In My Dreams

by Irishrose1215

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman has a dream about a man that she has met on the internet. The dream tells of everything that she wants her cyber-lover to do to her in real life that her husband won't.

I lay in bed, feeling my husband's weight next to me. I can't sleep; my mind wanders to thoughts of another man. One who's touched my heart, my mind, and my body, with just words. No, I've never met him face to face, but his words to me through e-mails and stories have touched me in ways that no other person has ever done.

As I lay there in the terminal blackness of night, my mind goes from thoughts of how he's touched me to how I want him to touch me. I can't help the smile that crosses my face I begin to dream:

I see myself, my long red locks split down the middle, lying across the front of my shoulders in two childlike braids. As I look down at my body, I see my voluptuous breasts held up by a sexy laced black bra. The material is very thin, and the bra is more like a bathing suit top, it ties at the neck, and around the back. Barely covering the bra is a white shirt, there's no buttons on the shirt, and it ties right below my breasts. I see the fair skin of my tight belly and smile as I see the skirt wrapped around my waist. It's pleaded, red and black, held only in place by a strip of Velcro, it's short stopping right below the ass. I can't see them, but I know that there is a pair of panties under the skirt that matches the bra I wear. It's not a thong or g-string, but a pair of hip hugger briefs that cut short along the ass, so that the bottoms of my cheeks hang out of the panties. I see a pair of white fishnet stockings covering my well toned legs, and as my eyes sweep down to my feet I see a pair of leather six inch spike heeled sandals on them. I smile to myself in the dream, and wonder who's taking in this sexy sight of me dressed like a naughty school girl.

I hear rustling in front of me, and lift my head from viewing my body to see a man lying on a bed. I walk closer and smile again as I see him, so handsome lying there, he's completely naked, and his cock stands proud at the sight of me. I stand at the side of the bed, my small hands with their long slender fingers on my hips. I cock my head to the side, as I jut my right hip out; my blue eyes with their unnaturally long eyelashes lower slightly, bedroom eyes as they call it, my tongue sweeps across my full red lips as my naturally wicked smile comes back. My voice is low when I begin to speak.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy?"

I turn around, sticking my ass out in the air, and wiggle it at him as he responses.

"Yes I do."

His voice is thick with his lust, this makes my smile broaden.

I turn around and face him once more, my hands slowly coming to my breasts, I sweep them down along the sides of my tits, and squeeze them together, bringing my index finger and thumb to my nipples, pulling on them gently as I stare at him. I see his eyes widen with delight as I play with my breasts for him. One hand moves down, slowly leaving its trail from my breast down my stomach to the top of my skirt. I hear a sigh come from him, as my hand moves under the skirt. I move my fingers along the outline of my panties.

"Do you wanna see my fingers on my pussy? Do you want me to jack off for you?"

He nods, his face blushing as I spread my legs a little further, and my hand pushes away the panties. I run one finger against my slit, moaning as I come up to my clit.

"It's so good. My finger feels so good on my pussy. My cunt is so hot, so wet, and it's all just for you. You wanna feel it don't you? You want that gorgeous cock of yours running up in this tight pussy don't you? I know I want to feel it. You hear that Baby? I want to feel that hard throbbing cock thrusting so deep in my pussy that I can't breathe. Stroke your cock for me. I want to see it. I want to see your hand moving slowly up and down that shaft while I fuck myself."

He says nothing to my words, but I can see the utter amazement and desire in his eyes. He brings his hand to his cock, and begins to stroke it. I moan at the sight, and rub my clit faster and harder. Right before I begin to cum I move my hand and come up onto the bed kneeling beside him. I take the hand that is playing with his cock and bring it to my pussy.

"Look how wet you've made me Daddy. Feel how hot my pussy is for you. What a bad little girl I've been!"

He replies with only a moan.

"Do you think I need a spanking? Do you think this slut of a girl needs to be corrected? Should I be put across your knee Daddy? Or is there another punishment you'd like better?"

He grabs my hair, causing me to moan with his forcefulness, and brings me up beside him. He straddles my chest, bringing the tip of his cock just inches away from my lips.

"Open your mouth!"

I do so and he shoves his cock deep into my throat, causing me to choke for a minute. I ignore the choking, and grab onto his hips, moaning loudly as he fucks my mouth hard, his balls slapping against my chin while his cock rams down my throat.

I pout when he pulls his cock from me, he moves down just a little, grabbing my nipples as he pulls my tits towards his cock.

"Oooooo... Yes Daddy! I love when you fuck my tits! Your cock feels so good against them! And fuck, I loved the way you fucked my mouth, so hard it made me choke! Your cock feels so good in my throat. I love it! I love your cock! All I wanna do is fuck you, all the time! Would you like that? Would you like for me to be your personal fuck toy? To use anytime you see fit! I'd be a good one you know that, don't you? I'd do anything you asked, anything you commanded, just to feel that cock of yours on me! Oh God Daddy, you know just how to treat your little whore don't you!"

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