Back Seat

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: I've never been in the back seat of my car until now and I would never have gone there with these two guys anyway.

I've never been in the back seat of my car until now and I would never have gone there with these two guys anyway. Up to then it was a normal Friday afternoon and I just unlocking my car to go home when I was grabbed and pushed into the back of my own car and driven off. I felt my panic rising fast for my immediate future looked short and probably painful.

"W-what do you want with me?" I stuttered.

But I could see the answer in their lustful stares, so I was going to be raped and killed and left in some ditch.

"The boss wants a word," said guy number one sitting on my left.

"Oh," I said.

At least I wasn't going to be killed straight away. But all this didn't make any sense, ok I knew I was prime meat for being raped and dumped somewhere for I know what I look like. I seen guys look at me like that for the last ten of my twenty-six years in total. But I'm just a secretary in a boring job so why would some one want to talk to me. Guy number two on my right was taking his 'hold her secure' a bit too far for I don't think my right breast was going anywhere without me.

"Get your hands off her," said guy number three who turned around from the passenger seat to speak.

That just left guy number four who was driving, now you would think I was some desperado requiring four guys to bring me in. He took his hands off me though but he still had that look on his face.

"What does your boss want to talk about?" I said now I got my breathing back under control. I know I sound normal, calm even, but in reality I'm scared shitless. Now that a curious term, I thought, for in truth I could shit a whole lot just now.

"He'll tell you when he sees you," came the gruff reply from number three.

The rest of the journey was in silence then the car pulled into an underground parking lot and the sunlight disappeared taking all my remaining courage with it. I was hauled out of the back seat and pushed into a lift up to the tenth floor. I walked into a thickly carpeted room and I knew I could definitely do with a major shit now; my insides were doing the polka.

"Thank you for coming," he said, I labelled him boss number 1.

I tried to speak but my mouth had completely dried up so in the end I just nodded.

"Now I suppose you're wondering why you're here?" he said, "well you see that next Monday or at the latest on Tuesday your boss is expecting a small parcel and I want you to tell me when it arrives."

Is that all, I can do that I thought and of course I need to be alive to do it too.

"But of course we don't want him to know that you've told us," he continued, "so I've invited you here for the weekend to give me time to stress on you the importance of it all."

"Weekend, no sorry I can't stay for the weekend," I squawked, "I've got things to do."

"Sorry but you'll be our guest until Sunday night," he said with a smile and I can tell you I didn't like that smile one little bit.

"They told me you were a fine looking woman and they're right," he said looking me up and down, "so while you are here we are going to get acquainted."

Things had looked up for a few minutes now I knew I wasn't going to be murdered but my next worst fears looked like coming true.

"Fine looking girl," he mumbled to himself, "now tell you what, why don't you take all your clothes off so we can all see what a good looking body you have."

"W-what, no I couldn't," I stuttered putting my arms across my chest for protection, as if that going to stop them.

"Two things can happen here," he leered at me, "and in both cases you're going to end up naked. Firstly, I tell my boys to tear the clothes from your back, or secondly you can remove them for us. One way your have clothes to wear on Sunday when we take you home, the other you'll be naked because all your clothes will be torn to pieces."

I stood there complete numb, oh I knew it was coming I had seen it in all their eyes, stripping away my clothes in their minds. It not my fault that my boobs are 'D's' or that my hips flare nicely to long shapely legs, no it in my genes that I inherited from my parents.

"So what's it going to be?" he continued.

Slowly, as slowly as I could my hands reached up and undid the first button. It was symbolic that first button, it said that I was going to do what they wanted and not be physically forced. My blouse dropped to the floor and then I stepped out of my skirt. I don't wear sexy underwear to work just some old M&S twin set that I had for years. That too now ended up on the floor.

"Very nice," he said his eyes looking me up and down. "now turn for us all so we can have a good look."

I did as per instructions and each pair of eyes looked me up and down, there was no point in being shy or embarrassed now, it was not that I hadn't been naked before a man before but it had always been of my own choosing.

"Tony give me one of the blueie things," he called out to guy number three behind me, "now this is a roofie and I want you to swallow it," he said.

I looked down at his palm and in there lay a small blue pill.

"W-what is it?" I asked with a small voice for in truth I was past being scare, more your abject terror.

"You tell her Tony," he called out.

"It's a Rophypnol or roofie to the trade, a date rape drug," he said.

"P-please no," I whispered.

"Once again you have two choices but in both you will end up taking this," he said.

I reached out and picked it from his large hand and popped it into my mouth. At first I couldn't swallow for my mouth was so dry but at last it disappeared.

"Now we'll give it a few minutes and then the fun can start," he said with a laugh.

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