Backyard Tank

by Inner Strength

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes the simplest contact with a stranger can put a predator on your tail. This story should be more disturbing than erotic.

I have an old septic tank in my back yard. It is a cylinder about two feet around and about four feet long. I have no idea what it is made out of, aluminum or steel, some sort of metal. I just know it was heavy when I was cleaning it. I got most of the smell out.

Most septic tanks are buried on their side, like a submarine, but I put mine in the long way. I welded an opening in one side of it, and I wanted it to be easy to get to. If I remove a few inches of dirt, I can get to the door.

I am saving it for you.

I will take care of you.

I wonder if you will be able to breath. Enough air should get in through the thin layer of dirt. There is only one way to find out.

I first saw you about six months ago, waiting in line at the grocery store. I only had a box of Kleenex, so you let me go first. You must be able to see my loneliness. Nobody ever talks to me. Nobody ever notices me. Day in and day out, I sleepwalk through life, earning my pay, cooking my dinner, but nobody touched me. Nobody reached out. Nobody wanted to get close to me.

Until you.

I went to my car and watched you walk to yours. You were wearing blue jeans and a t shirt. You are young and beautiful. I don't know why somebody so perfect would choose me, but I will accept your gift.

I followed you, not too closely. I didn't want to scare you. And I found where you lived. I knew you would be my wife, but I had to prepare for you. You needed a place to live. I needed to get ready. I was in no rush. We had found each other, so I could get everything ready and come get you when it was time.

Every day I worked. I cleaned the tank. I opened the side. I poured my love for you into your house.

Sometimes, I just had to see you, so I would go back to your house. I knew all of your windows, but I never got to see much of you. You always seemed to undress in the bathroom for your shower. The most I ever saw was you in your bra and panties as you got dressed in the morning. What a beautiful body you have. I can't wait until we can be together, and I can see all of you. I promise I will make the most of your gift.

You don't seem to have a boyfriend. Once, you brought a man home, but he never came back. It is so sweet, like your last fling before we get married. I'm not jealous. He had one night. I get the rest of your life.

Sometimes I would drive by your work, to see if I could see you in the windows. Once in a while I did, but it was enough just to know you were there. I hope you know I am here as well. Can you feel me like I can feel you?

But those days are over. The waiting is over. I am ready to take you.

Your door is visible from the street. I can't get you in the daytime, because your neighbors might not understand. But a few times a month, you work late. So every night, I waited to see if you would work late. One time you did, but it was still light out.

Today is the day. I just watched the sun set, and you haven't come home yet. What a beautiful sunset.

I am waiting by your door.

There it is - your car. I wait quietly while you turn off the radio, and turn off the engine. You take off your seatbelt, and grab your purse from the seat. You open the door and get out. You walk to the door.

"Why didn't you tell me your name?"

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"We love each other. You should have told me your name, Violet."

"Get out of my yard or I am calling the police."

I love your wedding day jitters. It makes me want you even more. I grab at your arm, and you start kicking and hitting at me. I won't let go. I am touching you for the first time. It is wonderful.

You bite at my hand, and blood starts to flow. It really hurts. I guess it is time to go home. I have a sock with about thirty dollars in quarters. I swing it at your head. You are so young and so quick, you manage to dodge. I was aiming for the back of the neck, but you almost moved out of the way, and I got the side of your face.

Your head snapped to the left as the quarters hit it. I am strong, too. I will show you I am good enough. You look a little stunned.

I wonder if I broke your cheek. That will look really ugly, but I don't mind. You aren't moving so fast now that you are dazed, so I can swing again. I knock you out.

That was a little sad for me. I have been planning for this for months, and it was over so quickly. I thought you would recognize me and run. I thought you would fight more. I guess you want this as much as I do.

I drag you to my car, your heels scraping the ground, and load you into the trunk. I am beaming from ear to ear as I drive home. Finally, I'm not alone. Finally I am together with my love.

I pull into my driveway. It is long and hidden, just the way I like it.

I open the trunk, and you are still sleeping like an angel. It is time to prepare our home.

I carry you into the house. Your clothes are from your old life. You don't need them anymore. First I take off all of your jewelry and your watch. Then I take your shoes off, and then your socks. You have pretty painted toenails.

You are wearing slacks and a button down shirt. I can't decide where to start. The shirt. I undo the buttons very carefully. You won't be wearing it again, but I will be gentle on our wedding night. I pull the sides away to look at your bra. It is beautiful. I can see the shadow of your nipples.

I pull your arms through the sleeves, and leave you lying on the shirt.

I go and start your bath. I want it to be ready.

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