Online Lover

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Involved in a sexless Marriage. A woman finds love online. How far will it take her.

© 2004

We had been sending emails back and forth now for over a year. Our content ranging from light, verbal illustrations of favorite sights, and of sex. Sex, by most peoples standards, but to them it was much more, a void filling chance to share something very personal and fulfilling. I was writing a story about a fantasy of my own desires, Sara was an inspiration to me, keeping the passion I needed alive, spiriting my creativity.

The emails we exchanged the previous day were at a new level. Knowing the chances of us getting together were remote, yet possible. I risked everything by professing her feelings of love to her. She, in turn, did not run as I suspected she might, rather she proclaimed the same feelings... The passionate exchange that followed was at a new level. A happiness filled her as thoughts strayed from work to her lover most of the day.

I forwarded to her the last chapter of my story that was rewritten to incorporate my desires for her. Based on Sara's reply, I was accurately describing something we both would enjoy a great deal. I found it hard to think of not enjoying anything I would do with Sara. Sara admitted having orgasms while reading my writings, which was a thrill to me. A longing had been created in both of us that would have to be satisfied someday. That day they both looked forward to despite having no idea when it may be. Both of us were satisfied that the other wanted it as badly. And that was the basis of an intense passion that fueled their creativity and bolstered their intimacy, something both missed in their respective lives.

It was late Monday evening before I could give any attention to my lover's request from earlier that day. Upon her confession to me that she had actually come while reading my writings, she made a request for me to enjoy the same sensations as I thought of her. The power of her suggestion, and the sense that she was greatly aroused thinking of me, satisfaction, struck me as very giving and caring. Sara was indeed sensitive and extremely desirable, the kind of companion I wanted in my life. Suggestions of her desire to share oral pleasures with me. Pleased me as my thoughts turned to her once again.

My wife had gone to bed early, not an unusual event in my world. The dog was lazily sprawled at my wife's feet in the bedroom downstairs. My time for private reflection and enjoying my lover's request was now mine alone.

Masturbation was my outlet to the sexual frustrations I lived with in her world. It sounded to me that my lover shared a similar self-fulfilling routine as well. My thoughts drifted to her as I imagined she would bring herself to climax, wishing that my hands and mouth were her instruments used to deliver the necessary stimulation. I thought of her hands caressing me and exploring as she satisfied her desire to take me into her mouth. My arousal was instantaneous.

Lying on the couch in a darkened room, the only glow coming from the screen of my laptop computer, I stroked myself through my soft cotton flannels. The room was warm and quiet, my computer adding its own element of distraction as the fan whirred with a soft whisper. I was lying on a couple pillows, stretched out full length on the couch, my hands lightly massaging my thighs and occasionally brushing against my hard nipples. My thoughts told me my hands were hers, a long slow sigh escaped contentedly through my lips.

She had talked about kneeling in front of me, delivering a pleasure I enjoyed immensely. Her description of taking me into her mouth slowly and deeply drove the passion within me to a rapid boil. I knew if she were there with me, she would be very slow with her movements. I wanted the first time we shared oral pleasures to last forever. I wanted her to take me completely and give me permission to enjoy her, until Sara reached her orgasm, not hesitating, not holding back. She wanted me to want to come. She wanted me to want her passion with an intensity that overwhelmed us both. That intensity existed already. Thinking about sharing it in the real world was an exciting prospect we both liked to dream about. Someday it would belong to us, if only for a short time. Those thoughts were a source of satisfaction we both shared.

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