by Esu

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: Frustration soaked away

As she shook the rain from her hair, she sighed - alone again! Jim had rung up to say he had been detained by his customer to discuss pricing and options further.

'This was happening too much' she mused.

She poured herself a drink, turned on the box, and sat down.

'Jim was getting busier and busier with his work - some weeks she hardly saw him at all.'

The phone rang, she grabbed it. Tom was on the line, wanting to know if he could come round for the evening. He had managed to lock himself out of his flat. She immediately agreed, thinking back to the last evening they had spent together. She hadn't meant anything to happen, but Tom was such a sexy guy and everything had just fallen into place. She promptly reprimanded herself.

'After all, Tom only needs a bed for the night.'

She went into her kitchen to fix some 'nibbles' for later, idly wondering about Tom and realising how excited she felt at seeing him again. She knew Jim wouldn't mind - he liked to think that she had other interests anyway.

The doorbell rang, Tom stood there babbling away aimlessly.

"What a goon, I left the key in the flat, popped outside and the wind blew the door shut. The landlord won't come till the morning so I am homeless for the night."

"Never mind, you are quite welcome here. I could do with the company."

Tom sat on the sofa, gratefully accepting her offer of a drink and a snack.

"Did you hear the gossip about Rob James today - it was all over the office?" Tom asked.

"He's meant to be having an affair with Beverley - you know, the girl in the accounts department".

She digested this information before replying.

"No way, she's young enough to be his daughter but there again, some girls like older men, for the experience."

Tom laughed, "I'll look forward to getting older then."

'She couldn't imagine Rob James' had had that many successes over the years.'

They laughed and chattered for about another hour when she suddenly remembered her manners and said to Tom.

"If you want to freshen up, the bathroom's down the hall."

Tom winked at her.

"You know, I haven't forgotten last time - do you fancy sharing the bath with me?" he asked her cheekily.

She shyly agreed, her anticipation rising - as they made their way to the bathroom.

Tom paused in the doorway, turned to face her and stroked her face gently, outlining her mouth with his fingers, causing her lips to tingle. She sighed lustfully!

Avoiding his gaze, she adjusted the temperature of the water gushing from the mixer, before putting the plug in. After adding sensual oils and blending them with the streaming water, she turned to face Tom.

Tom had already removed most of his clothes and stood in his boxers. His right nipple had recently been pierced and it made him look even sexier than she had remembered. He moved towards her and swiftly began to unbutton her blouse, sliding it off. He reached around her waist to unzip her skirt which fell to the floor.

They cuddled; kissing each other excitedly, Tom undid her bra and gently fondled her breasts. His arms moved down her body slipping off her G-String. She tucked her fingers in the top of Tom's boxers and pushed them down. She was amazed to feel Tom's totally soft balls and looked in admiration. Tom was totally devoid of any pubic hair.

She placed her mouth on Tom's balls and started to kiss them, feeling the soft smooth skin with her tongue.

"Later, let's not rush it, I'm too close" Tom laughed whilst getting in the bath beckoning her to him.

She joined Tom in the scented water.

They kissed and cuddled.

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