Haircut: the Hand Behind the Scissors

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After I posted 'Hair Cut' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother. Well to be honest I don't know but that doesn't stop me speculating.

After I posted 'Hair Cut' I had numerous mails asking me if my ex wife did anything more with her brother. Well to be honest I don't know but that doesn't stop me speculating.

For me, my dad leaving was devastating and I don't think I'll ever got over it. I was twelve at the time and suddenly my whole world collapsed. My brother who was a year younger than me took over the male roll within the family but it was never the same.

Shortly after he had left I remember lots of things started to happen not least my breasts started to grown and didn't stop until I was filling a 'D' cup. Immediately all the boys who had ignored me, started to pay attention. At first this was ok but became more and more frightening as time went on. Even my brother's own friend started on me, cornering and touching me when he wasn't looking. I would lay awake at night and could still feeling their hands on my breasts and in truth I like it but it was scary too.

Sometime around my fourteenth birthday I was getting ready to go out and was travelling from the bathroom to my room with a large bath towel wrapped about me when my brother Tony intercepted me and pinned me up against the wall.

"Hi big sister," he said.

"Please," I said with a giggle, "I've got to get ready, I'm going out."

"Been hearing things about you," he said.

"What?" I snapped.

"Just thing," he leered looking at my breasts, "most of my friends say you've been teasing them and sticking your tits in their faces."

"No I don't," I said hotly, "if anything they chase me about trying to touch me."

"Well you can't blame them for that," he chuckled, his eyes now rooted to my bust.

After a short time his hand came up made a grab at me and gave my bust a squeeze.

"Get off," I squealed and pushed his hand off me.

Trouble was he had grabbed the towel and as I pushed him off the towel came too.

"No," I screamed and tried to grab the towel but he was much too quick for me.

He grabbed both my wrists and pulled them above my head, the towel dropped around my feet.

"Fucking 'ell," he whistled.

"Please," I said, struggling to get free but he was much too strong.

He transferred both of my wrists to one hand freeing up the other to come down and cup me.

"Please stop," I said weakly, but he was completely deaf to my pleas.

He brought his other hand down so he could cup both my breasts and I was free but what could I do.

"Stop that," he said forcefully, when I tried to push him off.

"You've got fucking great tits sis," he said his eyes and hands never leaving my bust.

I must have been pinned to the wall for ten minutes or so before he released me. I grabbed my wet towel and ran for my room. The door shut behind me and I just stood there shaking, I could still feel his hands squeezing my bust. I never felt anything like it before, that feeling of being totally powerless and his hands moving and squeezing my body had caused a very pleasurable sensation to run throughout my body.

A few weeks later I had washed my hair and just about finished drying it when Tony came into the lounge. Mum was out as usual working late again so there was only the two of us home.

"Hi sis," he said brightly, "how's my favourite sister?"

He plonked himself down on the sofa and watched me finish off with my hair. I became conscious that he was staring at me then I realised that I wasn't wearing that much. After my shower I had put on just my PJ top and not bothering with anything else, this I now viewed as a mistake. His eyes were taking in the sights, my exposed legs and my wobbling bust, how I wished I had taken the time to dress with more care.

"Your looking fucking good," he leered, in a tone of voice that I now knew.

I stayed silent hoping he had somewhere else to go but no he just sat there, looking at me with that funny look on his face.

"Been sticking those tits of yours under the guys faces again, have you?" he said.

"No," I said hotly.

"Pity," he smiled, "for I'm sure they would love it if you did."

"Stop being disgusting," I said.

I put the hair dryer down and started to get up, as I did he sprang up and made a grab for me.

"No," I shouted, but pushed me down flat on the floor.

"So big sister, how are your tits tonight," he said.

"No please don't," I pleaded and struggled under him.

He easily held me with one hand while the other popped the buttons on my PJ top. When he had undone all of them he flung both side open to expose my naked body to his eyes.

"Oh my, will you look at those beauties," he said, his eyes travelling up and down my naked body.

"Please don't," I whimpered.

He now sat astride my middle and with both hands he mauled my breasts.

"Fucking 'ell sis," he said, "them are the fucking best tits I've ever had the pleasure of."

He stopped mauling me now and was working on his belt.

"Oh no please," I begged my panic rising fast but he wasn't intent on fucking me, he just placed his hard cock between my breasts.

"Squeeze 'em for me," he ordered.

I just lay there as he moved his thingie between my breast.

"I said squeeze 'em," he said more forcefully and pushed my hands around myself so trapping him between my flesh.

Almost immediately I could feel his thingie start to throb and then jet his stuff all over me.

"Fucking great sis," he said getting up and do up his clothes.

That was the first of many such encounters, sometimes when he had a steady girlfriend he would leave me alone for a while but I never knew when he would be again thrusting his hardness between my bust.

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