by Rod Ramsey

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Desc: Sex Story: David is a man intent on killing himself. Instead he meets Sally and together they find a reason to keep on living. Each other.

I sat on the bench watching the girl at the rail, waiting for her to leave so I could finish what started here five years ago. I had met my sweet Angel at this very spot five years ago today, it was where I proposed and where we took our vows to be man and wife till death do us part. It was here that I came and cried the day Angelina and our unborn child were taken from me by a drunk driver.

My lonely empty house was locked up and my affairs were in order. Before coming here I had mailed my mother a letter asking her forgiveness for what I was doing.

I was patient, yet the girl just stood there, the cold wind from the ocean had to be chilling in her tank top and shorts. The sun would be going down soon and at least a few people would show up to watch the sun set. I knew if she didn't leave soon I would be stopped before I could make it over the tall rail fence. Finally the girl moved, it was a move I expected myself to be making and yet I found myself striding forward as she climbed the rail fence.

"Don't do it!" I called out as I reached for her slim waist.

"Please let me go. I just want to die," the girl cried, struggling against me, trying to climb the fence.

"You're so young, you have your whole life ahead of you," I whispered in her ear.

"No. It's over," the girl sobbed. "Paul is dead and I want to die too."

"It'll get better, the pain will ease," I lied, the pain was eating me from the inside out, yet I couldn't let this girl do what I had come to do.

I felt the warmth of her body against my chest, she shivered and relaxed her grip.

"Promise?" she asked in a child like voice.

"I promise," I lied again. "Please come away from the edge. We can get a cup of coffee and we can console each other."

The girl turned and looked at me, "What do you mean console each other?"

"My sweet Angel died six months ago along with our child. I came here today to end it, yet seeing you made me realize that isn't the answer." Tears blurred my vision as I spoke.

The girl broke down, sobbing against my chest. I place my arms around her, holding on for dear life. I'm not sure how long we stayed like that, but the sun had set when we broke our embrace.

"God I'm hungry," the girl said as we separated.

I took her hand, "Come on, there's an excellent place for chowder just down the road."

We found a table at the back of the restaurant and finally got around to introductions. Her name was Sally and she was barely twenty years old. Paul was her highschool sweetheart, instead of college he enlisted in the Army. They were to be married when he got back from 'over there'. Instead of a wedding, the ceremony was a military funeral with full honors. We talked for hours, going back to my place after the restaurant had closed for the night. The sun came up and we continued to talk as we walked down to the corner shop for danish and coffee. We fell asleep on the couch, holding on to each other around ten.

The phone ringing woke us up, I sat there as the machine picked up and went through its announcement.

"David? David please pick up," Mom's quavering voice sounded from the speaker. "Please tell me this is a joke."

I dashed to the phone, dislodging Sally's head from my lap, "Mom. Mom it's ok. It was all a mistake."

"David this letter says you're going to kill yourself." Mom was near hysterics, "Why? You have so much to live for."

"I know. It was a mistake to even think such a thing," I replied. Sally had come over and taken my hand.

"I'm coming over there. We need to talk," she sounded much stronger now.

"Okay, can you give me an hour. I didn't sleep much last night and I'm a mess."

"Sure sweety," she answered. "I'll be there in an hour."

"Bye Mom. See you then," I hung up the phone and turned to embrace Sally.

"Dave, you really were going to kill yourself." It was a statement not a question.

"Yes I was. Do you want to meet my mom?" I asked.

"I don't have much choice now. My car is still at the bluff and you wouldn't be able to make it there and back in an hour," Sally said.

"Good point. Besides she'll like you," I replied. "Why don't you go take a shower while I fix something to eat."

Sally tilted her head up to kiss me gently on the lips, then headed off to the bathroom. I fixed tunafish sandwiches while she got cleaned up. My heart nearly stopped when she walked into the kitchen, even without makeup she was beautiful wearing one of Angel's summer dresses.

"I hope you don't mind if I wear this. Is it ok?" she asked.

I sat there stunned, not mistaking this lovely lady for my Angel. Yet I found myself getting aroused for the first time in months.

"Yes. I. You take my breath away," I stammered out.

"I'm glad you approve. I really didn't want to meet your mom in a tank top and shorts," Sally said.

We sat and ate our sandwiches in silence, we were both talked out from the previous night. Sally volunteered to clean up our lunch dishes while I showered. As I walked into the still steamy bathroom I could smell the fragrance from the shampoo Sally had used. I took a quick cold shower before dressing in slacks and a sport shirt.

The doorbell rang as I was leaving the bedroom, Sally met me in the hall and together we answered the door. Mom and a man I didn't recognize were standing on the step. She glanced at Sally as I invited them in.

"David, this is Reverend Thomas from my church. I thought maybe he could help," Mom said, introducing the man.

"A pleasure Reverend," I replied being polite. "This is Sally Taylor. Sally this is my mother, Grace and her friend Rev. Thomas.

"Hello Rev. Thomas. Mrs. Weaver, it's a pleasure to meet you. Dave has told me so much about you," Sally responded, smiling at both of them like old friends.

"So David, how long have you known Sally?" Mother asked.

"Let's go into the livingroom," I said. "We can talk all about it. Reverend would you like some coffee or tea?"

"Coffee would be fine, black please," he responded. "And please call me Tom."

"Tom it is. Sally would you help me with the coffee."

"Sure," she responded as Mother and Tom sat on the sofa.

Sally had already prepared coffee and tea for us and it took only moments for us to gather up the service. Returning to the livingroom I handed Mother her tea and Tom his coffee. Sally and I took our coffees and sat in the two chairs facing the sofa.

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