South American Police Rape of the Sisters

by Powerone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: On break from college, the sisters make a mistake in a small town in South America and find them subject to the punishment by the police that include rape.

© Copyrighted 2004 by Powerone

She was bound with her hands behind her back with heavy metal handcuffs. She complained that they put them on too tight, but they ignored her. Her bra was gone, her shorts unzipped and open, her pink panties showing. She was pushed along the corridor of cells, some of them open to the hallway, others just ominous large metal doors, the unknown behind them. She looked in some of the cells and was surprised at what she saw. There were other girls in them like her. They were all restrained in the cells. All of them were in various stages of undress. She passed by one and could see a young girl on the cot. Her arms were thrust up over her head, metal handcuffs pushed through the railing, securing her wrists to the headboard. Her feet were likewise restrained, stretching her body taut. She was almost naked, her top, ripped and lying next to her head, her naked breasts, rising and falling in fear. Her panties were pushed down to her knees, a bald pussy reflected in the light. Her head was staring up at the ceiling, her eyes clenched tightly. Beside her stood one of the guards, he was unbuckling his pants. She could only hear part of the words, "gonna rape that tight, teenage pussy, gonna fuck you hard".

"Move cunt," the guard next to her pulling her arms up by the cuffs, making her bend over to relieve the strain in her shoulders.

"Where are you taking me, I didn't do anything?" she cried out in pain. The guard pushed her along.

"You American's, think you are too good. We're going to see your sister. We're going to see what she is doing!" laughing as he said it.

"My sister, where is Heather?"

Ashley and her sister, Heather were both nineteen, in this South American city on a holiday from college. They had booked reservations on the Internet, a beautiful hotel on the ocean. When they arrived, they found it to be a seedy, roach infested hotel. They complained to the manager and when he would not do anything, insisting on speaking to the owner. The owner, the local magistrate of the town was not very responsive to their plight. The girls were insolent to him, swearing at him, threatening him. He finally calmed them down and told them to go to their room and he would make other accommodations for them. They seemed satisfied and went back to their room. They didn't unpack, taking a quick shower in the filthy bathroom before changing their clothes from the flight. Both girls changed into short tee shirts that left their flat stomach naked. Tight shorts, resting low on their hips highlighted their teenage bodies. Sneaker and socks completed their outfits.

There was a knock on the door. "About fuckin' time," Heather said, opening the door.

She was surprised as four armed soldiers pushed their way in. Two of them moved quickly to Heather. She let out one brief scream before a cloth gag was forced between her lips, tied tightly behind her head, stretching out her lips, cutting deep inside her mouth. One of them grabbed her arms behind her with one giant arm while the other arm encircled her bare stomach, drawing her ass against him.

"I can smell her, I love the smell of American pussy," his hand groping her naked stomach, his head next to her neck, inhaling her scent.

Ashley was not doing any better. She was pushed to the couch onto her stomach. A knee in her back prevented any movement, the pain overpowering. "Put your arms behind your back, cunt," she was ordered.

She hesitated, the knee pushing in deeper. "OK, OK" she blurted out, her arms moving behind her.

"Wrists together."

She complied and she saw one of the soldiers hand the other a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. She felt the cold steel encircle her wrists, hearing the click as they were both attached. She tried to pull on them, the cuffs digging into her flesh. "There too tight!" she complained.

"That's the least of your problems, bitch."

Ashley looked over and saw Heather being pushed from the room, the one guard still pushed tightly against her teenage body, a frightened expression on her face. Their eyes met, questioning, looking for some hope from the other.

She was brought back to reality when the soldier handed another pair of cuffs to her captor. He grabbed her ankles, bending her legs at the knees before securing her ankles with the cuffs. Again, he put them on too tight, the circulation almost cut off in her feet. "That's too tight, I demand you take them off me this instant!"

"Don't you have something to stick in this cunts mouth," the soldier said.

"Si, how about a ball gag for the American?"

Ashley looked up in shock. It was a large, red ball, a piece of leather attached on each side. "No, don't do th..." her words cut abruptly as her head was pulled back by her hair. She could feel strands of hair tearing out, tears falling from her eyes as the pain in her scalp increased.

The soldier made short work of her. When she opened her mouth to scream, he was ready, the large red ball shoved forcefully into the hot confines of her mouth.

"MMMMMggg" she mumbled as her jaws were stretched to the breaking point, the ball popping into her mouth, her teeth biting down on the unflinching hardness of the ball. She felt the leather straps pulled behind her head and tied tightly, the guard pulling them harder when he heard her groan in pain.

"That should shut the bitch up. Let's see what she looks like!" the soldiers anxiously turning Ashley over onto her side facing the soldiers.

Their faces were only inches from hers, their bad breath almost gagging her. "Look at them titties," he said, his hand reaching down to her short tee short, pulling it up to uncover her bra. "Gimme a knife."

She froze as the long, serrated knife passed before her face, her heart pounding. Were they going to cut her, disfigure her for life? She squirmed, the cuffs tightening as she did. "NNNNNN," shaking her head. "NNNNNN."

"Bitch is 'fraid of the knife," waving the blade in front of her face, moving in close to her cheek. "Gonna behave, cunt. Otherwise I'm gonna cut you."

"MMMM, MMMMM," nodding her head, the terror that he would cut her.

"Lay real still now, bitch or I might prick you."

She froze as she saw the knife move down. She watched as he sliced it quickly through her bra straps like they were butter. His hands pulled them down. His fingers traced a path over the upper slope of her breasts, the bra pushing them up. "Such nice titties. You like me to play with them titties for you little girl?"

"NNN, NNNNNN," her head shaking back and forth as she felt him manhandling her breasts.

"Don't think you need this," his knife slicing her bra between the cups, slicing it open.

She felt the tension release, the lower cup falling down, her right breast now naked.

"Look at them tits," the soldier exclaimed. "Beautiful big nips," his hand reached out and pulled the bra from her body, tossing it over into the corner of the room.

He pushed her into the back of the couch, his head jammed between her naked breasts. "NNNNGG, NNNNN" she muttered into the gag. His teeth bit into her naked breast flesh, OOOOOWWW." It was so disgusting, his mouth running all over her naked breasts, his nose jammed in the cleavage, shaking his head back and forth like a child at Christmas with a new toy. She arched her back, driving her breasts into his face when his lips clamped onto one of her nipples and sucked it painfully into his mouth. Farther and farther he pulled it in, his tongue rubbing roughly over the nipple, it turning hard in response to the painful sucking. "NNNN, UUUUHH," his teeth gripped the delicate nub and bit down on it, her back arching painfully forward.

"Look at the bitch go, she likes it," the other guard exclaimed, Ashley looking as though she was trying to drive her breast farther into his mouth instead of trying to relieve the pain.

The soldier pulled his mouth from her breast, looking at the wet nipples, the red bite marks. He grabbed her breasts in his hand and hefted them, his fingers clamping onto the hard nipples and giving them a vicious pinch.

"UUUHH, UUUHH," shaking her chest as the pain shot up her spine from the cruel fingers tearing of her nipples.

Ashley felt her body being manipulated again, groaning in pain as she was pushed over onto her back, her arms pinned painfully behind her back, arching her breasts up. The soldier pulled her tee shirt up, exposing her naked breasts. Her legs were still cuffed tightly together.

The other soldier moved towards her, "my turn bitch," his hand moving to grab her breast roughly, his calloused hand completely encircling her teenage flesh, flexing and unflexing on the firm tit. He grabbed her nipple, squeezing it tighter and tighter, watching her face grimace in pain as he did. "You like it hard, cunt?"

She shook her head back and forth, her eyes pleading, her gagged mouth mumbling unintelligible words, drool running from the corner of her mouth.

She trembled as his hand slid lower, down over her flat, taut stomach. She sucked in her stomach, disgusted as she was manhandled by these lowly soldiers, bound and unable to prevent it. She was afraid that she was going to be raped.

He moved close to her, his mouth only inches from her face. He put his lips on hers, the ball gag stretching them open wide, his tongue running over them. He put his hands on her shorts, unsnapping the snap, his fingers sliding the zipper slowly down, teasing her. "You got some teenage pussy for me?"

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