Stuck in the Storeroom

by Rod Ramsey

Copyright© 2004 by Rod Ramsey

Sex Story: Ryan and Lucy find themselves stuck in the storeroom waiting for a locksmith to come let them out. During the wait they find an enjoyable way of passing the time. ***Nominee, January 2004 Silver Clitoride Award***

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1: Trapped

"Hi Ryan," Lucy called out as he entered the office. "How are you this afternoon?"

Ryan looked around to see the lovely blonde secretary kneeling next to several boxes of holiday decorations she was packing up for storage. Her smile always made him feel all tingly inside. He had never dated a girl as pretty as she was. So having her treat him nice was, well nice. If only Scott wasn't her boyfriend.

"Hi Lucy," he replied returning her smile. "Those boxes look heavy would you like some help taking them up to storage?"

"Sure. Go clock in and I'll make sure it's all right with Ms Rhodes."

Ryan went into the break room and clocked in. When he returned to the front office, Ms Rhodes was standing in her doorway chatting with Lucy. He watched for a moment as the lithe secretary stood in front of the portly office manager, her hips swaying unconsciously as they talked.

"Ah, Ryan. So nice of you to offer to help Lucy," Ms Rhodes said when she saw him. "I was just telling her what a good worker you are and how productivity in Shipping has picked up since you started."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he replied politely. "Really it's no problem."

"Well I think it's wonderful," Lucy said picking up the smallest box as Ryan picked up the largest of the four boxes.

Ryan led Lucy to the stairwell door, holding it open for her. He followed her up the stairs, watching her ass sway as she climbed. Silently wishing she would stumble. Her skirt was short, just not quite short enough to show her panties as she climbed. It was Ryan who stumbled, tripping over a small carton that blocked the upstairs door open. Lucy stretched her legs to place the box on the top shelf then stood aside to let Ryan place the large one on the bottom shelf. Lucy stepped closer to Ryan as he stood back up.

"Thank you Ryan," she said quietly. "I really do appreciate it. Let's get those other two boxes and I'll buy you a soda as a reward."

"It's my pleasure Lucy," Ryan replied heading to the now closed door. "Uh, Houston we have a problem."

"What?" she asked. "Open the door Silly."

"I can't," he replied, showing her that the knob just twisted in his hand.

Lucy brushed his hand aside and twisted the knob futilely in her hand. She let out a quiet snort.

"Great! We could be stuck up here all afternoon. Ms Rhodes won't even think to look for us until quitting time."

"Ah, never fear sweet princess," he responded. "It's not a charging steed or a shining suit of armor, but I do have this." Ryan, smiling, held up his cell phone.

"My hero," she replied, smiling as he dialed the office number.

Ms Rhodes answered the phone with a curt, "Broadway Posters, how may I help you?"

"Hi Ms Rhodes it's Ryan," he said. "We seem to have gotten stuck up here in the storeroom."

"What? That's not funny Ryan," she replied.

"No Ma'am it's not. Could you come up and let us out, the knob just spins from this side."

"I'll be right there," Ryan heard, just before the phone went click in his ear.

"She sounded pissed," he told Lucy.

"She hates climbing those stairs," Lucy replied.

A few minutes later they heard the door rattling, then someone obviously shaking the handle roughly.

"Ryan? Lucy? I can't get it to open," they heard Ms Rhodes say through the door. "I'm going to call a locksmith."

"Okay, Ms Rhodes," Lucy replied. "We aren't going anywhere," she said softly enough that only Ryan could hear.

Chapter 2: Something to Pass the Time

Ryan leaned against the door letting his eyes roam around the small storeroom. Lucy stepped closer to him and smiled with a hint of mischievousness. He looked at her with a quizzical grin.

"What?" he said.

"We could be stuck here for hours," she replied. "I know you like me. Why haven't you ever asked me out?"

"Well for one thing, you have a boyfriend and I don't usually ask out girls that have boyfriends. Even if they are as lovely as you," he replied.

"What makes you think I have a boyfriend?" she asked.

"Well Scott says you two are going out. That makes him your boyfriend in my book."

Lucy snorted loudly at that, "Scott is an asshole. In case you haven't noticed I don't even talk to him unless it's work related."

"Oh, I hadn't noticed," he replied. "That being the case would you like to go out with me tonight?"

"I'd love to," Lucy replied, stepping closer and reaching up to kiss him.

Ryan found his arms going around Lucy's waist as her lips captured his lower lip. He kissed her back, pulling the slight girl to him. His cellphone ringing causing them to break their embrace.

"Hi Ms Rhodes," he said, answering the phone.

"Ryan it's going to take the locksmith at least ninety minutes to get here," she told him as Lucy stood on tip-toes to hear the conversation. "Are you two going to be okay for that long or should I call the Fire Department and have them bust the door down?"

"We'll be fine Ms Rhodes," Lucy replied. "We'll just spend the time straightening up the files."

"Oh that's a wonderful idea Lucy. I knew you could make a good thing out of a bad situation," Ms Rhodes replied as Ryan looked on shaking his head.

Once more the phone line clicked dead. Ryan looked at the neatly stacked and filed boxes sitting on their shelves. The only furniture was an old leather chair and a card table that had seen better days.

"How much straighter do you think we can get this place?" he asked.

Lucy didn't answer, she just smiled, took his hand and led him over to the chair. He didn't resist as she pushed him to a sitting position then climbed on, straddling his lap.

"The place was a mess when I started. Ms Rhodes hasn't been up here since my first day, so she won't know the difference. Now are you going to kiss me or do I have to force you?"

"Oooo, force me," Ryan replied, leaning forward to plant his lips on her's.

Lucy aggressively kissed back, forcing Ryan to lean back in the chair as she settled her body more firmly on his. They moaned in unison as he gripped her hips and wiggled his, rubbing his growing erection against her.

"Ooh, maybe getting stuck up here wont be so bad after all," she said breaking the kiss and reaching to unbutton her blouse.

Ryan lifted his hands off her hips and started working the buttons from the bottom up, meeting Lucy in the middle. She let her hands drop as Ryan slid his hands up her belly to run them over her bra covered tits. She moaned again, grinding her pussy against his lap as he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples.

"Oh God," she cried as Ryan slipped his fingers under the bra and made contact with her bare nipples.

Ryan pulled the strapless bra down over her tits as she reached behind her to unclasp it. He leaned forward to kiss her breasts. Letting his tongue trace wet lines over them. Lucy worked her shoulders, getting the blouse loose and letting the bra and blouse drop to puddle around her waist. As Ryan's mouth worked back and forth between her tits, Lucy reached for his shirt struggling to unbutton it. She slid down on his lap to work his shirt out of his jeans. Ryan pulled his mouth away from her tit with a final flick of his tongue over her nipple.

"Get up for a second Love," he whispered.

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