Remembrance of Things Present

by Rod O'Steele

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: An old flame sparks a fire that burns

Kevin met her at a small strip mall halfway between their houses. He pulled up next to her car, waved and pulled away. Sydney started her car and followed his down the parkway, over the highway and into the parking lot of the hotel. He ran to the office, returning a few minutes later with a room key. She got out of her car and followed him to the room. They walked hand in hand, almost dancing along, smiling and laughing like they had thirty years before. He pulled the drapes closed and turned on one light to softly illumine the room. It was a nice room with a king bed dominating it. But they didn't notice. They had waited too long to notice their surroundings. They only saw each other.

She stood at the foot of the bed with an expectant look on her face. Without a word he moved to her. They stood inches apart waiting, gazing into each other's eyes as their bodies trembled in anticipation. They had waited since high school for this. Kevin reached for her and she came into his arms. Their lips met and melded into a passionate kiss, packing years of waiting into one long kiss.

He was a senior and she a freshman. But Sydney wasn't a typical freshman. She was maturing early; no bony lines and little girl looks. Her body was rounded and full, her face mature beyond her years and she didn't act like a little girl. She was a woman, a young woman, but a woman none the less.

They met in drama class. Soon they were talking. Then they were hanging around together. Then they were hanging around each other's house after school. Then they were kissing. Sydney liked to press up against him as they kissed, feeling his hard cock through his tight jeans. It was exhilarating to know she was making him that way. She accused him of poking her in the belly which caused him no little embarrassment. But he could no more stop the effect she had on him then he could have stopped breathing. One day, in the small alcove between her house and the garage he had put his hand into her tight jeans, running his finger along her wet pussy. Then the sound of a door opening had sent them scrambling to make clothing adjustments and separate in the small space. No one came but it dispelled the moment.

Sydney's sister, a senior, was jealous that Sydney had a senior boyfriend and was soon lobbying their parents against the relationship. It forced Kevin and Sydney apart. Soon after, he graduated and enlisted in the Air Force to avoid the draft.

The last time he saw her was a short leave he had after training and before first assignment. They spent the day at an amusement park. It was glorious fun. He brought her a dozen red roses, her first flowers from a man. He left for his assignment. His parents moved away from the hometown and he lost all track of people he had known. She grew up and met a man and married. He traveled the world and met a woman and married. The past receded into the fog of memory. She kept the roses pressed in a book. Occasionally she would open the book and see the faded red roses and wonder. Occasionally he would remember the wild passion, the terrible power of the emotions he felt when he held Sydney in his arms. The mists of time obscured the rest.

In the years that had had passed Al Gore had invented the Internet. She found his name. And they found that they lived only a few miles away from each other. And it all came flooding back, the emotions, the chances lost, the desires. Like moths drawn to an irresistible flame they found each other.

They agreed to meet at a hotel.

It had never really disappeared. It was all there just as it had been on those afternoons in the garage, holding each other tightly. Like that last day together laughing, exhilarated with spending a day in each other's life. All of that they tried to say in that first kiss.

"You're doing it again," she said as their lips parted.

Confused, "What?"

"Poking me in the belly with your cock," she said with laughter in her voice.

Acting scandalized he responded, "Sydney, shocked. Yes I'm shocked at your language. You never would have said that before."

She put her hand to his face pulling him back for another kiss as she said, "I've turned into a dirty old woman. A horney woman," as their lips met again.

He turned to the bed pulling her with him. She stopped him as he tried to lie on the bed. "I want you naked," she said.

He felt the butterflies in his stomach the same time as the hormones poured from his glands. The combination made his body feel like he was connected to an open electric current. The hair on his arms stood up. "Yes," was all he could answer.

She reached for the top button on his shirt. He started with the bottom. He threw off his shirt as Sydney reached for his pants. They followed quickly and his sandals followed his pants.

Sydney stepped back looking at his cock standing proudly. She wrapped her hand around it as she said, "I always knew it had to big to feel it through your jeans like that."

"Compliments will get you everywhere," he said with a smile. He pulled her to him kissing her deeply. He pulled back and reached for her blouse. She quickly joined in as her clothes followed his to pile up on the floor. She straightened after pushing her panties off, watching to see if he would like her. She was now a forty something woman and no longer sure of her desirableness. Men's heads no longer turned as she walked past. He gave her a wolf whistle bringing a smile to her face. His eyes fastened to her Mons. It was bare.

"Do you like?" she asked.

"I love," he said. "I've always fantasized about a woman shaved."

Her eyes widened a little. Then she smiled, "Well, why don't you find out if the reality is as good as the fantasy?"

He took her hand and they climbed onto the bed. She lay back, her silky white skin in stark contrast to the dark blue of the duvet. He lay next to her kissing her lips, face and cheeks before venturing south toward her abundant hills. His lips trailed around her breasts, teasing her before they found her crinkled nipple already hard in anticipation. She gasped as he sucked it into his mouth laving and lapping with his tongue. He moved to her other nipple repeating his ministrations. Her hands found his neck and held him against her breast. He sucked and licked back and forth between the two.

Leaving her tits Kevin slowly kissed lower across her belly taking time to kiss and tickle her belly button. She giggled from the sensations. Moving lower his tongue trailed across her bare Mons reaching the top of her pussy. The feel of his tongue on her bare pussy excited him. It was so different. He pushed her legs apart as he settled between them. Her pussy flowered open, the lips spreading apart to reveal the deeper red of her depths. Her clitoris stood out from the top of her pussy already enlarged. His tongue circled it, never touching it directly but always right next to it, teasing it, pushing her labia against it. She was redolent with the aroma of her arousal, an aphrodisiac to him. His cock swelled even more with the anticipation of entering her. Sydney's hips were pushing up, trying to force his teasing tongue onto her clitoris. He pushed it into her pussy burying it deeply up her before pulling it out and lapping across her clitoris. She shuddered from the contact and mewled in her throat. His tongue danced around her clitoris now, licking and massaging it. He sucked it into his mouth, his lips massaging the base as his tongue fluttered over the tip. Sydney stiffened from the assault of the sensations. He was fucking her with his mouth and she was climbing toward a climax. His face was becoming soaked with her juices as she pushed her pussy against his face.

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