drain the seed from the young men in his entourage and Randolph had come to know and enjoy this exercise very much. He was therefore pleased that his soon to be partner was also versed in this technique. He found Marianne's mouth to be much softer and yet more demanding than his mentor, Prince Ralph.

It would have only moments before a massive release of his semen when Marianne terminated her vacuum hold on him, raised her head and said, "Don't you think you should do the same for me?"

"Well -- ah - of course." Randolph was lying, he had never done such a thing and didn't even know it was done, or how it was done, but at this stage he was willing to try anything once. "Can you keep kissing me while I kiss you?"

Marianne was not quite as inexperienced as one would think and with one quick, fluid motion, pushed Randolph down on the bed and quickly mounted him in a sixty-nine position, never letting her mouth lose contact with the implement that was destined make her a mother. Randolph, on the other hand was experiencing a new and wondrous sensation. The delicate Marianne was grinding herself into his face and a copious amount of liquid was flooding out of her, leaving delicious nectar in his mouth and on his lips. To Marianne's delight, he greedily lapped at the treasure he had encountered for the first time.

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