Scent of a Virgin

by blondefungirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, Rough, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two young girls fall victim to an exclusive Men's club.

Gabrielle, or Gabby as her friends know her, was known by all of her family and friends as a "sweet girl". She spent her first 9 years in Southern France living on a farm that had been in the family for generations. She grew up a cute, perky little girl with a carefree attitude and impeccable manners towards her elders. Her father landed a wonderful opportunity in the States and they relocated into an upper middle class neighborhood next door to a well-to-do family with a 9 year old girl named Andrea.

Andrea had the potential to be sweet but that was quickly forgotten as she entered school and soon figured out that most of the children did not have the same "means" as her and therefore developed a nasty habit of looking down at most of her classmates. She did have a small circle of friends that she considered to be worthy and her and her group soon became known as the "rich bitches". The girls considered it a badge of honor and did their best to keep the reputation alive.

This was the influence that poor Gabrielle fell into by the luck of the draw. Her sweetness and purity shone brightly as she spent more and more time with Andrea. As time wore on and the girls grew Gabrielle's outlook on life began to influence Andrea. It wasn't obvious but slowly Andrea was becoming more and more accepting of "others". Most people chalked the attitude change up to maturity.

Both girls were considered "cute" by little girl standards but when puberty hit they both blossomed into voluptuous, beautiful young women. Their looks combined with their attitude made them very popular at Midfield High School. They both became cheerleaders and spent most of their time together.

We join our story as Gabrielle and Andrea are 18 year old high school seniors and in total control of everything around them... well, almost everything.

The weather was beautiful. The sun was out and bright and the breeze was soft and cool enough to make it a perfect day to be outside. Gabby stood in front of the mirror combing her long, beautiful blonde hair. She had a towel wrapped around her young, tight body. Drips of water from her wet hair fell and ran down into her bountiful cleavage. She was thinking about the day. Her and her friend Andrea were going to the mall. They needed prom dresses for next month and they would begin their search today.

That in mind she walked into her closet to pick out an outfit. She knew her selection of clothes was not as extensive as all of her friends. Her dad made good money but he was just a professor at the local college and she knew he didn't bring in the kind of money her friends' fathers did. She would again have to make up for her lack of resources with her creativity.

She pulled out her favorite pink skirt. It was light denim and fell about 4 or 5 inches above her knees, showing enough thigh to be sexy but not enough to be slutty, because if there was anything Gabby was not it was a slut. Quite the contrary, Andrea and her friends had taught her the skill of the tease without having to actually "do" anything. Therefore, Gabby's beautiful body was "pure" as we call it and she considered it a personal challenge to keep it that way as long as she could.

What to wear on top? She decided to layer today and pulled out an old t-shirt she borrowed from her dad. It was the kind that had no sleeves and plunged deep in the chest. She pulled off the towel and slipped the t-shirt down over her head. It was made for a man so it was way too long but her chest was a little larger than the average man so the shirt was nice and tight across her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled. The shirt went so low that it did technically cover her bottom half but her chest pushed against the top such that it was stretched. This, combined with the water left from her shower made the shirt a little sheer and her nipples were easily visible through the material. For just a brief moment she considered wearing this by itself and she felt a slight tingle slip through her body. Now that would cause a ruckus at the mall.

She grabbed a pair of her pink lace bikini panties and slipped them on. She then slipped on the skirt and tucked in the t-shirt. Now, she thought, I need something else to keep me out of jail. She grabbed another shirt she borrowed from her dad. It was a white work shirt and it had been shrunk by its many trips through the washer so it fit her very well. Well, except for right across the widest part of her chest where the buttons would look like they were barely hanging on. She had torn off the sleeves so it looked kinda cool as a sleeveless.

She slipped on the shirt and decided to button it starting at the second button and leaving the bottom two buttons open. This looked pretty good as the bottom of the shirt separated slightly, revealing a small piece of the t-shirt. She looked at the top and saw that the second button allowed the shirt to completely cover her breasts but showing a hint of cleavage. She spun around and decided that this would do just fine. She slipped on her sandals, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Andrea Winters was sitting on her porch waiting for her friend. She heard the door slam next door and looked to see Gabby walking across the lawn. Damn her, she could dress in rags and look hot. She looked at her friend closely. She was 5'6" and most of that was legs. So what does she do? She wears a skirt that shows off most of them. She was also blessed with a 36C chest and again was wearing something that forced anyone looking at her to focus immediately on the way her breasts bounced just slightly behind her shirt as she walked. No bra again, she wondered if she even owned one. She couldn't remember if she ever saw Gabby or her mother ever wear a bra. Maybe it was the French thing.

Andrea loved her friend but she was slightly jealous of her. While Andrea had a nice body and pretty face, Gabby was stunning and was always the one that the boys looked at first.

She knew that Gabby's family didn't have the "means" to run with her crowd but she allowed Gabby to hang around anyway. One reason was that she attracted a lot of attention from the male persuasion and Andrea enjoyed that. But the main reason was the fact that Gabby looked up to her and would do most anything she told her and Andrea liked that a lot.

"Good morning, Andrea" Gabby shouted as she reached the porch steps.

"Ready to go?" she asked.

"Yea, Dad gave me the keys to the Mustang. We can take that." Andrea answered.

"Awesome!" Gabby said. She loved riding in the Mustang. It was a convertible and she loved feeling the wind flow through her long hair.

The girls jumped in the car and headed out to the mall to begin their quest.

Roger Lockport sat on a bench in the middle of the Mid Point Mall, looking out at the crowd. He was always fascinated by the way everyone looked a little different from everyone else. He also loved to look at beauty and this place was always full of that. This was quite ironic as Roger was considered one of the "beautiful people" at Midfield High. His family was quite popular and powerful and he was considered quite untouchable socially.

This was also ironic considering Roger was a member in potential in the secret club known as the Omegas. This club membership was about as far from Roger's traditional social circle as possible. This club, in fact, had only one main mission and today his job was to provide the ingredients. This mission was to habitually make use of as many virgins as possible. The requested ingredients for today's party was very simple; young, white, beautiful virgins.

This was Roger's first assignment for the club so he could not afford to spend too much time daydreaming. He had a mission and the Master would be expecting results. He was very nervous and the pressure was tremendous. He scanned the crowd quickly, looking for potential candidates.

He saw two young girls walk out of the clothing store in front of him but they looked too young. They took their mother's hand and continued walking, confirming Roger's observation. He continued to look. No one was jumping out at him. He was getting a little worried. Maybe he didn't have what it takes to pull this off. The Master always said to relax and it would come to you. Roger was struggling to relax.

He took a deep breath and rose to his feet. He decided to try a different part of the mall. He began walking slowly and looking closely at the passing traffic. His head was turned as he passed the entrance to the upscale dress store and he was startled out of his trance by bumping headlong into two girls. They must have been walking rather fast because the collision was a little hard.

He wasn't knocked off his feet but he turned his head to see that the two girls he ran into were. He noticed the blonde first, mainly because she landed on her butt with her legs spread slightly. This allowed Roger to catch a glimpse of two perfect legs ending in a quick flash of pink panties. Her quick reaction to pull her skirt down between her legs and the slight blush on her face caused Roger to smile slightly at the pure beauty of the scene. His attention was ripped away quickly by a shrill sound coming from his right.

Way to go, asshole! You could try and look where you're walking!" Andrea Winters said in a voice a little too loud for the situation.

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