by Connard Wellingham

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Historical, .

Desc: Historical Sex Story: A lust princess, a handsome commoner - a night to remember!

© Connard Wellingham 2004

Author's Note: this was one of the first stories I wrote. Over the intervening years the second half became lost. The original was intended to be a simple fuck story but the re-write seems to have taken an unexpected direction and it has turned into a M-F romance.

"You will wait here," ordered the stern-faced woman. Without waiting for a reply, she disappeared through a large double door.

Left to himself for the first time since this whole incredible adventure had begun, the young man began to have serious doubts.

'You fool," he said to himself. 'What have you let yourself in for? I knew your recklessness was going to get you into trouble one day and I shouldn't wonder that that day has arrived.'

Still, a summons to the palace was hardly an invitation one could decline, especially when the princess's name itself had been mentioned. But why him? Despite his most assiduous attempts at charm, normally most successful, the woman who had come for him had ventured no information. Indeed, she had not spoken other than to issue commands in a curt monotone. She had met him and led him through the labyrinthine corridors of the palace; a back route to judge by the dim lighting and general air of neglect. She had insisted that he was bathed, shaved, perfumed and dressed in these strange and uncomfortable clothes. In fact she had stood by and supervised the whole ignominious process, assisted by an equally poker-faced ancient. And now she had left him to wait in this vast, cold and over-decorated room - for what?

A sudden noise made him start. The woman had returned.

"Come." She ushered him through the doors and down a short corridor. At the end she knocked, paused, then entered, signalling him to follow.

They entered a comfortable sitting room where a log fire burned merrily under a large, carved mantel. Before the fire stood two girls in low-cut, satin dresses bedecked with ribbons and lace. In the latest court fashion the dresses were pulled in tight at the waist and flared out into wide skirts. Silently the woman turned and left, closing the door softly behind her.

For a moment he just stood, gawping. The contrast between the cold, cavernous rooms he had seen up to no and this cosy room was too much to take in. Then, almost as if he had just become aware of them, he faced the girls and made a sweeping bow... these were girls and girls were something he understood. The smaller one stifled a giggle.

"So you're the young man? Come closer into the light. We will not bite," said the other. "Be still Evelyn," she addressed her companion who was stifling another giggle.

As he stepped forward, he saw that the girls were both young and exceptionally pretty, rejoicing in the first flush of womanhood, as the poet has it. He noticed that the dresses, despite the abundance of frills and flounces, were designed to emphasise the nubile bodies they covered; to proffer half-concealed, ripening breasts for eager admiration, to draw the eye to the narrowness of waists and the inviting flare of feminine hips. Sweet, red lips and bold, sparkling eyes gave promise of willing complicity in the pursuit of Eros to one bold enough to seize the opportunity. Slightly more sure of himself, the young man gave his most charming smile and was rewarded by a fleeting response from the younger, blonde girl. Both frankly appraised his trim, masculine figure, now shown to advantage by the loose shirt and tight breeches of his adopted finery.

"Well, you are certainly pretty enough," said the elder. "What is your name?"

"Jem, gracious lady." he responded, bowing again.

"Jem... an apt name, I think. Do you know why you are here?"

"No, gracious lady."

"I am the Lady Sarah and this is the Lady Evelyn. We are the close companions of her Royal Highness Princess Aidana. In a few minutes you are going to be admitted to Her Highness' presence and asked to perform a certain task. In this task you must not fail or the consequences will be severe. However, unless you reputation is entirely without foundation, you need have no fear. Do you understand?"

Jem did not but nodded anyway as it was obviously the response the Lady Sarah expected. His mind, however, was awhirl. His reputation? What task could his reputation possibly suggest as being worthy of royal service? And besides... his reputation for what? He was neither clerk nor scholar. His fighting prowess, while adequate for youthful scraps, hardly qualified him as a warrior. He was neither diligent nor dexterous enough to be a craftsman and he was hardly schooled in the niceties of court etiquette. In short, he had done nothing in his relatively short life to warrant the attentions of the Princess Alexia. Unless... No! Impossible! Still... there were rumours about the Princess and her husband. But there were always rumours - tavern scuttlebutt fanned by too much beer and natural envy of unsuccessful mostly. No. It could not be.

He suddenly became aware that the dark girl, Sarah, was standing by a door, not the one by which he had entered, and was waiting for him. She regarded him with serious eyes.

"Remember. Do not speak unless you are spoken to. Keep you eyes lowered until instructed and always address the Princess as 'Your Highness'. You are being given a privilege not granted to many." Her expression softened and she smiled encouragingly and touched his arm briefly. "Good luck, young man."

She knocked on the door and, without waiting for a reply, opened the door. She pushed Jem in front of her into through the doorway. He managed to register the fact that he was in the royal bedchamber and that the Princess was reclining on a huge four-poster bed before the girl curtsied and said, "Here is the young man, Your Highness," and he was forced to perform another sweeping bow. By the time he had straightened, remembering to keep his eyes lowered, the girl had withdrawn, leaving him apparently alone with the Princess.

His heart was thudding and his mouth was very dry. His knees were trembling so much he could barely stand and his only coherent thought was that he ardently desired to be somewhere far away from here. There was along, tense silence and he knew that he was being minutely examined.

"You may step closer," a languid, husky voice informed him.

With great reluctance, he forced his legs to carry him towards the voice. He risked a quick glance at the bed and then immediately regretted it. He had seen the Princess but once, from afar, on her wedding day as she paraded through the streets to the cheering of the populace, so he was unprepared for the reality of her presence. She was beautiful... more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen before. So beautiful it took his breath away and he almost stumbled. He stopped at the foot of the bed, eyes still downcast.

"Closer." He moved round the side of the bed. "You may look at me."

He raised his eyes and was trapped by the gaze of the princess. She reclined in a pile of cushions, clad only in a simple white silk gown that moulded itself subtly to her contours. Her auburn hair, unbound, cascaded over smooth ivory shoulders and framed her heart-shaped face.

"What is your name?"

"Jem, your highness," he stammered. He was about to bow again but her hand stopped him.

"No. Do not keep bowing or we shall never get anywhere. Do you know why you are here?"

"Not exactly, your highness. You companions said something about a service - and my reputation."

"Your reputation. Yes. Do you have a girl?"

He was taken aback by the sudden question.

"A girl. A young woman. Are you courting?" the princess demanded impatiently.

"No, you highness. At least, no-one special. I'm too young to settle down."

The princess smiled, "Yes, and too fond of your freedom, too, I think. You are popular with the girls."

Jem was not sure if this was a question or a statement. "So I've been told, your highness."

"And you've had many girls?"

"Some few, your highness."

"So you are an experience lover then, despite your youthful appearance?"

Jem drew a small sharp breath as a hint of where this conversation might be leading dawned on him although he hardly dared to contemplate it.

"I like to think so, your highness. I've had no complaints." He replied a trifle more boldly.

"Do you think I'm desirable?"

He felt a flush suffuse his features and had to swallow several times before he could speak. "Desirable, your highness?"

"Yes, desirable." There was a touch of asperity in her voice.

Jem forced himself to look at her again, this time as a woman, not a princess. He saw her in the full flush of womanhood, perhaps a little more full bodied than he cared for but... He took in the auburn hair, the unblemished skin on her bare arms, the satin cushions, the silk sheets.

"Your highness is the most desirable woman I have ever seen," he blurted.

"Good. Now as to why you are here. It is not common knowledge but my marriage to the prince owes more to politics than to heaven. The prince is an ambitious man and does not, how shall I say it... place as much emphasis on the conjugal side of our marriage as I desire. I must, therefore, make up for that lack elsewhere. Are you following me?"

Jem was not following this circuitous explanation at all but had no wish to admit it. "Yes, your highness."

"Hmmm. Well, you are probably wondering why I should choose you, a commoner. After all there are many young noblemen here in court that would be only too willing to accommodate their princess. Unfortunately, they are not to be trusted. Sooner or later tongues would wag and there would be trouble - and I cannot afford to jeopardise my marriage. So hence we have you, a commoner, a young man very highly regarded by some of my young ladies... " here Jem had the grace to blush, "... and, above all, with a reputation for discretion. Of course, should any gossip reach the ears of the prince... ," she shrugged, "... who, I ask, would be believed... ?"

She paused expectantly. But Jem was now utterly confused.

"But, your highness, what is it you want me to do?" he wailed.

"Do? Why, satisfy me. Make love to me. What else are you good for?"

He was so overwhelmed by this frank admission that his face blanched and the room swayed before him. Instantly, the princess was off the bed and at his side.

"Oh, you poor boy. Did you really not know why you were sent for. Here, sit down." And she gently forced him down onto the edge of the soft bed and sat beside him. Her presence, her warmth, her perfume, her soft touch made his senses reel even more.

Impulsively he grasped her hand. "Your highness, I am most terribly sorry. Please forgive me."

She looked at his stricken face and her heart melted; he looked so young and handsome and vulnerable. "There's nothing to forgive. I had really not thought about how it all might affect you."

She stroked his cheek softly then slipped her hand round the back of his neck to draw his head down towards her and kissed his lips. At first Jem was unable to respond, the soft touch of the princess's lips on his was overpowering. But he was a healthy young man and it was not long before his instincts took over. He first began to return her kiss and then to actively kiss her back. Their tongues met and danced as they explored the inner reaches of each other's mouth. The princess freed her other hand from Jem's grasp and squeezed his knee, while he encircled her shoulders and drew her into a tight embrace. At some point during the kiss, the relationship subtly changed. No longer were they commoner and princess but man and woman doing that which men and women have been doing since time immemorial. After a seeming eternity, they parted, breathing heavily.

"There, that is better," said the princess in a somewhat breathy voice. "And now I think you should disrobe."

Climbing to unsteady feet, the reality of the situation struck Jem like a blow. Here he was - not just inside the palace but in the princess' bedroom, about to take off his clothes in front of the princess herself and then... make love to her: make love to the most desirable, most unattainable woman in the world. The thought of it nearly overwhelmed him again - but suddenly his head cleared. If it was his reputation as a lover that had brought him here, then he would live up to it and give this woman, the princess, a night she would never forget. And even if no more came of it, he, too, would never forget the night he made love to a real, live princess. She was right, no-one would ever believe him. This was between him and the princess. Heat suffused his loins and he could feel his manhood stiffen in anticipation of the delights that were to come. A small, tight smile played on his lips.

Slowly he unfastened his shirt, fumbling slightly with the unfamiliar buttons and pulled it off. Then, raising his eyes to meet the princess' eager gaze, he slowly unfastened the buckle of his belt and pushed down his breeches. Beneath, restrained only by the silk underbreeches he had been forced to wear, his cock was rampant. The princess licked her lips and unconsciously smoothed the robe over her thighs.

Deliberately and tantalisingly, Jem pulled the breeches from his feet and removed his stockings. Then, turning his back on the princess, he pushed down the underbreeches and stepped out of them. Slowly he swivelled until he was facing the princess, stark naked with his manhood jutting proudly out from his body. He waited silently, while the princess drank in the sight of his broad shoulders, muscled belly lean flanks and rampant manhood.

"Certainly," she breathed, "if your performance matches your appearance, this will be a night to remember. Come here, Jem."

"If I am to be naked, then you shall as well," he said, boldly.

The princess gasped at this audacity. "You wish me to disrobe before you?" "

"I do. Or behind a screen if you prefer." The princess was incredulous. "Your highness has requested me to perform a certain task, as if I were a guildsman. As a guildsman, you must trust me to do that task properly and you must place yourself in my hands. I say you must be as naked as I," he continued challengingly, hoping that he had not misjudged the princess' mood.

She stared at him in astonishment for a long moment then, with a small smile playing at the corner of her lips, she dropped her gaze. "Very well, if that is what you wish," she said in a small voice.

She rose from the bed and, almost shyly, unfastened the robe, shrugged it from her shoulders and let it whisper around her feet. No man before had made her expose herself to his lustful gaze like a common strumpet. Why, she asked herself, had she submitted so willingly to this handsome young commoner. She stood as Jem devoured every inch of her body with his eyes. The lust in them was obvious and overpowering. Never before had anyone looked at her with such need, such hunger. She felt a heat rising from her loins to spread throughout her body and felt her vulva soften and moisten. She trembled like virgin on her wedding night.

But she was still a princess and so raised her face and stared proudly at Jem as he drank in her beauty. His gaze was so intense it seemed to penetrate her to the core as if he had physically entered her - and she came quietly.

"You are truly a goddess," he exclaimed in a peculiar voice that affected her deeply. "This night I shall worship every inch of your body."

As one they fell on the bed in each other's arms. Writhing and rolling they frantically explored each other's bodies with hands and lips and teeth and tongues, sighing and panting in uninhibited lust. Then, suddenly, he reached down between their bodies and was inside her, thrusting up into her wet, burning, yearning cunt. Almost she took him all for her was very big and very hard and filled and stretched her to the limit. With legs parted wide, knees bent and feet planted firmly on the bed, she pushed her hips upward off the bed to meet each downward thrust. She wanted to engulf this living, burning pole which seemed to swell and swell until it filled her entire consciousness. Her universe consisted solely of his hardness causing vast tidal waves which split and scattered her like the stars in the night sky. She may have spoken: she may have cried out: she may have screamed. She knew not. For, from some unbidden depth, a vast tremor was born and she came and came and came in huge, shuddering convulsions.

Jem, feeling the magnificence of the princess's orgasm, her cunt clenching his throbbing cock, her belly writhing beneath him, could restrain himself no longer. Thrusting hard and fast he quickly brought on his own crisis and pumped his sperm deep inside the princess' cunt in long powerful gushes.

"Oh, Jem, you darling, beautiful boy," the princess cried out, hugging him tightly as he subsided on top of her.

"Is her highness satisfied, then," he asked with a grin.

"Satisfied? More than satisfied," she sighed. "You truly are a wonder."

"And the night has barely begun."

"But... , " she began.

He silenced her with a kiss. "Patience, my princess. And now you should rest a while."

He rolled off her onto his back. The princess snuggled up to him and closed her eyes with a satisfied sigh. ****

In the meantime, the ladies Sarah and Evelyn had not been idle. Being the princess's personal servants, they were required to be available in her quarters all the times should she, out of whim or necessity, require them. Consequently they found themselves with much time on their hands and had made a thorough exploration of their quarters. In fact they probably knew more about that part of the palace than any other of its inhabitants. The palace was old and its history not always pleasant. As a result it had many odd corners, forgotten rooms, secret passageways and other mysteries - some of them hidden even from the girls.

Several months before, they had discovered that there was a small secret room, little larger than a large cupboard, between the princess's bedchamber and the next room, also once a bedchamber but now no longer used. What function this little room had performed when it had been in use was impossible to tell. By sheer good fortune they had also discovered that the wall panelling had warped somewhat over time leaving small gaps through which could be had a clear view of the princess' vast bed.

The girls had taken to spying on their mistress, initially out of sheer curiosity. What did a princess do when she was alone in her bedchamber? During their vigils they had witnessed one or two of the infrequent and unsatisfactory couplings between the princess and her husband. Over time, the princess' frustration had become more and more evident. She had taken to pleasuring herself with her fingers. While this afforded temporary relief, they had come to know the princess well and were well aware the she was a lusty creature who would not be fully satisfied without a man between her thighs. It was only a matter of time before would seek satisfaction somewhere else and with someone else. Thus it was that, under the threat of dire consequences if even so much as a whisper was revealed, the ladies were entrusted with the task of making the extremely delicate and dangerous enquiries for a suitable bed partner for their mistress. By a process of hints, suggestions and even the chink of a few coins, they had arrived at Jem as the best candidate. Having invested so much in the procurement of Jem's services, they had determined that they would witness the night's proceedings and, amidst fits of giggling and sudden panics about the consequences of being caught, they had laid their plans.

Into the secret room they had brought a narrow divan, upon which they had heaped piles of cushions, and two low, padded stools. Industriously and surreptitiously they had widened the cracks in the panelling so that, provided they were careful with lights, they could both have an uninterrupted view of the huge, four-poster bed while themselves reclining in relative comfort.

Once Jem had been escorted to the princess' chamber, they had hurried round to their hide-out and established themselves comfortably. By the time they had achieved this, the princess was explaining to Jem why he had been summonsed. To their dismay, they discovered that, although they could hear the voices, they could not make out the actual words being spoken.

"Whatever is happening?" whispered Evelyn.

"I fear that the poor boy is about to faint," replied Sarah.

"That would be a tragedy."

"Indeed it would. The more so as we will most likely bear the brunt of our mistress' frustration. I pray he retains his senses."

"Your prayer is answered. She is reassuring him. Look. They are kissing."

They fell silent as Jem climbed to his feet and performed his striptease. His turn to face the princess and, incidentally, them, was greeted with a hiss of indrawn breaths.

"Marinda did not lie," breathed Sarah. "He is truly beautiful."

"Especially the part that lies between his thighs."

"Yes, but what shoulders; what a belly and a fine tight bottom as well. Truly I envy our mistress. Would that I were in her place." Sarah heaved a great sigh.

Evelyn clutched her companion's arm. "Look. Look. The princess. She, too, is disrobing."

"That cannot be. The princess never disrobes. Not even I have seen her naked, even at her toilet. What power has this youth?"

It was Evelyn's turn to sigh. "And now I almost envy the young man. For our mistress is a sublime and regal sight."

Sarah turned to her companion in surprise. "Why, Evelyn, I did not know that you, too, had inclinations towards our own fair sex."

Evelyn shrugged. "It cannot be said that I have refused pleasure in whatever form it was offered, though I would take the young man for choice. But do, I pray you, return you attention to our stage for the performance continues."

They applied their eyes to the bed upon which Jem and the princess were rolling lustfully. The motion stopped as Jem inserted his manhood into the princess and began to hump up and down, his taut buttock tensing and relaxing as he thrust deeply into her. Sarah heaved a deep sigh as the princess bent her knees and matched his rhythm. She could feel her own muscles contracting in sympathy as a fiery tingle spread from her loins through her body. Clutching her friend's arm, she breathed, "Oh, Evelyn, 'tis surely a most glorious sight."

But Evelyn did not hear her for she was lost; mesmerised by the sight of the two beautiful bodies, of Jem's manly buttocks rising and falling between the princess's knees. She swayed with them as they drove Jem's manhood in and out of the princess's eager cunt. The princess's animal cries of passion made her moan in response. As the princess came and Jem increased his pace she clutched at her lovely breasts and squeezed them hard. When Jem's body arched and his buttocks clenched as he unloaded his semen into the princess, she cupped her breasts in her hands and lifted them towards Sarah.

"Bite me, bite me, please," she begged.

Startled, Sarah regarded the proffered breasts. Her eyes gleamed as she parted her even, white teeth and closed them around the proffered titbits.

"Harder! Harder!" Evelyn gasped, pulling Sarah's face hard against her aching breasts.

Sarah bit more firmly, sucking satin, nipple and breast into her mouth. The nipple was full and ripe and lust-swollen. Often she had admired Evelyn's firm, provocative little breasts with their conical, deep pink, tip-tilted ends. She was aware of the sensitivity of her own, larger offerings and stole a hand up to pleasure them. She bit down hard on her friend's breast, almost trying to bite the tip right off.

Suddenly Evelyn whimpered and arched forward and Sarah knew her friend had come. Her head was pulled away and Evelyn's flushed face was before her, eyes glowing. Her lips, red and passion full were parted and perfumed breath washed over her face. They kissed deeply and ardently and sank back on the divan in each others arms.

With her free hand, Sarah pulled at the top of Evelyn's dress and took hold of a breast, rolling the strawberry nipple between thumb and forefinger. Evelyn thrilled to feel the pressure of Sarah's full ripeness squashed against her, the large nipples hot even through the material of her dress, and longed to bare them and shower them with kisses. She had lusted after Sarah's full body for some time but had, until now, been afraid to make the first move. Eventually they parted and gazed at each other from glistening, lust-filled eyes.

"Oh, how I wish we could be free of these," she cried, plucking at the material of her dress. "Then I could love you properly."

"No more do I," breathed Sarah. "I would dearly love to see your sweet body and feel it close to mine."

"And I would like to press my face to your breasts, dear Sarah. So big and round. Mine are nothing in comparison." She bent and kissed Sarah's breasts where the swelled over the top of her bodice.

Sarah trembled as her lover's hot lips burned into her sensitive skin. "Oh, Evelyn, do not be so silly. Your breasts are quite as nice as mine. Each time I see them I can hardly refrain from grabbing you and biting them. The tips just sit up and beg to be kissed. And, besides, I shall be fat and ugly by the time I am thirty where you shall be slender and desirable all you life."

"You could never be fat and ugly, you silly girl. How can you say such a thing. Do you not notice how all the men - and women, too - all look at you when we are at court. Oh, but I am all on fire and cannot get my breath. I must take off these horrid clothes."

"Hush, dearest," said Sarah, rising to peer into the princess' bedchamber. "They are resting now but we dare not disrobe. She might awake at any moment and we would not be able to dress again in time. We must make the best we can for now." She gave a slow, sly grin. "But, come, I have a thing that might ease your torment somewhat. Lie back on the bed, now."

Evelyn lay back with her head propped up on cushions, her bottom on the edge of the narrow divan and her feet flat on the floor. Sarah groped beneath some cushions and pulled out a large dildo, some 10 inches long and fully 2 inches across, ribbed and veined like a real penis. Evelyn's eyes widened and her mouth formed a shocked 'O'.

"Where did you get that monster?"

"That is of no importance. Lie back and enjoy."

"But it is so big. I will never be able to take that into me."

"Oh, yes you will - and you will love every moment of it. I promise you."

Almost reluctantly, Evelyn reached down and pulled up her skirts and petticoats. To Sarah's lustful eyes she slowly revealed her slender, round thighs clad in white, silk stockings with lacy garters. Her plump, young vulva, with its light covering of fine, blonde hair, was revealed, the fresh, pink lips of her vagina, already moist and parted from her previous orgasm.

Sarah pushed her knees apart and knelt between them.

"You have the most beautiful cunt, my darling," she husked, running a hand caressingly up and down Evelyn's thigh. "How I would like to kiss it." She grinned, wickedly. "But I shall save that for another time. For now... "

She took the dildo in two hands, brought it up to her face and began to lick up the length of it. "Oh, Jem," she breathed. "You have the most beautiful cock."

Parting her red lips, she slowly inserted the tip, licking all around and fixing Evelyn with a challenging stare. Evelyn stared, mesmerised by the sight of the large dildo being ministered to by her friend and began to writhe and squirm on the bed.

"Oh, Sarah. Please, do not tease me. Put it in me, quickly."

"But you said it would be too big," teased Sarah, wickedly.

"I care not how big it is. I am on fire. I need it inside me now!"

With a gentle laugh, Sarah brought the dildo to Evelyn's waiting cunt. Slowly and gently she began to work it between the moist, swollen lips in small, circular motions, not applying any pressure, for, despite her teasing she did not wish to hurt her friend but to give her complete pleasure. Evelyn sank back into the cushions with a sigh of contentment as she felt the hard, slick object penetrate her. She pushed her hips out and up to ease Sarah's task. Gradually Sarah pressed forward, easing the tip of the massive object into Evelyn's cunt. She watched the young girl stretch to accommodate it with mounting excitement. When several inches had been absorbed, she began to work it in and out, easing it deeper with each stroke until it was in as far as it could go. At that, she was astonished, for Evelyn had managed to accept a full 8 inches.

Evelyn lay limply, eyed closed and arms by her sides, enjoying the sensation of the huge dildo penetrate her cunt. The thing seemed to stretch and fill her completely. She could feel its ribbed length against the walls of her vagina and the contoured surface ground against her clitoris creating powerful sensations deep inside her. Would she or would she not, her body responded to the motion of this giant leather cock. She felt her body grow hot and her breathing became laboured. She began to wriggle and move her bottom up and down in time to Sarah's movements. The slick length slid in and out, hitting her cervix at every thrust, making her gasp. In her mind it became Jem's beautiful cock that was penetrating her so deeply and she planted her feet more firmly on the floor and thrust up to meet him, willing herself to take every inch of his hot, hard manhood. Hardly aware of what she was doing, her hands clutched at her breasts and her head thrashed from side to side on the cushions. Now she did not care whose cock was inside her. She could feel, from deep within her, her orgasm rising and she wanted to reach there.

Oh, Jem! Jem!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder. Oh, sweet Mary, I'm coming! I'm coming!" And she came... and came again... and again... and fainted clean away.

In an instant, Sarah had the dildo out of her friend's cunt. Still kneeling on the floor, she pulled up her skirts with one hand and, sobbing with lust, she jammed the still dripping leather prick up her own throbbing twat. Whimpering and gasping she worked it in and out with both hands as hard as she could. The sight of Evelyn with her beautiful legs split wide, hips thrusting upwards off the bed, cunt stretched to its fullest extent, desperate to absorb every inch of the huge dildo, had raised her to a fever pitch. She had come, twice, and yet was still unsatisfied. She needed something inside her: something hard and hot. The dildo was warm and wet with Evelyn's juices and, somehow, that made it even more exciting. And it did, indeed, feel much like a giant, stiff cock - perhaps even Jem's cock. It filled her as much as it had filled Evelyn and she could take about the same amount. It beat against her cervix like a drum, thrummed against her swollen clitoris as she rammed it as hard as she could in and out of her cunt, tensing her pelvic muscles to feel every golden inch of it; sliding, goading, rasping. It did not take long for her to be overcome by a series of violent tremors as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Utterly spent, she collapsed on the floor with the dildo still embedded in her cunt.

In the secret room the young ladies had wanked themselves into a stupor and so they missed seeing the next episode between Jem and the princess.

Jem awoke first, and was taken with sudden panic as he opened his eyes to see the rich draperies that overhung the princess's bed. Then memory came flooding back and he gave a slow, lazy smile and stretched luxuriously. He turned to look at his bed-mate. She was still asleep, on her back with one arm outflung. He raised himself carefully on one elbow to study her.

She was as beautiful as his first impressions had suggested - by no means flawless but the overall effect was one of power and sensuality. Her hair, long and thick and auburn and unbound, spread out over the pillows. Her features were finely drawn and sleep softened her rather arrogant mouth with lips, perhaps a trifle thin but well shaped and now slightly parted to reveal even, white teeth. Her nose was a trifle long and thin with finely flared nostrils. Her ears were small and well-shaped - just perfect for nibbling, thought Jem and, on a wicked impulse, he decided to do just that.

He nibbled gently on one ear, absorbing the delicate aroma of expensive perfume and warm female. From there he licked and nibbled along her firm jawline and down her slender neck. The princess stirred slightly but did not awaken. He progressed along the nearest shoulder and down the upper part of her arm. From there he transferred his attentions to her breast. They were large, but not overly so, and swelled firm and round from her chest. Her areolae were dusky brown and the large, darker nipples stood out proudly. He kissed and licked round the circumference of the nearest one, gradually working his way towards the apex. He circled the nipple with his tongue then squeezed it between his lips and gently tugged at it. It began to swell and stiffen and he sucked it right into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. The princess stirred and breathed a deep sigh. Jem remained motionless, the nipple still held lightly in his mouth, but she slept on. Very carefully, he shifted his weight and gave the other breast the same treatment.

Although still asleep, Jem's attentions were having an effect on the princess for her breathing became shallower and she twitched her head from side to side on the pillow.

Almost reluctantly, he left her breasts and moved down her ribcage towards her firm, flat belly. By the standards of the day, the Princess was too skinny to be regarded as truly beautiful. But, to Jem, the hollow between her ribcage and her wide-spread hip bones was exciting in the extreme. He kissed and licked devoutly, poking his tongue into her deep navel and wiggling it about. From there he shifted carefully down the bed and began again from the other end. He eased her feet apart and sucked each long, red-nailed toe into his mouth one at a time. Then, moving along her feet, he eased her legs further apart and began to kiss his way up her slender, shapely calves. Now he brought his hands into play as well and ran them lightly up and down the outsides of her legs, working underneath to caress the sensitive backs of her knees. As he inched his way upwards, he gradually mover her legs wider and wider apart. By the time he had reached above her knees, the Princess was breathing rapidly, giving small, animal moans in her sleep. Even more slowly he kissed up the inside of her thighs, running his tongue a short way up one leg, then back down and up the other. The thighs were firm and well-muscled from hours on horseback and they trembled faintly under his caresses.

By now he had eased the Princess' legs wide apart and his ultimate goal was in sight. Gradually, delicately, he approached his target. Her cunt lay exposed to his lustful gaze, the outer lips full and plump, the slit long and deep and overall well covered with fine auburn hair. The heady aroma of their previous lovemaking assailed his nostrils. He slipped his hands up under her to grasp her firm, round buttocks and gently nibbled at the sensitive inner thigh, deliciously delaying the moment when he would breach the final barrier. He glanced up to see the Princess gazing at him with adoring, lust-filled eyes. She twitched her hips at him to indicate that he should continue. Gripping her bottom firmly, he licked right up her slit from bottom to top. The Princess heaved a great sigh. He repeated the action then pushed his tongue deeply in and licked all round. The Princess jerked and wriggled as she felt his tongue moving about inside her cunt. He sought her clitoris and prodded and poked it with his tongue before sucking it deeply into his mouth.

The effect on the Princess was electric. She clamped his head between her thighs then flung them open again, pushing her hips up and off the bed at him. Jem redoubled his efforts, no longer trying to be gentle. He chewed her cunt lips, bit her clitoris, stuck his tongue as far up her cunt as he could and fucked her with it. He clenched her buttocks rhythmically. The Princess grabbed his hair and pushed her cunt into his face as if trying to stuff his whole head inside her. She rubbed her hairy motte all over his mouth and nose. She moaned and writhed as Jem's insistent tongue, teeth and lips raised her higher and higher. With his little fingers, he prodded at her arsehole and eased them just inside. At this the Princess went wild. She brought up her knees and drummed her heels on his back. Then she flung them wide apart and cried out wildly as she came, moaning and sobbing in uncontrollable ecstasy.

Eventually she sank back limply into the cushions with a huge sigh of contentment as Jem raised his face, dripping with her come, from between her thighs. She smiled from heavy-lidded eyes and gestured him to come up beside her. She took his face between her hands and kissed him deeply, licking her own come from his mouth.

"Thank you, Jem," she said. "You are a most considerate lover. Had I not jut now experienced it, I would never have believed that so much pleasure could be given with just the mouth and fingers."

Jem's smile had a great deal of pride for he knew women appreciated his oral efforts and to have the Princess confirm this was praise indeed. He looked around and spotted a night stand with a bowl of water and a towel.

"Excuse me one moment, my Princess," he said and went over to wash his face and neck. The Princess lay back and admired his small, taut buttocks and muscular thighs as he bent over the basin. I have certainly picked well, she thought to herself with satisfaction.

As he climbed back onto the bed, the Princess took hold of his semi-erect cock and fondled it lovingly. It jumped and firmed at her touch.

"I think, after that performance, that you have earned the right to decide on the next act," she said lightly.

"My Princess is most generous," said Jem, pretending to consider although he had already determined what he wanted to do. "Would her highness care to kneel?"


"Yes, on hands and knees."

"What do you intend to do?"

"I intend to take you from the rear."

"What? Like dogs in the street. I will not do it."

"May I remind my Princess that she rewarded me with the choice."

The Princess was about to object again but stopped. "You are determined in this?"

"I am," he said firmly.

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