Like Night and Day

by Dawn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two loner college students find love in the most unlikely of people.

Shane was your typical small town guy. He was 21 years old, a small town college student, and a virgin. The virgin part didn't seem so impossible to him, since he wasn't a very good-looking guy. Shane stood about 5'10", with blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. Shane's biggest problem however was his weight. Shane weighed in at about 230 lbs. Unbeknownst to most of the people in his college, though, his extra mass was mostly muscle. Years of working on his uncle's farm had hardened his body. But, that didn't change the fact that he was a virgin. And nothing seemed worse to a virgin than Friday night.

Shane sat in his truck, reading the local newspaper. "What's playing here that's any good?" Shane asked himself, looking at the local theater listings. He lived an hour from his college, so he usually went to a matinee movie after his last class and found something to eat before heading home. "Not a damn thing looks good! I'll just go to whatever's playing."

Shane bought his ticket, some action movie that had an OK review, and not much else going for it. He sat down in a seat halfway down the aisles, and settled back. He was reading one of those little preview pamphlets on upcoming movies, when a familiar voice rang through the air.

"What's a ladies man doing at a matinee in a crappy little theater on Friday?"

Shane looked up, and saw a familiar face. A gorgeous familiar face. Jennifer was a gorgeous girl, standing just shorter than Shane, with blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. The one thing that really stood out about her was her size. Jennifer was really thin, barely 130 pounds. Shane was sure that would keep anything more than a friendship from developing. They were night and day.

"Jennifer, what's up?" Shane asked.

"Not much, just heard this was supposed to be a good movie."

Shane nodded his head. "Me too. And, about me being a ladies man? Have you seen my date book lately?" Jennifer shook her head. Shane chuckled, "well, if you do, it's a phony. I don't have one." Jennifer sat down next to Shane, and put her hand on his arm. "Come on Shane, lots of girls would like a guy like you. No one in college wants someone who's just in it for sex. They want a guy who cares about them, and who wants to get to know them, and..." Shane cut her off, "and who has an ok body, and someone they wouldn't feel embarrassed introducing to friends and family, and someone with a cool car." Jennifer punched him in his arm. "Hey! Maybe some of us would like a guy like you to hold onto!"

Suddenly, it got very quiet between them. Shane stared into Jennifer's eyes, those piercing pools of ice, and he found himself moving towards her, letting his heart take control of his actions.

Jennifer took in Shane's reaction, and was ready to return the motions, closing her eyes, when suddenly the lights went out, and the screen flashed with brilliant light. Shane snapped his head forward, startled, and woken from his dream state. He shifted nervously, and stared ahead at the screen, sure that the moment was all in his head.

Jennifer snapped her attention to the screen in similar fashion, sure herself it was all in her imagination.

Sometime during the movie, Shane found her head slipped onto his shoulder, her hand entwined in his. He didn't make a move to push her away, he was happy for the friendly company.

The movie ended. They walked out, and Shane walked Jennifer to her car, making sure she got there ok. "These winter nights are weird. It's six, but it's already darker than the other side of the moon." Shane knew he sounded like an idiot, with a line as cheesy as that. Why was he so nervous? Nothing was major about this, Jennifer was just a friend, that's all she would want to be. "Well, Jen, I'm just gonna go grab some food, then probably head home." "Well, Shane, what hot club are you heading too?" Jennifer asked with a smirk. Shane laughed, feeling the cold piercing his jacket, 'It's so cold, why am I sweating?' "Well, I had thought about that Mexican place. I heard it has good quesadillas," Shane said, fiddling with his keys. "Well, I might check that place out. When are you going?" "I'm going to head over there now, would you like to just ride with me? My truck is messy, but the heater turns up fast." Jennifer shut her door back, and started walking to his truck, leaving Shane behind. "Come on slowpoke! Don't make me pick your locks!" Shane jogged to his truck, opening her door first, then hopping in, and cranking up the heat. Jennifer scooted over to him, leaning against him. Shane looked down at her with a questioning look. "What? It's still cold!" Jennifer shouted, seeing her breath in front of her.

They walked into the restaurant, and sat down near the window. The night went quickly, with good food, and several rounds of drinks coming to the table. Shane wasn't a drinker, he just had one beer. Jennifer was going through several mixed drinks, more than she had ever even thought about. She wasn't sure what was going on, she just felt like she needed a drink. When dinner was over, Jennifer needed a little help getting to the truck. Shane knew there was no way he was taking her back to her car, he was taking her to her place, maybe her sister would be there.

Shane pulled up the driveway, noticing the dark house. He went to the door, and no one answered. After helping Jen to the door, and fumbling with the locks, he helped her to her room, and looked for anyone else in the house. He found a note from her sister, saying she was visiting her parents this weekend and she would be back Sunday. Shane walked back to Jennifer's room, telling her what was going on. "Jen? Are you going to be alright here by yourself?" Jennifer grabbed at Shane's arm, pulling him down next to her, him kneeling on the floor next to the bed. "No Sheene, don't leave. I don't wanna be 'lone." Shane went back to his truck and called his parents, explaining it to them, telling them he needed to stay here tonight. He grabbed a spare shirt and shorts out of the backseat, and went inside. Shane slipped into the bathroom, and changed into his pjs. When he walked out, he heard commotion in Jennifer's room.

"Jen, you ok?" Shane asked, pushing the door open to check on her. He was greeted by a vision of beauty. Jennifer was changing into a nightshirt, and having some trouble in her inebriated state. Shane walked back outside, trying not to let her know he had seen her. He walked down to the living room, and sat on the couch, turning on the TV, checking out some late night wrestling show, when he heard footsteps on the stairs. He turned to see her, in a short pink shirt that left little to the imagination. She stumbled and twisted, showing Shane that she was indeed not wearing underwear. Shane sat quietly on the couch, and tried not to let her know he was staring. "God she's gorgeous. Like I'd have a chance with her anyway." Jennifer sat down next to Shane on the couch, and fell against him. Shane looked over at her, and noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing her glasses. "Shane? Do you think my glasses make me look dorky? Someone told me they did, and I think they were right. I do look dorky." Shane looked at her, and tilted her chin up. "Jen, I don't think you look dorky. You look sophisticated in them, and lord knows you need all the help you can get with that," Shane chuckled. Jennifer sat there, a pout spreading across her face. She blew a hair out of her face, and looked at Shane. "Look Shane! If you think I look dorky, just tell me, you don't have to mess with me!"

Jennifer stood up, wobbling slightly, and fell over. Shane jumped up and grabbed her before she fell onto the hardwood floor. "Jen, are you ok? Jen!" Shane was slightly shaking her, checking if she was ok. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanna go 'sleep," Jennifer said, her eyes glazed over. Shane picked her up in his arms, and walked up the stairs, making sure she didn't hit anything. He laid Jennifer down in her bed, and pulled the covers over her, then sat down on the edge.

"Jen? I'm staying here tonight, I'll be downstairs on the couch." Jason started to stand up, but Jennifer grabbed his arm, stopping him suddenly. "No Shane. Please? Stay with me for a lil bit?" Shane looked at her, and saw her eyes glossy with tears. "Ok, I'll stay. Scoot over!" Shane slipped in next to her, and layed down on the bedspread. "No Shane, get under the covers. You'll get cold." Shane pulled up the covers, and got in next to her. He felt her body, warm, pressed against her. He could hear her breathing become deeper, and knew she was drifting off. He lifted the sheets, ready to slip out and head for the couch, when Jennifer rolled over, and put her arm around his chest, trapping him there. "Well, guess I'm here for awhile." Shane settled down, and soon drifted off to sleep himself.

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