Reb's Fireplace and Linda the Dancer

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom finds a very sexy blonde at a strip club and they share something in public that no one else there is aware of.

There are lots of great places in the United States where you can go for an evening of watching the local hot babes dancing and stripping their clothes off in front of a live audience. Reb's Fireplace in Waldorf, Maryland is one of those kinds of places. I spent an evening there about 5 years ago that I'll never forget. It was one of the most erotically and sensually enjoyable evenings that I can ever remember.

I was in town for business and I went to Reb's Fireplace because the outside advertisements promised local beauties who would share it all with the clientele. Well, I found out that while the ad really didn't mean they would "share it all", some of the girls would and did. Linda was one of those and when I left after watching the strip show that night, I had a smile on my face and pussy juice on my cock that I didn't wash off until the next morning.

I can't even remember most of the dancers' names now but Linda's will stick in my mind forever. When she came around the first time that night, giving me a lap dance and teasing me with her sexy body and her hot blatant sexuality, she left me with a huge horny erection in my pants. Linda was wearing nothing but a white busier or "merry widow" that held her sexy large breasts in the built-in bra part at the top and which covered her pussy but with a snap crotch that I knew from past experience with other similar outfits, could be opened with the flick of fingers just right.

The venue was much like most men's clubs or erotic strip joints -- the dancers would parade up on the stage one after another and do their dance routine, and then they'd go around the outer wall and perform lap dances and gather in bigtime tips while other hot dancers followed them up on the raised dance platform. The first time Linda made her circuit around the room's outer wall, however, she hadn't yet done her dance routine in front of the whole audience.

Let me describe Linda for you. She was 22 years old -- at least that's what she told me -- and she had beautiful natural blonde hair that came down below her shoulder blades and the white merry widow she was wearing concealed more of her body than some of the outfits the other girls wore but there was also a very heightened air of sexiness and hotness and sensuality about Linda that many of the other girls were noticeably lacking. Some of the girls were blatantly slutty; some seemed older and sort of tired and then there were several like Linda who seemed as hot as any young women I've ever seen.

On her first wall circuit, when Linda did her lap dance on me, her hands were very naughty and at one point she had groped my cock through my pants and I'd wished then that I could pop the two snaps in the crotch of her lingerie and take her fully on my lap and impale her on my rigid cock right there in the room in front of everyone. But, she was just setting me up for her later circuit and her dance routine. When she left me, I was as breathless as she'd hoped to get me and she knew I'd be primed for the next time she came around.

I'm guessing Linda had at least full B-cup sized breasts and maybe even C-cup. It's hard to tell when the lady's wearing a getup like that merry widow, but I know that the item she had on showcased what she had on her chest to the very best advantage.

After Linda had gone around, it was time for her to make another circuit before she took her turn up on the dance platform. I was determined that Linda and I would share something very intimate this time before she danced off to the next guy sitting nearby. As soon as Linda finished with the guy to my right and she moved over in front of me, I saw a special light come into her eyes as thought she'd been looking forward to coming around the entire room to where I was sitting again.

I spoke low so no one but Linda could hear my voice but I wanted to use my words to ensure that my brief dalliance with this gorgeous blonde was fruitful for both of us.

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