Chapter 1: Cindy's Discovery

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Cheating, BDSM, Oral Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Cindy's Discovery - A true tale of how a young wife and mother seeking sexual fulfillment outside marriage discovers an unexpected aspect to her own sexuality.

Cindy and Gene met in the school auditorium at a parent's organization meeting. They each had children in the 4th grade, though not in the same class. They were both in their late 30's, both well educated, both married. Their spouses were vaguely acquainted. Cindy and Gene became casual friends, as so many of the other parents at the school were. At first, theirs was just a casual acquaintance, but the more they talked, the more interesting it became. They had common interests and attitudes. They were both good-looking people. Cindy was tall, slim, and blue eyed, with darkening long blonde hair. Gene was a big guy, taller, heavier, and athletic, with dark hair and eyes. They were always participating with their children and spouses at school meetings, church activities, baseball games, and cub scout meetings. There was an attraction between them, and they made a point finding each other whenever they were at the same event. Cindy flirted with Gene a little, and he responded. Cindy always tried to look a little sexier than usual if she knew she was going to see him. But at first, a little flirting was all that happened.

In the fall, the Cub Scouts sponsored a family camping trip, and dozens of parents and children came for a weekend in the outdoors. The weather was perfect: clear, cool and crisp. The kids had a great time playing games and running around the woods, and the parents had a great time watching their kids and enjoying the great outdoors. Cindy loved the outdoors, although she was not an experienced camper. But Gene was an outdoors guy, and he enjoyed showing his son and the scouts how to pitch a tent and identify the different kinds of trees. Cindy and Gene had been keeping company all day as their sons ran around in the woods and set up camp, and there were some moments when casual hugs and touches lingered longer than usual. However, with the kids and other parents around all the time, nothing more intimate than a few soulful looks were exchanged.

In the evening, as dinner was being prepared by some of the other parents, Gene asked Cindy if she's like to take a walk, and she eagerly accepted. They walked off down the dirt road, and then angled off on a trail that went down to the lake. After they were safely out of sight of camp, Cindy put her hand into his, and they walked hand in hand down to the lakeshore just as the last trace of the sun went under the horizon. It was a picture perfect spot, with the pink-orange clouds above the darkening waters of the lake. They talked for a moment about how much fun they were having, but the talk stopped when Cindy stepped up to Gene, face to face, and put her arms around him. They hugged, and then they kissed. That first kiss was very long and very passionate, and all their pent up desire for each other emerged. Gene dropped his hands to her butt, pulling her tightly up against him. She could feel his erection. He could feel that her jeans were skintight. Out of breath, they broke the kiss and just held each other tightly.

Gene could also tell she wasn't wearing a bra under her loose sweatshirt, and to him, that was an invitation. He slipped his hands up under her sweatshirt, caressing her back. Cindy wiggled up tighter against his chest, complaining that his hands were cold. He let them warm up a moment on her back, and then pushed her away from him slightly so he could see her eyes. Face to face, a few inches apart, he looked into her eyes as he slowly brought his hands under her sweatshirt, across her tummy, and lightly grazed across her nipples. Cindy's blue eyes remained locked with his until his fingers brushed across her erect nipples, when she shivered from the pleasure, closed her eyes, and tilted her face toward his to be kissed. A moment later, Gene's still cold hands caressed her small warm breasts, and she shuddered with a mini-orgasm just from his touch as they kissed. She had wanted this so bad, needed it for so long. Gene's touch felt so good. As darkness fell over the lake, they kissed passionately. This was what she wanted.

Alas, they had to get back to camp for dinner with the kids. As they walked back, hand in hand, the electricity flowed. Gene told her to just follow his lead when the kids were in bed, whatever that meant. Just before they got back to the circle of light that marked the camp, she released his hand. They were married to other people. Their children were here, and the school gossips were here. People will talk. They would have to be careful.

After dinner, things gradually quieted down as some of the kids, exhausted from running around all day, finally crashed and went to sleep. Some of the tired parents also said goodnight and drifted off to their tents. Gene, Cindy, and a dozen other parents sat around the campfire in the cool night air and talked about kids, teachers, school, scouts, politics, and all the usual topics for over an hour as the campfire burned lower. People gradually drifted away one by one, until Cindy and Gene were the only ones left. Each of them had a tent nearby with a sleeping child in it. Cindy stared into the burning embers of the fire and told Gene she was ready.

Gene put out the fire with a bucket of water and stirred the embers. He told her was going to check on his son first, and then he would leave camp quietly. They should leave separately and meet on the road down at the bridge, which was out of sight of camp. Gene walked off in one direction, and Cindy walked off in the other.

It was really dark, and after staring at the fire for hours, Cindy's eyes had not adjusted to the darkness. After stumbling around a little, she finally found her tent and quietly opened the zipper. Her son was sleeping soundly. She got her jacket and closed up the tent. Trying to walk as quietly as she could through the campsite, she slowly moved off in the darkness towards the road. Cindy was tense with excitement. She had never been unfaithful to her husband before, although she had dreamed about it often. Now she was not just giving in to temptation, she was being the temptress. She had been doing everything she could all day to give Gene the signals that she was available, and he had responded. Now, after 12 years of an ever-duller marriage, she was probably going to have sex tonight with another man. She wanted it. She was very excited.

Gene was pleasantly surprised that Cindy had come on to him so strongly. It was an opportunity he wasn't going to pass up. She had made it clear that she was available; he was going to find out just how far this little fox was willing to go.

When Cindy finally got to the bridge, Gene was waiting. They embraced and kissed, and he slipped his hand under her loose sweatshirt and massaged her breasts roughly. It didn't take long for her to get very aroused. Other than her doctors, and a few anonymous gropers, Gene was the first man besides her husband to touch her breasts in almost 20 years. Unfortunately, her husband had lost interest in both her breasts and the rest of her. Her husband's sexual interests were limited to the missionary position once a week. Cindy had grown more and more determined to recapture the thrill of sex from the early days before children. Now, standing in the dark on a dirt road in the woods, she could tell by the warmth and tingle in her belly that the thrill was back.

Gene tried to slip his fingers into her jeans, but they were skintight. He broke off the kiss, unbuttoned the top button of her blue jeans, and meeting no resistance, slid the zipper down. To his surprise and pleasure, he saw only skin and pubic hair in the dim light. No panties. This woman knew what she wanted. He slipped his hand into her open jeans and caressed her prominent pubic mound as they stood there in the middle of the road. The jeans were too tight to do much other than rub her pussy a little, but she clearly loved it. He told her to button her pants as he concentrated on finding them a more private spot.

The stars were bright, but there was no moon out that early, so it was still pretty dark. Cindy wasn't sure what was going to happen, but she was following Gene's lead, just as he had told her. He held her hand as they walked carefully through the dark woods, occasionally stumbling over log or getting snagged on a vine. She loved being in the woods, day or night, so this was actually an exciting adventure for her, but she was now totally lost and disoriented. She hoped Gene would be able to find their way back out. Finally, he stopped in little grassy clearing. She could see stars overhead, but the woods were totally dark all around.

Gene told her to take off her clothes, and she did, eagerly. She felt like a teenager again, ready to fuck. She thought he would strip too, but he didn't. He insisted she take off her shoes, too. In a few moments she was standing before him completely naked, shivering slightly in the starlight. She was tall and thin, with broad shoulders and broad hips, but slim elsewhere. After two children, her belly was flat for mother. Her breasts were small but shapely, with a just a slight sag. He nipples were small, tight, and erect. Her long hair was sun-streaked dark blond, and her pubic hair was sparse and flat. The light was too dim for the stretch marks to show.

Gene stood there like a giant, still fully clothed. He moved toward her and cupped her pussy in his hand, and she pushed back toward him. She had a prominent pubic mound, and it was damp. He pushed her backwards a few feet until she was backed up against a small tree. Gene warned sharply her not to move, and not to speak. He stepped behind her, pulled a length of cord from his pocket, and quickly bound her hands with a few turns of the cord and tied them to the tree.

Cindy didn't know what to think. She had walked into the woods with Gene intending to get laid, and before she knew what was happening, he had tied her to a tree. She could feel the rough bark of the tree against her butt and scraping her hands. She had stepped on a sharp stick with her bare feet, but that was OK now. As long as she was standing straight up she was comfortable, but this was crazy. Exciting but crazy. What had she gotten herself into?

So far, she was doing what she was told. Gene ran his hands over Cindy's breasts, teasing her nipples into tense erectness. He could feel the goose bumps on her skin, either from the cold, from fear, or both. Gene began caressing her pussy, moving the entire mound in a circle with his hand, then probing inside with his fingers. She was wet, and soon began to hump his hand awkwardly. It only took a few minutes before she was red hot and on the edge, but he backed off when he sensed she was about to cum. He was careful not to touch more than one part of her body at time. Gene bent his head to her breasts, licking one nipple and then the other, teasing them with little scrapes of his teeth. He licked her ears, and then returned to her breasts, this time sucking her flesh into his mouth for a moment and then licking her more. The air was cold, so that the wetness on her skin soon cooled and made her shiver. By the time he returned his attention to her pussy, she was ready. When his fingers reached her clit, Cindy erupted, humping against his hand and moaning, straining against the immovable tree, grinding her clit against his hand when she could. The waves of her orgasms finally peaked and declined, and she sagged against the tree, her knees weak. Gene released her hands, and she sat down in the damp grass.

Cindy was in shock. She couldn't believe what Gene had done to her, but his rough treatment had resulted in one of the best orgasms of her life. She almost never came that hard, even back in her carefree days before children. She was both exhausted and exhilarated. Now Gene was pulling her up into a sitting position; she sat cross-legged in the damp grass, naked. Gene stood in front of her and unzipped his pants. Suddenly, she realized he wanted her to suck his dick. Gene pulled his organ out and positioned it in front of her face. It was no larger than her husbands', but it was different. The reality of adultery was confronting her. She turned her face away, but Gene firmly turned her head back to face his cock. He sternly told her to open her mouth, and she did.

Part of Cindy's life flashed through her mind in that moment. She was 37 years old, had been married for a dozen years, but she had never had a man's organ in her mouth. Cindy had heard about it, read about, seen it in the movies, and even sometimes masturbated while thinking about it, but she had never actually done it. Now, having seduced Gene with the intention of letting him fuck her, he was forcing her to suck his cock. Well, maybe not forcing her. Part of her wanted to do it; maybe part of her needed to do it. Her lips closed over the end of his organ, and the salty, musky taste filled her mouth for the first time. It was warm and smooth as she took a little more into her mouth and moved her tongue around it. Cindy felt a tingle in her clit as she moved her head, imitating what she had read about so often. Her hands moved to hold him as she adjusted herself into a better position. She heard Gene moan as she moved her mouth back and forth over his cock.

After the first moments of repulsion, Cindy rapidly got adjusted to sucking cock. After the first few awkward strokes, she found she could do it. Gene didn't try to force it all the way in, he just let her do it her own way, and she really got into it. She was just taking it about halfway into her mouth, which was comfortable, and sucking and licking on it. Cindy found she was aroused again, partly from having a cock in her mouth, and partly from being naked in the woods with a strange man. Whatever the reason, she was highly aroused, and all her inhibitions rapidly dropped away. She loved this. Her universe was focused on getting her own oral satisfaction from Gene's cock. She used one hand to finger her clit as she held Gene's dick in the other. Cindy just got hotter and hotter, and then her orgasms started.

Gene had a lot of self-control, but he was about to lose it. Having this beautiful woman strip naked and suck his dick under the stars was one of the most exciting experiences of his life, and he wanted to prolong it. Now she had started to cum herself while vigorously sucking him, and she showed no signs of slowing down. He pulled out of her mouth and just let her lick the head of his cock as she fingered herself. He turned so her oral attentions were directed along the sides of his shaft, anything to let his own approaching orgasm slow down a little.

Gene could have pushed her down in the grass and fucked her right then. But he wanted a different kind of submission from her. He knew he couldn't last much longer, but he wanted her to submit to him in another intimate way. He had no way of knowing that it was her first time sucking cock, but he instinctively knew that she was so hot she would do anything. Gene slid his cock back into her mouth, and heard her moan as she vigorously moved up and down his shaft, fingering her clit at the same time. After a few minutes of that, just before he exploded, Gene took her head firmly in his large hands, and began to shove his dick all the way in, fucking her mouth and throat. As his sperm exploded into her throat, he pulled her head tightly against him as spasm after spasm took him. He did not notice that her orgasm was just as powerful as his, shaking her body, even though she was choking and couldn't breathe.

Cindy sagged down onto the cold ground, gasping for breath, her mouth full of the taste of his sperm. She had multiple orgasms over the last few minutes as Gene had brutally fucked her mouth. Cindy was exhausted, but exhilarated. She had no idea that oral sex was so stimulating. She had gotten more sexual satisfaction in the last half hour than in the last month. She was stunned in more ways than one, and she just lay in the damp grass for a while, recovering. Finally, she looked around for Gene, who was sitting a few feet away, just watching her. She crawled over to him and put her arms around him, hugging him tightly, thanking him tearfully for the best sex she had ever had.

Later that night, as she lay in her tent next to her sleeping son, sleep would not come for her. Her mind was racing and her body was still tingling. Her life, her marriage, and everything else had changed during that hour in the woods.

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