Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Daughter, MaleDom, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Eleni suspects something is wrong with her mother when she tells her a special guest is coming to dinner.

"I'm home, Mama!" called Eleni.

"Hey sweetie, I'm in the kitchen!" came the reply.

The raven haired college student dropped her overnight bag in the doorway, tossed her laundry bag down the basement stairs and went to greet her mother.

"Mmmm, that smells great!" she said, hugging her mother from behind.

"Thanks, baby. I want dinner tonight to be special," she declared.

She gave her daughter a peck on the cheek and turned back to the stove top.

"What's so special about tonight?" she asked.

"You'll see," her mom replied with a naughty giggle.

"OK, Mom. Whatever. I'm gonna go start my laundry."

"Great! Dinner is at five!"

"Cool. Hey, isn't that my skirt you're wearing?"

"Yes, it is. I've been trying out some of your clothes this week. I figured since you didn't take them with you that you wouldn't mind. You don't, do you ?"

"Uh, sure. No problem. Knock yourself out." Eleni said. "It looks good on you."

Actually, it looked very short on her and it was somewhat disconcerting. Still, Eleni had to admit that her mom had great legs. She just didn't usually show them off like that. And why was she cooking in heels?

Eleni grinned. Her mom must have started seeing someone! That would explain it. The sexy outfit, the silly, singing quality to her voice, all that about wanting dinner to be 'special'. The young woman chuckled. Good for her! Her dad had walked out on them when Eleni was ten and it was about time Arianna Kartsonis had someone that would treat her right!

Eleni resolved to pry details out of her after she got her laundry started. Her mother stonewalled, however, refusing to even admit she was dating.

"Its... a... sur... prise!" she said in that annoying, slow, emphasized tone she always used when her daughter had to be told something twice. This time, howver, she punctuated it with a giggle. Finally, Eleni gave up and went to her room to do some reading. She had a paper due for psych on Wednesday.

"Eleni," her mom called out. "It's 4:00--you'd better dress for dinner."

Dress for dinner? She must have a date.

"How formal exactly is this?" she asked, emerging from her bedroom.

"Oh, it's not formal <giggle> not formal at all! I just want you to look your best!"

"OK, mama. Who is he?"

Her mother blushed deeply.

"It's a surprise," she reminded her in a tone like she was twelve.

Eleni shook her head at her mother's silliness.

"Fine, if that's the way you want it. I'll go put on a dress or something."

"Oooo--Why don't you wear that little royal blue one?"

"The one I wore to prom?"

"Yes! Definitely! You look so sexy in that one!"

Sexy? Why would her mom want her to look sexy for her new boyfriend? Unless... it dawned on her.

"Oh God, Mama! You're trying to set me up with someone, aren't you!"

Her mother looked embarrassed at being caught but kept the mischievous grin.

"Aw, it was supposed to be a surprise!" she declared.

"Shit, Mom!" Eleni declared. "I can't believe you'd do this to me!"

"Well, I know it's unexpected but he really thought it would be best this way. I've been dying to call and tell you all week!"

Eleni rolled her eyes but resigned herself to her fate. It wasn't like she was seeing anyone special at college.

"So spill it, Mom. Whom have you been conspiring with?"

"I can't tell you. It's a surprise," she said matter-of-factly.

"God, Mom! This isn't funny! Can you at least give me hint?"

Her mother's face lit up like it was the best idea she had heard in weeks.

"A hint! I never thought of that! I could give you a hint! Then if you guess, I could tell you if you were right! God, I wish I had thought of that before! I've been so excited about tonight and I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't. But if you guess, I haven't told you!"

Her mother was acting so strangely. What was wrong with her? She just stood there grinning at her daugter.

"Um, oookaaay... give me a hint then," Eleni prompted.

"Oh, yeah, right," said her mother, "Well, he's really cute and really nice and he is sooooo sexy. He's just absolutely perfect for you!"

"Um... o.k..." Eleni said, "That doesn't really tell me a lot, now, does it Mama. Where did you meet him?"

"Oh, I hardly remember," her mother said, "We've known him for years. I just hadn't realized until this week that he's all grown up now!"

"So I already know this guy?"

Her mother rolled her eyes like Eleni was the one acting crazy.

"Of course you do, sweetie! He's only been our neighbor for like twelve years! How's that for a hint!"

"Our neighbor? Huh... It's not Scott Wolstenholme is it? I thought he moved to Florida."

"Oh God no!" said Mrs. Kartsonis. "Much nicer than him! He really likes you! He used to always try and peek through your bedroom window!"

Eleni stared at her mother with unbelieving horror.

"Oh my fucking god!" she exclaimed, shocked and appalled.

"Language, young lady!" her mother reprimanded.

"You... you want me to go out with Jeremy? The creepy little kid next door? He's coming here now? God, mother, what's wrong with you!"

"There's nothing wrong with me!" her mother declared, anger flaring. "What's wrong with you? I told you, he's all grown up now and he's handsome and nice and sexy! Any mother would love to have him do her daughter! This is the best thing that ever happened to us and now you want to go ruining it by being a little bitch! Now you go to your room right now and dress nice! Jeremy will be here in less than an hour!"

"I will not!" Eleni protested. "There's no way in hell I'm going to have dinner with that little creep!"

"You will so! You'll dress for dinner and you'll be polite and pleasant or you can get out of this house and forget about my paying your tuition next semester!"

"You... you... Mother, you're crazy!"

"I may be crazy, but at least I know a good man when I find one! Now go get dressed right now young lady!"

Eleni stood dumbfounded, trembling and staring at her mother who resolutely directed her to her bedroom with a finger. As she always did in any conflict with her mother, Eleni's resolve crumbled and she turned and stomped off to her bedroom.

Eleni fumed. She couldn't believe this! Her mother actually thought she should date the creepy little kid who had been trying to peek through her bedroom window since she had hit puberty! Even if he wasn't three years younger than she and a pervert, he was still geeky, gawky, and scrawny looking. What could possibly possess her mother to think she would be interested in him?

But somehow her mom seemed to think her dating a geeky high school senior was the greatest thing that could ever happen. Hell, it seemed she wanted to trot her out before him like she was some kind of whore! Had she really said she would be proud to have Jeremy 'do' her? No, she must have misheard. Her mother couldn't be that insane, could she?

Well, damned if Eleni was going to play this game. She would eat dinner with them--it wasn't worth fighting her mother over something once her temper was up. But she would not wear her blue satin gown so that Jeremy could ogle her tits all through dinner! She would put on a dress to avoid an argument, but it would be the one she had worn to her grandmother's funeral: gray and chaste. She tied her black curls back in a tight pony tail and practiced looking annoyed and disgusted in the mirror to make sure Jeremy got the message even if her mother was determined not to. She had come up with some truly deadly expressions before 5:00, along with half a dozen irrational theories on what had driven her mother mad.

There was a knock at the front door. Eleni stormed out of her room and threw it open. There was Jeremy, the creepy little bastard, smiling like he was the king of the world and wearing a weird wire contraption on his head. He smiled all the wider when he saw Eleni.

Eleni didn't smile.

"What the fuck did you do to my mother?" she demanded. "Huh? Are you blackmailing her? You're a sick, creepy little bastard and..."

Eleni suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented. Jeremy continued to smile.

"And I'm not, not under any circumstances... Um... I'm not going to... um..."

"I'm so sorry, Jeremy," her mother was saying, elbowing her way between them wearing a orange halter top and a white miniskirt, "I don't know what's gotten into her! She's just so angry!"

Angry? She wasn't angry, was she? It was so hard to think... She had been angry but... why?

"It's all right, Mama," Eleni said, blinking. "I... I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I'm feeling a little dizzy. I think it was very nice of you to invite Jeremy over for dinner, Mother. Please, Jeremy, come in."

The young man entered, smiling at mother and daughter. Gosh he has a nice smile thought Eleni as the walls seemed to wobble. He was so cute! Eleni didn't realize how handsome he had become. Her mother had tried to warn her to dress sexy but she hadn't listened! Damn, how could she have been so foolish? There was Jeremy, the most gorgeous, sexy guy she had ever met, checking her out and she was in a freaking funeral dress!

"Um, I'm sorry-I'm not dressed appropriately. I'll be right back."

"That's O.K., Sweetie," said her mother. "I can keep Jeremy company while we wait. Take your time."

Eleni rushed off to change. The blue dress. Yes, mother had been right. Thank god she had suggested it! Eleni was in such a state over her faux pas she couldn't have decided what to wear!

"I just knew that she would come around!" her mother was telling Jeremy. "You're just such the charmer!"

The gray dress was on the floor before she had even closed the door. God, how could she have been so stupid? The blue dress was right there where her mother had put it, along with matching shoes and silk stockings mom must have bought just for the occasion. Good old mom, always looking out for her.

Oh god! She hadn't shaved her legs!

She peeked out of her bedroom door. The coast was clear. She streaked to the bathroom. Thank goodness mom had new razor blades! She even had shaving cream. She made an effort to calm down. Soon her shapely legs were shorn smooth. She even cleaned up her bikini line-you never knew! God but Jeremy was sexy!

Eleni streaked back to her bedroom. Her mother was mumbling something, like she had something in her mouth. Jeremy was silent. She hoped mother wasn't boring him! She had to hurry!

Eleni pulled on the silvery thigh-high stay ups, lying on the bed with her feet in the air, blushing as she wondered what Jeremy would think if he saw her in that position. She wiggled into the blue dress.

No panties, she thought. Not tonight.

Eleni piled her voluminous dark hair on top of her head and held it with the antique silver-handled combs that she wore only on special occasions. Jeremy coming to dinner was certainly special! She wished she had time to paint her nails.

At last she was ready! She clacked out on her high heels to find her mother dabbing at the corners of her mouth with a napkin while Jeremy sat beside her: silent, smiling, gorgeous.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," she said demurely.

"My! Well, don't you look nice!" said her mother. "Doesn't she look nice Jeremy?"

Jeremy grinned and nodded.

"Well, you two sit and renew acquaintances and I'll serve dinner," said Mrs. Kartsonis.

"Thank you, mother," Eleni said, not taking her eyes from Jeremy.

Jeremy, however, looked up from Eleni's breasts to smile at Mrs. Kartsonis.

"I need to change first, though," she informed them. "Into something more appropriate."

Eleni didn't know what that meant but she hardly gave it a second thought, other than to be glad that she would be alone with Jeremy a little longer. God he was hot! Eleni wondered if she could somehow get her mom to leave the house for a few hours after dinner.

Eleni took her mother's seat on the couch beside Jeremy. She crossed her legs and the blue dress rode up so the lacy top of her stocking showed. Jeremy's eyes devoured her legs. Eleni squirmed in her seat feeling very warm, both aroused by the way he was looking at her and embarrassed by what he must think of her after the scene she made at the door.

"Gosh but I'm so sorry about before, Jeremy. I don't know what I was thinking! I've been under a lot of stress at college and everything and I didn't know you were going to be here. I hope you don't think I'm a total bitch now."

Jeremy smiled wryly and shook his head. Eleni's heart thrilled. She hadn't ruined her chances with him!

"That's very understanding of you, Jeremy. You're a really empathic person, you know that?"

He chuckled silently and shrugged.

"That's a really cool, um, hat you have there. Where'd you get it?"

Jeremy beamed with pride and Eleni thrilled that she had found something to say that pleased him. It was really kind of weird and didn't look at all comfortable with all those wires but on a cute guy like Jeremy it worked, what with him smiling at her and... and... god she felt dizzy. What had she been saying? Something about Jeremy's... hat? That was silly. He wasn't wearing a hat.

"So, how's your senior year going? Do you have Miss Titus for English?"

Jeremy nodded enthusiastically.

"God, I hated her class. She was always such a bitch."

Jeremy gave a noncommittal smile at that. Oh god, had she stuck her foot in her mouth again? Maybe her really liked ol' Tight-ass. Shit!

"Um, of course I bet she's nice to you, huh Jeremy? I bet all the female teachers give you A's, you're just so damn cute and all."

Jeremy grinned again. She hoped she wasn't coming on to strong, but she really, really liked him! She scooted in a little closer to him on the couch. It made her skirt ride up a little more.

Eleni started feeling really light-headed again. Her thighs fell apart and her knees spread wide. Jeremy placed his hand on her knee and she giggled. She felt so warm. She wanted Jeremy so much! And... and... she wanted to tell him about her sex life. She wanted to let him know how easy she was so that he would know that if he wanted her, all he had to do was ask.

"I've been having lots of fun at college," she told him. "It's a lot better than high school. You remember I was dating Derek my senior year? I lost my virginity to him in his car. God, it was horrible. But since I went to college, I'm finally able to relax and really enjoy sex! <giggle> I probably shouldn't tell you this, but my freshman year I went to this party with a guy I had just met and I got really drunk. My date took me into this back room and just fucked my brains out! I mean, I thought that I had come before with Derek, but it was nothing compared to that. And when he was done, he just left me there. I think he thought I had passed out, but I was just still flying from my orgasm. When I came down, I wanted more.

"So I went back into the party and I snuck up behind him and whispered in his ear 'Come fuck me again, stud' then I went back to the room. He followed me and he did me again and next thing I know I'm coming and coming all over again. Then he flopped down beside me and my eyes were used to the dark by then and I noticed that it was a completely different guy! I didn't even know him, but I was so drunk I just started giggling.

"The next morning I was so ashamed! I've never told anybody, but you're just so easy to talk to, Jeremy! I hope you don't think I'm a slut. I just really like sex, you know?"

Jeremy's hand slowly slid up her inner thigh, his eyes sparkling. God, it felt so good! Her lips parted and she bent down to kiss him...

"Dinner is served!" announced Mrs. Kartsonis, coming into the dining room with a tray piled with food. Her hair, like Eleni's, was piled on top of her head, held by a lacy white kerchief. The rest of her outfit consisted of 'little French maid' lingerie, fishnet stockings, and black pumps with stiletto heels.

Eleni's jaw dropped and she turned beet red. How could she? Oh God, and in front of Jeremy! Here she was having her first date with the most gorgeous guy in the whole world and her mama comes in dressed like a complete slut! How could she do this to her? Her own daughter! She was trying to steal Jeremy from her! Eleni was so angry, so embarrassed, so... so... dizzy...

Eleni blinked. She looked at Jeremy, who was smiling at her. She smiled back. She had been upset about something, but how could anyone stay upset when a boy like Jeremy was smiling?

Her mother was placing the food on the big antique cherrywood dining table, breaking Eleni's concentration on Jeremy's devastating smile. It was a nice outfit that her mother was wearing. It was sweet of her to go to such trouble to make her first date with Jeremy special. Jeremy stood and offered a gentlemanly arm to her, helping her to her feet and himself to a view of her cleavage. He placed a playful hand on her ass and propelled her, giggling, to the dinner table.

"Thank you, mother," Arianna said as Jeremy seated her. "It looks lovely!"

"Oh, you're very, very welcome!" gushed Mrs. Kartsonis. "But tonight I am your waitress, your servant. Please call me Arianna."

Eleni grinned, getting into the spirit of things. This was fun!

"Thank you, Arianna," she said magnanimously.

"You are welcome Mistress, Master," The half-naked waitress said, making a quick, boob-bouncing curtsy to her daughter and then Jeremy. "Shall I bring the wine?"

"Yes, Arianna, that would be lovely," Eleni told her, and with another curtsy, she spun on her spiked heels and retreated to the kitchen, her nearly-bare ass swaying. Jeremy watched the departing posterior with glee but Eleni did not feel threatened. She was Jeremy's date, after all. Arianna was just a serving wench.

"May I serve you?" she asked demurely.

Jeremy smiled and nodded. Eleni uncovered the appetizer: dolmas. She reached out for the stuffed grape leaves, tilting her head to one side and leaning in farther than was necessary. It had the desired effect: Jeremy stared brazenly at her cleavage. Biting her lower lip, Eleni placed a couple of the cylindrical rolls on Jeremy's plate, then leaned in again to retrieve two for herself.

Jeremy bit one in half and smiled appreciatively as he chewed. Eleni took one but did not bite it. Rather, she teased the end of it with her tongue, stuck it halfway in her mouth and gently sucked at it. Jeremy watched her appreciatively and her eyes sparkled at him in return.

"Mmmmm," she exclaimed.

Her mother, no, Arianna had returned with a bottle of red wine and minced about the table filling their glasses and displaying her half-naked form, but Jeremy's gaze stayed fixed on Eleni's simulated fellatio. She glowed with pride at that.

"So, what else can I tell you about college?" Eleni continued trying to make conversation. Jeremy raised a very communicative eyebrow.

"You wanna know about my roommate?" she asked.

Jeremy nodded.

"Well, her name is Kelly and she's from Arizona and well, hmm. Let me just try and imagine her."

Not quite sure why, Eleni closed her eyes and pictured Kelly sitting on her dorm bed, brushing her long red hair, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. She was about to describe her for Jeremy when she changed her mind and decided to think about what Kelly looked like undressing in the evening, peeling her tight jeans off of her long, luscious legs. Eleni had seen her do it a hundred times but she had never noticed how sexy it was.

She imagined Kelly taking off her T-shirt, then her bra to reveal her perky little freckled boobs whose nipples always seemed to want to celebrate their freedom. Eleni felt warm and dizzy and the image in her mind changed. She saw Kelly in the shower, her long red hair dark and plastered against her pale skin, soap bubbles meandering between her tits as she daintily fingered her pussy.

God but her roommate was hot! Eleni had never thought of Kelly--or any woman--that way, but now it seemed the most natural thing to imagine herself, naked, going up to Kelly and kissing her, fondling her, sucking those perky, precocious nipples...

Eleni opened her eyes and saw Jeremy's dizzying grin.

"You know what would be really cool?" she said. "If I got Kelly really drunk then took her back to our dorm and ate her little red pussy! God, that would be so hot!"

Eleni giggled wickedly and Jeremy nodded his approval of her plan.

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