by Dream Bringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short story of imagination. Something we all indulge ourseves in at times. Enjoy. Let me know either way

I was looking at the picture of you, the one you first sent me in the see-through dress / blouse. In my imagination it is a dress, and you and I are alone in your own home. You are wearing that dress and standing in the doorway with the moonlight behind you. Your body is clearly on display to my eyes, you might as well be wearing nothing.

I walk to you and put my arms around you, tilt your head up, and bring my lips to yours. The kiss starts gently, tongues stroking lips, lips massaging lips. I take your bottom lip between my teeth and gently let your lip slide free, my teeth scraping the soft tender flesh bringing a soft moan from your lips. Then our mouths open to let tongues enter and dance together in each others mouth. My fingers are caressing your face and stroking your ears. From your lips I move to your ear, and begin to nibble the lobe, my tongue strokes the folds inside. Just the tips of my fingers are gently caressing your back following your spine from the back of your neck to your waist, then up your sides and over your shoulders, under your hair and across your neck, before starting the journey back down again.

My lips are now moving around your neck to your throat where I plant little kisses and licks, and every now and again a more positive nibble. I drop to my knees and I am faced with your hard nipple showing clearly through the gossamer material of your dress. I place my lips over that ripe berry and stroke it with my tongue through your clothing. My hands are now stroking lower, from your lower back and over your buttocks, still just with the tips of my fingers. I move my hands in circles, covering the whole of your buttocks. Then begin to include your thighs in the gentle torture of my finger tips.

You are making little whimpering sound constantly now. Pressing your body against mine, trying to force more of your breast into my mouth. The front of your dress is now quite wet with my saliva, and, it is adhering to your nipples like a second skin. I am alternatively nibbling on your nipples and giving firm sucks on the whole areola, drawing it into my mouth where I lash it with my tongue. My fingers are tracing little circles on the backs of your knees, before stroking up the inside of your thighs. At the top of your thighs I track the underside of your buttocks and then up to your waist, before meeting in the middle and starting back down. As my fingers come to the cleft of your backside I exert more pressure, pressing your groin area into my chest, before returning down the inside of your thighs to the back of your knees, where it all begins again.

Your hands are holding my head pressing it into your breasts trying to get me to do more than I am, but I will not be rushed. I hear you pleading with me as you release the tie on your dress, but, I am a rock and will not be moved.

I feel you shrug, and the dress slides to the floor. You are now standing naked before me apart from your panties, and my lips and fingers are now touching bare skin.

Soon your knees begin to shake and a blush is covering the top half of your chest and your neck. It is now time.

I lift you in my arms and carry you to your bedroom and lay you on your mattress. My hands now take your breast and gently squeeze them. Your nipples are standing proud, and almost look angry and ready to burst with the desire in your body. I take a nipple in my mouth and gently bite down on it. Your back arches and a groan escapes your lips. My hand is caressing your stomach, and my fingers slide under the waist band of your panties. Further down until my fingers are stroking through the well trimmed hair of your pubes.

I begin to kiss my way down your body, the kisses following the path of my hands. I kiss around your stomach and along the line of your underwear. I straddle your legs and hook my fingers into the waist band of your panties and slowly begin to slide them down your legs my lips following, always kissing and licking the area being uncovered.

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