Unexpected Birthday Present

by Rajkerala18

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: My cousin and I presented ourselves eachother. We enjoyed the beautiful sex for the first time with all its beauty. Really my cousin Bhanu allowed me all freedom to enjoy her terrific body and I enjoyed it with much happiness.

Hi, to all readers. I am an avid fan of this site and have read many stories on this site. Off late I thought of sharing my story with all of you. Let me first describe myself to you. I am Raj, 18 years old guy. I am doing my Bsc in computer Engineering. I am from Kerala, India, yes from the God's Own Land. I am 5' 8" smart and handsome with a very good body. This is a real story of an incestuous relation, which happened about 1 year ago. This is a true story of my life and I want to share it with all of you, especially for those who believe that there could not be any illicit relations between close relatives. More than this it was first experience for both of us.

It was in May 2003, I was just free for one month till June, since Degree classes normally starts from that month only. I had absolutely no work. I was at home watching movies, surfing the net and just doing painting, my hobby. And cousin sister had completed her PG class and was waiting for her result too. Since it was summer vacation in Kerala she came to our house just to spend some weeks with her uncle's family [My father]. I was a very big fan of Shilpa Shetty, Indian actress. I liked her cute face and specially, her tall, slim, sexy figure. She selected many years by fans as sexiest actress off bollywood. Bhanu, my cousin sister, is a very gorgeous girl and very fair in color and resembled very much of my favorite actress. She had an incredible body. She was 22 yrs. of age at that time and she was around 5 feet 6 inches in height with very long, curved and smooth firm legs. She had medium sized boobs. But they looked huge in respect of her slim figure and those perfect mounds were made me really crazy always. But being my cousin I controlled myself. She was looking damn sexy with her nice small waist, perfectly shaped belly button and beautiful buttocks. No body will take their eyes if they got a chance to see that. Really she got many chances for acting in films in Tamil since she is settled in Chennai.But her parents were deadly against of their daughter becoming an actress. I didn't have any sexual attraction towards her till that time and have never thought of doing such an act to my cousin sister. It is true that I masturbated many times of thinking her at night and fantasized of making love with her. But it was in my secret dreams only. However we just used to hug and kiss on cheeks sometimes. But that too in some events of happiness in order to congratulate each other or just greet each other but that too had a very brotherly relations and emotions in it. Nothing is a secret between Bhanu and me. We share even the slightest talks between us and even the most private and hot topics were not far off between us. But I never had imagined that to have such an incestuous relation between us.

It happened so that one day when my parents had gone out to Kochi to attend a marriage. I have taken some photos of her in my digital camera as per her request in her new shirt and jeans. She was with her most perfect body with the beautiful curves and that erotic navel was visible since her top ends before that and the prettiest face, with her natural naughty smile and the killing look of her deep black eyes made me really mad. I have taken some more close-ups of her breasts, midriff and thighs for my own collection without her knowledge. [This camera I got from my uncle in Dubai during the his last vacation for scoring high first class in 12th class] After our lunch I said goodnight to Bhanu, telling her that I have to do some programmes in my computer. I was very busy in watching her photos taken by me after feeding it to computer and while watching that photos I got very hot and forgot the entire moral thing that she is my cousin sister. I arranged her sexy photos in a slide show with enough time between each picture and was enjoying it. Bhanu entered my room but I was busy in watching the photos. I never noticed her presence behind my chair since I was very busy in watching her pictures. I really showered kisses on her photos."Raj.This is the job you have in computer. For this purpose you have taken my photos?" My God.I never had such a shock in my life till that day. Be frank I was in a very awkward position. In that shock I forgot to close the slide show. She had a good look at computer and me up in that state for a minute and just went away quietly. That was the time my senses returned and came to the real world.

I became so restless that I could not face her at that moment. So I did not went out till next day. But I was sure of one thing that she will never tell to anyone in the house about that incident. Anyhow I could not face her and could not even look in her eyes and talk to her. But thank God, rather thanks to her that she did not said anything. Even that day she did not spoke any word to me. The whole day and night after the incident went on very tensed for me and this continued till next day evening. Next morning I went to nearby temple since it was my birthday. After coming back I just left home to one of my friend's house and returned by evening to escape from the eyes of her. But at last she just broke this silence between us that evening. she told me that she wants to purchase some cosmetics and requested me to drop her. She came with me in my Bullet Bike since my parents taken the car. While traveling I felt the pressure of her boobs on my back, which I have experienced first time since we traveled together before in car only. Actually that feeling was incredible and made me really hot. At 7 PM she came to my room and arranged the table with candle light and taken a birthday cake from her bag. Really I got surprised at her move since I never thought of celebrating my birthday. After cutting the cake she put off the lamp since it was a full moon day. Enough moonlight was inside through the very big windows. She then pulled down the zip of her top, exposing her bra a quite. She was wearing a sandalwood colored semi transparent bra. I was looking at the most beautifully shaped cleavage. I was watching the two most perfect hemispheres, stunned. When she just came to me wearing her one of the sexiest dress I lost my senses. Slowly she dropped her dress and stood in the middle of room wearing thin panties and transparent bra. There wasn't anything more arousing on earth than that scene. "Raj.Come and take me. Take your birthday present". I just got shocked as if 440 volts of current have passed through my body after listening it. Definitely this birthday present was far beyond my expectations. And it was the day that we both lost our virginity to each other and this act of incestuous relation started which is still being carried on whenever we got chances.

After that she just came near me and hugged me hardly and whispered in my ears"Raj.I also want you as you want me. Now it is not a secret. Please deflower me. I want to enjoy losing my virginity with all it's beauty. Cover with me with your kisses wherever you like" And for the first time my body shivered by her touch, as it was now a different type of hug now. She just hugged me so hard that there was a huge hard bulge on my shorts. Now we could not wait for any long and thus just sat down on the sofa there and were sitting very close to each other. I was beginning to tremble. She just gave me a wonderful kiss. Our lips met and as our tongues met, we started getting tied up in a very passionate kiss. I began caressing her back and her waist, teasing her with my fingertips. We were sitting side-by-side at this time and I decided to make things easier by making her sit on top of my lap, and never breaking our kiss. I massaged her firm 34 sized boobs. And she reached below and lifted off my shirt, marveling at my hairy chest. At this time I suggested her to move to the bed and be at ease. I put her in my arms and carried her into the bed, sprawling me across the bed.

Her hands around my shoulder and her body tightly pressed against me. She stared at my exposed chest and I looked daringly at her boobs within that bra. I ran my hands over her back and slowly and slowly opened her bra and took it off and her literally marvelous boobs were in front of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits. Perfectly round and high on her chest, they were looked large that her arm brushed against one side of her tits when reached to touch me. For the first time in my life a perfect woman was in front of me to feel live. I put my arms around her waist and pressed hard against her. And I hope that she could have felt my rising bulge against her navel. I kissed her neck and earlobes while my hands reached around and played with her nice big boobs. Her small light brown nipples looking like a flower bud started getting rising and hard. Soon I buried my face in her tits. Then I began to kiss them reverently. I told her." I am going to eat these up. I will chew and suck until there is nothing left. I am going to nurse like a baby until you make milk for me". By telling that I took one of her distended nipples to my mouth and sucked noisily. One hand pulled more of her tit-flesh toward his face, covering my mouth and chin with her silky tits. My other hand busied itself with the opposite nipple. Both her nipples were now wet, erect and become reddish in color. Now she holds her left breast with her hand and is asking me to put both the nipples in my mouth. I take both the breasts one each in my hand and hold them from down in such a way that both her breasts become tighter and nipples become more pointed standing out erect. I press both her breasts bringing them closer to each other. I try to bring both the nipples closer to each other and attempt to put them in my mouth. But do not succeed. After 4 or 5 attempts I succeed and put both the nipples in my mouth and begin to circle it, lick it and suck it with my tongue. She is enjoying to her full extent and I am also very much enjoying it. My attentions grew in intensity until Bhanu tries to pull away from me"Hi. Raj.Slowly.It is not made of rubber, you know. Suck and bite slowly". Really I was mad because for the first time in my life a got a perfect pair of boobs to feel and suck. So ignoring her request I continued my manipulations and just attacked both tit and sucked it so hard that she moaned a lot in pain. Sucking her right nipple made it even harder and it started growing more in my mouth. Gently sucking it, my right hand pinched her left nipple and pressed it hard. My movements made her pain so much that she cried loudly. "Raj!!! Please do it slowly Raj please. I need this tomorrow also!"Just then I stopped sucking her nipple and squeezed both of them firmly and hard. She threw her head back and moaned. I started rolling my tongue around her nipples and her areolas. Ahhhhh... Her entire breasts were bruised and battered but it was really amazing since she was enjoying each and every bit of my movements.

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