Strip Poker: The Hand Behind The Cards

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After I posted 'Strip Poker' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother. Well to be honest I don't know for sure but that doesn't stop me from speculating.

After I posted 'Strip Poker' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother. Well to be honest I don't know for sure but that doesn't stop me from speculating.

"No please, I don't want to," I whinged, I do hate to hear that tone in my voice but my brother was making demands on me again.

"Now look sis," he said forcefully, "I've promised them and you're not going to let me down, do you hear?"

"Yes," I replied meekly, "but how far do I have to go?"

"Shit girl, since you've been seeing that boyfriend of your," he smiled, "you're always dropping your knickers to him."

"I do not," I said hotly, but in truth I do. Not only did he pop my cherry just a short few months ago we do fuck every chance we get.

"It'll be just a small friendly game with a few of the lads," he said smoothly, "and during the course of the game you will get your tits out for them, that's all."

"So how many will there be there?" I asked, but already I could feel my blood pounding through my veins at the thought of showing off my breasts to some strangers.

"Just two or three," he said lightly.

"Ok but nothing else," I said sternly, "no touching or anything, ok."

"Sure sis," he said, "no problem."

I knew I couldn't trust him but already I was socking wet between my legs and I wasn't seeing my boyfriend until tomorrow night. While I was thinking ahead about tomorrow, my brother stepped forward and grabbed one of my breasts.

"Stop that," I said pushing him away, but he was much too strong.

"I think we should have our own private party as we are all alone," he said with a big smile on his face.

"No please don't," I begged but already he was pulling me to the floor and his hands were working under my short skirt.

"Oh please," I sighed but that was the last intelligent sound I made for some minutes. His hands worked on my bust and between my legs until I felt his thing enter me.

"Fucking great," he grunted and started to thrust into me hard.

I wasn't going to last long and neither was he at the speed he was going. At last he was still and but not until my own orgasm washed over my body leaving me fulfilled.

I dressed with care using my best under wear and at last I was ready to meet the world.

"Here we are guys," shouted my brother, "you all know my sister J."

A chorus of yeses came from the four faces in the back room. I knew each one by sight as being friends of my brother's but I didn't know any of their names.

"We're going to play some cards," he said straight faced at me, "do you want to play with us?"

"Sure," I said with a big smile, "what are you playing?"

"Well with you here, I thought strip poker," he said.

"How could a girl refuse with such a bunch of handsome guys," I said looking from face to face.

"Right, ok," he said slapping his hands together, "here are the rules guys and girls. Only four items of clothes will be allowed and the games over when there is only one left not naked, ok."

"Sure," came the reply, but I could see a lot of mental counting going on with fingers being used to list items of clothing.

Clothes were being pulled off to bring everybody down to the required levels.

"Stop that Bob," shouted my brother, "shoes and socks don't count. Right let's start shall we," my brother said shuffling the cards expertly.

Over the next 20 minutes or so everybody lost some clothes but it wasn't until I was down to my last two that the atmosphere changed. Everybody knew that the next time I lost my breasts would be on display. With every hand played they all looked at my cards hoping that it would be me that would have the weakest hand but for three consecutive hands I didn't. Of course it was bound to happen in the end and I was dealt a pair of tens, a good hand, a hand that normally wouldn't have not been the worsted hand, but this time it was. There was total silence when my cards went down and everybody knew that I had at last lost.

"It's you J," said my brother, "get your bra off."

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