Limo Ride

by Inner Strength

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Rough, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: He had a little too much to drink at the wedding reception. So on the way to the airport, their chauffeur decides to help out.

"Wow. it is finally over."


You just got married. The ceremony was in a huge church, covered with flowers. Everybody you knew was there. Afterwards, you went to the reception, and danced and drank.

"What time is the flight?"

"Ten tomorrow, I think."

You are in a limo. The flight to Mexico leaves tomorrow, so the limo is taking you to a hotel near the airport. Your parents booked the honeymoon suite for you.

You are in your wedding dress. It is white and strapless. You spent months looking for just the right one. You had your hair and makeup done. He is in a tux. He hates dressing up, so you never get to see him looking this good.

"Let's fool around."

You look around the limo. It looks like it would seat eight or ten. There is a bar. There is enough room on the floor to lie down comfortably. The seats are all leather; you can smell it. There is a door to the front that is open.

For a minute you are tempted.

"No. Let's wait for the hotel."

"Come on. How many times will we get a limo like this? We can even open the skylight."

"I want the first time to be special."

"It wouldn't be special here?"

"Not so loud. The driver will hear you. You just have to wait."

The driver is a well mannered man in a formal uniform with a silly hat. He held the door for you when you got in the limo and asked if you wanted anything to drink. When you said no, he shut the door, and went to the front.

"I think I'll have a drink after all."

"Don't have too much."

"Relax. The airport is hours away. I'll be fine tonight."

You are both tired. Getting a wedding ready is a lot of work. So you just sit and enjoy the ride without talking much. He is on his third drink. You don't want to say anything, but you are getting a little worried, especially after all he had to drink at the party. But he isn't acting rude or out of control.

"How much longer do we have?... Honey? Are you alright?"

"I'm OK. Just let me sleep."

Shortly you can hear him snoring. The idiot has passed out. You call out to the front.

"How soon will we get there?"

"About forty five minutes unless there is traffic, ma'am."

You have nothing to do but look out the tinted windows at the flat country going by. Soon, you see the car exit the freeway.

"Are we there already?"

"The radio says there is an accident. I'm taking a shortcut to go around it."

You ride along the side road for about ten minutes, and then you turn onto a dirt road.

"Are you sure this is the right way?"

"Relax, I've been here dozens of times."

The door locks click shut.

"Why did you lock the doors?"

"I don't know who is around here. You can't be too careful."

"I want to go back to the highway."

"Alright. Let me find a spot turn around."

Ten more minutes.

"Haven't you found a spot yet?"

"This is a big car. Wait. Here is a clearing up here."

The big car slowly pulls to a stop. The driver turns off the engine and gets out. You try your door. It is still locked. Then it opens.

"We need to stop for a bit."

"Why? What is wrong."

"You sure look pretty in that dress."

"Thanks, but why are we stopping? I want to know right now."

"I think you know already."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna have a little married pussy."

"Get out of here! Right now! And take us to the nearest town."

You start to shake your husband. His head flops to one side.

"I'll get out of here as soon as I'm finished."

"Leave before my husband wake up."

"That drunk cracker? He'll be passed out for hours. Even awake he couldn't stop me."

The driver steps into the back, and locks the door behind him. You slide along the seat to the front of the limo, so you are as far away from him as possible.

"Now show me what those big old titties look like."

"Leave me alone, you pig."

He takes his hat off, and sets it on your husband's head.

"If you won't help, I'll have to do it myself."

He reaches out toward the top of your dress. You slap at his hand and kick at his waist.

"Ow, bitch. We can do this easy or we can do it rough. It is your choice."

His right hand darts out and hits your throat. You feel his fingers wrapping around as he drives your head backward into the side of the limo. His left hand reaches up and starts groping at you through your dress.

His fingers hurt. You can't breathe well.

"Do I rip the dress, or do you pull it down?"

You try to talk, but can't. He relaxes his grip a little.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll do what you want."

You reach behind and unzip your dress. It is an awkward angle, but there is no way you are going to ask for help. The dress comes down, and you are wearing a strapless bra. It is firm, but he can see the outline of your nipples through it.

"Very nice."

He reaches out one hand, and then the next, and fondles you. Then he takes one and slips it in through the top of the bra. You feel his warm hand on your breast.

"This is too hard. Take the bra off."

You do. He grabs it and tosses it. Now he is rubbing both breasts, and pinching your nipples. He is rolling them in his hands trying to make them hard. When he bends over to take one in his mouth, it is too much for you. You start to cry.

"Don't cry, sweetheart. I'll be gentle. Is this bothering you?"


"OK. I'll stop. Let's look under the skirt instead."

He reaches down and grabs the hem of your dress.


You swing at his head with all your strength. Your braless tits flop from the movement, and you manage to hit him square on the side of the head. He has a trickle of blood on the side of his mouth. He wipes it away.

You cover your chest with your hands and crouch back into the corner, waiting for his response. But he doesn't touch you. He moves a little away, makes a fist, and smashes it right into your husband's face.

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