Day of Surprise

by Irishrose1215

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman goes out shopping, only to find that a man has been shopping for her.

Before the story begins, I would like to thank you, Theron, for writing this with me. For knowing exactly how to treat a girl like me, and for keeping me wet and hot for your cock all day long. Now, with out further ado, Theron and I Present, "A Day of Surprise."


Seeing you standing there in that wicked store, wearing next to nothing and shamelessly looking at lingerie caused something inside of me to break. A slut like you obviously was looking for it, your long, red hair cascading down your slender white neck. The nipples of your breasts jutting out obscenely, bound by only the cloth of your flimsy shirt.

I followed you the rest of the day, watching your ass move and the way you flirted with any fuckin' man that came near you. "Yes," I thought, "it was gonna be my time soon."

As you entered your car in the dark, empty parking lot, I rushed up behind you and put a hand over your mouth to stifle the scream that was already building. I whispered, "Shut up and you'll live to fuck another man, whore."

Surprisingly, that seemed enough to put an end to your initial struggle, and I squeezed into the front seat beside you. I took your lovely pale throat in my hand and tightened my fingers around as I pushed into you and kissed you savagely on those ripe, red lips of yours. This renewed your attempt to escape me, but this was quelled by an immediate hard slap to your cheek.

"I said don't do that!" My left hand found your big tits, while my right hand kept you pinned at the neck. As I fondled you, I looked into your biff, fearful eyes and remarked, "You don't seem to mind this too much, do you now?"

You remained silent. "I've been watching you all day. You never did find a man to fuck you, did you?" I asked.

Your eyes answered with a confused look, but I ignored your stupid games. There was no time for games now. I laughed.

"Stop! I know what you've been doing all day. Now, I'm going to fuck you like you want. You would have chose me if you'd seen me. But I made sure you didn't. But I chose you, didn't I?"

Hearing this seemed to scare you, but you also smelled like sex. I knew for sure it was the right time when I smelled your cunt. This was an omen, no doubt.

That was when I moved to the passenger seat and said one simple word: "Drive."


"What the fuck," I thought to myself as my shaky hands put the key into the ignition and turned on the car. I looked at you before putting my hand up to the shaft to reverse the car. My big blue eyes were wide, but they had darkened with growing desire.

"Where do you want to take me?"

My voice didn't match my calm eyes; it was higher in pitch than normal and rough with fear and a little interest.

"Just go whore, I'll tell you when to stop."

I said nothing more and backed out and onto the street. As I drove my short skirt hiked up even more with each move of my foot from the gas petal to the brake. I felt your eyes on me, but I ignored them, I racked my brain to try and remember if I'd seen your face today while shopping. I kept coming up blank. As we neared a motel your hand went to my upper thigh.

"There Bitch, pull in there!"

I turned and parked the car. You quickly got out, before I even had the chance to take the keys out, and came around to my side of the vehicle. You opened the door and grabbed a handful of my hair. I yelped in pain and surprise as you pulled me from the car. I felt your hands leave my hair, to end up on the back of my neck. I tried to fight out of your grasps, but you were much too strong.


The smell of mildew hits as I force you into a trashy little room on the ground floor of the shabby motel. Slamming the door behind us, I shove you down onto an unmade single bed and fall atop you.

Having pinned your arms with my knees, I lean back and look at you beneath me. I slowly remove my worn, leather jacket as I take in the sight of you. Your hair splayed around your head, your tits practically bursting from your top, my cock growing in my jeans and starting to block my view of your pretty face.

Having thrown my jacket to the grimy floor, I rip off my t-shirt next. I see your eyes shifting to glance at my body as I reach down and squeeze your cheeks and move your head back and forth on the mattress. My thumb goes to your mouth, outlining your full lips suggestively. You open your mouth and try to catch my thumb, and I quickly draw it away, teasing you and enjoying it.

My eyes beam as I ask, "So, has the tide turned, slut? Have you decided that I am, indeed, the one tonight?"


I look up at you, my eyes steady and narrow as a wicked smile plays across my lips.

"Why don't you free that cock and find out?"

You grab my throat and squeeze it as you draw your face close to mine.

"Watch the way in which you speak to me slut! You say, yes Sir, I am going to act like the good little whore I am and I'm going to fuck you in everyway you wish!"

I lift my head as far as it will go and release my tongue, moving it across your lips, before I move my head back down to breath.

"Fuck me Sir!"

You move off of me long enough to take down your pants and underwear. I gasp as I see your cock at full attention, and moan as you take your place on me again, your cock now only inches from my face.

"Jesus Christ! Your cock is fuckin big!"

You grab it, and move just a little closer, hitting the tip of your cock against my lips. I open my mouth but you won't allow me a taste.


"Do you desire it, whore? Do you have wiles to practice upon it? Can you suck a big cock like this, bitch?" I ask as I slam my thick, red piece of muscle down upon your wet lips and press it steadily between them.

Your blue eyes widen as it crawls deeper and deeper down your throat. My balls rub against your chin as you struggle to breathe. I lean back and allow your arms to be yours again. Immediately, both of your hands wrap themselves around my shaft and begin stroking and twisting. A moan escapes your full mouth as you peer up into my eyes happily.

"Ohhh, Sir, yes, this is what I wanted. You were correct, Sir."

You bow your head and attack my cock's spongy helmet, licking and sucking noisily. I sigh contentedly as I watch a worthless whore do what she knows needs to be done.


I can feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter as I run my hands the length of your shaft, and taste the head on my lips and tongue. I remove my lips from my teeth and look at you as I gently begin to nibble the tip of your cock. I moan again as I see the desire in your eyes, and I move my hand up to where my teeth had been.

"Fuck my mouth Sir! Please! I want to feel your cock all the way down my throat! Please, make me choke on this big fat dick!"

I watch as your eyebrow goes up while you are considering the request I've made. Your hand goes down into my hair, and lifts my head up roughly from the bed.

"You want me to fuck your mouth whore? Are you sure you could handle it?"

"Yes! Please! Fuck it! Ram your huge fuckin cock down my throat! I want you to so bad!"


Upon hearing your plea, I wrap both of my hands around the back of your head, holding it up as I begin thrusting my long, fat cock into your waiting mouth. Farther and farther, until I feel the back of your throat, and then I ram it in harder, forcing it deeper and deeper.

I delight in the gagging sounds you make and become even more excited when I see the gob of spittle shoot up from between your lips. Awwwwww, this is joy as I have always dreamed it could be. I look down at your reddening face and redouble my efforts to make you, fucking little piece of trash, gag and choke on my swollen length of meat.

As I hear panicked gasps issuing from you, I slow down and withdraw my shaft and smear it heavily over your slutty face, you whore. Ooooh, you love this, as do I. I know that you - you are the one to which I am to show the way. And, again, I smile.

I scoot down your trunk and violently rip your shirt from your body. I take the scraps of cloth and tie your wrists together and start on your full, bouncing breasts.


I watch the top of your head as I feel your teeth go around one erect nipple. I am still gasping for air from the harsh way in which you fucked my mouth, but I smile because I loved every minute of it.

I moan loudly when you bite down on my nipple and my hand goes to the back of your head. I hold it lightly, not wanting you to lose any type of movement as your head goes from one tit to the other. My hips begin to uncontrollably thrust up with every bite.

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