Another Lesson for Brandi

by Rod Ramsey

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, Lesbian, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, .

Desc: Sex Story: Brandi returns for more punishment. This time at the hands of Mandy for a weekend of painfull pleasure.<br>This is a sequel to 'Brandi Learns a Lesson'.

Brandi waited until Friday after work to return to Michael's shop. As she entered an attractive older woman asked if she could be of service. Brandi's request to see Michael was met with an apology, Michael was out of town and maybe I could help. Thanking the woman Brandi left the store and started to window shop, her mind elsewhere. Mike hadn't lied to Mandy the previous Saturday saying he was not available. Getting her favorite ice cream she continued to window shop. Sitting down to finish her Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream she allowed her thoughts to wander.

"May I have a lick of your ice cream, Subby?" whispered, brought Brandi out of her reverie.

Turning she smiled, "Well hello Mandy, what brings you here on a Friday night?"

"The same thing as you. I wanted to see Michael, only he's out of town." Mandy gave the teen a frown, "Join me for dinner tonight? I'll let you wear your schoolgirl outfit."

"I don't know. Wearing that outfit in public is pretty humiliating," Brandi let Mandy lick from her ice cream as she replied.

"We could go to my place it's secluded and I have a skimpy french maid outfit you can wear," Mandy said. "Besides, I can't wait to spank your naughty little ass."

"Let's stop at the store, so I can get something to cook. How does Chicken Bolonaise sound?" maybe Mike was right about impressing someone with the meal.

"Like something Michael would want to eat. Is the Mega Foods ok?" Mandy was sure dinner would be good.

As they shopped Brandi told Mandy about the rest of her weekend and the real reason Mike was punishing her. Mandy said that Mike was too lenient and Brandi needed more discipline. Brandi reluctantly agreed to let the older girl provide that punishment. A little pat and tickle was just what Brandi needed to take her mind off Michael tonight. She had no idea of the real reason that Mandy for wanting to punish her.

Entering Mandy's bungalow, she led Brandi to the bedroom and ordered her to strip. Brandi asked for and received some dance music. She proceeded to slowly undress for Mandy. First the sweater came off, then the shoes and slacks. Mandy was spellbound as the nineteen year old stripped for her. Brandi had been practicing in front of the mirror and her technique had improved since last Friday. Removing her bra she let Mandy catch only a glimpse of her breasts before turning her back. She let the bra drop and spread her legs slightly. Bending over she wiggled her sweet ass for the older girl.

"Spank me. I refuse to go any farther until you spank me," Brandi teasingly informed her.

Mandy didn't waste any time giving Brandi five hard slaps on each ass cheek before replying, "Now get those panties off. Just for that you earned five swats with the tawse."

"Oh no, Mistress, not the tawse," Brandi teased in her best little girl voice.

"Oh yes, you bad girl. Now get those panties off before you earn another spanking," Mandy said, snapping the waistband.

Still facing away from Mandy, Brandi lowered the panties and stepped out of them. Mandy watched as the girl wiggled her ass, bent over and displaying her charms. Mandy reached out to stroke the girl between the legs, eliciting a moan.

"Now lay across my lap for your first spanking," Mandy couldn't wait to spank that naughty ass.

"You aren't serious about spanking me are you?" Brandi asked.

"Oh yes, Subby needs to be punished," came the answer.

Brandi laid across the older girl's lap and allowed herself to be fondled. Mandy gave the girl ten swats then switched to rubbing between her legs.

"You like this, your as wet as I am. Only you don't get to have an orgasm just yet." Mandy had plans for this young sub. "Now get my clothes off so you can service me."

"Yes Mistress," Brandi replied as she climbed off Mandy's lap.

Undressing Mandy was a simple process, she was wearing nothing more than a cotton dress and sandals.

Brandi crawled between the other girl's legs, "May I service you now, Mistress?"

Mandy didn't say a word, she just grabbed Brandi's head and pulled it into her snatch. Brandi started by kissing Mandy from asshole to clit, before softly licking her labia. Mandy laid back on the bed as the willing girl covered her pussy with kisses and slowly licked her. Mandy was getting very wet as Brandi slid a finger into her and started to finger fuck her. Brandi used all the tricks her girlfriend Meghan had taught her in the two years they had known each other. Brandi teased her new Mistress, savoring the experience of learning the taste of a new lover. Brandi loved the taste of pussy almost as much as the taste of a man's cum. As Mandy's excitement grew, Brandi rubbed her anus with her thumb and slowly inserted it. Brandi pinched her finger and thumb together as she continued to pump in and out, flicking her tongue on Mandy's stiff clit. Mandy spread her legs as far as she could, giving Brandi full access.

"Fuck me bitch. Come on, fuck my ass you little slut." Mandy was breathing hard, "God you're a good cunt licker. Lick your Mistress, subby slut."

Brandi paid no attention to the other girl's cries, she concentrated on her goal of getting Mandy to cum. As Mandy shuddered with her first orgasm, Brandi redoubled her efforts, binging her to a second more powerful cum.

As Mandy came down from her orgasm she pulled Brandi by the hair up for a kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she said, "There's a sexy maid's outfit in the closet. Put it on for me, subby slut."

"Yes Mistress," Brandi replied, licking the older girl's juices from her hand.

In the closet Brandi found a short black one piece maid's dress complete with attached frilly petticoat and apron. The dress barely covered Brandi's naked ass and would easily show it off when she bent over.

"Mistress are there panties to go with this?" Brandi asked.

"No and you still have part of the uniform to go. It's on the other hanger," Mandy replied. "You'll have to go barefoot, I doubt the shoes will fit."

Brandi turned to find hanging there a black leather collar and wrist cuffs. Both had white frill sewn on to compliment the maid look. Holding the collar and cuffs she turned to Mandy.

"I don't know about wearing these tonight," She said.

"Listen subby, you can always put your clothes on and go home." Mandy's voice lost all it's sweetness, "Either you're my slave to dress as I please or leave. The choice is yours."

"But Mandy it's just that I thought we were..." Brandi started.

"No buts, give me the collar," Mandy cut the girl off.

When Brandi had handed the collar to Mandy she continued, "Get on your knees. This is the deal bitch. I'm the Mistress. You do as I say or I punish you. If you can't accept that then get out." Mandy was almost yelling as she finished.

Mandy held out the collar to the younger girl. Brandi flinched back and was on the verge of tears. She hadn't expected this woman to totally dominate her. With tears welling in her eyes she reluctantly reached for the collar.

"Good choice subby. Now go fix my dinner," Mandy rolled over to take a nap. This may be easier than she thought.

Brandi softly cried as she walked to the kitchen and began preparing dinner. What had she expected, Mandy had made it clear that she was in charge. Brandi had submitted to the stronger willed girl from the moment they had met. Mandy had known that she was sitting in front of Michael's shop, wanting to submit to him. How was this different. Hadn't she agreed that Michael hadn't punished her enough and Mandy could punish her for last week. Still confused she wiped the tears from her eyes and began to saute the chicken. As the food cooked Brandi found dishes and set two places at the table. Placing candles on the table she resolved to be a good girl and not give Mandy any more reason to punish her.

While Brandi was stirring the sauce, Mandy walked into the kitchen wearing a leather skirt and bra. Seeing the two places set at the table she picked up a wooden spoon and ordering Brandi to bend over, gave the girl five swats on each cheek.

"Ouch. Why are you spanking me?" Brandi asked.

"I didn't give you permission to set two places at the table. A subby slut slave kneels for her Mistress and when the Mistress wants subby to eat she will feed subby," came the reply. "Now remove that place setting and beg my forgiveness."

"Please Mistress, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to displease you," Brandi was once again on the verge of tears. "Please forgive me, I'm so sorry."

"Apology accepted, on one condition."

"What? Anything please Mistress forgive me," Brandi begged.

"Pull down the top of your uniform slave," Mandy indicated with the spoon. "I want to see your tits."

"Yes Mistress," Brandi lowered the shoulders of the dress and pulled them down to expose her small breasts.

Mandy stepped up to the girl, "Nice. Ten swats should be sufficient. Be sure to thank me after each one."

Brandi hesitated then whispered, "Yes Mistress."

Mandy caught the hint that Brandi was ready to bolt and gave her light almost tender swats. She didn't want to get this far just to scare the girl off. No. She had much more painful punishments planned for this subby.

Mandy sat at the table eating her salad and drinking a glass of wine while Brandi started the pasta. Brandi dumped the pasta into the sauce and went to retrieve Mandy's salad plate.

"The main course will be ready in a minute Mistress. Is there anything else I can get you before I serve it?" Brandi asked.

"Pour me some more wine and drink a glass yourself. You look thirsty," Mandy replied, maybe some wine would reduce her fears some.

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