Amy Wakes Up

by Inner Strength

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Cousins, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: We had a hell of a party last night, and I woke up first. Amy thinks I have some kinky fun in mind when she can't move, but will she be able to stop me from taking her passed out cousin?

"Good morning, Amy. How did you sleep?"

"Like a baby. My head is killing me."

We had a party last night - forty or fifty of our closest friends. We had a keg and a cooler. I was making my famous margaritas, but towards the end of the evening we just started on tequila shots. What a party. People were talking and dancing. A group went into the pool without their suits on.

I don't even want to see the house when I'm sober. I'm sure we'll be cleaning for weeks. The whole house has a smell of booze and cigarettes. I just hope nobody got sick.

You were gorgeous last night. You had jeans, boots, and really tight t shirt that showed off your figure. It's too bad you passed out at the end of the party. I tried to wake you up and have some fun, but you just kept snoring next to me.

It's bright outside. We must have slept all morning.

"Hey! What's going on!"

"Oh, you noticed that? I'm just having a little fun."

You are handcuffed to the bed. Both legs are free, and one arm. But one arm is locked firmly in place. You are still under the covers, and you are wearing a large nightshirt that you usually sleep in.

"Kinky. What are you planning?"

"You'll see. You couldn't help me out, so I thought I'd make my own fun. Do you mind if I finish the job?"

"Go ahead. Just don't expect me to help much."

I take the other pair of handcuffs, and attach your other hand to the same bedpost, so you are on your side looking over one side of the bed. The handcuffs are pink and fuzzy. We have played with them before, and even though they look silly, you can't break loose from them.

"One more, and then I'm done."

I pull out a nice silk scarf, and tie your feet together. Now you are starting to get interested, despite your head.

I leave the room.

You lie there, waiting. You hear me shuffling around out in the living room. You can see a little out our bedroom door, but you can only see a few feet before a wall blocks your view. There are some bangs and shuffling sounds. Soon you see me coming back towards our bedroom. I am backing up.

I am dragging something.

It is your cousin, Jen. She looks dead to the world. She had had way too much before she joined us in the tequila shots. It didn't take too many before she just passed out. We hid her keys, pulled her into the guest room, and went on partying.

Her hair is matted up on one side of her head from the drinking and the sleeping, but her makeup is still clean. She never wears much anyway, and she probably retouched it during the party.

She is also in jeans, and a red button down shirt. She is barefoot. She is adorable, in a bedhead sort of way.

"I almost forgot she was here. Do you think she'll stay asleep?"

"There's only one way to find out. Have you ever see her naked?"

"Only when we were kids. Why?"

"Want to?"

"Don't do anything that'll get you in trouble."

I don't reply. I pull her to the side of the bed you are facing, and lie her down gently on her back. I reach over you to get my pillow, and put it under her head. Then I start to unbutton her blouse. I start at the top, and work down to the bottom. You can see her white bra between the sides of the shirt. Then I take the sides and pull them apart. It is pretty obvious she wasn't expecting anyone to see her bra. It isn't ugly, but it is just a basic opaque white bra, underwire.

"She is almost as big as you are, Hon. Do you think her nipples are as big as yours?"

"How should I know? Why don't you leave her alone and come see mine?"

"I want to see... Dammit. It unhooks in the back."

I roll her a little onto a side, and reach around back. It takes a minute or two of fumbling, but I get it unhooked and set her back down. Her arms are still through her sleeves, so I can't slip the bra off, but I pull the sides out from under her, and lift the bra up to her neck. As the cups come off, her tits are raised a little, then they flop out. They are as big as yours. The nipples are a couple inches round at least.

"Very pretty."

I start massaging her tits.

"What are you doing? That is my cousin!"

"Relax. I'm just getting a little feel. Besides you said I shouldn't expect you to help."

I rub my hands up and down on her tits. You see them rise towards her head when I push up, and then fall as I pull down. Then I bend over and start sucking on one of her tits.

"I don't like this. You shouldn't be touching her."

I don't answer, but keep playing with her.

"Do you think she is shaved, like you are?"


"Stop me."

You yank a bit at the cuffs, but they aren't coming loose. You could kick at me if only I were a little closer.

"They are button down. I love the buttons."

I am opening her jeans. You can see that her fly have popped open, and she is wearing white panties, but neither one of us can see her pussy yet.

"Why do you girls wear these things so tight?"

"Please, stop."

I am fighting with the jeans. She has nice hips, the way a woman should have, and it is a fight to get the jeans over them. Finally I get them over and pull them down to her knees. Then I go down to her feet and grab the bottom of the legs, pulling the jeans off by backing up. Now she is lying on our floor in just her panties, with her blouse open at the sides, and her bra pulled up to her neck.

"I still can't tell."

You stay silent. You think you are egging me on. Maybe when I get my kicks by staring at her pussy while she is passed out, I will leave her alone. I'll have hell to pay when you get loose.

The panties go easier than the jeans. I pull them down to her thigh and whistle. You can't see. I am in the way.

"Not shaved, but trimmed. You'll have to do that sometime. Just a little brown hair over pretty pink lips."

I pull the panties the rest of the way down, and off her feet.

"Are you finished, now?"

"I don't think so. I still haven't come."

"You know you can't touch her."

"I already have. I'll bet you're getting turned on by it, too. I know what a kinky whore you are."

"I am not," you lie.

I was wearing my boxer shorts. Most of the time I sleep in the nude, but I wear shorts when people are in the house. I don't want to be surprised if I go for a glass of water, do I?

But I pull the shorts down. I have a swimmer's build, not heavily muscled, but very strong and wiry. You love the look of my ass as I bend down to pull my shorts off my feet, and now I am standing with my hard dick pointing out, over Jen. I am circumsized, about seven inches, and thick. You are definitely not worried about your hangover now.

I take one of Jen's legs and move it off to the right. You look over, and now you can see her pussy. I move the other to the left. She is spread eagle in front of me.

"I can see the pink between her legs. Do you think I can fuck her? I'll bet she needs some lube first."

"I don't like this very much. You're going too far."

"I haven't done anything yet. Seeing people naked is no big deal."

Then I bend down, and start rubbing her legs. I touch her thighs. I touch her belly. I rub with my palm, and I brush with my fingertips. I am circling slowly, getting ever closer to her pussy. You think I am really going to touch it.

I do.

I rub my fingers over her lips, and brush lightly on her clit. I keep rubbing and brushing all over. I put a finger in, and pull some of her pussy juice out.

"She isn't so out of it. She likes this."

I am rubbing her juice all over her. I use it to wet her clit, and start rubbing that. It looks like she is breathing heavier in her sleep.

"I want to feel her on my dick."

"Don't! I'll scream."

I reach in and rub her pussy some more, then I rub my sticky hands on my own dick. I need to go back and forth between her pussy and my dick a few times, but you can see me standing, stroking my dick, wet with her juice.

I put my finger in my mouth.

"She's delicious. Want a taste."

You don't answer. I come over and put my hand at your mouth. You smell Jen strong on my fingers. You keep your mouth shut. I grab the back of your hair with my other hand, and put my face inches away from you. You can smell the booze on my breath from the night before.

I speak very quietly and very slowly.

"Open your mouth... now."

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